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Dear Readers:

Louie called and said he is back at the old Leonardos , now Cafe Pizzazz In Mohegan Lake(the old Leonardo's). He asked us to let you guys know. He is there Thursday, Friday & Saturday nites. Hope to see you guys in the near future.
Dear readers:

As you know I have been plugging this event for a month now. I believe in this cause. I think it is time to put campaigning aside and either come and play golf or attend the dinner. If not, at least send a donation. You will be glad you did.


P.S.: I would like to thank the following for donating gift certificates for prizes and the raffel:

1) Domenic's Cleaners, Peekskill
2) E & G Italian Deli, Washington Street, Peekskill
3)North Division Street Grill, Peekskil
4) Susan's on N. Division St., Peekskill
5)Dunkin' Donuts, Mohegan Lake
6)Cafe Pizzazz, Mohegan Lake
7)Lakeland Liquor's, Shrub Oak

FYI: TO: Friends of Harrison Apar Field of Dreams Foundation

Help us raise money for community recreation by joining us on Columbus Day -- please RSVP by September 28 ...Hole sponsorships, player slots and reception/dinner tickets still available for ...October 8 Columbus Day Harrison Apar Rock n Cops YAC PBA Golf Tournament sponsored byYorktown Athletic Club, Yorktown Police Benevolent Association, Club Fit, North County News, Yorktown Pennysaver, First Nighters of Yorktown, Doral Arrowwood, Genesis Jewelers, Doc James Cigars + Golf, and Yorktown Rotary.Proceeds go to improve community recreational facilities and other local activities that benefit our families, especially children.To sign up online for theGolf and After-party (including Reception & Dinner & Open Bar) ... orAfter-party only ... orHole SponsorVisit You can do it all online! (Or reply to this email).We also welcome donations for our gift bag or raffle prizes.Even if you're not a golfer, join us for the after-party, including full reception and seated dinner at Putnam National Golf Club, Mahopac, New York ( Includes open bar, silent auction of sports memorabilia, music, cigars courtesy of Doc James (outdoor patio overlooking course), and more.As always, proceeds from this YAC PBA fundraiser benefit public recreation and education facilities through Harrison Apar YAC PBA Fund.Harrison Apar Field of Dreams Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) incorporated in State of New York.** $200 Golf Fee includes Golf, BBQ Lunch, Open Beverage Cart, & After-Party with Open Bar Beer + Wine, Reception + Full Course Dinner, and more. $100 for non-golfers $150 for hole sponsor signageThanks for your consideration.

For more information:; (914) 275-6887.

Domenic Volpe -Westchester County Legislative candidate is having a ' Meet and Greet" fundraiser at the Paradise Restaurant in Verplanck on Tuesday October 2, 2007- 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Donations will be accepted but is not mandatory. The rest of the Democratic slate in Cortlandt has been invited and should be on hand, including Supervisor Linda Puglisi, Councilman Frank Farrell, Council candidate Dr. Rich Becker and Town Judge candidate Anthony Giordano.

--Domenic Volpe

Dear Readers:

The North County News in partnership with the Yorktown Chamber Of Commerce is sponsering a debate Wednesday 10/03/07 at the Yorktown Stage at 7P.M. Participating will be candidates for Supervisor, Town Council, County Legislator. I urge all to attend.

RE: Continuing the debate on County Taxes

HI Andy,

Just wanted you to know that last night we cut an additional 12% from the Bondi budget of 40.2% bringing the County tax increase to 23.2%. Still unacceptable considering Bondi promised our residents that if the sales tax were passed, a budget increase of no more then 22% would occur this year. We're still working hard to lower the budget even further. We will have a public hearing at the historic courthouse this coming Tuesday, 10/2 on the budget. Please, if you can make it, show up and contribute to the discussion. We will be starting the public hearing around 7:15PM.

Thanks, Andy!

Sam O.

