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Dear Readers:

Starting Thursdays in April at 8PM on cable chanel 78 in Peekskill and Cortlant and chanel 74 in Yorktown and Putnam Valley, former candidate for Westchester County Legislator Dominec Volpe's new show THE VOLPE REPORT will debut. The first show will air with guest Lt. Johanson of the Peeksill P.D. I hope you will put this new show on your must watch list.

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Contact: Willaim GouldmanJanuary 28, 2008


Says Legislators talking about giving themselves a pay raise while overtaxed New Yorkers struggle with a recession clearly shows that "Albany is broken"William Gouldman, Republican candidate for the Assembly's 90th District, today publicly stated that, if elected, he would not vote for a legislative pay raise.Gouldman also pointed to the fact that legislators' consideration of giving themselves a pay raise - while overtaxed New Yorkers struggle with a recession - is proof that Albany is broken and in need of real change. New York State legislators are the third highest paid in the nation, receiving a base salary of $79,000 on top of "legislative leadership stipends, which many members receive for so-called leadership positions."Given the fact that by almost every account we are entering a recession, it's stunning that the Democrat Majority who run the Assembly would even consider putting a pay raise for themselves on the legislative agenda," said Gouldman."Public service should be exactly that, an opportunity to serve the public. Public service should not be about personal profit or self-enrichment. As an Assemblyman, I will not support a legislative pay raise. I will speak out and lead the fight against it," Gouldman said."Where does Assemblywoman Galef stand on the pay raise? Is she for it? Will she accept it? Why isn't she speaking out against it? Assemblywoman Galef's silence has been deafening. Maybe she's hiding under her desk, hoping her constituents won't know where she stands," Gouldman stated."Particularly troubling is that Speaker Silver - New York City Democrat boss who runs the Assembly - and Governor Eliot Spitzer are open to the notion of raising politicians' pay while New York still doesn't have a property tax cap in place. Instead of talking about pay raises, Speaker Silver and Governor Spitzer should be providing relief for New York's overburdened families being crushed by a painful middle class squeeze of high property taxes, soaring gas prices and raising Thruway tolls. Addressing the real concerns of New York's middle class families is what the Speaker and the Governor should try doing," Gouldman said.I'm running for Assembly because I believe New Yorkers deserve better than elected officials who give themselves a pay raise while another family loses their home to foreclosure, another small business closes its doors and another college graduate decides to leave our state because there aren't enough good-paying jobs. The Assembly is the 'people's house' - it's about time they started working on an agenda that serves the people, not themselves," Gouldman concluded.


GOULDMAN FOR STATE ASSEMBLYP.O. Box 164Putnam Valley, New York, 10579

Assemblywoman Sandra Galef Votes "No" on Middle Class Tax Cuts
Galef Rejects Elimination of Gas Taxes and Commonsense Income Tax Cuts
Putnam Valley, New York

Sandra Galef, the Democratic Assemblywoman representing the 90th Assembly District, has once again ignored the economic plight of the people she was elected to represent, by voting against "N.Y's Economic Stimulus Package" on the floor of the Assembly. Mrs. Galef cast her decisive vote on March 12th against the bill that would have helped ease the financial burden faced by the people in Northern Westchester and Putnam Counties.Inexplicably, Assemblywomen Galef voted no on legislation that would have reduced personal income taxes for middle-class New Yorkers and eliminated all state taxes on gasoline."It's troubling that Ms. Galef is so out of touch. These tax cuts are common sense initiatives that deserved her support. The passage of this bill would have reduced personal income taxes for individuals earning $75,000 or less annually, and families earning $150,000 or less annually. It would have also saved New Yorkers 32 cents per gallon at the pump by eliminating all state taxes on gasoline, "declared Bill Gouldman, Republican candidate for the 90th Assembly District."This is a classic example of someone who has been in office too long and has fallen out of touch with the everyday problems that people face. When Ms. Galef had a chance to make a difference for the voters who put their faith in her, she betrayed their trust. Her "NO" was a vote against their interests; It was a vote against common sense and a refusal to provide much needed tax relief. There is no justification for voting against legislation that would have returned money to the overtaxed middle-class." asserted Mr. Gouldman."Dr. Martin Luther King said, "The time is always right to do what is right." Passing middle-class tax breaks and eliminating all state taxes on gasoline is the right thing to do," declared Mr. Gouldman."The needs of the citizens in the 90th district must be heard and acted upon in Albany. They can no longer be ignored. Sandy Galef and the State Assembly refuses to listen. For too long they have blocked or held up nearly every significant tax cut, such as increased property tax rebate checks and long overdue small business tax cuts. The people of Northern Westchester and Putnam Counties need someone who will stand up and fight for them in the Assembly. Once again Sandy Galef has refused to take a stand for the people. She has shown she is out of touch with those she is supposed to represent. It is time to bring a New Era to Albany," declared Mr. Gouldman, "one that will achieve more for the people and tax them less.

