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Bazzo Says: The Media Still Will Not Report the Truth

Bazzo Says:


What Is Fake News?

We are being told that what is being called “fake news” won the election for Donald Trump. Not that he worked like hell for it, going from the day after he won the nomination until 1 a.m. Election Day morning to multiple rallies attended by tens of thousands of people (which we were told was anecdotal and not a true measure of support) in multiple states, plus debates and interview after interview. No, that did not win it, but fake news did.

So, who defines what is fake news? Well, it is the mainstream media, of course. As I told you last August, do not believe anything the press reports about Trump, for (as we now see) it would not be reliable. The WikiLeaks emails confirmed what I already knew to be true, that the media was an extension of the Clinton campaign. The real “fake news” and proof that it was not the reason why Trump won, was the media itself. From August (though it could be argued a lot earlier) until even this day, the mainstream media has become an enterprise designed to make you believe things that are not true.

That is why I implore you, until you see what Trump actually does and who he appoints, do not believe what the media tells you he will do. If it comes from The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, etc., do not, as hard as it will be, take as truth what they report. They have been wrong every step of the way. They misrepresented and outright lied to you throughout the election. Why on Earth would you now believe they know what they are talking about? History does not start when you wake up in the morning. Their mission now is to separate, by false and misleading reports, Trump from his base of supporters. The secret of Trump’s success and why the media still does not get it, is the media never took him seriously, but did literally, while his supporters always took him seriously, but not literally.

Overturning the Election Results

As you know, the Democrats in the media (I repeat myself) are trying to mount a couple of different efforts to nullify the election results. They are basing this on the fact that Hillary has at last count 2 million more votes than Trump. What they are not telling you is that over three quarters of them are from California, New York City and Chicago. This is why the Electoral College was created, just so big population states would not rule over the rest of the country. That is why, being the election of a president, it is the only national election and why it is specifically covered in the Constitution (all other races are left to the states to administer their own rules) that a candidate must win the majority of states, not population.

One of their ways is demanding recounts; however, that takes millions of dollars they do not have available. Besides, it would also unearth their efforts to thwart election rules. I still submit that if you take out the votes cast illegally, Hillary does not get the majority of popular votes. It is interesting that after one of the debates, the media went apoplectic over the fact the Trump would not accept the results without question, but now that the election did not go their way, they are the ones being unhinged. Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat.

The other is Hillary supporters, and I believe being egged on by the Hillary campaign itself, are intimidating electors. They’re sending them emails, they’re phoning them, they’re bullying them and they’re threatening them to change their vote from Trump to Hillary. At this point, it is being reported that so far six have said they will.

Electors have had some pressure before every election, but it’s nothing like this. Reading experts on this, they say as far as this election is concerned, there’s no way it can happen. The laws are the laws and the electors have to follow the laws in many of these states.

Knowing the Democrats as I do and have seen, laws are only meant for the other side. That was not good enough for me. I think if you think this can’t happen, you still, still do not understand who we’re up against here.  So I did more research on if it does happen, then how? Here is what I found. The best analysis of that possibility is that there aren’t enough electors who could legally change their votes to get Hillary to 270 electoral votes. However, it is possible that some electors could change their votes and deny Trump from getting to 270 as well.

This is where the Constitution comes in. If that were to happen, the presidency would then go to the House of Representatives. They would decide it. Since the Republicans control the House of Representatives now and once the next term starts, then Trump would be elected. So there is nothing that is going to change the result, but that doesn’t mean their effort, just as it was in 2000, is not going to continue, as they try to delegitimize the results.
This is what I say. What say you?
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