Town Clerk will run Yorktown until January
Story by Adriane Tillman

Yorktown Town Clerk Alice Roker will lead the town until the elected supervisor steps in during early January. The Democratic majority appointed Roker as interim supervisor with opposition from Councilman Nick Bianco, a Conservative, at the work session on Tuesday, September 25. Bianco said the town board should interview candidates for the position.Departing Supervisor Linda Cooper did not vote. Cooper submitted her resignation after her farewell speech last Wednesday, September 18 at the town board meeting. The board had refused to publicly discuss an appointee until Cooper submitted her official letter of resignation. Cooper had been reluctant to do so, saying the town attorney advised her to wait until she leaves on October 1st, since she cannot revoke the decision. Cooper takes the reins as the new village manager for Ossining on October 1. Bianco said the board should make the time to interview candidates this week for the position, as it usually does in making political appointments. “The board waited purposely to stall the decision,” Bianco said. “There’s a difference between selected and appointed.”Councilman Matt Metz believes Roker is the most obvious choice since she understands the operations of the town and “can hit the ground running.” Roker will only act as supervisor for 90 days before the new supervisor assumes the role in early January, said Councilman Lou Campisi. The public will elect a candidate on November 8.Bianco said if he had the opportunity to interview Roker, he would ask her if she plans to appear in any more political advertisements for the Democratic party, like the one that ran in the Pennysaver on September 12 for Democratic judicial candidate Ilan Gilbert.Deputy Supervisor Jim Martorano believes no one is more qualified or bipartisan than Roker. “She’s here everyday,” he said. “Even if we did interviews, we would find no one more qualified.”Metz said the town board isn’t going “to begin doing interviews for the sake of doing interviews.” If the Democratic majority wanted a political appointee, it would have chosen the Democratic candidate for supervisor, Don Peters, as interim supervisor, Campisi said. Bianco had not suggested interviewing candidates before the meeting, according to Metz. But Bianco responded the Democratic majority had waited to discuss the transition until Cooper submitted her letter of resignation. Republican candidate for supervisor, Rosemarie Panio, believes the town board should have made its announcement at a televised board meeting, not at a work session. “It’s not about the person; it’s about the process,” Panio said. Republican candidate for town board Mark Drexel believes the board should have left the position vacant until November 6. Drexel believes the deputy supervisor should have assumed leadership and rallied the department heads to finalize the budget in the interim.


Last night the town board unilaterally chose to vote and not conduct interviews for the position of Supervisor, contrary to the open process of all positions in the past eleven years which I have been on the board. By not holding interviews the impression can be given that we have a closed process of government. My no vote last evening was not against Ms Alice Roker as supervisor but a no vote for closed government. I should have been afforded the opportunity to interview this fine candidate as well as any other candidate which choose to be interview. This board has known of this vacancy for over 30 days and chose not to do any interviewing despite my request to do so. However, the choice was made and I congratulate Ms Roker. I will do as I always do support the supervisor in this town.


George Oros
Legislator, 1st District

September 25, 2007 Contact: George Oros
Tel: (914) 995-2828

Driver’s License Policy Should Remain Intact
Governor’s proposed changes pose a serious threat to security of New Yorkers

The Republican Conference of the Board of Legislators is urging Governor Eliot Spitzer not to change the current driver’s license policy, an ill-conceived move that would seriously threaten the security of all New Yorkers.

Recently, Spitzer announced he would issue amend state policy regarding the issuance of driver’s licenses by disconnecting the driver’s license from a person’s Social Security number, which, in turn, would remove the national security check that a Social Security number provides.

In 2002, Governor George Pataki adopted an administrative policy mandating the Department of Motor Vehicles require a valid Social Security number as part of the identification process for getting a New York State driver’s license. This process has detected thousands of people driving with a valid license while in apparent violation of the United States immigration laws. The 2002 policy was in conformance with state Vehicle and Traffic Law.

“The United States of America should not be made vulnerable to terrorist attacks because Governor Spitzer cannot keep the state’s roads safe,” said Minority Leader George Oros (R-C/Cortlandt), who noted the hijackers who murdered more than 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001 had illegal driver’s licenses as part of their identification kit.

“Is the governor kidding?” remarked Legislator Suzanne Swanson (C-R/Mount Pleasant). “Maybe he should just deliver a license to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He has a valid foreign passport.”

The United States Real ID Act of 2005 requires all states to meet a uniform standard of issuing driver’s licenses by May 2008, including proof of legal status.

“I think we have to put first things first,” said Minority Whip Ursula LaMotte (R/Bedford), who was backed by legislators James Maisano (R/New Rochelle), Gordon Burrows (R/Yonkers) and Bernice Spreckman (R/Yonkers) in voicing their disapproval of Spitzer’s proposal. “The war against the enemies of light takes a higher priority than the traffic code.”

The Republican Conference called on the entire Board of Legislators to join them in sending a strong message to the Governor and the state Legislature not to take a step backwards.


