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1) my commentary on above topic
2) cable t.v. update
RE: The Volpe Report w/ Dave and Nancy Paganelli
3)e-mail from reader Bill
RE: gun control
4)e-mail from reader Pat
RE: Free Concert 7 bands all day Tag sale
5) message from Peekskill GOP Chairman Vinnie Vesce
RE: school board vote
6) message from Putnam Valley Supervisor Bob Tendy
RE: Peekskill Hollow Road
7) message from the Winery At St. George
8) message from candidate for Yorktown Council Mark Drexel
RE: School Budget vote
9) message from candidate for Westchester District Attorney Dan Schorr
10) message from the Westchester County GOP
11) message from Assemblyman Greg Ball
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Dear Readers:

Here is what the elected officials are saying:

1) BIRMINGHAM,DANIEL(Putnam County Legislator): "We are all concerned with the safety of Peekskill Hollow Road. I think we can make it a safer road without turning it into a major speedway that will ruin it's county charm".

2) ANTHONY FUSCO(Putnam County Legislator): "Andy: Thanks for considering my view.
"While the bucolic views of Putnam Valley are ones to be envied, they should never stand in the way of public safety. My understanding is that the proposed work is mildly expansive of the current footprint of Peekskill Hollow Road, and that the roadwork will bring the engineered driving surface and drainage systems up to current standards. PHR is a main thoroughfare in Putnam Valley and for the people, not only of Putnam Valley, but of Putnam County in general and beyond.

We owe it to our citizenry to do what is best for the many, sometimes at the dismay of the few. In this instance, I believe this minimally invasive work is a must, and I do support its progress."

3) SAM OLIVERIO (Putnam County Legislator): "Hi Andy, Here's my full position in a nutshell...
"I understand the opinions and concerns of the residents along Peekskill Hollow Rd. I whole-heartedly agree that widening, reshaping and otherwise altering that bucolic stretch of road would be criminal. I also strongly believe that: #1-We really do need both of the Peekskill Hollow Road bridges repaired (the State has notified us that they are in great need of work and could be red-flagged within months). #2-The turning lanes by the High School are also necessary -I work here and have personally observed 2 overturned cars (prior to the light being installed) and 7 fender benders since the light was installed. #3-Drainage by Lover's Lane and Oregon Corners must be corrected. -When 3 of my High School students and staff are injured in a span of 2 weeks this past February because of black ice on the poorly drained Lovers' Lane section of Peekskill Hollow Road, I have to state that this is more than just a bad case of poor driving.

Andy, I grew up on Peekskill Hollow Rd. (been here since 1955). My Mom still resides at Adams Corners, my brother at Tompkins Corners. I was elected, above all else, to ensure the health and safety of all of our residents (the only reason government really exists). Adams Corners north to Rt. 301 of Peekskill Hollow Road will not be touched by this project, but the safety issues mentioned above are necessary and our Federal Grant monies should be used solely to remedy those concerns. (Much better the cost being shared by all of our US neighbors then just by our County neighbors)":

4) BOB TENDY(Supervisor Putnam Valley: This is what I have to say on this project, which I support. It will not change the character of the road one bit. It will, however, make it safer. In addition, there has been talk of trying to have PHR designated as a NYS scenic byway. I support this idea as well. Making it a scenic byway will make the improvements on the road all the more necessary, will help with potential tourism--which will help the businesses. In addition, it will help us to preserve and record the historic reference points on the road and the "story" of the road over the years".

5) SAM DAVIS(former Putnam Valley Supervisor): Here you go Andy. Hope it's okay.
"Peekskill Hollow Road is one of the cherished roads of Putnam Valley. It defines the character and feel of our beautiful Town. Adding four foot shoulders on each side would destroy that, while making the road less safe. Those of us (most residents) who want to preserve the beauty and character of Peekskill Hollow Road, support necessary bridge rehabilitation (within the existing parameters), and drainage improvements where needed. I am gratified that the County has finally heard the voices of our residents, and seems to be responding appropriately. We’ll continue to be vigilant until we have a new plan in hand".


