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I have a couple of thoughts about the  Brexit news that I have finally brought to a coherent flow. Voters chose to leave the EU by a 52-48 margin, and nobody saw it coming. Not even journalists saw it. Like this year’s primaries, the elites, or ruling class if you like, had no idea what was going on. The reason for that is the same in both instances—arrogance and contempt. Just like here, there is no interest to know what people think if they are not part of the elite. They are so smug in the righteousness of their belief in a world without borders, a one world order, they could not comprehend the idea that a majority of people would disagree.

From the Huffington Post: According to a YouGov survey, 75 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds voted for the UK to remain in the EU. Only 39 percent of those 65 and over voted to remain. Here is what it means and what happened. The elderly people in the UK are old enough to remember what life was like before the EU, and they prefer it. They had the benefit because of their years of being alive. It’s called experience. They have the benefit of that experience to know that life in Great Britain before the EU was much better than it is with the EU. They were not ready to sacrifice their national identity and sovereignty to a bunch of elite bureaucrats in Brussels who do not give a whit about what it means to be an Englander. To believe in a nation with borders and a national identity is not racist, in spite of what you are being told, both here and abroad.

Gay Pride 2016

There was a picture taken during the recent Gay Pride Parade (that is what it was called in the beginning) of a banner that read: “Republican Hate Kills People.” It had hundreds of people marching behind it. It was in response to the tragedy in Orlando. It was an example of blithering idiocy. It was an example of mind-numbed robots who, without thought, exercise total ignorance, believing what they are told by those with the agenda of electing Democrats.

You see, the shooter was a registered Democrat and told friends of his intent to vote for Hillary Clinton. As if this should make a difference, but nonetheless it is still a fact. What is also a fact was that this was an embarrassment to the memory of those brave men and the movement they spawned. My father once said there are people on your side you wish was on there’s. This was an example.

More Gun Control Nonsense

Another embarrassment was the Democrats in Congress holding a sit-in to force a vote on gun control. Nevermind what they were protesting for would not have prevented any of the recent tragedies we have endured. What they were protesting for was the taking away a citizen’s rights without due process. These Democrats actually believe you can prevent tragedies by taking away the rights of law abiding citizens. They tell you nobody should need or want certain fire arms. Problem is they are called the “Bill of Rights,” Not “Bill of Needs” or “Bill of Wants.” When you start believing that, then you start believing our rights come from the consent of the government and can be taken away by that same government.

The unpleasant fact is there isn’t a gun-control law you could write that would stop these tragedies. If you banned every gun from inside the continental United States, you would not stop them, for there’s always a black market for whatever it is you decide to outlaw.

These people were committed to breaking the law. So whatever law you have or enact is irrelevant. You can have every law and laws that you haven’t even dreamed of writing up and signed into law, and it’s not going to stop anybody who swears or intends to break them. The stupidity or the ignorance of all this and their advocates is not understanding that simple fact of life.

Climate Change Nonsense

While we are talking embarrassments, here is another. Last week, the Democrat National Convention Rules Committee voted unanimously to advocate the investigation and prosecution of those entities that disagree with the supposed “settled science” of climate change. Now, as a matter of policy, the Democrat Party believes one should be sent to jail for disagreeing with their orthodoxy. If you vote for Democrats on a national level and apparently on a state level (I already wrote about what our attorney general is up to), you will validate this abuse of power. History has shown when it comes to Democrats, it is only a beginning. Next up will be the imprisonment of those who profess to be pro-life. Mark my words, to validate this abuse of power is to start down the slope of tyranny.

Abortion 2016

Back in 1987, before Justice Kennedy was nominated for the Supreme Court, President Reagan nominated a judge named Robert Bork. He was a leading conservative scholar of his time. During his confirmation hearings, Sen. Ted Kennedy did what has now become a normal maneuver against a judge the Democrats do not want. The senator smeared the record of Judge Bork with lies and innuendos, stating that in the world of Robert Bork women would be forced into back allies to have abortions provided by unqualified doctors in places of filth.

Well, it was not a conservative justice that has now made this possible, but three liberal women justices along with Justice Kennedy who have. Last week, the Supreme Court in a 5-to-3 ruling found Texas’ laws limiting abortions unconstitutional. These laws were found to be an undue burden on a woman’s right to have an abortion.

What these laws did was state a doctor had to have certain requirement, one of which was a hospital affiliation (within 30 miles of the clinic) in case of emergency. The other was that the clinic had to meet the same health standards of a hospital emergency room. In other words, a woman seeking to have a abortions would be assured of the safety and cleanliness of the clinic and that the doctor was qualified.

This is what the Supreme Court found to be an undue burden. This invalidating of common sense standards is what Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party are calling an advancement in a women’s right to choose.

The above is the rest of the story you will not get from the media in their quest to elect Democrats. This is why you must stop electing Democrats on a national level. They are truly a danger to a free people.

This is what I say. What say you?
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