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Bazzo Says: Why Should We Vote Down-the-Ballot for Republicans?

Bazzo Says:


There is a question being posed on social media (I found it on Facebook) attributed to Rush Limbaugh. Apparently he asked it on his show last week. Here is the quote going around: “I’m asking this question with genuine sincerity: Why should people vote for you? It’s clear that you don’t want to stop Hillary Clinton. It is clear that many of you do not want to try to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House. So if it’s not important to keep her out of the White House, why is it important to elect you?”

It is a hell of a good question. It was asked after House Speaker Paul Ryan basically told Republicans “it is everyone for themselves.” He said it is important to keep Republicans in control of the House to be a bulwark against Hillary Clinton when—not if, but when—she is president. This is exactly why Donald Trump was able to beat 16 other professional candidates and get more Republican votes than any candidate in a primary before him. You have a Republican speaker of the House, ostensibly a conservative, basically saying “screw the choice of the people, but keep us in power.” As I have said before, in politics the customer is always wrong.

Should Republicans lose control of the House or Senate, it will not be because of Trump, but because of their action while they have controlled both houses over the last two years. It will be their accumulated lies and weakness that will have been their downfall. In two years of controlling both houses and the five years of controlling just the house, our budget has exploded. They promised to hold spending and to keep Obama in check. Once in Washington, they did neither. In fact, they made it worse. If they lose, that will be why.

So why vote for them? They have, in the past, shown no willingness to stand up to Obama. Why would we think they will stand up to Hillary? In the wake of this latest media onslaught, an onslaught I predicted way back when, an onslaught that I knew no other candidate could withstand, the Republican leaders have shown themselves to be the quislings they are. They are proving they do not have the gonads to stand up to Hillary if they cannot stand up to the media. So why vote for them?

If one really wants to stop Hillary, then you stop her from winning. You do not concede defeat before Nov. 8. No, they have been, since the primaries, looking for a way to stop Trump, not Hillary. We would not be here today if they fought this hard to stop Obama as they promised that if elected they would. So why should we vote for you now?

Think about this and their actions from day one until now: The Republican Party had 17 candidates seeking the nomination. It was, according to their talking heads, the best field of candidates ever. Yet, Donald Trump won it. You have seen for yourself they have been enraged since then. Actually, they have been beside themselves since Trump announced, and his statement did not result in a Trump implosion against all the common wisdom of those smartest people in the room told us he would. Their fury got worse when future Trump statements and appearances did not result in a Trump implosion. Remember, the Republican Party thought it had the best presidential field ever, but not a one of them could beat Trump and they hated and resented him and you. Do not forget that. They hated you for that.

Their main question was, “How can you, the voter, be so stupid?” This is where we are and now they’re looking for scapegoats. They’re looking at talk radio, especially. All the while they’re ignoring the people. They’re ignoring their own voters. The fact is Trump won because people that vote Republican have been let down and disappointed one too many times, and their instinct is being borne out here. The Republican Party is now proving it is not interested in winning.

So, the question that has to be asked of the candidates challenging Maloney, Lowey and Schumer is why should we vote for you if you turn your back on the nominee of the people? Remember, he carried 60 percent of the Republican voters right here in New York. If you do not want to stop Hillary from getting into the White House, why would anyone believe you would stop her once she is there?

This is what I say. What say you?

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