This is what I think. One would think that a project that would straighten out the curve at Lover's Lane, fix poor drainage that causes severe icing in the winter, fixing bridges, and would put turning lanes at the entrance to the High School would be a no brainer. Yet when ever it comes to upgrading anything in Putnam Valley there is always a group of malcontents that want Putnam Valley to be the town where time stands still. For some misguided reason they place potential though not proven environmental concerns over people's safety. They speak their obstructionism as if it were gospel. They believe their fear of what might happen should trump what is happening, especially when you read Sam Oliverio's comments.

If you listen to those opposed, you would think that those officials for the upgrade are either misinformed or lying through their teeth. Their argument is that if you disagree, you are ignorant of the facts, as they are the only keepers of eternal truth. There can be in their eyes, no honest difference of opinion. As I have lived in the area for fifty-four years, I find it interesting these are the same people who now live on paved side roads in winterized housing , where neither at one time had previously existed. It seems those changes of the bucolic and historical nature of the area is okay as long as they benefit. I would be more convinced of their historical concerns if they started ripping up the pavement and turning their homes back to summer only bungalows.

The real historical portions after Adam's Corners would not be touched. As cars are wont to break down with out notice, shoulders are a good idea, for a disabled car on the roadway itself is a lot more dangerous, especially should one break down on the Lover's Lane curve. The fact is Peekskill Hollow Road is now a main thorough fare for people entering from Mill Street or Oregon Corners. Those opposed my not like this, but it is a fact none the less. One would think that the planned upgrade would turn this road into a mini-NASCAR race way.

The monies are there for this. As Legislator Fusco stated it's "mildly expansive of the current footprint ". It is my belief that on this issue, time should not stand still.

Host Domenic Volpe is pleased to announce the special guests for The Volpe Report are Dave and Nancy Paganelli -the owner's of the Traveler's Rest restaurant and catering. Dave and Nancy speak of the charities they are involved with- too numerous to mention- and how their community involvement and drive are the formula for running a successful business in the Yorktown area.

The Volpe Report segments can be viewed in the Peekskill/Cortlandt area on public access Channel 15 -Thursdays at 8:00pm and in the Yorktown/Put.Valley areas -public access Channel 74- Wednesdays at 6:00pm.

Domenic Volpe
HR 45 Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & Record of Sales Act of 2009

Very Important for you to be aware of a new bill HR 45 introduced into the House.
This is the Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & Record of Sale Act of 2009.

Even gun shop owners didn't know about this because it is flying under the radar.
To find out about this - go to any government website and type in HR 45 or Google HR 45 Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & Record of Sales Act of 2009. You will get all the information.

Basically this "little" piece of legislation would make it illegal to own a firearm - any rifle with a clip or ANY pistol unless:

.It is registered
.You are fingerprinted
.You supply a current Driver's License
.You supply your Social Security #
.You will submit to a physical & mental evaluation at any time of their choosing
.Each update - change or ownership through private or public sale must be reported and costs $25
- Failure to do so you automatically lose the right to own a firearm and are subject up to a year in jail.

There is a child provision clause on page 16 section 305 stating a child-access provision. Guns must be locked and inaccessible to any child under 18.

The Government would have the right to come and inspect that you are storing your gun safely away from accessibility to children and fine is punishable for up to 5 yrs. in prison.

If you think this is a joke - go to the website and take your pick of many options to read this..

It is long and lengthy. But, more and more people are becoming aware of this. Pass the word along.
Any hunters in your family - pass this along.

This is just a "termite" approach to complete confiscation of guns and disarming of our society to the point we have no defense - chip away a little here and there until the goal is accomplished before anyone realizes it.

YOU MAY NOT OWN OR EVEN LIKE GUNS, but if you LOVE FREEDOM, YOU better get involved NOW!!!
This is one to act on whether you own a gun or not.
The Second Amendment... . America's original homeland security
RE:Free Concert 7 bands all day Tag sale in Putnam Valley

May 23rd in the Putnam Valley Park on Oscawanna Lake Rd. See Hey Baby. The Lifesize Gorgeous Cocktails, No excuse, The Soul Tree Villians The Mellilo Brothers, Phineas and the Lonely leaves and the Barfly Orchestra! All this while checking out a hugh tag sale. If you want a 10x 10 space . to sell your stuff or advertise and promote your business it's only $20. A portion of the proceeds go to the Putman Valley Food Pantry and The Dog Shelter. Food will be availble from Hanlons Steak House,,,Call 845-526-3292 for info...rain date is Sun the 24th...see you there!!!!

