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Dear Readers:

What the hell is going on with the Peekskill Republican Party? They are trying to spin me into thinking there is something nefarious in regards to the Drum Hill 2 project. They wish you to believe it is only the May 27, 2008 resolution that allows section 8 housing. That is not true. The February 2007 also allows section 8. That is why it was voted down at the recent IDA meeting. Also there is nothing unethical or scandalous about the $50.000.00. It is a salary that will be earned by that person who's job it will be to find tenants for the project if it gets built. The only question is whether the alternate funding that is now being sought by the builder is going to alter the passed resolution. If it does the council must revisit this issue. If the council does not revisit, then and only then will this become a real issue worthy of debate.

I would suggest the Republican Party focus on finding a candidate to run against Andrew Torres. Right now as of last Thursday no one has been willing to stand up. I believe it is incumbent upon former Mayor John Testa to take back control instead of those who are now in charge. The party as of now is without focus and needs a strong leader with vision to give it direction and vision it again. I know he has done his duty and deserves a breather, however if the party is ever to be a force to be reckoned with, he must realize it needs him now. Are they now to become a non-entity like the Cortlandt and Yorktown Republicans????

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Greetings to All,

In this weeks,June 18th, NCN on page 19, Mr. Michael. Kaplowitz appears to be scolding the Westchester County Republican Party for not supporting John Degnan over Greg Ball for the 99th Assembly District. Well thank you Mr Kapolwitz for your wonderful suggestion. But "NO THANKS,MIKE"

See the picture above the article, Mr. Degnan appears in front of the Somers Town Hall with none other than Mr. Kaplowitz and the Chairman of the Yorktown DEMOCRAT Party behind him. This is the same man, Mr. Degnan, who appeared before our Committee in Yorktown and told us that he is a lifelong Republican and was not going to seek the Democrat nomination!

Our Yorktown Republican Committee supports Greg Ball in his re-election bid and we ask that Mr. Kaplowitz please keep his candidate support in his own party not ours.

All members should look at the article in the NCN and see where Mr. Degnan is going in Westchester for his support!!!

Thanks for all your hard work.

Larry Cassidy

I would like to address some of the comments made by Supervisor Tendy in his recent State of the Town address, which was breathtaking in its utter lack of consideration for the current economic realities the people of Putnam Valley are facing. As I read the speech, in which Tendy proclaimed that he was now a public servant and direct conduit for the will of The People, the first thought that came to mind was a quote from John Adams: “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive, for those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end as they do so with the approval of their conscience.” By claiming that he knows what’s best for us by virtue of his election to office, he opened the door to do pretty much what he damn well pleases, whether we like it or not. What follows is my non-partisan rebuttal, speaking as a resident who has shelled out many thousands in taxes for the privilege of living here these past 20 years.

If Mr. Tendy is really so concerned about us- the people he serves- then maybe he should give us more of an opportunity to speak at town board meetings. Perhaps have two public comment sessions at town board meetings, one at the beginning and one at the end. Nobody except a politician has the stamina to get into a debate at 10 or 11 o’clock at night, especially after a hard day’s work.

Tendy says that “we must do everything possible to maximize commercial development in our town.” and further claim that the reasons our tax bills are so high is because we don’t have enough commercial properties. The truth that he and every other bureaucrat in this County chooses to ignore, is that our taxes are so high because SPENDING IS OUT OF CONTROL. IT’S THAT SIMPLE. When the PD was abolished, there was a $1.5 million surplus. Today you tell us that we’re at least $100,000 short, but don’t worry, “it’s not a disaster.” The truth is that unless Tendy and his colleagues stop spending our money like there’s no tomorrow, many of us who have lived here for years, will be forced out of our homes because of their total lack of fiscal restraint.

Tendy claims that we have neglected long term planning and implies that our current Comprehensive Plan which was adopted after many years of intense work by a dedicated & professional group of citizens is inadequate, even though he himself was part of the process as a councilman and as supervisor. Until he fired them, he had nothing but praise for the CP Committee-- could it be that his supporters in the special interest groups that are behind most of the land use decisions were dissatisfied with the restraints on development?

Personally, I am sick and tired of hearing that commercial development will lower taxes. This is a cruel hoax and it has been proven time after time that it is simply not true. The fact is that commercial ratables in this town ARE UNDER-ASSESSED AND IN MANY CASES ARE ASSESSED AT LESS THAN SOME SINGLE FAMILY HOMES. Maybe Mr. Tendy can tell us all the money we are getting from the On the Run gas station over there on Bryant Pond Rd. Why didn’t he mention the tax abatements that new commercial properties receive, which can be up to 50% of the assessed value in the first year? Why didn’t he mention that a business can receive these abatements for 10 years and then simply pull up stakes and leave town when the property reaches full market assessment?

