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Bazzo Says: Life’s Losers Sit in Judgement of Life's Winners

Bazzo Says:


Last week I wrote about how elective office has become a career for most seekers. I have come to the conclusion that most of these so-called career politicians have chosen this path because in the real world, where you and I live, they are life’s failures. They could not hack it in the outside world. They just could not cut the mustard. Rising to mediocrity would have been an achievement for them.
How many times have you heard someone say, “If it were me, I would have done...” Well, these life’s failure’s chose politics because they could not have been the person whose actions or words they are critiquing. They did not have what it takes to be a success. The greatest path to success is to fail once or twice and learn from that experience.
Life is not one-dimensional. Without failure, one does not learn to recognize success and how to handle it. One does not learn to appreciate the success of others. For in failure, one learns how hard it was to succeed. These people are not jealous of others’ achievements; they wish to emulate them, if not surpass them.
First-rate people hire first-rate people; second-rate people hire third-rate people. This is because first-rate people are not worried about credit; they worry about failure. They know if there is success, no matter whose idea put them over the top, they will get the credit. Even in a successful ensemble, everyone knows who the star is. The star is not worried if some of the supporting cast get their turn to shine, but you will notice how some in the supporting cast become jealous of the star. First-rate vs. second-rate.
This is where the career politician stands: They were life’s second-rate people, who hired third-raters because they could not bear to be thought of as not being the person in charge. They can’t stand people smarter than them in the same room. They must be the smartest person in the room. However, one learns nothing from sycophants. One learns from those who challenge them. A first-rate person does not need someone to tell them how smart they are; they already know that. They need people to tell them where their knowledge is lacking.
This what you have in Washington and the media: a bunch of second-raters, jealous of someone else’s success. This is why they wish to impugn Trump’s victory. He did it his way and showed how useless they are. So these people are running around trying to impugn Trump by saying, “He’s a populist;” “His supporters are populists and as we all know (wink, wink, nod, nod) populists are unsophisticated.” You see, populists is a new name for the working class.   That same class of people that Washington took for granted and in the process forgot. This same class of people who last November gave these losers the finger.
Problem is, has Trump ever called himself a populist? He never has. So who is? Well, not just the establishment politicians and media, but also some of the Never Trumpers, and they’re using it derisively.
However, Trump’s supporters do not see it the way. It is still amazing that professional journalists and observers still do not understand who it is that makes up the Trump support base and what it is they like about him. They think his supporters a bunch of populists who are demanding fellow populists everywhere in the cabinet.
So now they are trying to tell these people that Trump is betraying them by not putting populists in his cabinet. Yet, one must remember, Trump never called himself a populist and he’s never said he was going to have populists in his cabinet. What he has said he was going have accomplished people in his cabinet. He was going to have people like him, people that built businesses, people who have succeeded in life.
He’s trying to put them in there; people who know how to do it. That’s what he’s done. Now these life’s failures sit in judgment. People who have spent most if not all their adult life on the public teat are going to judge people who have succeeded in life.
People who have created are going to be judged by people who have never had an original thought in their lives. Like actors, even when they speak it’s someone else’s words they are mouthing; someone else’s ideas. As we head into the confirmation hearings, you must remember this: A group of life’s failures are going to pontificate how if it were them, they would have done things differently and, of course, much better. It will be all you can do not to gag yourself with a spoon.
This is what I say. What say you?
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