Peekskill School Board Election
A Message from Vinnie Vesce
Peekskill School Board & Budget Vote, Tuesday May 19th

Ladies and Gentlemen...I am passing this on to you because I believe next Tuesday's School Board and budget vote is extremely important.

I have known Kenny Haskins since he was very young...he and my son have been buddies since childhood. There is no question that our school board needs someone who is an independent thinker who will not automatically fall in step with what ever board members are told to do by the Superintendent. Kenny will be that type of member on the board. Over the past 4 years, school taxes in this City have risen by 38.5%...just last month, at the urging of the Superintendent, the school board voted to impose an energy tax on city residents on top of another rate increase in the school tax. It seems that other than one current Board member, there is no one on the school board who has any respect at all for those who pay taxes in Peekskill...I am confident that Kenny Haskins will bring some balance and logic to the decisions that are made by the school board.

I would also urge you to consider Marcela Bobe for the same reasons. Marcela is also a first time candidate with two children attending Peekskill schools. An attorney by trade, most of her experience for the last 13 years has been in the finance area. She has three years of experience in the treasury function of the company QSP Inc., of Chappaqua, responsible for investing up to $800 million; four years of internal audit, mostly performing operational audits, both in the U.S. and many of the company's 19 international offices; and five years as a compensation manager of one of the company's subsidiaries, with a sales organization of about 300 sales employees. As a board member, Marcela will bring her considerable financial skills and professional experience to our school board, which is in desperate need of both.

Dear Peekskill Resident,

My name is Kenny Haskins and I am running for Peekskill City School District School Board. I am lifetime resident of Peekskill and graduate of the Peekskill City School system. I am also a Peekskill High School graduate class of 1987. I participated in many extracurricular activities such as Basketball, Baseball, and Football. I received an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Mercy College in 1994. I received my Masters of Science in Learning Technology from Mercy College 2002. In December of 2008,I received my second Masters of Art Degree from the College of New Rochelle in Educational Leadership. I worked in the Peekskill City School District for 14 years so I am quite familiar with what is happening and not happening in our schools. I would like to see changes to better service our students by increasing scores and student achievement. Our students should be challenged academically. We also need more competitive extracurricular sports programs to compete with other schools and to provide more college scholarships. Too many of our young people of Peekskill are attending other public and private schools. This needs to change now! Part of the problem is the increase in school taxes and the schools itself. This was not the case when I was growing up in Peekskill. Let's get back to the culture and sense of community Peekskill stood for in the past. It is time for a change and I believe I can help in this change.

Kenny Haskins

I hope you will join me at Peekskill High School on TUESDAY, MAY 19th and vote for Kenny Haskins and Marcela Bobe. Moreover, I hope you will encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Thank you for your consideration,
Vinnie Vesce
Go Peekskill
Contact Vinnie Vesce, (914) 737-6921

Some residents of Putnam Valley have expressed concern about County roadwork scheduled for Peekskill Hollow Road (PHR) from Adams Corners to Oregon Corners. I would like to address some of these concerns. Factually, this is not a town project, it is a county project--and I support it.

I have seen signs and received mailings from a small group declaring themselves “Friends of Peekskill Hollow Road (FOPHR).” The signs read "RURAL YES, URBAN NO." The persons who created them (most of the organizers of “FOPHR” are members of the local Democratic Committee) have lead people to believe that some mass urbanization project is being planned. It is simply not true. However, this is an election year; and, unfortunately, some are grasping for issues, misleading people, and creating upsetment where none should exist.

