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Bazzo Says: The Burning Issue of Flags

Bazzo Says:


So, I get this email last Tuesday (Nov. 29) that asks me if I saw Trump’s latest Tweet concerning the burning of the American flag. Here is the Tweet: “Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag - if they do, there must be consequences - perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!”

I was reminded in the email that the Supreme Court has already ruled laws banning flag burning unconstitutional (Texas v. Johnson). This I already knew. The sender wanted to know my opinion and if I would be doing a column on it. Well, after some research and thought, I guess I am.

1) I guess everyone is entitled to protected speech but Trump. He expressed an opinion and until January he is still a private citizen with no power to do anything about it. Remember, and I wrote about this only a couple of weeks ago, Trump is a New York liberal from the ’60s and ’70s. One of his earliest experiences would have been witnessing the burning of flags during anti-Vietnam War protests. There was anger about that then as there still is now.

The flag represents an ideal for which our young men and women shed their blood. It was and still is an idea worth dying for. There are people who view this as an act of desecration. Why is it that these bastards that do this vile act are allowed speech protections, but those that find this offensive are not? Trump was exercising his free speech—no more, no less. He was, as he has done throughout this campaign, expressing a common outrage. He gave it a voice; a voice they are just as entitled to as those who burn the flag.

2) As I said, Trump has no power to act on his feelings. However, in 2005, someone with that power tried to make law based on those feelings. Eleven years ago, when Hillary Clinton was a senator from New York, she co-sponsored legislation that would fine and imprison those who burn the flag. It was called “S.1911 - Flag Protection Act of 2005.”

All these same people in the media and in office who decry how stupid Trump is for his Tweet, even though the Supreme Court already ruled on it, were so silent when Hillary sponsored this, you could hear the crickets. Trump = stupid for Tweet; Hillary = smartest woman in the world (we were told this throughout the campaign) for sponsoring legislation the Supreme Court had already banned in 1989. Again, Trump brings out Democrat hypocrisy.

3) As I wrote last week, the Democrats and the media do not take Trump seriously, but literally. Trump supporters do not take him literally, but seriously. No one with a brain actually believes Trump is going to get a law passed imprisoning or stripping citizenship of those who burn the flag. This is really what I think Donald Trump was doing. Because of his formative years, and this is instinctive with him, by sending out a Tweet claiming to strip the citizenship of flag burners and put them in jail was to tweak them, taunt them and accomplish two things: 1) He was sending a message of how he thinks about it, what he thinks about people that do that, and how much he loves America and its symbols. 2) By that Tweet, he shows his supporters that, to quote Bill Clinton, he feels their pain.

4) So, with all things considered, it is much ado about nothing. For nothing will come of it. No one is going to jail, no one is losing their citizenship, no laws will be passed for Trump does know it would not pass constitutional muster. In reality, he was tweaking the media and those who are still unhinged about the election results. He was taunting them. He wanted those in the media and those extremist protesters to continue to get mad because he knows that the more they continue acting deranged and unhinged, the more they expose their hypocrisy, the greater the benefit for him, the better he looks. After all, he was elected, in large part, because of these people and their behavior and their hypocrisy which finally caught up with them.

This is what I say. What say you?
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