Significant retail commercial development has not come to Put. Valley in the past 50 years. As long as we are 10 minutes away from Route 6 where consumers can find everything their hearts desire, why would ANY retailer want to open a store in Putnam Valley? There is simply no way they can compete with the businesses on Route 6, especially the big box chain stores. I am not saying this because I’m a tree hugging environmentalist- far from it-- I am saying this because as a small business owner, I know it is true. Does Tendy have any idea how high the overhead costs are for a place like the bagel store? Does he have any idea how profitable it is, or how many bagels they have to sell just to break even? Does he know how much that store is directly contributing to property taxes, as opposed to say, a single-family house up in neighboring Lake Peekskill?

He expects us to believe him when he talks about his “vision” for Oregon Corners and vicinity, even though we have witnessed for ourselves the blatant and dangerous Code violations at Super George’s that are allowed to continue and grow worse each year without being prosecuted. Speaking of which, even now, one month after Tendy declared it an “emergency situation” nothing has been done to shore up the wall and no mention has been made of who will be responsible for the financial catastrophe for the taxpayers if that wall collapses into Peekskill’s water supply. Tell us Mr. Tendy– does the buck stop with you?

With no cost/benefit analysis, no economic impact statement, and no facts to prove it, Tendy claims that the over burdened taxpayers must pay some $10 million dollars for yet another new building for the fire department. We are supposed to believe that this hardship is necessary because in order to attract new members, the department must have another state of the art gymnasium, pool hall and social club to complement the ones that we are already paying for. WHERE DOES IT END? DOES HE EVER HAVE THE GUTS TO JUST SAY NO? WHAT IS HE AFRAID OF- THAT THEY WON’T VOTE FOR HIM NEXT TIME?

The fire department is a private corporation that receives its funding through a contract with the town. It is illegal for the town to give public funding to a private corporation and to back bonds for this purpose. One would think with all the attorneys we have running around town hall that at least ONE of them could figure that out. We know what the FD is up to- the same thing that the ambulance corps did with their new building- it is known as back door borrowing. Tendy and the other TB members publicly stated that they would have a referendum on this issue and I sincerely hope that they will keep their word.

Tendy also wants us to pay for a new town hall once the FD vacates the building next door. There’s no telling what the cost will be but it is obviously no problem since money is no object when you have an endless supply from the tax-slaves. Maybe he should hear what his “masters” have to say on this issue before committing us to pay for it. Remember- taxation without representation is tyranny.

He mentioned the high cost of litigating against people in town who are in “dramatic violation of zoning and environment laws” Who are they? Cathy & Pierre Cornu? Two senior citizens whom he had put in jail for alleged building violations that were never proven in a court of law. What about the REAL violations that have been allowed at Oregon Corners, Lake Peekskill and even Lake Oscawana?. What about the Hilyer case where private citizens have had to sue the Town to force our servant government. to enforce its own planning and zoning laws? What a travesty it is that our elected and appointed officials, or should I say “our servants” have such contempt for the very laws they have sworn a sacred oath to uphold.

In closing, I will say one thing for Tendy’s state of the union address, and that is that at least he did not try to hide his ambitious agenda for spending our money. He was absolutely shameless and un-apologetic about his plans to set aside our well crafted Comprehensive Plan and other protective laws to placate the drive-by developers who have made millions off our backs. He made no bones about the fact that he will give the municipal unions and so-called emergency service people whatever they want, no matter what the cost. He has shown complete disregard for the ordinary, non-aligned citizens who are financing his agenda today, and for our children and grandchildren who will be paying the monumental debt that is accumulating on a daily basis. I can only say that many of us have reached the breaking point and if we do not vote with our feet before then, I assure you that we will vote at the ballot box come November, 2009.

Patty Villanova
Good Tuesday Morning,

Yesterday was supposed to be hot and humid with hazy sunshine and temps topping out at 97. But in the end, though it was hot and the temps topped out at 92 here in beautiful Kent Cliffs, the Heart of the Hudson Highlands, it turned out to be a very nice day.

But I will tell you where it was too hot last night:

In the cool-blue auditorium of the Putnam Valley high School before an audience of about 100 people, State Assemblywoman Sandy Galef and Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi brought the "Suozzi Commission" roadshow into town. The purpose of the dog and pony show was to explain and present the results of Mr. Suozzi's public investigation into ways of bringing property taxes under control in New York State. The Commission met with communities across New York, accepted hundreds of letters, emails and documents, and spent a pretty penny seeking input from New Yorkers of all kinds, stripes and backgrounds. In the end, the commission came up with the most politically palatable solution:

Maintain the status quo, make the politicians happy and keep the wealthy protected.