Most of these signs are northeast of Adams Corners--all the way to the reservoir at 301. Yet no work is proposed on this stretch of PHR. "FOPHR” have misled people into believing that the county plans to widen all of PHR and turn it into a 4 lane, 50 MPH road. This is false. Peekskill Hollow Road is not being widened. The shoulders are being widened for better drainage and to make the road safer on some of the bad turns. There is currently very little room at some sections for a car to avoid a collision if it encounters an oncoming vehicle over the midline on a blind turn.

The project will also give us additional turn lanes at the intersection of Oregon Road and Peekskill Hollow Road. This is an urgently needed change as traffic congestion during busy hours is becoming intolerable. As we strive to attract appropriate businesses into our area, this improvement is necessary if we are to have a smooth flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the area.

In addition, poorly designed drainage has made parts of PHR a nightmare in winter after a freezing rain or after a snow melt followed by a freeze. I have received many complaints about this. It can be a sheet of ice on one particular curve: traveling northeast, cars are pitched down and slide out into oncoming traffic as the road curves inward. This has happened to me on a few occasions. I travel that road daily. Unless you use the road regularly, you wouldn't understand how bad the situation is. Parents drive their children to the high school and middle school every weekday; our high school seniors and visiting students traverse this road daily. Putnam Valley doesn't need to wait for a student’s car or a bus to slide into an oncoming truck before we know portions of PHR are poorly designed.

Cavalierly, “FOPHR” have shrugged off these concerns, calling it "a cry of safety as an excuse for the project." This is also false. It's simply a fact that the road was poorly planned, and at some spots it is dangerous. From what I know of “FOPHR,” none of them visit our high school or middle school for any activities, and based on a picture of some of them in a recent newspaper article, none of them have children who attend or visit our school.

“FOPHR” have cited vague “environmental” reasons for opposing the project. Yet, the fact is that the one serious environmental problem we have had on PHR was a direct result of speed and a bad curve on an icy portion of the road. You may recall an oil truck going too fast around a bad turn on PHR about four years ago. It overturned. Thousands of gallons of oil spilled into the Peekskill Hollow Brook. Although this did not happen where the current project is planned, this is a very real danger on stretches of PHR currently considered for renovation. This roadwork will help prevent future spills such as this one.

“FOPHR” also proclaim that the project will ruin the “rural” and “historic” character of the road. In fact, no streams are being diverted or culverted; no forests are being flattened; no parking lots created. Other than de minimus drainage easements, and adjusting dangerous curves, angles and sight lines, nothing about the road is changing. Claims of “straightening” the road are absurd. Straightening the road is an impossibility--and undesirable.

I can't think of anything "historic" about the stretch of road in question. There are no historic landmarks; no homes or old barns are being knocked down; no sites of historic interest are being taken away. Just because a road is old doesn't make it "historic." The only thing "historic" about this portion of the road is that it is historically dangerous. And since when did "rural" mean we have to leave a dangerous road dangerous?

Unfortunately, people have been misled by "FOPHR." I am a “Friend of the People who Drive on Peekskill Hollow Road.” PHR is a stretch of blacktop. It is an inanimate object. I am not its “friend.” People are my friends--and their safety is more important to me than politics and a poorly designed road.

Robert Tendy
Town of Putnam Valley Supervisor
Putnam Valley Town Hall
265 Oscawana lake Road
Putnam Valley, New York 10579
845-525-2121 (office)
845-222-0980 (cell)

P4HG People for Honest Government / PAC
Contacts:Tom DeChiaro – (914) 262-7313 - Cell
e-mail: - Web:
PO BOX 700 - Baldwin Place, NY 10505-0700
Phone: (845) 621-0798

People for Honest Government (P4HG) Political Action Committee (PAC) to hold first fundraising event at the Winery (aka: Old Stone Church), Mohegan Lake, NY on
Tuesday May 19th, 2009 at 5pm.

Yorktown, NY May 11th, 2009 – People for Honest Government (P4HG)/PAC is a political action committee with a mission to promote Yorktown & Westchester candidates who support P4HG’s Legislative Platform by providing endorsements and campaign contributions. Individuals contribute to the PAC in order to show the collective force of P4HG in the Yorktown and Westchester political process. P4HG will play an important role in helping to shape the composition of our Town Boards and our County Government. P4HG is supported solely by voluntary contributions and is governed by the New York State Board of Elections.

