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Bazzo Says: What Trump Care REALLY Does

Bazzo Says:


I am sick of hearing repealing Obama Care will lead to healthcare cancellations and people losing insurance. That is exactly what Obama Care did!  My God, the lies that come out of the mouth of Sen. Charles Schumer. It is like there was no history before Trump. 

 Time and time again throughout the campaign, at rally after rally, Trump would highlight another astronomical rate increase and another insurer that dropped out of the insurance exchange. Those that were left provided people with coverage that was worse than nothing by hiking deductibles to the thousands of dollars before the insurance would kick in. This was not Trump Care, Ryan Care, nor the fault of Bush 43. This was, and still is, the reality of Obama Care.

It did not work. It is imploding. It has devastated household budgets across the nation without there even being a catastrophic illness. This is what Schumer and the Democrat Party are trying to protect. This is another example of projection. Schumer and the Democrat Party and their media acolytes are trying to portray what this Republican Congress is trying to do with its version of national healthcare to what the Democrat version (remember there was not a single Republican vote) is and has already been doing.   

This is why the hysteria from both the Democrats and their media acolytes was at such a high pitch leading up to the vote in Congress.  They are petrified that what the Republicans are proposing to change will show how badly that the people were screwed under Obama Care. The people will find the emperor has no clothes. They have gone so far as to produce fake polls which show that after eight years, where a majority of people loathed Obama Care and that this same majority now are in love with Obama Care. Only an idiot or a Democrat (I repeat myself) would believe this. 

So, what is the real deal? Basically, the biggest sticking point was how to deal with insuring people with preexisting conditions. We were also told that the argument is about health insurance, the cost, the deductibles, the premiums and the co-pays. However, that really was not it. Truth is, especially here in New York, healthcare long ago ceased to have anything to do with insurance. This is because when you talk about preexisting conditions, you are not talking insurance.

Do you know what insurance is?  Do you know what the business plan, the model, the definition of the insurance business, are?  Once you know that then you would know that people with preexisting conditions cannot possibly be insured. In a real world, it makes insurance essentially welfare. The fact is, once you start tacking preexisting conditions onto what you call health insurance, you just negated the whole argument that what we are talking about is insurance.

Here is a dirty little secret: Healthcare in this country— especially in New York—has slowly evolved into an entitlement program that nobody wants to admit is an entitlement program.  Our elected officials continue to fool us by telling us that what we are buying is insurance when the truth is we are buying a welfare plan but must pay a little bit for it. What we pay is called our insurance premium. Think of it as another FICA that comes out of your paycheck every week.

What the Republicans are trying to do is devise a healthcare system that accommodates 4 percent of the population first (a nationwide average of those with preexisting conditions) and that still provides insurance for everybody else.

Truthful reports show this latest Republican bill solves two problems: 1) it lowers premiums and 2) protects people with pre-existing conditions. So, do not listen to Schumer and his media acolytes and the false reports that the GOP is abandoning people with preexisting conditions. It is not!

Also do not fall for the smoke screen of we must wait for the CBO to do a cost analysis.  These are bogus.  Their scoring on this issue has been wrong every step of the way.  The CBO is no different from Taro Card readers.  The CBO is a creation of Congress to give its members cover so they do not have to vote for what you want, what they promised you to get your vote.  It enables quislings to continue quisling.

What this bill does is to take the 4 percent who have preexisting conditions and designate them as a special class that is going to have medical expenses covered by some funding mechanism which will be part of the overall bill to the tune of over $138 billion, not just 8 billion like I've seen and heard.  By not commingling these people with the genuine insurance that’s going on elsewhere, that, in and of itself, will lower premiums. 

In the Republican plan, this $138 billion pool to handle preexisting conditions is handled at the state level. States will be able to choose to get a waiver from the Obama Care community pricing rule. Once the states get that waiver, insurers can start selling to healthy people at a far lower cost because they won’t need to raise money to cover patients with preexisting conditions.

States that get that waiver will see double-digit premium decreases for the healthy almost immediately. The community rating, or the community pricing in Obama Care, was the reason premiums doubled since 2013. And at the center of that is people with preexisting conditions. This new plan remedies that.

This is what I say. What say you?
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