The Commission recommends a 4% cap on school spending increases and a variation of the Galef-Little circuit-breaker bill which amounts to a better targeted reworking of the STAR program. How those two things bring relief to property owners is unknown since we start at baseline (what you're paying now) and work upwards from there. They call this "relief"? Indeed they do and they're trying to make you believe it but the audience last night was not buying a word of it. From private citizens to school board members, speaker after speaker said, No! Only the business interests, a sponsor of last evening's circus sideshow, thought it a good idea.

There were other options with the most promising being that we move to statewide funding of education based on a graduated income tax. This, as my readers know, is in a bill currently supported by Kingston Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, a bill originally proposed by Republican Senator Lavalle of Long Island, Mr. Suozzi's home region. Anyone who reads News That Matters knows about this bill which, during my comments last evening I casually referred to as the Cahill Model. This brought a blank stare from Mr. Suozzi who asked, 'What is this Cahill model?' and the meeting fell apart...

How could a man and a commission charged with this particular task fail to have known about and included the Cahill model in their deliberations?

I'm standing there at the microphone when Mr. Suozzi asked his question and I'm speechless. I am struck dumb. My tongue clove to the roof of my mouth and I could not utter a word. I was astonished. The audience, half of whom said they were there to support the Cahill model of things went pale. It was a defining moment not only in the battle to fix this problem, lending credence to the belief that Albany has no intention of such a thing, but also in the political career of Mr. Suozzi, a man who desires to be the Governor of the Empire State. How could he not have known?

The answer is that it is not possible. The answer, once every other possibility is removed from consideration, is that the Commission purposefully neglected Cahill during its tenure. In other words, the Commission intentionally ignored the only sane solution to this problem in order to maintain the status quo. There were 8 or 9 references to 'the ability to pay' in Mr. Suozzi's presentation last evening so we must ask why was 'the ability to pay' not part of the Commission's findings and recommendations?

I know that citizen tax groups across the state and that both Vic Tiship and myself have personally written the commission suggesting Cahill as an option. I also know that Vic and I have raised the awareness of this issue to a degree which has made regional news. I know that the Putnam County legislature and the towns of Kent and Putnam Valley have all endorsed the Cahill model. I know other towns in New York state have done the same and I know Sandy Galef, who sits on an Assembly committee on property taxes is well aware of it. So again I must ask: How could the commission claim to not know?

In a taxpayer-funded newsletter sent to constituents in Sandy's district this past spring, she asked us which property tax relief solution we preferred. When referring to the Cahill model she posed the question in the most negative light stating that your taxes would have to be raised significantly, and still it came back as one of the top choices, something she grudgingly admitted to last night. Even when politicians slam Cahill, the voters still demand it. How could Mr. Suozzi not know? How could the Commission not even look into it?

On April 11th 2008, Victor, myself and Richard Lopez, met with Sandy at her office in Ossining where we talked about this very thing. At the beginning of the meeting she claimed she had not read the bill even after receiving reams of information about it and having included it on one of her polls. By the end of that meeting she admitted, finally, that she had read the bill but was concerned about her constituents in Briarcliff, i.e., the rich. It's not like this was new information to her, but it is more likely that the desire to pull the wool over our eyes is more important to the Albany Establishment than repairing genuine problems and fixing the inner machinations of State government.

In the end it all comes down to this harsh reality: you and I, the average Joe and Jane Voter, have no say in Albany and Albany cares not a whit about us. Unless you can afford campaign donations in the 4 figure range you simply do not exist. Unless you are the CEO of a Wall Street firm there are no ears in Albany awaiting your counsel. Unless you are part of the powers-that-be you are locked out of the process, dog and pony shows, bread and circuses notwithstanding.

The cost of education is not the problem. Finding funding for it is not the problem. But paying for it in an equitable and fair manner, one which would ensure every student in New York state is guaranteed a good education and one in which the distribution of that burden is equalized, is the problem and Albany, immune to public pressure and isolated in their gleaming, lofty towers rising from the plains of upstate New York, simply does not give a shit.
THAT'S the news that matters.

Saying "It's Time to Return Albany's Windfall Profits to the People," Assembly Candidate Bill Gouldman Proposes Energy Tax Credit,
With Mass Transit Incentives

Croton on Hudson New York:

Bill Gouldman candidate for the 90th Assembly District, covering parts of Westchester and Putnam Counties today proposed an energy tax credit program to offset the tax windfall Albany is making from the highest energy costs in America's history. "It is wrong for the tax collector to profit from higher energy costs that are altering the way people live. It is outrageous that out of touch politicians in Albany refuse to act as people face the worst financial hardships since the Great Depression," said Gouldman, a Putnam Valley resident.