People for Honest Government (P4HG) will formally launching the PAC at a rally on:
Date:Tuesday May 19th, 2009
Location:The Winery (aka The Old Stone Church)
1715 E Main Street - Mohegan Lake, NY 10547
General:Complimentary hor'dorves and beverages
Suggested Donations: $25 Silver Donor
$50 Gold Donor
$100 Platinum Donor
For more information visit

Thomas DeChiaro
The Winery at St. George
PO Box 32
Baldwin Place, NY 10505
(914) 455 - 4272
(914) 455 - 4273 - Fax

In an effort to ensure that accurate information is received by all,
the Yorktown Board of Ed offers the following summary of the most
important facts concerning the fiscal 2009-10 YCSD budget:

FUNDING - On April 13th, the Board unanimously approved the 2009-10
budget with a 1.67% spending increase and a targeted tax increase of
2.60%. The decision was made based on an expected restoration in state
aid of $1.3 million and a projected loss of $800,000 in revenue.
Furthermore, the Board has authorized the use of $1.3 million from fund
balance to help offset the tax increase. However, the final tax rate
continues to be a work in progress as we continue to evaluate the nature
and extent of state and federal aid, revenue and reserves.

DECLINING ENROLLMENT - To be fiscally responsible it was necessary to
reduce positions as a means of right-sizing the district. Over the past
5 years, our student population has decreased by 325 students. As
recommended by our Administrators, this budget includes the elimination
of 22 positions or partial reduction in hours. Some of these reductions
have occurred through retirements. We, like everyone else in the
country, need to find ways to maximize our resources.

STUDENT PERFORMANCE - Student performance data between 2002 and 2006
indicated that approximately 75% of our students earned Regents
Diplomas. The Board and Administration had set a goal to improve this
rate. Over the past two years, 86% of our students have graduated with a
Regents Diploma with approximately 56% earning Advanced Designation
status. This Board and Administration continued to raise the standard.
Our progress is evident by the results of 2008 data indicating 91% of
our students attained a Regents Diploma, with 62% earning Advanced
Designation. We are pleased with this progress and know we are on the
right path, but need to continue with the evaluation of courses to
ensure the rigor and the economic efficiency of every department.

Please remember to vote May 19 at Mohansic Elementary School from 7 am
to 9pm.

Thanks Mark

Ron and Marcy Vinder cordially invite you to a reception in support of:
Westchester District Attorney Candidate Dan Schorr
with special guest Ari Fleischer Former White House Press Secretary
Thursday May 28, 2009
7:00 – 9:00 pm

The Vinder Residence
26 Cushman Road
Scarsdale, NY
Business Attire
General Reception Ticket - $200
General Reception and Photo Opportunity Ticket - $500
Group of 10 - $1,800 (includes 4 Photo Opportunity Tickets)
Contributions can be made in advance or at the door:
Online by credit card at:
or by mail with a check payable to:
Committee to Elect Dan Schorr
P.O. Box 8082
White Plains, NY 10602

To RSVP or for more information, please visit,
e-mail, or call (914) 513-3745.

Join us on Facebook at

NYGOP Announces 2009 NY Campaigns and Government Online Seminar
Conference will Feature Nationally-Renowned Political Technology Firms

New York Republican State Committee Chairman Joseph N. Mondello and Upstate Coordinator Henry F. Wojtaszek today announced the 2009 NY Politics Online Seminar, a first-ever conference dedicated to ensuring Republican elected officials and campaigns from around the state are educated and trained in the latest cutting-edge technologies available. The conference will be held on Tuesday, May 19th in Albany.

“This is exactly the kind of training that our elected officials, candidates and local organizations need to effectively communicate with the public. It is the right idea at the right time, and it will make Republicans more effective in making government work for the families and businesses of this state,” said Chairman Mondello.

