Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bazzo Says: Goodbye, 2016

Bazzo Says:


So the ride that was 2016 has come to an end. It certainly was not the end anyone (but me) expected. I found it rewarding in a number of ways.

First of all, the Trump candidacy showed anyone with a brain how corrupt the Washington establishment had become; how out of touch with America it had become; and its outright contempt for the average American.

Second, we also learned just how far the major print and TV media stations are willing to go to shield the Washington establishment in general and the Democrat Party in particular. While the media was busy shooting the messenger (WikiLeaks), the rest of America, excepting readers of The New York Times and Washington Post, or viewers of CNN or MSNBC, were reading how the Democratic Party rigged their own primary to secure the nomination for Hillary Clinton. Did they have any real effect on the votes? It could be argued either way. However, what is inarguable is the Praetorian Guard, to this day, believes voters should have been ignorant of the goings-on behind the scenes. They believe their only hope of victory was an ignorant voter.

Third, what cost Hillary the election was hubris. Already factored in by the voter was the fact that Trump was a pig.  They knew he viewed women by their looks. Nor was he was a sexist who judged women by their looks. He was also neither a xenophobe, homophobe nor racist. Throughout his entire life as a businessman, he has judged people on their merit and the content of their character. Hell, being in the New York media market for over 30 years, were any of the accusations thrown at him by the Democrats true, we would have seen headlines long before this.

Already factored in by the voters was that Hillary was not trustworthy. She was a woman of little accomplishment of her own right. She always needed someone with their thumb on the scale. She was arrogant, condescending outright phony who would stand for whatever you would fall for. There was nothing new to learn here. After all, like Trump, she has been in the news for 30 years.

The difference was, and it was what decided the election, Trump spent very little time at his rallies pointing out her faults, though if all you knew was what was reported, you would think that was all he talked about. No, he spent most of his rallies outlining his agenda. He already had the people who would never vote for Hillary, so he spent most of his rallies giving people a reason to vote for him, for it was those people who would decide this election. He needed those people to flip a blue state red. This he did. He flipped 200 counties that voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 and switched their vote for him.  If one were to listen to the media, one would be lead to believe that between 2008 and 2016, these people became racist.

Hillary, on the other hand, spent her entire campaign focusing on the voter who would never vote for Trump. Yet, being politically tone deaf, she did not realize she already had them and did not need to focus on them. What she failed to do was give people a reason to vote for her. She never laid out an agenda that was more than more of the same with a little tweak here and there. She spent an entire campaign telling people what they already knew, never telling people what they needed to know.

Her campaign also believed the media template that this is a divided country. As we come to the end of the year, let us look at the truth. This country is anything but divided. Her popular vote victory was entirely based on votes from New York and California in general, and New York City and Los Angeles County in particular. If you remove those votes, Trump wins the popular vote by 500,000. This is why the genius of the Electoral College is paramount. Our founders did not want the population centers ruling, not governing over the rest of the country.

Since 2010, when Obamacare was passed in the dead of night on Christmas Eve, the Democrats, when one goes all the way down to the office of mayor, have lost 1,100 elective offices.  When one looks at a map of states and counties, you could say we are actually quite united. It is the Democratic Party, which is bi-coastal with a couple of pockets in Chicago and Memphis, that is in a distinct minority.

Their agenda has been soundly rejected, and not because of any -phobia or -ism. It was rejected because it tried to rule against the will of the people. What the Democrats forgot was we elect people to govern, not rule.

The genius of America is that when people reach their tipping point, they do not take up arms, but get off their butt and vote.  So as this year comes to an end, do not listen to those mean-spirited talking heads who tell you that this country has become racist, sexist or vote by habit. This country, as it always has been, is united in the belief that those who govern the least, govern the best; that people are more than capable of deciding for themselves how to live their lives; that all they require is a country that offers equal opportunity, not outcome; The unencumbered pursuit of happiness, we can or cannot catch up to it ourselves. Happy new year.

This is what I say. What say you?
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