Hi Andy,

The Putnam County Legislature voted to support NY Assembly Bill A04746 which proposes sweeping tax reform for school funding. This legislation was sponsored by Hudson Valley Assemblyman Kevin Cahill. I brought this bill forward to our County Legislature through my Health Committee and then to a special meeting of the full Legislature last night (3/18). The vote by the Putnam County Legislature to support this bill in Albany was unanimous.With this Bill Andy, Putnam County has taken the lead in requesting the State to move forward with all seriousness and deliberation in school tax reform. The Cahill Bill would set a cost per student based upon region that each school district would receive to educate their charges. If a District wanted more funding than this, they could go to their community and with a super majority vote (60% of the electorate) raise the additional monies through local taxation. The State would raise the money it nee ded through income tax, not property tax! This Bill would bring equity to education and also release NY residents from the burden of property tax. This would save those individuals on fixed incomes, young families just starting out and our seniors from loosing their homes. The very wealthy would finally be paying their fair share and the middle class would finally receive some tax relief. It is a great Bill and it is the hope of our Legislature that our support of the Bill will start a grassroots movement which will cause our representatives in Albany to adopt this much needed school funding reform.We are sending copies of our support for the Cahill Bill to every County in NY State and to the Assembly and Senate in Albany. Hopefully Andy, with enough ground swell on this issue, it can become law within the year.

Thanks, Andy!
Sam Oliverio Jr.
Putnam County Legislator, Dist. #2

“Some proposals, like Cahill’s, would require doubling, and in some instances, tripling the state income tax. An income based solution is possible, but it must be part of a larger reform initiative that addresses spending as well, and any income based model must grapple with the overarching reality of hidden income by corporations and the ultra wealthy. Furthermore, many of these income driven bills focus on one part of the problem: the unfairness of the current model, but do not address the fundamental reality of double digit spending increases compounded annually. A fair tax has been defined by some as a tax that someone else pays. Many of these reform models seem to follow that logic. Any school tax reform bill worth it’s salt should not only reform the current model of property tax collection, but also attempt to cure the inflated spending, lack of transparency and bring an end to the never ending stream of unfunded mandates – all while safeguarding and improving the quality of education. A tall order yes, but quite possible, and other states like Mass. Through ‘Proposition 2 ½’, have done it. A truism that many tax and spend politicians like to avoid is that high spending equals high taxes. Yet many of these reform bills only focus on the collection side of the problem and a promote what seems like a logical shift from property to income while allowing businesses and commercial properties to stay on the old system. However, they oftentimes refuse to address the fundamental and structural reality of inflated annual sending. Simply shifting the unfair tax burden from the middle class to the upper middle class in the same neighborhood, by tripling the state income tax, will not solve the crisis of double digit spending increases compounded annually and may actually lead to another 2 million New Yorkers voting with their feet and leaving the state.”


Yes, I am examining various approaches to the way we fund our schools. In fact my last constituent newsletter discussed 7 options including the state taking over funding of schools through the income tax. I believe that before we jump to conclusions on this income tax plan we have to have a financial review to see if this is really a good plan for us. I would first conclude that the state rate set for educating our children will be far below what we spend now in the local districts which should be considered. Secondly, since our incomes in Putnam and Westchester are some of the highest in the state, we, as income taxpayers, may have to contribute more money than we do now in property taxes which may then go to fund schools elsewhere in the state. I have not seen any evaluation of the impact on the people I represent. Another consideration is that people with high incomes may move to other surrounding states that do not tax income at such a high rate. That could potentially mean a loss in jobs and business.In Albany we are always faced with this delicate balance. We want to keep as many jobs here as possible. In a year like this when we have close to a $5 billion deficit we would have to raise the income tax significantly to even cover the cost of last year's education aid. Income revenues do fluctuate.

Presently, $21.5 billion is raised on the state level to fund education and $23.5 billion is raised locally from property taxes. To pick up the $23.5 billion on a state level, there would have to be a large increase in income tax levied.

Therefore, I believe that more in-depth analysis needs to be done on this bill before I would decide to support it.

I do believe that the state should cut mandates on the school districts to lower costs to the taxpayers, and that the state should takeover special education costs and perhaps, retirement costs and have those paid for on the income tax basis. That would reduce local school costs considerably.