Sandy Galef and Sheldon Silver said no to cutting state taxes on gasoline. They refuse to change the way they tax gasoline and other forms of energy in the state. As the price of gas and other fuels climb, state taxes for these necessities rise. About 35 cents of the cost of every gallon of gasoline sold in New York is a sales tax that goes to Albany. This is up by nearly 30% from the 26 cents per gallon that the state was collecting at the beginning of this year. Albany is also profiting from skyrocketing home heating oil and electric prices.

"This is simply outrageous," declared Mr. Gouldman, "Albany should not be making money on people as they suffer. It is time to do what is right and fair to fix this situation. Today I am proposing an Energy Tax Credit with Mass Transit Incentives that will do just that."

The Gouldman plan would give taxpayers a $3,600 New York State Income Tax exemption that would be boosted to up to $7200 for users of mass transit. It would be funded by higher taxes Albany has collected from energy sales.

"The assembly has shown it lacks the common sense that is needed to act and help ease the burden that people are facing," asserted Gouldman. "It is content with the status quo, but we the people are not."

"People expect a new era in New York. They want their government to understand the realities they face. Solutions are what matter now. Albany runs on the money it takes from us. It is time to get Albany out of our pockets, so we can keep more of our money and be able to stay in our homes, educate our children and afford the health care that we need," Mr. Gouldman stated.

Classmates, this is a link to my (to be) famous mother-in-law, of her newly published book, Check it out.

Mrs Rovetto ( Amy's Mom) as many of you knew her when she was the owner the Jefferson Valley Market when we where in high school, has taken to writing at the age of 76, pretty incredible. It will hold you on the edge of your seat.

To my Rugby buddies, Dare read the book and blew through it in 3 days, he says he loved it. He'll be writing a review for the website.

Mrs Rovetto welcomes all your reviews and will publish it on the website. Send them to me and I will pass it along to her.

If anyone would like a signed copy please let me know.

Contact: Sandy Galef
(518) 455-5438
(914) 941-1111

Assemblywoman Galef Hosts TV Special Featuring Forum on Property Tax Relief with Commission Chairperson & Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi

(June 18, 2008) A one hour television special entitled: “Relieving NYS Property Tax Burden: A report presented by Nassau County Executive and Commission Chairman Thomas J. Suozzi, June 9, 2008 Putnam Valley High School, Hosted by Assemblywoman Sandy Galef,” will air on local cable channels over the next couple of weeks.

The tape represents the first hour of a two hour forum hosted by Assemblywoman Galef. Tom Suozzi, who chairs the Commission on Property Tax Relief, provided an in depth look at the rationale behind the Commission’s preliminary report and recommendations which was released to Governor Paterson on June 3, 2008. Currently Paterson has been traveling around New York State with Suozzi in an effort to drum up support for a 4 % or Consumer Price Index-level property tax cap bill. At the forum, Westchester County Association Chairman William Mooney announced his business group’s support of the cap. Many in attendance at the forum complained that there was no recommendation to replace the property tax-based system with one that was income-based.

In the one hour special, Suozzi narrates a PowerPoint presentation with an overview of the report’s complete recommendations, including a STAR circuit breaker which would tie property tax relief to income (legislation introduced by Assemblywoman Galef and Senator Betty Little-A1575A/S1053A) and replace the current Middle Income STAR program; mandate reform to eliminate the imposition of unfunded mandates; and, suggested cost-cutting methods.

The show will air as follows:

Ossining/Peekskill Channel 15
Monday, June 23, 30 & July 7, 14 at 9:30pm

Yorktown Channel 74
Thursday, June 26 & July 3, 10, 17 at 5:30pm

For more information on the Report from the Commission on Property Tax Relief, go to or call Sandy Galef at (914) 941-1111.


Council Majority Blatantly Disregards Advice of Robert Freeman,
Director of State's Open Government Committee, Who Explained the
Open Meetings Law to the Council in February at Pisani's Request

Councilwoman Pisani Apologizes to Public, Says She Trusted Foster & Council Democrats to Comply With the Law, but Going Forward, She Now Recommends
that the City Clerk Sign Off On All Meeting Notices, Asserting They Comply with the Law

Illegal Vote by Internet in April Followed By Illegal Meeting in June
Shows Council Majority's Utter Contempt for the Law

Freeman Specifically Warned Council That Votes by Email Were Invalid and Not Binding,
But Foster Did So Anyway in April in an Attempt to Avoid Public Scrutiny of
Her Scheme to Kill the $8.3 Million State Funded Waterfront Plan

Freeman Ruled on April 30th That Foster's Secret Internet Vote Was Illegal

Last Thursday, Mayor Mary Foster the Council Democrats violated the State Open Meetings law for the second time this year. On June 12, 2008, Foster held an illegal executive session meeting in the Mayor's Office without properly notifying the public. In February, Councilwoman Cathy Pisani invited Robert Freeman, Executive Director of the New York State Committee on Open Government, to give a presentation to the Common Council about their obligations under the Open Meeting Laws, after the Council Majority had inappropriately closed a Council work session in January to discuss candidates to fill a vacant Council seat, whose applications had been submitted to a local Democratic Party member instead of a nonpartisan City representative.

