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Dear Readers:

Life is full of its little ironies. I met the publisher of the NCN because of an article written by Adriane Tillman on blogs. The story took issue with anonymous blogs and bloggers who would take others material and post without proper accreditation. I, not wanting to run afoul of the NCN"s re-print policy tried to obtain permission to re-print their stories on this blog. After trying unsuccessfully to reach Mr. Apar, I did a blog riff ( Archive:February 24, 2007 "More Information Designed To Mislead You") on these efforts. Soon afterwards I received a phone call from Mr. Apar and an appointment to meet with him. Using his description of that meeting, "He(your's truely) came in and sucked all the air out of the room", we met. We discussed the article with me defending anonymous blogs such as "The Peekskill Guardian". We actually hit it off, even though we disagreed on anonymous blogs, and have been friends since. We do agree on anonymous post(which seem at most times viscous and mean spirited ) which are different. I also received the permission to re-print articles (which after all was why I wanted to see him) and a regular column in the NCN, In My Opinion, which came as an unexpected surprise.

The irony I mentioned is Mr. Apar has a regular blog on the NCN web page ( , just go to the "Blogit" section on the right. Even though he has his "Talking Points" column in the paper, he regularly updates his blog. As good as his paper column is, his blog is better. There you can see the wit and wisdom that I saw in our first meeting. He has enjoyed the beauty of the electronic media in that there are no space constraints. I think he has also found how cathartic it is to let things off your chest (his post on the BMW taking up two spaces w/ picture is great). His last two posts regarding the Ball and Degnan race are a must read. I really think any reader of the NCN should visit it's on line sister and check out his blog. BYW: the online version now has a section on the left where you can access "Letters To The Editor". Just remember when you send yours to a friend to give credit to the NCN.

End of Summer B.B.Q./Fundraiser Supporting Bill Gouldman
Candidate for the NYS 90th Assembly District

Saturday, August 23, 2008

2:00 PM to 7:00 PM

578 Oscawana Lake Road
Putnam Valley, NY 10579

For more information call
Bill Bujarski (914) 841-4567 Bill Gouldman (914) 582-7290

…....Yes, I will attend the End of Summer BBQ honoring Bill Gouldman. Enclosed is my check for $ …...for …... people.

…….. No, sorry I cannot attend but enclosed is my donation of $ ……...

Name: ……………………………………………………



Phone: …………………………………………

E-Mail: ………………………………................
Please make check payable to:
Friends of Bill Gouldman for State Assembly

PO Box 164 Putnam Valley, New York 10579
BILL GOULDMAN Says Follow The Money: Proposes Medicaid Whistle Blower Program To Preserve Benefits & Recover Billions

Deep Throat unraveled Watergate by advising: FOLLOW THE MONEY. If New York is going to escape its looming financial catastrophe it too must follow the money. Experts say that 20 % of New York's $46 billion Medicaid budget, that's more than $9 billion, is being ripped off by Medicaid criminals and cheats. The New York Times documented it in a series in 2005 and the New York Post acknowledged this in its Sunday August10th editorial. If 10% of the fraud were recovered New York's budget crisis would be solved and the people with the greatest need would have their benefits saved.

"How does wasting one out of every $5 of Medicaid money protect New Yorkers with the greatest need and ensure that they will receive the medical services they deserve," asked Bill Gouldman, candidate for the New York State Assembly in the 90th District. "State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli recently uncovered that 30,000 people have moved out of the state but are still collecting Medicaid checks from New York. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has recovered $250 million in Medicaid fraud, but more needs to be done," Mr. Gouldman declared.

Gouldman asserted, "Our goal should be to discover and eliminate 10% (which is half of the 20% estimate) of the Medicaid budget that is being wasted. Today I am proposing that New York State adopt a Medicaid Whistle Blower program because the people working within Medicaid know the system best. They are best equipped to root out the waste and corruption. If we use their experience and expertise we can make sure that nobody in need is deprived of services and stop those who are ripping of the system. We should encourage workers to identify Medicaid money that is being misspent. We should reward workers who save taxpayers money and preserve the services for those who should be receiving them. The Legislature should authorize a bounty to anyone who helps recover misspent Medicaid funds. Using the workers in the system would not add any cost to the recovery and produce immediate results."

