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Bazzo Says: Trump Has Already Won

Bazzo Says:


Win or lose, The Donald’s quest for the presidency has accomplished many goals.
First and foremost, it has shown political correctness for what it is. A liberal creation to silence critics and make them cower in corners for forgiveness. It is a bullying tactic (from a party that supposedly is anti-bullying), and The Donald has shown that, like all bullies, they retreat when confronted.

Second, he has put the spotlight on phony Republicans. He has revealed them for the liars they are. With their incompetence, their lying to their voters to get elected, their hollow promises (“I will support whoever is the Republican nominee”), it is clear why Trump was the overwhelming choice for primary voters. His candidacy was their creation. They own it; not the Democrats and not Obama. Poll after poll during and after the primary showed more than 70 percent of voters felt betrayed by their party.

Third, he has shown there is truly a ruling class in Washington comprising both parties’ leadership that is at war with its citizens. All branches of the federal government will go to any length to protect their own.  The Supreme Court overturns a corruption conviction against the former governor of Virginia, saying that if there are no specific laws banning pay to play, it is not a crime, thereby setting the bar higher in convicting corrupt officials.

The head of the FBI lays out a compelling case for an indictment against a presidential candidate (read: Hillary), then refuses to recommend an indictment, saying no competent prosecutor would be able to get an indictment. This, even though it was not his job to decide that. His job was strictly to see if any laws were broken, which he did in his presentation. There are people who did less sitting in jail.

Fourth, he has outed the media for the Praetorian Guard they are. The double standards are so blatant it makes one want to puke. As I wrote last week (and the week before), he has driven them so bananas that they not only admit they are in for Hillary, they write editorials justifying it.

Over and over again, the media demanded that Trump disavow a person he has never met for an endorsement he never sought (David Duke). Yet, Hillary can have the father of the Orlando shooter sitting three rows behind her, and the next day endorsing her, and there is not a word from the liberal media. Nothing. This man, an admitted follower of Sharia Law, which allows the killing of gays just for being gay, is a welcome guest and given prime seating. Still, we are told that Hillary is pro-gay rights. She has yet to be asked if she will disavow his support. Just imagine for a minute if Trump had David Duke at a rally sitting three rows behind him.

Fifth, he has shown liberals to be phonies and their supporters to be mind-numbed robots. Last week, in a speech in Milwaukee, where he laid out his foreign policy strategy (which you can find linked to on my blog), he stated point blank that if you want to come into this country and attack Americans because of their gender or because of their sexual orientation, that if you have a problem with gays or with women or with any other minority group, we’re not going let you in. For this, these phony liberals, and the Clinton campaign, called him a bigot.

In the speech, he said we would have a moratorium on people trying to come to this country from other countries that have a history of exporting terrorism. We are told by the media and the Hillary campaign that Trump wants to ban all Muslims. He did not say that, but if all you know is what the media is reporting, that’s what you would believe.

You must ask yourself, “Do you want to admit people into this country who are genuinely oriented against women, gays, lesbians, people of the Jewish faith and other minorities?” The reality, no matter what form of human right they dress it up to look like, this is what Mrs. Clinton wants to do. Let people from wherever come in with no questions asked. She has made it clear as it can be. She and those in the media want you to believe people have a right to come here, no matter what, even if they refuse to assimilate, for that would be racist. None of this is arguable.

Yet, who is it that lesbians, gays, women and people of the Jewish faith consider to be their defenders and their number one protectors? The Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton. We know how Islam regards women, how Islam regards homosexuality and, most of all, how they regard people of the Jewish faith.

However, we have been continually told that Trump is not qualified, that he is the bigot, that he hates women, that he hates gays. Fact is, Trump’s foreign and domestic policies (his entire campaign, in fact) are rooted in the defense and the protection of United States and all of its people. Hillary’s are not. This too is no longer arguable.

This is what I say. What say you?
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