I am having a meeting on Thursday, April 10th from 3-5 pm at Cortlandt Town Hall with the New York State Comptroller and others to discuss ways we can share and coordinate services between our schools and municipalities so that we can start to save tax dollars. Just shifting costs to the state is not the total solution. We must cut costs so we can lower our total tax burden on all levels. We are all property taxpayers as well as income taxpayers.

In order to help residents with their property tax burden I have introduced A1575A/S1053A. This is a circuit breaker bill that would consider the total property taxes you pay and what your household income is. For instance, if your household income was $120,000 or less and you paid more than 6% of your income in taxes, that state would then you give a credit on your income tax for 70% of additional taxes you paid. If you don't owe the state any income tax you would then get a rebate check. This circuit breaker program can be implemented rather easily and would help residents who pay significant property taxes and have more limited income. The plan is adjusted for other taxpayers with household incomes up to $250,000. There is much support for this concept throughout New York State and with taxpayer groups.

Andy, I am sorry that I wasn't brief but this is a very complicated issue and we must do the research to know what we are getting into before we plunge into a new plan. I have asked the sponsor of A4746 for this type of evaluation of the bill.

My best,

News from George Oros
Contact: George Oros
(914) 522-6774

Congressional Vote Hurts Middle Class Families and Small Business
“It’s just plain wrong” says Oros

Congressional candidate George Oros (New York 19th district) called the recent House of Representatives vote that would allow the present tax relief to expire next year “wrong”.

“While middle class families struggle and the economy teeters on the brink of collapse it is clearly the wrong time to let taxes increase”, said Oros. “It is wrong to vote to allow the family tax credit to end, to fail to eliminate or at least index the Alternative Minimum Tax and it is so wrong to punish family businesses by voting to revive the death tax”.

Oros noted the irony of recent Town Hall meetings where Congressman John Hall (D/Dover Plains) hosted a seminar on saving money on income tax returns while 48 hours earlier he voted yes to a plan that would see federal taxes grow by $683 billion over five years.

“Instead of offering platitudes or small tax deductions, Congress should be reducing spending, reforming earmarks and extending the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts”, said Oros. “The easiest way to save on taxes is to eliminate them.”

Congress needs to “immediately end the death tax” which hurts small family businesses.

“Too often I have witnessed children and grandchildren who want to keep the family business going, but are forced to sell or take on huge debt to pay estate taxes,” said Oros. “If we want to protect these businesses the estate tax must go once and for all.”

Congress seems more concerned about spending $2 million in earmark money for a monument to Charlie Rangel and $300,000 for improving Hollywood movie sets than letting hard working families keep a few more of their hard earned dollars.

“We have a Congress interested in litigation, regulation and taxation,” said Oros. “I seek a Congress focused on taxpayer liberation.”

The budget plan approved sets the stage for future bills that affect taxes, Medicare and annual appropriations bills. Follow-up legislation is needed to move the plan forward but the vote by Congress last week clearly indicates where they stand: more taxes!

“Not everyone is fortunate to be a Hollywood elite or business tycoon with a team of lawyers and accountants to find every last tax loophole,” Oros said. “Congress should be helping the middle class families and make these cuts such as the family tax credit and elimination of the AMT permanent.”

The City of Peekskill Parking Ordinance code amendment was passed by the City Council in 2003 to answer complaints about some home owners black-topping their back yards and front lawns to create additional off-street parking on their property, mostly to accommodate the cars of their tenants. The code’s intention was to prevent this mass black-topping of lawns to preserve neighborhood aesthetics and address concerns of water run-off. The amended parking ordinance code affected all new buildings with off-street parking as of the date it was passed. It would not affect existing off street parking until 5 years later – 2008. The code has been very helpful in controlling off-street parking spaces in new home construction. Where the code fails is with the preexisting off-street parking of older homes of Peekskill.

The City Council is holding three public meetings to provide Peekskill residents a chance to voice their concerns and opinions on the code. Mayor Foster, Councilman Schuder and I attended the February 28th public meeting at the Field Library. It started at 7:00PM and a large audience was in attendance. There was a Power Point presentation which explained the code as well as examples of what this code designated as legal and illegal driveways. During the meeting, Mayor Foster stated that the City Council is looking at instituting a moratorium of one or two months delaying the implementation of this code in order to allow the City Council to develop a solution to the issues this code will cause if implemented unchanged.

Some concerns that were voiced by Peekskill residents at the public hearing include: Why didn’t they have public meetings on this code in 2003 like they are having now? Will home owners have to dig up their driveways to meet this code? Why was the parking code amendment passed without a grandfathering clause?