Gouldman noted that Elizabeth Lynam the Deputy Director of the non partisan Citizens Budget Commission recently said "Everybody wants to protect their own interest, but the bottom line there are going to be sacrifices all the way around, and that means hard choices will need to be made."

As the time draws closer for the Legislature to return in special session and adopt a plan to save New York special interests are running TV ads trying to protect themselves. When people get caught up fighting for their own turf nothing ever gets done.

When I began my campaign last December I said that Albany must talk about the things people talk about around their kitchen tables.

It is just plain common sense that if you are going to serve the people you have to respond to what's on their minds. People talk about government waste and fraud all the time. They wonder why Albany politicians don't have the guts to do something about it.

Hi Folks,
I am pleased to congratulate my friend Nora on her latest release. Some of you may have seen and heard Nora as she played with my group several times in between making the scene in many venues all over the globe.
For those of you that were at the Jazz+ Blues Fest. over the weekend, you saw Nora try to battle through a bad case of Bronchitis. Like the true pro that she is, she tried to do the gig despite not being able to even talk that morning. Though the effort was valiant, she had to stop before truly hurting herself.
Below you will see information on her upcoming gig celebrating her 3rd disc. I intend to be there and hope to see you there too!

In a message dated 8/13/2008 5:49:15 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

Dear Friends,
come celebrate the pre-release of my new CD 'Circle Completing' at The 12-Grapes! I look forward to singing for you and introducing this great band - Pablo is from Chile and is amazing on the piano. Jeffrey Carney is a world renowned bassist who plays with Barbara Streisand and Patti Austin...not bad company huh? I have been honored to share the stage with these great gents many times and delighted to call them friends..wait till you hear them. Then, as a special guest I will feature the incredible alto-saxophonist, Jorge Sylvester, who as many of you know, is my musical partner and mentor....Lots of great music and fun is on the agenda, please show your love and support for this upcoming special show. Blessings to all.






7:30pm – 10:30pm

12 North Division Street
Peekskill, NY 10566
1 block from the Paramount

"Outstanding food, amazing wine selection and friendly service."

“…McCarthy, who works in every setting from a bass and vocal duo to a twenty-piece orchestra, demonstrates that she is not one to simply serenade with the usual mix of standards.” Dan Bilawsky/Jazz Improv Magazine’s New York Jazz Guide, March 2007

“…A voice that is alternately liquid, breezy, and lustrous. Sophistication in the same vein as Chet Baker." Sound Views Magazine

“…She plays her tender voice like a musician trying to get the best out of some favored, old horn.” The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“...Yet another voice in the retro-cool school—almost at times, as cool as Julie London, but with a serpentine edge". Gary Giddins

“…Nora McCarthy delivers with the improvisational intuition of Betty Carter and the compassion of Billie Holiday.” Edward Hill

Signed copies of Circle Completing available for purchase at this performance.


Yet Somers Republican event draws only one candidate

Well over one hundred members of the Somers Republican Town Committee and the Somers Republican Club Inc. were joined by members of the media and several Democrats at their candidate forum last evening at the Somers Library. Those in attendance heard remarks from State Assemblyman Greg Ball (R, C, I - Patterson) and a representative of Republican congressional candidate Kieran Lalor.

Many of those who turned out were disappointed when it was announced that John Degnan, an endorsed Democrat running in the Republican primary for the 99th Assembly district, refused to attend the forum.

“Two of the strongest Republican organizations in Westchester asked voters of the 99th Assembly district to come out and witness Mr. Ball and Mr. Degnan state their positions on the issues and discuss their records,” said Westchester GOP Chairman Douglas Coletly. “One of the candidates took that opportunity. It would seem to be common sense for any primary challenger to welcome an opportunity to debate an incumbent, but what Mr. Degnan does is his prerogative.”

According to Rey Solano, President of the Somers Republican Club, Degnan called ninety minutes before the event to say that he had a 'scheduling conflict' and would not be able to attend the forum.