September 27, 2007

Westchester County Board of Legislators
148 Martine Avenue
White Plains, New York 10601

Dear Colleagues,

Several days ago Governor Eliot Spitzer announced he would repeal a current New York State regulation Order regarding the issuance of driver’s licenses. The Governor’s proposal is to de-couple the New York State Driver’s License from the Social Security Number and the national security check that the Social Security number offers. This is a serious step backwards and a direct threat to the security of all New Yorkers.

The Governor’s plan would rescind the policy that tied the New York State Driver’s License to the nation’s internal security system. In 2002 then Governor Pataki adopted an administrative policy mandating the Department of Motor Vehicles require a valid social security number as part of the identification process for getting a New York State driver’s license. This process has detected thousands of people driving with a valid New York State license while in apparent violation of American immigration laws. These people’s licenses have been revoked or their requests for renewal are being denied. The New York Times reports a quarter of a million New York State licenses are involved. This state policy has actually been part of Section 502-1 of Vehicle and Traffic Law since 1995.

We hope you share our concern regarding a reversal of this policy. This is a major security issue. The highjackers who murdered 3, ooo Americans on September 11, 2001 had illegal driver’s licenses as part of their identification kit... New York State is a target area from Ground Zero in Manhattan to Buffalo, where it was discovered there were embedded sleeper cells ready to attack us. The United States Real ID Act of 2005 requires all states to meet a uniform standard of issuing driver’s licenses by May 2008, including proof of legal status.

Beyond the concerns raised by the Governor’s recent actions, there is the problem that New York State policy is administrative not statutory. Governor Spitzer can eliminate these security measures with his signature and he is threatening to do so
RE: Do not call list

This only applies to U.S. cell phone numbers:REMINDER...12 days from today, all cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls.YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS.To prevent this, call the followng number from your cell phone: 888.382.1222.It is the National DO NOT CALL list. It will only take a minute of your time. It blocks your number for 5 (5) years. You must call from the cell phone number you want to have blocked.You cannot call from a different phone number.HELP OTHERS BY PASSING THIS ON.


Peekskill Democrats, Independents Band Together to Create New Political Force Dedicated to Moving City Forward.

Peekskill, NY.
In a development that has momentous long-term implications for the City of Peekskill, NY, frustrated Peekskill Democrats, Independents and others have banded together to form PeekskillFirst, a new organization dedicated to taking the partisanship out of the city's politics and putting the City first at all times.
PeekskillFirst is entering the political arena with a bang. At this very moment, it is:
l Sending a glossy eight page newsletter to more than 5,000 registered Peekskill Democrats, unaffiliated voters and others.
l Premiering the most detailed, fact-packed web site of anybody participating in this year's political campaign.
l Preparing ongoing mailings of detailed material that will deal with the truth about Peekskill's revitalization and future.
l Setting up fund raisers and informational events. The first fundraiser will take place Saturday, Sept. 29 starting at 8:30 p.m. at Sky Movement Studios at 925 South Street. Tickets will be $30 for individuals and $50 for couples. It will be a 70s disco themed event, and costumes are requested.
A press conference announcing PeekskillFirst's agenda, revealing its materials and introducing its web site will be held at the place that represents one of the biggest potential steps the city has taken in recent times: The empty lots which soon maybe transformed into the newest branch of the quality-oriented retail giant Target at the corner of Louisa and Lower South Streets right off the Route 9 Louisa Street exit. PeekskillFirst fully supports the on-going effort to bring Target to Peekskill.
In the last five years Peekskill has made a radical break with the status quo of the last two generations. It has moved away from the practice of being Northern Westchester's main provider of low income housing and social services almost to the exclusion of every other initiative and instead has begun to concentrate on building up the city's middle class, closing the devastating demographic gap that looms between it and other communities, and bringing an abundance of Class A retailers, office space and other services to the City. The success of this approach is apparent in the substantial increases in Peekskill's tax base in recent years, and in two 0% tax increases for two [years] in a row.
Though only in its earliest stages, Peekskill's Revitalization Plan has already added millions to the city's tax rolls, and is well positioned to do even more. The members of PeekskillFirst believe that the Peekskill Democratic Committee has effectively taken a stand against this progress. They have voted against Target, they have voted against the redevelopment of the Riverfront. Their never-ending protests against redevelopment has only had the effect of scaring quality developers away from our community.
Peekskill First plans to do everything it can to support Bill Schmidt's team of Mel Bolden, Milagros Martinez and Selma Dias-Stewart, who together with County Legislator George Oros, are dedicated to the policies that have set the City in a positive new direction. After the election results are in, PeekskillFirst members are committed to continuing to fight for a progressive Peekskill future. They aim to play a strong role in the City's politics for years to come, keeping a close eye on City government and questioning the leaders of any political party. They will measure leaders and parties by what they do, not just what they say.
Though only recently founded, PeekskillFirst is putting real weight behind its words. It has published a detail-packed eight page newsletter and is mailing it out to more than 5,000 registered Democrats, unaffiliated voters and others. The newsletter illustrates the group's focus on details instead of partisan posturing. Where the Democrats rely on platitudes and slogans, often cribbed from the GOP, and even the Republicans too often fall back on dry biographical facts, PeekskillFirst sets out specific policy issues and goals for the City. The newsletter also offers page upon page of dramatic insights and testimony by life-long, loyal Democrats, detailing the numerous, fact-specific reasons they have abandoned the local Peekskill Democrats and their obstructionist, anti-progressive agenda to support Bill Schmidt and his slate.