My personal feeling on this topic is that the code amendment needs to be changed. It can not be implemented as is. If you were to take a drive throughout Peekskill, you will see many driveways that will be designated illegal if this code is implemented unchanged. The City Council members are going to listen to the people of Peekskill, look at all of our options, and access all resources available to us in order to bring about a positive outcome to this situation.

As far as running to claim this seat as my own, I’ve been in office for a mere six weeks and I believe I still have a lot to learn about being a good councilman. I intend to spend the coming months speaking with the residents and business people of Peekskill so that I may learn their dreams for the future and needs in their neighborhoods and give voice to those dreams and concerns at our council meetings

Dear Readers:

There has been a lot of angst regarding the Peekskill School system. The opening of the new middle school has been pushed back till fall 2008. The wall abutting Washington Street has questionable safety aspects. There was an independent analysis that was not made public. There are questions of school safety that aslo had an analysis that was not amde public. There are serious issues involved in this years budget and school board elections that must be aired.
The dates below will give concerned citizens time to get signatures to mount serious challenges to the status-quo. It will now be up to you whether you remain silent, hide behind aynonomous postings or show some gumption and run to change things. Your school taxes have gone up 80% since 2005 not including the bonds.

•March 19 – petitions available for BOE candidates
•April 1- April 5 - first of four legal notices announcing the Budget vote & BOE election
•April 29 to May 6 – Complete budget discussions
•April 30 – Candidates for School Board - last day to file petition
•May 6 – Last day for voter registration
•May 14 – Budget notice mailed
•May 20 – Annual Budget vote and elections

What’s the story with Route 202? Once the street of commercial dreams, its becoming a ghost town of gas pumps and bump-and-run convenience markets. An empty, NEW, spec building at Crompond(202) and Croton, empty gas station(who knows what’s under the ground??)at 202 and Buttonwood, 202 Lumber finally gone after 3 years before the arson’s match caught it, Salerno’s cars, EMPTY, Tuscan Market, EMPTY for years, 202 Hardware at Old Crompond across from Staples. What’s going on in Yorktown/Cortlandt? Hopefully these businesses are moving back INTO town (when Pigs fly).
And the big question: Who’s responsible for an empty shell, eyesore, fire hazard, building when somebody goes out of business? Do owners just walk away from the establishment and the town has to deal with the space? Business fails, but the rest of us have to look at the failure every time we travel Route 202. Why can’t the Tuscan Market and Salerno properties be re-claimed for Yorktown GREEN SPACE if nobody is buying into the old businesses? Tuscan Market has been empty and On-The-Market for about four years. What gives?

Concerned Peekskill-Yorktown habitué,
richard manichello


Mr. Bazzo was kind enough to share with me your e mail concerning 202.

I agree that empty stores can be an eyesore. Two of the properties you mentioned our in the town of Cortlandt and I really don't know the circumstances about them. I can comment on Tuscan Market and Salerno. In fact the owner of Tuscan Market contacted me when he purchased same about getting him into the sewer district and drainage problems. I did help him with these problems, however, his business just didn't make it and he went bankrupt. The property has been auctioned with no buyers. In fact, the bank is having a problem in selling the property. I even thought that perhaps this may be a good location for a senior center etc. However, the price is a large amount and the town didn't think it was a good location. Salerno- I helped in getting the town to replace the pipe under their property. Salerno is a renter and moved his business. It is up to the owner of the property to rent this location. They have not been successfull and to my knowledge never approached the town with any ideas. Perhaps they want it to sit empty.

It is difficulty for the town to tell owners of property what to do. If they do not want any income and they still pay the taxes and keep the property clean. There is little we can do.

I hope this answers some of your questions and thanks for inquiring.

Councilman Nick Bianco


It is time for everyone to call the Chair and their individual legislator to tell them NO to their looking to double their pay for a part time job.
The Chair gets a free car and many other goodies too. These are hard times for many Westchesterites especially those on fixed incomes. These folks want more and more !!!
Read Phil Reisman's (The Journal News) columns over the last several weeks he is on the mark. Again today he hits the mark.
The telephone number for the Board is 995-2800, ask for Mr. Ryan's office or your Legislator by name.
In my district it is Peter Harkcham @ 995 - 2810 call the 995 - 2800 number and ask for your Legislator.
Every call is counted so husbands and wives, wives and husbands call. Other voters in your household too.
If we do not express ourselves they will continue to drain our wallets. It is your money, not theirs to spend freely on themselves because they think it is OK.
Pass this onto to as many of your family and friends who live in Westchester and pay these Legislators freight.
Bill Monti


Dear Friends:

I am pleased to announce that the 2008 Westchester Republican Committee Annual Chairman's Dinner will be held on Wednesday, April 23rd at the Ritz-Carlton in White Plains.

