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Bazzo Says: Being Judged By Fools

Bazzo Says:


Two weeks ago, my fellow columnist, Bernie Kosberg, dedicated an entire column to tearing me down. The only problem? Everything he said was a lie. Below, I offer his comments (in italics) as well as my rebuttal.

Mr. Bazzo has never once acknowledged Barack Obama’s competence and grace under fire.

Clearly, Mr. Kosberg is uniformed about all of my writings. I have stated many times that Barack Obama is one of the most successful presidents of my lifetime and I do not believe he is incompetent.

He has successfully implemented most of his agenda. I believe the chaos created by his policies was not due to being wrong, but by design. He understands that the more you scare people, the more liberty they will surrender to the government for protection. Take Obamacare: It was designed to fail, designed to destroy the private sector insurance market, all to get people so scared, believing that they cannot do anything without the security blanket of health care, that they would beg for single-payer.
Even with a majority in 2009, Democrats did not have the votes to get it passed, so they designed a system to fail and make you beg. I wrote this in my last column for my previous employer, titled "Mediscare." Look at the recent Democrat primary: Isn't that just what the candidates are calling for? Obama was successful.

Do not let the talking heads fool you about gridlock. Congress has fully funded (and in some cases has allocated more than asked) the president's entire agenda through the end of the year. It is because of this total acquiescence to the president that Donald Trump has risen to the top of the pile and is the presumptive Republican nominee for president.
People voted to give Republicans control of Congress and the Senate, not to work with the president, but to stop him. That is why poll after poll shows upwards of 70 percent of primary voters feel betrayed by the party.

As for "grace under fire," between creating straw dog arguments, finger pointing and outright lying about why his policies have failed, there is a reason he is called in some circles "The Whiner in Chief."

Bazzo glorifies Trump, a man who has never demonstrated any interest in anyone or anything other than himself and his own enrichment.

Mr. Trump has many times admitted this, and makes no apology for it (I suspect this is one thing that drives his critic nuts). He also goes onto explain that after all this country has given him, he feels it is time to give back.

He completely disregards Trump’s inconsistencies and contradictory promises, and overlooks his persistent lying. Bazzo seems star struck by this man’s ability to create an environment where truth just doesn’t seem to matter.

The same can be said for the presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. This is probably one reason why Trump and Clinton's negatives are so high within their own party. This is an example of projection.

Has Bazzo actually examined Trump’s character and determined that he is fit to be president? If so, then he has clearly chosen to ignore Trump’s insults towards veterans; his attacks against the press; his mocking of the handicapped; his denigration of women; and his outrage towards non-white immigrants. And what is Mr. Bazzo’s position on Trump’s declarations that he will punish women who have an abortion, and work to defeat marriage equality?

Actually I have. I have over and over again addressed these arguments over the past year in column after column that my critic implies he has read by saying I have "clearly chosen to ignore..." Obviously he has chosen to ignore my writings in an effort to paint me as one of those mind-numbed robots who parrots others talking points.

Mr. Trump attacked not all veterans, but one, namely John McCain, another in a long line of Republican failures. In fact, Sen. McCain recently said, and has done so in the past, that torture does not work. He says this and the media eats it up without question because he was a victim of torture when he was captured during the Vietnam War. Except it did work on him. He did give the Viet Cong what they wanted.

His attacks on the press are not only justified but to be lauded. He will not stand by like Romney and let the press define him and his family and character. Question: Why is it when the press interviews Trump's children they ask about their father's infidelities, yet never ask Chelsea Clinton about her father's? I have shown time and time again how the press totally lies about what Trump has said. You can look it up, my dear critic.

As for the reporter, he was mocking him and him alone, not "the handicapped." He was mocking a reporter who was mocking him. Why is it liberals must extrapolate a singular attack against a person as an attack on an entire group?
 I would wager real money that Trump, through all his businesses, has done more to advance women than all my critics put together. It was not Trump but Hillary who paid women 38 percent less than men at the Clinton Foundation. Before it was fashionable to notice, Trump was advancing women up the ladder of success at his enterprises, based on merit, not gender. That is true equality.

As for defeating marriage equality, the Supreme Court has ruled on this. There is nothing a President Trump or anyone else can do. People who think he can are truly ignorant. This includes those who wish him to and those who don't.

Lastly, my critic does as all Trump critics due on the topic of punishing women who have abortions. He fails to mention the question being asked. It is highly relevant to the discussion. The question asked was "If abortion was illegal, would you punish the woman besides the doctor?" Liberals hate context when smearing the character of someone they disagree with.

It’s extremely disappointing that the Republican Party has bought into Trump’s virulent strains of hate, and that too many in the media, including Mr. Bazzo, enthusiastically offer Trump a megaphone and a box to stand on. Hate is the disease of fallen empires! Why has the party of Lincoln, originally built on the ideals of shared sacrifice and trust, eroded so fast?

Our country deserves a president who possesses the character to be presidential.

The only hate that has been witnessed by all paying attention to the primaries were by those funded by Democrat super PACs (moveon.org, etc.), whose job was to riot at Trump rallies.  Their job was not to go after Trump, but his supporters, who were exercising their right to political expression and support of their candidate. These were not protests! They were riots! That is the "virulent strains of hate" my critic alludes to.

As for a "president who possesses the character to be presidential," let’s look at Hillary. From James Comey last week:

1) "Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information."

2) "Seven email chains concern matters that were classified at the top secret special access program at the time they were sent and received. There is evidence to support a conclusion that any reasonable person in Secretary Clinton's position or in the position of those with whom she was corresponding about those matters should have known that an unclassified system was no place for that conversation."

3) "There is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information."

The facts are this: Hillary trafficked in classified information. The FBI admits that she was grossly negligent sending and receiving top secret classified information on a private email server that was not protected.

I ask my critic, is this the person who "possesses the character to be presidential"? 
Finally in a letter to the editor last week, a critic wrote:
" I will concede that he (Andy)  probably does understand the Gay Community better than most of us. My view and this is what I say, is that the Orlando shooter is a self hating gay man masquerading as an ISIS sympathizer. In his own disturbed mind, he thinks that this will bring him honor in the afterlife and fool everyone into believing he was on his own personal Jihad and straight."
If my critic is ready to concede my understanding of the gay community let him understand this. I have met many self hating gays. Probably a lot more then my critic.   It was the nature of the business I was in as a youth.  Self hating gays did not shoot up bars or the people in them.  What they did was destroy themselves with booze drugs and sex.
I'm assuming here that the writer has swallowed whole hog the media narrative that the shooter was a self-hating gay infected by America's culture of homophobia. 

Contrary to popular spin, Omar Mateen, the Orlando nightclub shooter, wasn't a self-hating gay. The FBI has now run down every alleged gay partner of Omar's, searched his phone and computers, and the alleged gay lovers.  They determined that they either had the wrong guy or were lying.  Also there's no evidence he was on any gay websites or apps

This is what I say. What say you?
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