Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Bazzo Says: Breaking Down The Election Results

Bazzo Says:


Here is a truth that only my partner, Tommy, was privileged to. If Hillary won, I would have stopped writing and doing my cable show. What would have been the point?
I would be on the losing side and with her desire to remake the Supreme Court, that would have been it for whatever time I have left on Earth.  Whatever I would write, my heart would not have been in it and I would feel I was stealing the money that I am paid to do this. From my last printed column until Election Day’s results were known, I fell off the Earth and, other than customers, talked to no one, especially about politics. Well, folks, as you saw last week, that just ain’t gonna happen. I’m here to stay!
Here’s why. Looking at the election results in great detail, the Democrat Party suffered a more devastating defeat than I realized. Even more so than the midterms in 2014 and 2010.  It’s just amazing how shellacked the Democrat Party is. Now, after 2008, the same things were said about the Republican Party. It was also true. What changed the dynamic was the overreach by the Democrats and their hubris in governing against the will of the people.
Obamacare and Dodd-Frank, for example, were approved without one Republican vote. They were told their views were of no importance, after all, “elections have consequences and you lost,” to quote Obama to Paul Ryan. There was also an almost trillion-dollar stimulus bill where 90 percent of the money did not go to infrastructure, as we were promised, but to shore up public union pensions so they would not feel the pain of the recession. It was political payback on the backs of the American taxpayer. Now, the Republicans must guard against the same hubris.
Back to the devastation. First, after this election, do you know how many states in this country now have a Democrat governor and Democrat legislature? The number is five. However, in Connecticut, there is a tie in the state senate and the tiebreaker goes to the Democrats. The states are Rhode Island and Hawaii, Oregon and California. That’s it. Connecticut is number five, if you count the tiebreaker.
Second, Trump did not lose the popular vote. As of this writing it is being reported that there were 3 million votes cast illegally. I am not saying cast by those here illegally, but obviously there must be some in that figure, just that they were illegal votes. Yes, dear reader, voter fraud is real and alive and kicking. Yes, I am presuming most of those illegal votes were Democrats, but that is because it is the Democrat Party that fights tooth and nail every time someone wants to purge dead people from the rolls or try voter verification saying it penalizes the poor and minorities. I submit that the real reason that the Democrats fight so hard against voter verification is to make fraud easier.
Third, since Obama became president in 2008, the Democrats have lost 11 seats in the Senate, 60 seats in the House of Representatives, 14 governorships and 900 state legislative seats all across the country. In spite of what we were being told the polling showed, in this last election, Trump got 54 percent of the male vote, an increase of 5 percent over 2012. Trump got 42 percent of the female vote, a reduction of 1 percent from 2012. However, we were told that Trump was not supposed to get over 20 percent of the female vote. Concerning race, Trump got 1 percent additional white vote over 2012, but in the black vote, Trump added 7 percent more black support this year than in 2012. Trump also saw an 8 percent increase in the Hispanic vote vs. 2012. So it seems, Trump increased Republican votes by 7 to 8 percent, and we were told that was not supposed to happen. Now to age: 18 to 29, Trump got 5 percent more votes in 2016 than 2012.
The bottom line is this election is a mandate election. There is still a reason to keep writing, to keep fighting. It is the Democrats that are out of touch. It is our job—my job—to make sure this does not happen now to the Republicans.

This is what I say. What say you?
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