Monday, December 12, 2011

Albany's new con job

In My Opinion:Albany’s new con job

Dear Readers:

Andrew Coumo, our Governor is no more or no less than any other Albany politician or governor who came before him since his Father was Governor. When the special interests speak, he, like those now in the legislature and Governor’s before him cave. This new tax code reform bill is just that, a cave to special interests. It does not do what he promised, that which was the central point of his campaign, a promise not to raise taxes. No matter the spin, it raises taxes.

There has been no actual cuts to government spending. All that had been cut is rate of growth. Even his promised new budget will propose an increase of 2% in government spending. The State of New York confiscates through taxes, fees and surcharges 132 billion dollars and it is not enough! We spend more per student and more per patient than any other state with anemic results, and we are told any real time cuts or rate of growth cuts would be draconian.

We are getting less value per dollar, and the only thing those in Albany can say is we need higher taxes. Why? Where is the money going? Easy, not to the students or the patients. It goes to salaries which are fair as they are, and benefits and pensions which are not. They are bloated, unreasonable and bankrupting the state
The monies go to Albany politicians and their cronies, their non-profits which enrich and cements the loyalties of those dependent upon them. The Governor said, as he changed his tune, that New York is the most progressive (read liberal) state, as if that was something to be proud of.

All involved in this charade, Republicans and Democrats alike, cheer this for next year as they run for re-election, they will have more tax dollars to give away to buy votes. And buy them they will. And be bought you will.

We are cheering the codification of a bottom line of 132 billion dollars. This is insane. We are cheering the codification of the status-quo as we go into this election cycle. What we are not getting or going to get are new jobs and the businesses that create them.

Think “Fracking”. The next big domestic jobs maker, private sector union and others since the micro-chip. The need for tax increases would not exist as tax, fee and surcharges would more than make up the shortfall of reasonable spending by the state. BTW: our State Senator opposes this as he continues his move to the left.

State Senator Greg Ball, like the rest of the Republicans who ran two years ago and until this measure passed, vowed not to raise taxes. Like all political ,promises, it was a crock. You are being told the infamous MTA Tax is pretty much gone. However the State will re-emburse the MTA with 250 million out of their coffers. Who the hell do you think the State is? You that’s who. You are still on the hook for this money. It is called “bait and switch”. Senator Ball thinks we are idiots.

What we have elected is a new lap dog to replace the old lap dog. Me thinks this iis tied to re-disticting. If the Republicans go along with the Governor’s budget, he won’t veto the new re-drawn disticts. You watch, this is how it will play out. It is the only thing that makes sense.

The top 1% of tax payers in new York now pay 60% of all state taxes. That is more than their fair share. More of them will leave to friendlier states. Those who voted for this are nothing more that con men. Con only work when the Patsies believe there is something for nothing. In New York, we have too many of them allowed to vote. This is one group that I will not join, neither should you. This is my opinion, you may beg to differ.

Anthony J. Bazzo

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