Event organizer Chairman Wojtaszek said, “Utilizing the latest online technology is critical if the Republican Party is going to turn itself around and start winning races again in New York State. There are new innovations every day that could improve our ability to communicate with the public, optimize our turnout operations on Election Day, and raise money for our candidates, and we need to make sure everyone is utilizing them. We are launching this online seminar to bring our party to the leading edge, unlock the potential of new technology, and win elections.”

Chairman Wojtaszek is spearheading the seminar effort and has already lined up numerous conference participants, which will include a mix of both nationally-known and locally-owned and operated firms. Thus far, speakers and presenters at the seminar include:

Campaign Solutions – An industry leader in online politics and public affairs for over a decade, Campaign Solutions specializes in online fundraising and advertising and has experience in all levels of campaigning, from presidential to local races. The company has raised more money on the Internet than any other political firm and raised the first online contribution in history.

First Tuesday in November – A new and rapidly-growing firm, First Tuesday in November patented an online system for identifying, contacting, and tracking voters in real time. The system has revolutionized Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) programs around the country. – Coupling advanced technological solutions with cutting-edge creative design, the firm produces web animations and viral videos, integrates new Internet social networking sites into campaigns, and provides other services including blog infiltration, interactive website design, and online advertising.

Targeted Creative Communications (TC2) – TC2 is a political advertising firm that provides candidates with superior direct mail, targeting, and campaign strategy. The firm integrates cutting-edge commercial marketing techniques into political advertising and has produced award-winning advertising in nearly every state.

FLS Connect – Specializing in telephone-based voter contact, fundraising, and issue management, FLS Connect has clients in all 50 states that have included: five presidential campaigns, Members of Congress, national and state party committees, statewide and local candidates, and private sector organizations.

The Solution Tree – Based in Western New York, the company unites expertise in graphic design, photography, and web design to provide business and marketing solutions for smaller, community-based clients. The company creates unique and effective websites that integrate social networking systems, contact management databases, email marketing and viral networking for political campaigns. – Based in Syracuse, the company specializes in information management solutions that enable political campaigns – even those that are not well-funded – to take advantage of the latest Internet technologies and tools.

CBF Strategies – Based in Staten Island, the firm’s patented new “Visual Voter” technology integrates interactive mapping with database systems to allow political campaigns to target voters and improve their strategic advertising.

Janelle Bonanno- Janelle Bonanno is currently a law student at New York Law School where she is the President of the Republican Law Student Association. Janelle has been an active leader in online Republican communications, most recently breaking new ground by Twittering live throughout the Republican State Dinner.

Additional presenters will be added. The event is only open to registered Republican activists and candidates. Those individuals interested in attending the conference should contact their local county chair.

Contacts for local county chairs can be found at . The limited space is filling up fast and will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For those interested that live in WESTCHESTER please contact Doug Colety at


Assemblyman Greg Ball (R, C, I - Patterson) today joined with the State
Division of Veterans' Affairs Director Colonel James McDonough and members
of the bipartisan New York State Armed Forces Legislative Caucus to discuss
legislative and outreach efforts to increase services for veterans across
the state.

"With Albany divided on so many issues, it is a pleasure to see
legislators from both sides of the aisle come together in a concerted effort
to support our veterans. I am proud to join with my colleagues, Colonel
McDonough and our veterans' agencies, to enhance outreach efforts assuring
that veterans are aware and receiving the benefits and services they
deserve," said the Assemblyman, who is a member of the Assembly Veterans'
Affairs Committee and a former Air Force officer.

Ball has been an ardent advocate for veterans in the State Assembly and has
helped to move meaningful legislation, including measures which honor the
contribution of those who served in the Cold War Era, support disabled
veteran-owned businesses, and creating and extending a Veterans Property Tax
Exemption to include Korean War and War on Terror veterans. The Assemblyman
was also the original author of legislation to create a veterans' tuition
remission program: this measure was adopted into law in the 2007-08 State
Budget and offers free SUNY/CUNY tuition (or its equivalent at a private
institution) to any combat veteran. Ball is working to extend this benefit
to all veterans.