“His call puzzled me,” Solano said. “We delivered a press release about the event two weeks ago, made phone calls, sent emails, and even made an overture through Senator Leibell's office last week which was acknowledged. We just spoke to Degnan's campaign consultant at the VFW debate on Tuesday, and he told us that Mr. Degnan was ‘making up his mind,’ not that there was any scheduling conflict.”

"What is it about John Degnan's record that has made him so afraid to appear before Westchester Republicans?'" asked Somers Republican Town Committee Chairman Jim Chisholm. "The only person who volunteered to speak for Mr. Degnan's record was the Putnam County Democratic Chairwoman."

Representing Degnan was Lynne Eckardt, head of the Putnam County Democrats, who was assiduously taking notes. She raised her hand several times to respond to questions that pertained to Degnan, and claimed she had no idea where he was, was contradicting a statement she made earlier in the day that he had a scheduling conflict.

In that same statement, Eckardt criticized a previous Westchester forum that Degnan also did not attend for having a moderator who carried petitions for Assemblyman Ball. In her remarks, she did not address the Carmel forum taking place April 19 that is moderated by a local resident who carried petitions for Degnan.

Chisholm added, "Yesterday, I stated if Mr. Degnan did not attend this event, it would prove yet again he does not respect Westchester Republicans. After hearing a Democratic County Chairwoman attempt to explain Degnan's record of laying out the welcome mat for illegal aliens and contractors, his ever-shifting party allegiances, and his opposition to a tax cap, I stand by my statement."

Ball took the opportunity to tout some of his legislative accomplishments, but also addressed the need for systemic reform in Albany and reminded everyone that he was the only candidate in the race to support a tax cap. He even fielded a statement from Eckardt and refuted her soporific canard, and was left with an open forum to connect directly with voters and excoriate county insiders and career state politicians for their huge tax increases and addiction to spending.

During the question and answer phase, Solano asked if Mr. Degnan's empty chair alluded to another empty seat rubber stamp for Sheldon Silver, were he to be elected. An impromptu straw poll conducted by the Assemblyman found that no one present thought Albany was working for them, and he vowed to redouble his efforts to challenge traditional Albany.

"For the life of me, I can't understand how Mr. Degnan thinks he has a prayer in the world of winning this primary if he believes Republicans in Westchester are not important enough to spend an evening with," Chisholm concluded. "It reminds me of 2006, you have John Degnan, the establishment backed candidate, who is basically a no-show no-name in Westchester, like Willis Stephens was. That is why Westchester delivered Assemblyman Ball his largest margin of victory during the 2006 primary race. Mr. Degnan seems to be setting himself up for a repeat of that scenario."


Assemblywoman Sandy Galef, in response to New York’s current economic crisis and in consideration of the recommendations of the Suozzi Commission, has proposed a fundamentally new way to pay for certain education expenses in New York State. Galef recommended in a letter sent to Governor Paterson on July 31st that the New York State government should take over health care costs of school employees statewide by folding school employees into the Empire Plan used by other state civil servants. Galef’s bold plan represents the type of creative, cost-cutting solutions necessary for New York State to overcome its current property tax crisis. The plan would cut health care costs by creating a larger pool of health care participants; decrease school budgets as schools are facing a property tax cap; and substantially reduce the tax levy for New York State property taxpayers in this time of economic tumult.

Galef’s plan would be a significant relief to both property taxpayers and local school districts. The recently released Suozzi Report recommended the state reconsider several of the mandates it imposes on local school districts. Health care for school employees is a continually increasing nondiscretionary expense that takes up a large percent of a local school district’s budget. By taking health care costs out of the local property tax levy, school districts can avoid making critical programmatic cuts and property taxpayers will see a substantially reduced tax burden in New York’s current economic climate. School districts would also save money that would otherwise be spent determining health care plans and negotiating with teachers.

Additionally, by shifting health care costs to the state government, the overall health care cost would be reduced because the Empire Plan, which is currently used by other civil servants but not all teachers, would be drawing from a larger pool of healthcare participants. The cost of health care for school employees would also be distributed more equitably since it would be paid for by the statewide income tax.

