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Bazzo Says: The Tyranny of the Minority

Bazzo Says: 


Last week, I wrote that in Governor Cuomo’s continued lurch left, he, by fiat, is allowing parolees the right to vote. Never mind he is usurping the powers of the Legislature. Never mind, as I said last week, a parolee has not finished paying his debt to society.

This week, I want to put a face to what I believe is an unlawful fiat. Herman Bell. He was convicted for his role in ambushing and then murdering two New York City police officers in cold blood. Cuomo’s new parole board, which has on it a woman who married a convicted murderer and was able to secure parole for him, granted Mr. Bell parole even though the presiding judge at the time recommended he never get out of jail. This is the face of who will be allowed to decide who will carry the Democratic banner in November’s election for governor.

Which perfectly points to why our founders decided that, in the election of the president, it would take a majority of states, not population, to decide the matter. As the election of the president is the only nationwide contest, our founders did not want the more populous states (Virginia, New York, etc.) deciding for the rest of the states. We in New York are being governed by a powerful minority, the liberal left. As recent gubernatorial primaries and elections have shown, all a successful candidate needs to do is carry Westchester, New York County, and Long Island to win. They can, for all intents and purposes, ignore the needs of every county above Westchester. In 2014, Rob Astorino won 46 of 62 counties in New York, but lost by 500,000 votes.

This is why Cuomo has banned fracking and natural gas pipelines, which would be a boon not only to New York State’s economy, but employment opportunities for western and northern portions of New York. As I write this, those regions are bleeding population to other states that offer work. Just as an aside, a recent report has shown that 30 percent of state workers who retire move to other more tax-friendly states because they cannot afford to live in the state they called home.

This is why it is imperative that Cuomo keeps lurching left. This lower region of New York is where the liberal left resides. Because of the density of population, this region wields a disproportionate amount of power.
Now, Cuomo has proposed to ban single-use plastic shopping bags. He says they are a blight on the environment. I told you recently he was going to try. It is a proposal that actually does need the Legislature. This is why the Senate must remain in Republican hands.

Remember how I recently told you that liberals want you to feel, not think? A small minority of pigs out there desecrate our environment by their littering. Yet, we are to punish the entirety of New York shoppers because of these pigs. As I recently told you, every shopping center has a bin to recycle plastic bags. However, for dictatorial liberals, it is not enough that most do. It is not enough that the vast majority of people do not throw their bags on the side of the roads or in waterways.

In the name of the environment (now doesn’t that make you feel good?), we are being compelled to use reusable bags. Now, this proposal may exempt food stamp recipients and Social Security recipients, but someone will still have to pay for those bags. That someone is you. So, besides paying for your bags, you must pay for others. It is not just one bag. Think about how many bags you use on your food shopping excursions. I recently priced the cost of those bags. They average between $4 and $5 each.

The stores are not going to eat that cost; it will be computed into higher prices for your purchases. I am telling you, Cuomo’s recent antics are not for the betterment of New York but simply to win a primary. Yet, even the alternative of Cynthia Nixon is worse. She is upset that the governor’s proposal does not include a charge for using paper bags.

I warn you. Should November come, and the governor is still a Democrat and the Senate flips to Democratic control, we are royally screwed. We will be governed by a very vocal and powerful minority.

This is what I say. What say you?

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