At that February 4th meeting, Freeman explained that there were legal opinions on the very issue, and that it was wholly inappropriate for Foster and the Majority to close a meeting merely to discuss potential candidates for the vacant Council seat. Freeman went on to say, "In order to go into an Executive Session, the Council has to follow a simple procedure. First of all, someone has to introduce a motion in a duly noticed public meeting. Second, the motion has to indicate what they want to talk about. And third, the motion has to be carried by a majority." Mary Foster, Don Bennett, Drew Claxton, Joe Schuder, and Patty Riley were each present at the February 4th meeting where Freeman spoke for hours about the intent and application of the Open Meetings Law. They have no excuse today for their two violations of the law after Freeman's presentation.

Last Thursday's illegal executive session is a particularly egregious breach because the public wasn't informed about the meeting at all. Elected officials must formally notice all public meetings, and tell the public exactly what it is they are going to discuss behind closed doors, otherwise it invites unwarranted speculation as to what is being discussed, and effectively throws daggers at the very heart of our democracy.

Why was the closed meeting held in Foster's Office as opposed to the City Manager's Office? Did they close the meeting and violate the law because they wanted to spend more taxpayer money without informing the public?

The fact that these questions can even be asked underscores the need for an adherence to properly constituted democratic procedures. "So much of the Open Meetings law is reasonableness and common sense," Freeman stated in February. He also noted with respect to the Council Majority's violation of the law in January, "I would hope that at least one of the six majority members would be vigilant enough to know things should be done within the confines of the Open Meetings Law."

But the Democratic members of the Council have not been vigilant about the law. To the contrary, they have shown an utter contempt for the foundation of our democracy. In April, when Mary Foster was scheming to destroy the funded plans for Lincoln Plaza, she held an illegal internet vote - using the very email voting procedure Mr. Freeman warned the Council not to deploy - to approve funding for an appraisal of 415 Central Avenue, one of the "alternate locations" onto which she wanted to move the Centennial Firehouse. Freeman said on February 4th that voting by email to spend public funds was contrary to the law because "the public has a right to attend, to listen, and to observe" the deliberations of the Common Council as they vote to spend taxpayer funds.
The surreptitious nature of Foster's illegal, secret internet vote became plain after she abandoned her plans to have taxpayers buy 415 Central Avenue to warehouse the Firehouse, and instead opted to inconvenience commuters by robbing them of prime parking space for which they had already paid. Simply put, Foster and the Council Majority held an illegal secret vote by email to waste taxpayer's money, without them ever knowing about it.

And we wouldn't know anything about this affront to democracy and open government unless Councilwoman Cathy Pisani later contacted Mr. Freeman about the email vote, and asked him to reiterate what she had heard in February and read on his website. Mr. Freeman responded to Pisani on April 30th: "I believe that, if challenged, the action would be found to be a nullity. In short, voting and action may validly occur only within the confines of a meeting held in accordance with the Open Meetings Law."

After learning that the Council Majority had held an illegal meeting, contrary to their representations to her, Councilwoman Pisani had this to say: "I am very disappointed by the Council Majority's continued failure to obey the Open Meetings Law. I asked Mr. Freeman to bring them up to speed on this law in February. Mr. Freeman did a fabulous job covering the issues in all their subtleties then. He was clear. He was concise. He was unambiguous. Everyone who attended that meeting left with a clear understanding of what our responsibilities are under the law. The Open Meetings Law is about common sense and reasonableness, he told us. I had hoped that my fellow Council colleagues would take what Mr. Freeman said to heart. But the Council Majority has chosen to disregard everything Mr. Freeman told us. I apologize to the people of Peekskill for trusting the Council Majority when they told me Thursday's meeting was legal. In the interest of bipartisanship, I trusted them. But they have failed Peekskill once again. I am asking that going forward, the City Clerk sign off on all meeting notices, and assert that they are in compliance with the Open Meetings Law. The Council Majority has made it necessary for the people to stand up to their deception and secrecy and demand that they follow the law."

