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Bazzo Says: Trump Will Not Lose!

Bazzo Says:


There, I said it. I know what you have been reading, I read it, too. If you are a Trump supporter, you are discouraged. You think the fight is over. You are being told that by Election Day, 40 percent of votes in swing states will already have been cast via early voting. Poll after poll has shown Clinton in the lead since after the first debate. So, why bother to vote? The fight is over, I can see it in black and white. You are being played. It is scripted.
This is by design. It is contrived. This is what the media wants you to believe. The media wishes to show those in the future, that if you are not part of the system, this is what you can expect—total personal destruction. We are in the New York market. They are in the tank for Hillary. They will do anything to get Hillary over the finish line. On this, they have kept their word.
They are hell-bent not only on destroying the man, but also the brand. It does not matter that it is Trump now, they have been doing it to Republican candidates since I was a kid. Nixon, a crook. Ford, a dumphus. Reagan, a “B” actor and dangerous. Bush 41, a weeny. Bush 43 a liar and warmonger. McCain, too old, bad judgment (look who he picked as his running mate). Romney, an uncaring bully who hates dogs. Now, it’s Trump’s turn.
All personal attacks. Always personal attacks. Stop and think why. It is because they cannot run on what they have done or will do. They cannot be honest on who they are. So they must demonize and destroy. They must make you think your candidate is such a reprobate that the only choice is the Democrat no matter how corrupt, either morally or ethically. No matter how bad they or their judgment is and the harm they have caused, at least they are not a reprobate.
It is the same playbook over and over again. Sometimes, it works. Sometimes, it does not. Right now you are being told it is. Forget what you are being told and read. I warned you about that last August. It is NOT working, unless you stay at home. This is what the media wants you to do.
The media ignores the corruption of everything a Clinton touches, and instead focuses on the mostly unsubstantiated testimony that Trump is a pig. So what if he is a pig, is that really more important that the corruption of our law enforcement at the highest levels? This is why I say Trump will not lose. I do not believe the majority of voters will codify that corruption with their votes.
Yes, that’s what voting for Hillary means. This is the lesson that you as a parent and you as a member of the clergy impart to you rchildren or flock. That it is all right to lie, cheat, steal and corrupt if it is in your interest. Your silence validates this, your vote codifies this. That all of this is good if your opponent is a pig.
Both candidates are not role models. Not in the traditional sense. However, we are not electing statues that excrete marble, but flawed human beings. This is what the voters during the primaries have chosen. One, Trump, who won fare and square. The other, Clinton, whose emails have shown she won with a system rigged in her favor. One, Trump, who represents change. The other, Clinton, who represents the status quo.
I believe that the majority of voters, when one includes Sanders voters, want change. During that second debate, Trump said that Hillary had hate in her heart. He was castigated for that. Yet, emails show that not only does she hate most Trump supporters, after all, according to her, they are irredeemable, but she has a particular hate for Christians in general and Catholics in particular. Your vote codifies that hate. Trump was, according to the emails, right.
To believe that Hillary will win is to believe that a majority of voters have no problem with corruption or hate. I am not of that mindset. Trump will not lose!
This is what I say. What say you?
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