This year, Ball is sponsoring new legislation aimed specifically at
improving the quality of life for veterans and their loved ones and ensuring
better services, including legislation to help returning veterans, trained
as medics, to become gainfully employed and to provide real property
exemptions for surviving spouses of veterans. His legislation to create an
expeditionary medal for War on Terror veterans has recently picked up a
Senate sponsor, Senator Jeffrey D. Klein (D - Bronx) giving the bill support
from majority conference members in both houses.

Ball also is working with local veterans to create a new legislative package
that will create a new subset in the Division of Veterans' Affairs honoring
Atomic Veterans, or veterans who served circa the mid-1940s to mid-1960s on
classified ionized radiation projects. Public information and recognition
of these projects was severely restricted until 1996 and many projects still
remain classified, but Ball feels that these service persons deserve the
same recognition and benefits as other veterans groups. Details of the new
Atomic Veterans legislative package include:

a.. Recognizing Atomic Veterans with the creation of a New York State
Atomic Veterans Medal;

a.. Providing for the eligibility of Atomic Veterans for services and
benefits currently extended to other veterans groups, including health care
services and disability benefits;

a.. Providing benefits and services for living Atomic Veterans and
surviving spouses of deceased Atomic Veterans, including the ability for
veterans or their surviving spouses to file a compensation claim and receive
assistance therein; and

a.. Introducing a Legislative Resolution commemorating, recognizing and
honoring the "Forgotten Atomic Veterans" and their significant contribution
to the great state of New York.

County and local elected officials participated in a forum at the Putnam
County Bureau of Emergency Services on 1099 worker misclassifications
and payroll fraud today that was hosted by Assemblyman Greg Ball (R, C,
I – Patterson) and the Empire State Regional Council of Carpenters.

According to the Governor’s Joint Task Force on Employee
Misclassification, the failure to properly classify workers as employees
costs the state millions of dollars in lost tax revenues each year. A
recent Cornell University study estimated found that worker
misclassification cost the State of New York almost four billion dollars
over a four-year period.

“This type of fraud costs taxpayers big time and is the heart and soul
of the Hudson Valley's sizeable black market economy. Some employers
have made a concerted effort to avoid their obligations, including the
payment of legal mandates such as wages and overtime, employment taxes,
and obtaining workers' compensation coverage,” Ball said. “New Yorkers
who are paying taxes are left out of work while many out of state and
undocumented workers are not treated as employees, and are thus denied
the safeguards and benefits afforded to them by the law.”

Special guest speakers at the forum included the Rockland County
District Attorney’s office, and Alexander Restiano, assistant to
Westchester County Executive Andy Spano, who discussed how the problem
of worker misclassification in New York State harms workers and
law-abiding businesses within the state, and solutions to reduce fraud
and recover lost revenue in local municipalities.

“Thousands of workers are being improperly classified as independent
contractors and others are being paid off-the-books as part of an
underground economy,” Ball added. “Some workers are even being forced to
'volunteer' their labor. In some of the most extreme instances, workers
are being transported across state borders, entirely beholden to and
dependent upon their employer for food, transportation, and lodging.
This is a serious crime, and workers have been killed in the process or
severely injured while working under-the-table.”

In addition to the very real impact of misclassification of workers,
employee misclassification adversely impacts legitimate employers in the
State who are forced to compete in the marketplace against employers who
lower their operating costs and increase their profits by misclassifying
their employees.

Ball has introduced comprehensive legislation (A6793) to address this
serious issue which would follow recommendations laid forth by the
employee misclassification task force to amend the definition of
"employee" and establish a single standard to put an end to inconsistent
worker classification among partner agencies in New York. The
legislation also lifts data sharing restrictions between the Department
of Labor and the Department of Taxation and Finance and provides access
to records and work sites, which would foster significant interagency
Dear Readers:

This week I discuss "What's Right With Peekskill". You can read my column on this topic exclusively on line(see link below)or in this weeks NORTH COUNTY NEWS on sale now. I am worth the seventy-five cents. Look for my column IN MY OPINION(page 10) in the editorial section. Better yet as this column is exclusive to the North County News on a regular basis and will be covering the local political scene, take out a subscription. Click on the North County News link below and go to Subscribe. Between this blog and The North County News you will have all the information to make a vote based on substance.
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