We applaud Councilwoman Pisani's efforts to advocate for taxpayers' interests and the interests of democracy and openness. The Majority Council members, who have so carelessly disregarded the law, would do well to observe what Mr. Freeman called his "Aretha Franklin principle," alluding to one of the most memorable scenes from "The Blue Brothers," in which Ms. Franklin and her kitchen crew sing a very dramatic number entitled, "You'd better think!" Freeman told the Common Council members they'd better think before they act. It's high time the Democratic Majority lived up to their obligations under the law.
Go Peekskill

Contact Tim Warn, (914) 737-3448

The "GOP News of the Day" is a service provided to opinion leaders in New York's Capital Region by the
City of Albany GOP.
Keep up with the top political news by visiting our website:


1. New York Republicans Support Property Tax Cap

By Jacob Gershman, NY Sun

ALBANY - In a dramatic policy shift, Senate
Republicans in Albany say they are pulling back on
their opposition to Governor Paterson's proposal to
force school districts to limit the annual growth in
property tax levies.

Under pressure from his conference members, the
Republican majority leader of the Senate, Joseph
Bruno, is poised to break with the Assembly Democrats
and join the governor in supporting a tax cap.

Mr. Bruno is "definitely warming up to a tax cap," a
Republican senator of Brooklyn, Martin Golden, said.
"There is overwhelming support within the conference
for some kind of property tax cap."

Republicans said the Senate may pass at the last
minute a plan similar to what the governor has
advanced before the Legislature adjourns for the year
on Monday.

While Assembly Democrats and their leader, Speaker
Sheldon Silver, are unlikely to immediately follow
suit, an alliance between the Senate and the governor
leaves them isolated on a hot-button issue that is
gaining public support.

Read the rest of the story:

2. Barack Obama aide says sorry to two Muslim women

By Michael Saul, NY DAILY NEWS

Barack Obama's presidential campaign apologized
Wednesday for refusing to seat two Muslim women
wearing traditional head scarves behind the candidate
- and in clear view of TV cameras - during a rally in
Michigan on Monday.

The women were reportedly told they couldn't sit in
the high-profile location because of "a sensitive
political climate." The Illinois senator has been
dogged for more than a year by Internet-fueled rumors
that he's Muslim.

Hebba Aref, one of the women refused a spot in the
special seating area, demanded that Obama personally
apologize to her and Shimma Abdelfadeel.

"He needs to take the matter seriously and send a
strong message against any kind of discrimination,"
Aref said, according to The Associated Press.

She also demanded invitations to sit behind Obama at a
future campaign event.

The presumptive Democratic nominee has been walking a
tightrope for months, working feverishly to disabuse
voters of the idea that he's Muslim while not
insulting the Muslim faithful.

Read the rest of the story:

3. Rudy Giuliani hits campaign trail, says he expects
nothing in return

By Sam Youngman, The Hill

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani offered to
campaign for GOP House and Senate candidates this year
without asking for anything in return.

An aide to the former presidential candidate said that
contrary to reports, Giuliani will not require those
candidates he helps to aid him in retiring his
campaign debt.

Giuliani met with former supporters of his
presidential bid on Capitol Hill Wednesday morning to
thank them for their support and pledge his assistance
in a daunting election year.

Maria Comella, an aide to Giuliani, said she thinks
the former mayor will hit the trail hard for
Republican congressional candidates around the end of

“I’d imagine from convention forward he’ll be on the
trail,” Comella said.

Comella said that while the former mayor would be
grateful for any assistance in helping him retire the
approximately $3 million in campaign debt he racked up
in his failed presidential bid, it will not be a
requirement for him to show up.

Read the rest of the story:

State senators
- Senator Joseph L. Bruno, temporary president and majority leader, 43rd Senate District. Albany office: Room 909 Legislative Office Building, Albany, N.Y. 12247; phone: 518-455-3191. District office: 368 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, N.Y. 12866; phone: 518-583-1001.

Lower Hudson Valley delegation:
- Jeffrey Klein, 34th Senate District (Part of the Bronx and parts of Westchester, including Bronxville; Eastchester; Pelham; and parts of Mount Vernon, New Rochelle and Yonkers). Albany office: Legislative Office Building, Room 415, Albany, N.Y. 12247; phone toll-free: 800-718-2039; fax: 718-822-2321. District offices: 3713 East Tremont Ave., Bronx, N.Y. 10465; Mount Vernon Armory, 144 North 5th Ave., Mount Vernon, N.Y. 10550; Pelham Village Hall, 195 Sparks Ave., Pelham, N.Y. 10803; phone: 718-822-2049; fax: 718-822-2321.

- Andrea Stewart-Cousins, 35th Senate District (Part of Westchester: Ardsley, Dobbs Ferry, Elmsford, Greenburgh, Hastings-on-Hudson, Irvington, Mount Pleasant, Pleasantville, Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown and part of Yonkers). Legislative Office Building, Room 415, Albany, N.Y. 12247; phone: 518-455-2585; fax: 518-426-6811. District Office: Hudson Valley Bank Bldg, 35 East Grassy Sprain Road, Suite 205, Yonkers, N.Y. 10710; phone: 914-771-4190; fax: 914-771-6045.

