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Bazzo Says: Using the Trump Standard

Bazzo Says:


Let us say, for the sake of argument, that everything the press has said or written about The Donald is true. Let us also stipulate that Republicans running down-ballot who do not repudiate The Donald and what he has said and done, agree with it. This is the Democrat playbook for down-ballot races: if you are not against him, you are with him. Even if you have held no elective office and there is nothing in your past that shows you are a racist, sexist pig, if you support Trump, you are. It is that simple.
So, if this is the standard, let us look at the Democrats running down-ballot, all incumbents. Sen. Charles Schumer, Representatives Nita Lowey and Sean Patrick Maloney. All have been in office for a number of years, and in Lowey and Schumer’s cases, decades. Polling shows over 70 percent of respondents believe the country is heading in the wrong direction. So, at that rate, this figure would include Democrat voters. All of it can be laid at the feet of Schumer, Lowey and Maloney, not their opponents. Schools, roads, debt, Obamacare’s freefall; yes, even Maloney, though he did not vote for it, continues to vote to fund it. So if you vote for them, then you have no problem with how they have led the country in the wrong direction.
Now, let us look at the top of their ticket. Let us look at Hillary’s actions and positions, which are inarguable as they have been reported either by her answers at the debates, the WikiLeaks email drops or the Project Veritas videos. So, they are all documented. I know, it is the Russians. However, in blaming the Russians, as she and her surrogates have done, they in the process have not denied their accuracy. People have been fired because of them.
In no case, release after release, have Schumer, Lowey or Maloney denounced Hillary, her campaign or the Democrat committee for their words or actions. Videos and emails detailing how to rig the polls, silence. Videos and emails detailing how to foment violence at Trump rallies, silence. Emails showing how the primaries were rigged, nothing. Emails showing collusion and corruption at the highest levels of the Justice Department and IRS, total silence. This means they are in agreement. This means, should they be elected, going after people who disagree with you and your policies will continue. This means, should you vote for them, that there is one law for you and another for the ruling class. Remember, we are using the Trump standard.
Hillary believes that the unborn have no rights. This was said at the third debate. She believes that it is all right to abort a baby at the ninth month. A baby at that point (actually after the sixth month) can live outside the womb. This is a life and, according to Hillary, it has no rights. You have not heard word one by Schumer, Lowey or Maloney in disagreement. For all intents and purposes, they believe in infanticide, using the Trump standard. Your vote for them agrees.
She and her foundation have taken $25 million from countries that kill gays for being gay and subjugate women, sell them as sex slaves and deny them basic human rights. She invited the father of the Orlando club shooting to sit three rows behind her at a rally in Florida three weeks after the shooting. She keeps the money. She would not answer the question about returning the money at the third debate, all she said is she made a speech. She kissed the boo-boo and made it all better. Schumer, Lowey, and Maloney, all supposed champions of gay and women’s rights, nothing, nada, zilch. Their silence, using the Trump standard, means agreement. So does your vote for them.
She says, according to email dumps, that the Catholic Church must be made to conform with her world view. Schumer, Lowey and Maloney, by their silence, must concur, using the Trump standard. Your vote for them says so do you.
So, if all this means they and Hillary are on a higher moral and ethical ground than Trump and his down-ballot Republicans, go ahead and vote for them. However, at least know what you are in agreement with. You cannot hold Trump people and other Republicans to one standard, and you and your favored candidates to another.

This is what I say. What say you?
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