The same attention to detail can be seen on the group's fresh new web site, PEEKSKiLLFiRST.NET, which sets out the group's agenda and provides, in a useful Q&A section, detailed information on Bill Schmidt and his colleagues, their background and their intentions for Peekskill. The web site also includes interactive features that will permit citizens of all backgrounds who want to join them in their campaign to put Peekskill above party. As their group motto says, "Peekskill First, politics last."

Even more information is available on the group's billboard, which they have just set up in a large window on the corner of Park and Division Street, across the street from the Jan Peek Gazebo, to advertise their group and their web site.
Members of PeekskillFirst feel that Peekskill is at a critical point in its history, and that any missteps will cost the community for a long time. That is why they have banded together. PeekskillFirst is composed of people from all parties and all areas of Peekskill, but its heart is the City's homeowners, life-long and newly arrived, who feel that they are not being listened to. PeekskillFirst hopes to begin to change that and to continue the momentum for progressive change in our City.

A tour of Peekskill's Core Downtown area will take place after the event that will showcase how well the City's Revitalization Plan is working, and how poorly efforts by members of the Democratic Committee have turned out.

For more information, contact: Poly Byers at 914-930-8616.

ED. NOTE: Special thanks to Peekskill for permission to re-print. This will be the first in a series with the Peekskill Republican Slate.


THE Q & A:

Q: Selma, you seem to be the original “PEEKSKiLLFiRSTer.” You were a Democrat, but have crossed party lines to work with Bill Schmidt, Mel Bolden, Milagros Martinez and George Oros. Why?

SELMA: I crossed party lines because I am more concerned about issues than party labels. I am in tune with the Schmidt team. They think the same way I do about the important issues.

Q: As someone who grew up living in public housing and has gone on to achieve so much— scholarships to Cornell and Long Island University, your work for Westchester, the Hudson Valley Gateway Project, your leadership position as Guidance Counselor at the High School— what advice can you give others?

SELMA: The advice I can give to others is that there is no limit to what one can do and that there is hope and promise in all of us. There are many ways to achieve your goals — getting a good education, getting involved in public service and helping others.

Q: When you were choosing a place for your family to live, you chose Peekskill. Why?

SELMA: Peekskill’s diversity was crucial in my decision to raise my family here. I come from a diverse background—Native American, African American, German and Indian. I feel very strongly that children are given a gift when they are exposed to different ways of thinking. Peekskill is wonderfully diverse. I see it as a microcosm for the Global Community where great things can happen.

Q: Why the career focus on young people, for example, your work at the Youth Bureau?

SELMA: I am a member of the Human Relations Commission in Peekskill and I have worked with the Youth Bureau. Don't want to get too cliché, but really, "children are our future.” We can't talk about the future of Peekskill, economically, culturally, without remembering how it will affect our youth.

Q: You grew up in public housing. What should Peekskill do about recent proposals to increase low-income housing here, and housing generally?

SELMA: I feel that Peekskill will always work to serve those in need, but I also believe that, with regard to low income housing, Peekskill cannot be expected to shoulder the challenge on its own and have other municipalities not own up to their ethical and legal responsibilities. The need for homeless shelters is a sad reality. We have to think long and hard about where they go and make sure that it works for the entire community.

Q: You seem very concerned about the lack of jobs and other opportunities here in the City.