- Ruth Hassell Thompson, 36th Senate District (Part of Mount Vernon and the Bronx). Albany office: Legislative Office Building, Room 613, Albany, N.Y. 12247; phone: 518-455-2061; fax: 518-426-6998. District offices: 767 East Gunhill Road, Bronx, N.Y. 10467; phone: 718-547-8854; fax: 718-515-2718.

- Suzi Oppenheimer, 37th Senate District (Parts of White Plains, Rye, Harrison, Scarsdale, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle, Ossining, New Castle, North Castle). Albany office: Legislative Office Building, Room 515, Albany, N.Y. 12247; phone: 518-455-2031; fax: 518-426-6860. District office: 222 Grace Church St., 3rd Floor, Port Chester, N.Y. 10573; phone: 914-934-5250; fax: 914-934-5256.

- Thomas Morahan, 38th Senate District (Rockland and part of Orange counties). Albany office: Legislative Office Building, Room 848, Albany, N.Y. 12247; phone: 518-455-3261. District office: 158 Airport Executive Park, Nanuet, N.Y. 10954; phone: 845-425-1818.

- Vincent L. Leibell III, 40th Senate District (Putnam County, seven northernmost Westchester towns and part of Dutchess). Albany office: Legislative Office Building, Room 609, Albany, N.Y. 12247; phone: 518-455-3111; fax: 518-426-6977. Putnam County Office: 1441 Route 22, Suite 205, Brewster, N.Y. 10509; phone: 845-279-3773; fax: 845-279-7156. Westchester County Office: 1974 Commerce Street, Room 113, Yorktown Heights, N.Y. 10598; phone: 914-245-6230; fax: 914-245-8803.

State Assembly members

- Assemblyman Sheldon Silver, 64th Assembly District. Albany office: Legislative Office Building, Room 932, Albany, N.Y. 12248; phone: 518-455-3791. District office: 250 Broadway, Suite 2307, New York, N.Y. 10007; phone: 212-312-1420.

Lower Hudson Valley delegation:
- J. Gary Pretlow, 87th Assembly District (Parts of Mount Vernon and Yonkers). Albany office: Legislative Office Building, Room 845, Albany, N.Y. 12248; phone: 518-455-5291. District offices: 48 N. Broadway, Yonkers, N.Y. 10701; phone: 914-375-0456; and 6 Gramatan Ave., Mount Vernon, N.Y. 10550; phone: 914-667-0127.

- Amy Paulin, 88th Assembly District (Parts of Scarsdale, White Plains, Eastchester, New Rochelle, Pelham). Albany office: Legislative Office Building, Room 327, Albany, N.Y. 12248; phone: 518-455-5585. District office: 700 White Plains Road, Suite 252, Scarsdale, N.Y. 10583; phone: 914-723-1115.

- Adam Bradley, 89th Assembly District (Parts of White Plains, Harrison, North Castle, New Castle, Mount Kisco, Bedford, Pound Ridge, Lewisboro). Albany office: Legislative Office Building, Room 529, Albany, N.Y. 12248; phone: 518-455-5397. District office: 4 New King St., Town of North Castle, White Plains, N.Y. 10604; phone: 914-686-7335.

- Sandra Galef, 90th Assembly District (Ossining, Cortlandt and Peekskill; Philipstown, Putnam Valley and Kent). Albany office: Legislative Office Building, Room 641, Albany, N.Y. 12248; phone: 518-455-4348. District office: 2 Church St., Ossining, N.Y. 10562; phone: 914-941-1111.

- George Latimer, 91st Assembly District (Rye city and town, Mamaroneck and part of New Rochelle). Albany office: Legislative Office Building, Room 820, Albany, N.Y. 12248; phone: 518-455-4897. District office: 933 Mamaroneck Ave., Suite 102, Mamaroneck, N.Y. 10543; phone: 914-777-3832.

- Richard Brodsky, 92nd Assembly District (Greenburgh, parts of Mount Pleasant and Yonkers). Albany office: Legislative Office Building, Room 422, Albany, N.Y. 12248; phone: 518-455-5753. District office: 5 West Main St., Suite 205, Elmsford, N.Y. 10523; phone: 914-345-0432.

- Michael Spano, 93rd Assembly District (Much of the City of Yonkers). Albany office: Legislative Office Building, Room 402, Albany, N.Y. 12248; phone: 518-455-3662. District office: 35 East Grassy Sprain Road, 4th Floor, Yonkers, N.Y. 10710; phone: 914-779-8805.

- Kenneth P. Zebrowski, 94th Assembly District (Clarkstown, Haverstraw and part of Ramapo). Albany office: Legislative Office Building, Room 631, Albany, N.Y. 12248; phone: 518-455-5735. District office: 67 North Main St., New City, N.Y. 10956; 845-634-9791.

