Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Peekskill 2011 Races w/ Endorsements

Dear Readers:

Here is a look at the local Peekskill races:

Candidates: Mary Foster (D-WF)--Tony Washington (R-C)

Peekskill being home to more than it's share of low income residents makes this not a simple campaign. It is not like its neighbors where lower taxes is primary concern. They do have an obligation to their neediest, which both parties agree must be met. How and how much lies the difference. Their Police Department handles a wider variety of crimes that it's neighbors. Public safety is their highest priority, as the poor are most preyed upon by the nefarious. To do all this and not scare away the tax paying base is what this election is about. It is not about racism, though some would like to make it that.

First thing I noticed is that so far at least twice Mayor Foster has joined with State Senator Greg Ball at the Senators events. It was only last November that as far as the Peekskill Democrats were concerned he was the devil incarnate. I can understand Greg's motives, he is after all State Senator of entire district 4 which includes Peekskill, I is Mary's that perplex me. Does she alienate her voters by being seen with the Senator? After all they were told how wrong he is for the job.

Second thing I noticed, is the Senator Ball has not endorsed the GOP team like he did with the Yorktown GOP team. Is it an oversight? Is he playing the odds?

Third thing is there are no debates. Neither team has gone to the mat to make them happen. No debates only help incumbents.


All election with an incumbent running becomes a referendum on their leadership. The question is has Mary ticked off enough people to lose? The other question is Tony a reasonable alternative? Answer those question and you have your winner.

My Pick: Washington

Candidates: Don Bennett (D-WF)--Steve Woods (R-C)--Darren Rigger (D-WF)---Barbara Kerasiotes (R-C)---Kathleen E. Talbot (D-WF)--Joe Brady (R-C)

Rigger was Democrat Chairman when Democrats swept all Republican out of office. Bennett has been in office 8 years, is that too long? I think not, but 12 years, maybe? Brady was past Councilman in the nineties. Has he kept up with the changes in the political and economic landscape is the question he must address.

Democrats have has one party rule for four years. Have the residents grown dissatisfied with that non-balance? Not having checks and balance is never a good thing.


Democrats will not lose majority. That was easy to predict. However, voters will split ticket and elect one Democrat and one Republican just to keep things interesting.

My Picks: Rigger(extensive resume, from Presidential to local, plus working for most powerful N.Y.Congressman an asset that would help Peekskill)---Woods---Kerasiotes (needed to make sure opposition side heard).

This is my opinion, you may beg to differ.

Anthony J. Bazzo

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