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Bazzo Says: What Is the Meaning of Sept. 13?

Bazzo Says:


On Tuesday, Sept. 13, registered Republicans and Democrats have a chance to make a statement.  These are primaries where the high-information voters get to pick who will carry their banner on Nov. 8. With Trump and Clinton sucking the air out of the room, you may not have noticed we still have not chosen all the candidates for November’s ballot.

As important as the presidential race is this year, and make no mistake it is important, it is these state elections, also known as “down-ballot” that have the greatest impact on your life. State, county and local—these elected officials pick your pockets and regulate your life far more than the federal government, though not for lack of trying.

For instance, through the legislative process, New York legalized same-sex marriage. It is because it was through the legislative process, you have not had the upheaval you see in jurisdictions where judges imposed their will on the people, in some cases overturning the will of voters who made their wishes known at the ballot box. New York did it right.

New York is already on the path to $15 minimum wage. Also, paid leave for various reasons.  This, too, was partially done through the legislative process, the other by governor fiat, even though he hides behind a supposedly unbiased committee. You may have already seen the effects. Higher prices and workers’ hours being cut because employers cannot afford both the wages and health benefits imposed. Most part-time workers saw their hours cut to 29 hours per week to avoid the mandatory health benefits that kick in at 30. Others are losing their jobs to automation, which has become more affordable than manpower.

New Yorkers that are on health exchanges will see smaller increases in premiums (average about 16.7 percent) than other states that are facing average hikes of 40 percent or more. This is not because our health care laws are better, but because New York’s regulations were already greater than the Obamacare regulations.

So now on Sept. 13, Republicans in the 94th Assembly District will choose between Kevin Byrne and Suzi McDonough. It really will not matter who you choose (I bet you do not know who our Assemblyperson is now) because the Assembly is so weighted towards the Democrats that the Republicans have virtually no power. I say virtually for a reason, and it’s the reason why this district has to stay Republican: veto purposes. The Democrats need some Republican votes to override a veto by the governor and this is when the Republicans can actually have a say on some legislative items.

On the Democrat side, those residing in the 40th Senate District will choose between Alison Boak and Andrew Falk. As for primary purposes, it also does not matter whom you choose for they will be so far down the food chain as not to matter. Sure, they will be given some committee assignments, but minor in impact on your life. For all intents and purposes, they will vote as they are told.

The important thing that does matter is that come November, our present incumbent, Terrence Murphy, be re-elected. It is imperative that Republicans maintain control of the Senate. For those who know history does not start when you wake up in the morning, try to remember the two years when Democrats controlled all levers of New York government. Many of those leaders are now sitting or will be sitting in prison on corruption convictions.

Sure, you may be told that there are Republicans in the same boat, but the reality is that it is 5-to-1 in favor of corrupt Democrats. In the cesspool that is Albany, Murphy stands out by his honesty. He does not walk on water, and he does have flaws, but, and this is more important now more than ever, character is not one of them. He is a true man of character who actually stood out above other Republicans when he called for then Senate Leader Skelos to step down from his leadership position after he was indicted. As a newly elected official, no one would have faulted him if he stayed silent. However, he did not and that took courage, which is something sorely lacking in Albany.

So as important as it is to vote on Sept. 13, you must know you will be voting for followers, not leaders. This is no knock on the candidates themselves, it is just how the system is rigged, and none will have the courage or clout to change that.

This is what I say. What say you?
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