SELMA: It's common sense. We need jobs so our children can learn to work. We need a broader tax base to keep taxes low and provide quality city services.

September 21, 2007 Hon. Mary Foster 914-720-4644
Hon. Don Bennett 914-438-5451
Joe Schuder 914-953-8923
Patricia Riley 914-736-1347


- After extensive outreach to local seniors, residents cite need for transportation that would bring them to medical appointments-

- Democrats plan to establish senior bus schedule for transport to medical parks on Route 202
and Route 6-

Peekskill Common Council candidate Patricia Riley announced this week the Democratic plan to put in place a medical transportation program for Peekskill’s seniors. The program would establish a senior bus schedule that would take local residents to medical appointments at local medical parks.

“One of the things we have heard a lot about from our seniors is the difficulty they are having getting to their appointments,” said Patricia Riley. “We plan to put in place a medical transportation program for local residents to get out to the medical parks and doctors’ offices that are not right downtown.”

Many of Peekskill’s seniors travel to Hudson Valley Hospital and medical parks across the street from the Hospital on Route 202. Additionally, many seniors visit doctors and have lab work conducted at 2 Stowe Road in the Society Hill II complex on Route 6 or at the medical parks by the Jefferson Valley Mall.

“While there are Beeline Services, those lines require strenuous walks up hills and across major Cortlandt-Peekskill arteries in all kinds of weather,” said Joe Schuder, candidate for common council. “A medical transportation program can save seniors the often arduous trip to the bus stop by providing them with door-to-door service. ”

Democrats are proposing that Peekskill’s Senior Citizen Bus make direct stops at Peekskill Plaza, Barnam House, Wesley Hall, Drum Hill and the Neighborhood Center to pick up residents. They would also work with Peekskill’s senior program to coordinate schedules with local medical facilities. “Our residents could use the schedule to plan their appointments accordingly,” said Schuder.

“The city already has the senior bus, and while it’s used for recreational trips, we should also utilize it to service the health needs of our residents,” said Councilwoman Mary Foster, candidate for Mayor. “I plan on asking the Parks Department to come up with a plan and schedule to make this proposal a reality. I think it’s long overdue. The Town of Cortlandt already offers this service to their seniors and Peekskill’s senior population is growing”

Councilman Don Bennett, who has recently been working on having access barriers to the Peekskill Plaza Senior Complex removed, noted the preventative health nature of the transportation services.

“The more access our residents have to care, the less likely they will need to use emergency services,” said Bennett. “A medical transportation program for our seniors will promote the health of our residents as well as save resources for our emergency services.”

Hon. Donald F. Bennett Jr.
326 Nelson Ave
Peekskill New York 10566

Here within is the resume of Donald F. Bennett Jr.

Current position:
1/90 to Present: Account Executive for Pamal Broadcasting/Radio Beacon.
Responsible for maintaining the on air campaigns for a number of clients including Hudson valley Hospital, Entergy Indian Point Energy Center, Jefferson Valley Mall and The Westchester. Write Public Service Announcements for various community groups and organizations that air on WLNA and WHUD. Visit schools on a regular basis for career days and job fairs. Engineer remote broadcasts of Good Morning Hudson Valley from various locations including health fairs, school concerts. From 3/95 to 4/03 worked as a news reporter for WHUD and WLNA, covering meetings and events. Wrote story to accompany sound bites.

Producer and co-host of “Our World-Black Talk Radio” on WLNA. Airs on Sundays from 10a – 11a. Program covers items of interest in the Black community.

Currently under contract with Army Sports Properties to engineer “Inside Army Football with Bobby Ross Show” and the “Army Football Tailgate Show” during the football season.

Organized a food drive for the Food Pantry at the VA Hospital in Montrose with the Peekskill Chapter of the American Legion.

9/84 – 12/89 Store manager of Steinbach’s Department Store in Peekskill
10/72 – 9/84 Various positions in the Hochschild Kohn/Steinbach/Howland system.