- Ellen C. Jaffee, 95th Assembly District (Orangetown and part of Ramapo). Albany office: Legislative Office Building, Room 637, Albany, N.Y. 12248; phone: 518-455-5118. District office: 1 Blue Hill Plaza, Suite 1116, POB 1549, Pearl River, N.Y. 10965; phone: 845-624-4601.

- Nancy Calhoun, 96th Assembly District (Part of Stony Point and Orange County). Albany office: Legislative Office Building, Room 525, Albany, N.Y. 12248; phone: 518-455-5441. District office: 1002 World Tradeway, Stewart International Airport, New Windsor, N.Y. 12553; phone: 845-564-1330.

- Ann Rabbitt, 97th Assembly District: (Part of Ramapo and Orange County). Albany office: Legislative Office Building, Room 532, Albany, N.Y. 12248; phone: 518-455-5991. District office: 41 High St., Goshen, N.Y. 10924; phone: 845-291-3631.

- Greg Ball, 99th Assembly District (Carmel, Southeast and Patterson in Putnam; Yorktown, Somers and North Salem in Westchester; part of Dutchess) Albany office: Legislative Office Building, Room 543, Albany, N.Y. 12248; phone: 518-455-5783. District office: Donald B. Smith Government Center, Bldg. 2, 110 Old Rte 6, Carmel, N.Y. 10512; 845-225-5038.

Sun, June 22, 7:00 - 10:00
Singer/Songwriter Showcase

Featuring Cassandra Frake, Manny Cortez, Abby Payne and Mishti Roy. All accomplished musicians and singers. We promise a real good time.

Wed, June 25 7:00 - 10:00
Glenda Davenport Jazz Trio

A beautiful lady, a beautiful voice. The title of Glenda's CD "Sophisticated Lady" says it all. Come experience the soft, soulful sound of Glenda and her jazz enemble. glendadavenport

Thu, June 26 8:30 - 11:30
Turnstyle Jumpers

Chris Paccione and the Turnstyle Jumpers have worked with legends such as Aretha Franklin, The Shirelles, and the Crown Heights Affair. Guitarist Andy Bassford has been on three Grammy-nominated records. A raucous party band who play modern roots music tinged with Blues, R&B, Swing, New Orleans Funk and Zydeco.

Fri, June 27 9:30 -12:30
Roxy Perry ~ $5 Cover

"The NY Blues Queen" Roxy Perry is back at 12 Grapes and we're honored to have her grace our stage. "...her sound is full, smoky, dark, wise, worldly, and genuine," says Blues Review Magazine. Roxy says, "My gigs are not for wallflowers or the faint-hearted. We have huge fun."

Sat, June 28 9:30 - 12:30
Blues Buddha

Tommy's back with his contagious havin'-a-good-time blues. We love how he engages the audience and gets the whole place into his music. You gotta love The Buddha!

Sun, June 29 7:00 - 10:00
Singer/Songwriter Showcase

This week, 12 Grapes features Scott Urgola, Sheri Miller, Lisa Frieder (Happy Birthday, girl!), and Adam Vitolo. Come early and expect a crowd. Our S/S Showcase is always a hit.

Our new website is up and running! Check out to see our lunch, dinner and brunch menus as well as our wine lists. You can view our weekly calendar of events and click on our new photo gallery to see what's been happening at the happening new place in Peekskill.

Rich & Jeannie Credidio
12 Grapes Music & Wine Bar
12 North Division Street, Peekskill, NY
(914) 737-6624

Cheers to Chef Dan
NY Strip Steak w/ Blueberry
Barbeque sauce.

Chef Dan and
Sous Chef Fidele are getting accolades from our patrons. "The food just keeps gets better and better."

Last week, we had two outrageous specials:

Sauteed Sea Scallops
with Fresh Figs, Prociutto
and Goat Cheese
Softshell Crabs
with Watercress Salad w/ a Wasabi Dressing & Poached Peaches.

Out of this world!

(Thanks to our friend, Pat Braja, for suggesting the softshell crabs!)

Saturday, June 21
Melvin Taylor
Blues Band

Rolling Stone calls Melvin "A volcanic guitarist...the sort of virtuosity that drags an audience into a world of risks and chances and excitement."

Make your reservations* early.
Call 914-737-6624

*Please note the
$10 Entertainment Charge

The Musician's Corner
a look at some of our featured artists

"Storm Front"
The place was hopping all night to the tunes of Billy Joel. The piano, the sax, the vocals...amazing. Just one example of the calibre of musical talent you can expect at 12 Grapes.

Petey Hop & the Bluetones
Petey entertained us once again with his amazing guitar licks and his selection of tunes.

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