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Bazzo Says: A Special Kind Of Stupid

Bazzo Says:


The left/liberals/Democrat—whatever you want to call them—have become totally unhinged, on the national and local level. Over the last couple of weeks, I have tried to show you national derangement. This week I wish to show you local derangement.  It concerns the ongoing saga of Spectra’s Algonquin pipeline.
Last week, a town of Cortlandt judge, Daniel McCarthy, rightly ruled that the now locally famous “Montrose 9,” who last November were arrested for blocking access to Spectra Energy’s construction yard, were guilty of disorderly conduct. So what happens? They and their supporters start parading around the Cortlandt Town Court and the courtyard shouting that there is no justice in Cortlandt.
Do these people know how stupid they look? No justice? What the hell do they think just happened? They broke the law, they pled not guilty, they had a trial and they were found guilty. This process is how our justice system works. They had their day in court. Just because it did not go their way, does not mean there is no justice. It means THEY WERE WRONG!
One member of the Montrose 9 was quoted in another local paper as saying the decision was disrespectful. Maybe it is because with this verdict, they could face 15 days in jail and/or a $500 fine. What was disrespectful was these protesters taking the law into their own hands, trying to prevent a lawful operation from continuing.
There were hearings. All with the public invited to voice its concerns. There were studies. God, were there studies. All proper procedures were followed and then some. Still, this federal government, the same government which has stopped the Keystone Pipeline and the North Dakota Dig Pipeline, gave this one the go-ahead.
Yet, another protester, quoted again in the same weekly, alleged that money rules the day. This protester was aghast that the judge had the temerity to interpret the law.  What the hell did that protester expect the judge to do? Ignore the law?
These protesters made the argument in a court of law that, after exhausting all other avenues, their actions were justified under a “defense of necessity.” Meaning, they had to do it to prevent a greater harm. A harm they could not prove when they spoke at all the public hearings before work was allowed to proceed.
The judge rightly dismissed this claim as being speculative (meaning no proof, just a guess) and the alleged harm was not imminent. I have been saying this all along: they had no proof of the horrors they said would happen, because it has not happened in the 61 years this pipeline has existed. Remember, this pipeline is to expand an already existing one running along the same route.
This is so typical of the left. They lose and then they whine and cry that there no justice and money rules! It does not occur to them that they could possibly be wrong.  They are so sure of themselves they leave no room for the possibility they erred. You see this on a national level with their reaction to the election results. The polls said Hillary would win, so being that she did not, the election was stolen. Not that the polls were wrong, but a stolen election.
Justice was done in the town of Cortlandt and for that we should rejoice. People had their day in court. Someone wins, someone loses. This is the way it should and always has been done. If it were the other way, I would still feel the same. I may not have liked the outcome, but I would certainly NOT say there was no justice.
This is what I say. What say you?
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