Public Service
11/03 – Elected to the Peekskill Common Council
Started 4th year on January 1, 2007 I intend to seek re-election in November 2007

Community Involvement
Friends of Hudson Valley Mental Health Board President
Habitat for Humanity Westchester County
Holy Spirit Church
HOPE for Youth Foundation
Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce Board Member
Peekskill Democratic Committee, District Leader
Peekskill Youth Bureau
Rotary Club of Peekskill , Past President, 00-01
Support Connection
The New Yorktown Chamber
Westchester Black Dems
Westchester County Millennium Commission
Westchester Putnam Adult Day Center Board President
Started Food Drive for VA Hospital in Montrose Food Pantry with Peekskill American Legion 274 (2006)

Honored by:
Mercy College
Rotary Club of Peekskill
Support Connection
The Peekskill Field Library, Chester A. Smith Award
Westchester County Mental Health Department

68 – 69 Baltimore Community College
66 – 68 Edmondson High School ************************************************************************************ FYI: HOW TO GET AN AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF "SEASONS IN SANCTUARY"

Friends, acquaintances and others.

To those who have purchased my book "Seasons in Sanctuary" -- thanks so much. To those who have not found a copy -- it's available on -- Barnes& or through Those who may want an autographed copy -- email me at and I will forward one signed for the cover price of $14.95 plus mailing.

Danny Lapriore ************************************************************************************ FYI: EVENTS AT SUSAN'S RESTAURANT N. DIVISION STREET PEEKSKILL:

Susan's Restaurant 12 North Division Street, Peekskill, NY 10566 (914) 737-6624
Great Music, Great Food, Great People " Where you want to be"

Fall Wine Dinners Tue. Oct 23 Italian
Tue., Nov 27 Spanish
5 Course Dinner, Five Wines, Classical Guitar $69 includes Tax and Tip
$30.00 Prix Fixe Meal Includes Movie Ticket

Tueday Oct., 2nd Tom Goslin - Guitar 6:30 - 9:30
Wedneseday Oct., 3rd Bob Meyer's Jazz Jam
guest appearances by David Wilson and his Improvisational Jazz Dance Group
Thursdays Open Mic with Leah Quinn
Sunday Jazz Brunch 12:00 - 3:00 PM with John Basile and Mike Goetz

Mon., Oct 1 The Big Band Gang Featuring Robert Kopec, Bob Meyer and Others13 Pieces No Cover
Fri., Oct 5 Susan's House Band
Sat., Oct 6 Reegal Beegal
Fri., Oct 12 Peggy Stern Trio Featuring Giulio Martino
Sat., Oct 13 UpSouth Twisters ( Formerly Known as Lucky 7)
Fri., Oct 19 The Catfight Blues Band with Chip Larison
Sat., Oct 20 From Long Beach California ~ Vocalist Ellen Johnson with NYC's Center Search Quest with Christopher Dean Sullivan
Fri., Oct 26 The Bob Meyer Quartet Featuring Rob Scheps on Sax and Flute, Cameron Brown - Bass, and Mike Holober - Piano
Sat., Oct 27 Bennet Harris Blues Band
Mondays - Seafood Night 3 Course Seafood Menu $25

Tuesdays - Prime Rib Dinner $19.95 Classical Guitar with Tom Goslin

Wednesdays - Jazz Jam Hosted by Bob Meyer 8:30 PM *** Prix Fixe Dinner Available $25 With Wine $35***

Thursdays - Open Mic with Leah Quinn 8:00 PM Half Priced Bottles of Wine

Sundays - Jazz Brunch with John Basile and Mike Goetz

Late Night Menu until 12:00 Midnight Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
************************************************************************************ FYI: MEMO TO COPY CAT "THE" PEEKSKILL GUARDIAN:

Point One: I have never pretended to be a journalist, I write political commentary which is my opinion. There is a difference

Point Two: If I am such a "King Maker" how is it I have not got one election right yet?

Point Three: Trying to discredit me with misrepresentation only makes you look foolish. What ever value people place on my opinion is because I write what I believe. Sometimes I get it right, sometimes not. That is what opinion is. Plus I stick to issues, not personal insult and there in lies my credibility. You should try it sometime. Remember that is why you read my writings also. *********************************************************************************** THIS WEEKS "IN MY OPINION COLUMN" IN THE NCN:

Dear Readers:

This week I discuss the Putnam Valley political scene after Sam Davis. You can read my column on this topic exclusively in this weeks NORTH COUNTY NEWS on sale now. I am worth the seventy-five cents. Look for my column IN MY OPINION(page 10) in the editorial section. Better yet as this column is exclusive to the North County News on a regular basis and will be covering the local political scene, take out a subscription. Click on the North County News link below and go to Subscribe. Between this blog and The North County News you will have all the information to make a vote based on substance. ************************************************************************************ FYI: ATOM TAXI INC. AIRPORT SERVICE:

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BAZZO 09/30/07

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