Galef said, “This plan represents the innovative, cost-cutting measures that are absolutely necessary for New York State to tackle its current property tax crisis. The decrease in the property tax levy that would come from the state funding health care for school employees would be significant relief for property taxpayers, who are telling us across the state that property taxes have gotten out of control. This plan would benefit local school districts, which would no longer be responsible for perpetually increasing health care costs, and could decrease competition between districts trying to offer better health care. School districts would also save money that would otherwise be spent on negotiating health care contracts with teachers, who would be part of the same health care plan enjoyed by other state civil servants, including me.”

The New York State School Boards Association recognizes health care costs as one of the four highest non-discretionary costs that school districts face. In 2005-2006, New York State school districts paid an aggregate cost of $3,737,116,479 on health care for employees, which was 15.25% of the total amount spent on education. Health care costs are increasing every year but would be reduced and paid for more equitably by Galef’s innovative new plan.
Posted By Dawn Powell:

The Issues, with host Sam Davis, airs this Thursday at 9 PM. Sam's guest this week is Robert Goldstein, General Counsel for Riverkeeper. The main topic for discussion is the Tappan Zee Bridge, a major project for this region. When the planning for this was started, It was supposed to include public participation. Sam went to one of the initial meetings while Putnam Valley Supervisor. As with Putnam Valley's Peekskill Hollow Road, the public has been shut out of the process. Watch this show for more information about this important project.

And next week, another terrific show with Fred Koontz of Teatown Lake Reservation. Hear more about conservation, environmental education, and hope for the future.

The Issues may be seen in Peekskill on Mondays at 8PM, Channel 15, and on ComCast, Channel 8. It is also available in the Mahopac Library.

The Volpe Report
Host: Domenic Volpe
Upcoming Schedule

The Volpe Report is pleased to announce the line up of guests for August. John Curran the City of Peekskill Historian will showcase the Urban Renewal projects of the 60's abd 70's and highlight the impact in the downtown district. Mr. Curran will be seen Thursday- August 7, 14, and 21 at 8:00pm, Channel 15 in the Peek/Cortlandt areas. The Yorktown area will see his show on Wednesday July 30, August 6, and 13 at 6:00pm on Channel 74.

Once again we thank all our viewers to look in and if there are any questions or comments regarding any of these shows please forward any responses to the

Domenic Volpe

Thank you for visiting my web site. Northern Westchester is an important historical area that contributed greatly to our nation's development. The City of Peekskill, the Town of Cortlandt and the Town of Yorktown have given so much to our country's history. I am honored to have served as Mayor for the City of Peekskill and look forward to further serving the the community through this site.

This site will be updated often to stop back from time to time. I would appreciate receiving comments and suggestions regarding the site. Thank you very much.

John G. Testa

Dear Readers:

This week I discuss Westchester County Governments misuse of tax dollars. You can read my column on this topic exclusively on line(see link below)or in this weeks NORTH COUNTY NEWS on sale now. I am worth the seventy-five cents. Look for my column IN MY OPINION(page 10) in the editorial section. Better yet as this column is exclusive to the North County News on a regular basis and will be covering the local political scene, take out a subscription. Click on the North County News link below and go to Subscribe. Between this blog and The North County News you will have all the information to make a vote based on substance.

Dear Readers:

This gives me a chance to plug my business ATOM TAXI INC. As you are planning your holiday or business or vacation travel? Instead of the headache of trying to find Airport parking, we do Airport Service to The Westchester County Airport(and ALL other airports) 24/7. Just call 1(914)879-6121 and my partner Tommy, will be glad to take you in our Airport Taxi. You will also be provided with a free copy of your local paper of record The North County News. If this is a business trip we also provide a professional receipt, just tell Tommy at the time of booking. The cost of a one-way trip to LaGuardia Airport the cost is Ninety dollars plus tolls. The cost to JFK and Newark Airports is one hundred-twenty-five dollars plus tolls. The tolls are $10.00 Westchester County Airport and Stewart cost $75.00. We do not take credit cards, sorry.

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