Westchester's own Ari Fleischer, former Press Secretary to President George W. Bush, will be our Keynote Speaker.

Our Co-Persons of the Year will be Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone and White Plains Mayor Joe Delfino. We will also be recognizing former County Legislators Ursula LaMotte & Suzanne Swanson, as well as, former Westchester G.O.P. Chairwoman RoseMarie Panio.

Invitations will be going out shortly, but in the interim, I invite you to participate by joining the Host Committee, becoming a sponsor, or purchasing a journal ad.

Attached please find information about participating in this year's dinner.

Thank you in advance for your support, and please do not hesitate to contact Republican Headquarters at (914) 949-3020 or if you have any questions.

Douglas A. Colety
Westchester G.O.P.


Sinatra & Sliwa
Mark your calendar!

Curtis Sliwa & Frank Sinatra
“Coming to Westchester!!”
What: Sinatra Soiree
Where: Traveler’s Rest Ossining NY
When: May 28th, 6-9PM
How Much: $100pp

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A bold spirit with a lust for life and amazing energy, Curtis Sliwa is a New Yorker in the truest and best sense of the word. Republicans throughout Westchester and Putnam County are looking forward to a great night of live Sinatra music and lively speaking by Sliwa. Our famous Sinatra impersonator, Ernie Barry, has done events all around the world and performs live in Little Italy every month. Nobody is better than Ernie Barry when it comes to Sinatra!

Sliwa, born and raised in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn, recognized early on the advantages of growing up in a close knit community. Curtis spearheads countless public service programs, including food and clothing distribution for the needy and anti-drug speakers bureaus. In 1994, Curtis Sliwa founded Cyberangels, the largest online safety and educational program in cyberspace. Sliwa has also authored several books on self-defense and safety, making his vision of community service and fighting crime a reality. Known all over the world as the founder and leader of the Guardian Angels, a non-profit, all volunteer crime fighting organization with 40 chapters throughout the United States and 7 countries overseas, Curtis Sliwa's scope is vast and intensive. His worldwide connections keep him in touch with major breaking news stories across the globe and a few steps ahead of most journalists. However, Sliwa's passion for "the city that never sleeps" remains a constant fixation. Featured frequently as a guest lecturer at colleges and universities and making regular appearances on TV news-oriented programs, Sliwa's message is one of hope, combined with a healthy dose of common sense. Join hundreds of fellow Republicans at ‘Traveler’s Rest’ in Ossining NY for a great night!

Space is limited. Purchase your ticket today at !!


Ball seeks another Assembly term
Ball greets supporters

YORKTOWN HEIGHTS - Assemblyman Greg Ball has made it official. The 99th District Republican, who represents his hometown Carmel, along with Patterson, Southeast, Pawling, North Salem, Yorktown and Somers kicked off his reelection campaign Sunday.
Ball promised that his “Shoe-leather Express” will result in the assemblyman “knocking on 10,000 doors between now and Election Day in order to combat the school tax crisis while at the same time cracking down on illegal immigration.”
Ball’s announcement was made at Murphy’s Restaurant in Yorktown before more than 100 supporters.
“A little over a year ago I was elected in a grassroots upset that sent a clear message to the good old boys in Albany and back home. I will continue to shake-up Albany because in the past seven years, New York has lost two million people due to high taxes. I am fighting every day for every resident of our great state while battling against the dysfunctional New York State Legislature comprised of a whining, dining, pocket lining crowd of Albany insiders. I give them hell every day and I love it. I look forward to serving for another two years,” he said.
Ball called himself an “independent minded public servant who believes in what is right. The majorities in both houses are corrupt and arrogant in their power. I have spent every waking moment of my first term mounting persistent and bi-partisan efforts for reforming Albany and have continuously attracted widespread attention. We are winning battles everyday but there is still a larger war in Albany and at home on the issues that matter most. I look forward to remaining on the front lines of that fight.”
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This week I discuss Congressman John Hall's recent "Tax Relief Forum". You can read my column on this topic exclusively on line(see link below)or in this weeks NORTH COUNTY NEWS on sale now. I am worth the seventy-five cents. Look for my column IN MY OPINION(page 10) in the editorial section. Better yet as this column is exclusive to the North County News on a regular basis and will be covering the local political scene, take out a subscription. Click on the North County News link below and go to Subscribe. Between this blog and The North County News you will have all the information to make a vote based on substance.
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