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1) Lalor and Molinaro Run 13.1 Miles, Encourage Others to Support Local Organizations

2) Assemblywoman Galef Seeks to Increase Transparency in State Grants

3) Lalor: Don't Expand Hollywood Tax Subsidies, Cut Them

4) Bring Griffo/Kearns Term Limit Bill to Floor Before End of Session

5) New York State Legislature Passes Bill to Allow Certain Not-for-Profit Entities To Make Collaborative Purchasing Agreements with Counties

6) Why I'm Supporting Andrew Heaney?

7) PRESS RELEASE] Resurrecting the Yorktown IDA

8) PRESS RELEASE] Murphy's ethics reform bill passes Senate

9) NY POST: LSD in the Albany water supply...


11) PRESS RELEASE] Ceremony hosted by Sen. Murphy honors 40th Senate District Women of Distinction

12) 10am Sunday drinking passed...

13) Town Of Yorktown: Planning Board reviews new Tree Law and highway garage plan 06/13/16

14) Town Of Yorktown: Town Board discusses Affordable Housing Law, puppy mill law and infrastructure needs  06/14/16

15) [PRESS RELEASE] Albany to Peekskill: This One's for Brew

16) Republican Leaders Stunned by Democrats Vote to Block Affordable Housing

17) 12 Grapes: LBK, Zeppelin & Kids Open Mic

18) Inside Designer Martha Angus's Palm Springs Getaway, Tour an Airy Amagansett Beach House, and More!


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For immediate reply:

On Monday, June 13, 2016 5:07 PM, Sandra R. Galef wrote:


Assemblywoman 95th Assembly District                       


  District Office:
  2 Church Street, Ossining, New York 10562
  albany office:
 641 Legislative
Office Building, Albany, New York 12248

       For Immediate Release 

June 13, 2016
Contact:  Assemblywoman Sandy Galef
(914) 450-4086

(914) 941-1111

Assemblywoman Galef Seeks to Increase Transparency in State Grants Calls for the publishing of allocations and discretionary funds by legislators and the Governor

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef introduced a new bill requiring the regular publishing of all state member items and discretionary funds used for community projects on both the Assembly and Senate public websites.

These lists would detail the amount of money, the project it was allocated towards, and which member of the Assembly, Senate or the Governor requested
the funds.

By publishing the recipients, amount, and sponsor of a member item or discretionary fund, the public will be able to hold their elected officials accountable, as well as discourage the misuse of public dollars.

"Transparency in spending is paramount to good governmental policy, and the public's right to know. State grants are important to our community organizations and local schools and governments. But it is also important for each grant to be identified on our state website as to the amounts and who requested the grants. This is an easy reform and it should be adopted this week."

This is yet another bill the Assemblywoman is looking to pass in order to bring much needed reform to Albany. Earlier this year, Galef introduced some15 reform bills which focus on power, ethics, and transparency reforms. This concept is also supported by Common Cause NY as part of their Clean Conscious Pledge.



CONTACT: Patrick Ziegler (518) 817-1500

Reaffirms Pledge to Not Consider Candidates for Endorsement Who Don’t Call for
Up or Down Vote

New York--June 15, 2016...With just two days remaining in the 2016 Legislative Session, the Reform Party called for the Griffo/Kearns term limits legislation to be brought to the floor for an up or down vote and again reaffirmed its pledge it will not consider candidates for endorsement who do not support such an action.

The bill, S.4470/A.7775 imposes term limits for statewide offices of the the Governor, Attorney General and Comptroller, as well as members of both houses of the legislature. The bill limits statewide officeholders to two four-year terms and members of the legislature to six two-year terms. The bill is sponsored by majority members in each house, ostensibly paving the way for a floor vote.
Senator Griffo was also responsible for legislation passing the senate that  imposes term limits on legislative leaders and successfully negotiated the change in the Senate Majority Conference rules.
“Senator Griffo and his colleagues sponsoring this legislation understand the impact term limits would have on reducing corruption in government,” said Reform Party Chairman Bill Merrell. “He has been a bright light for reform in New York and we applaud his efforts. Before session wraps for the year,  it’s time for the rest of the legislature to tell the public where they stand on term limits by bringing this bill to the floor for an up or down vote. Time is of the essence.”

Several other term limit measures have been introduced, including a bill sponsored by Republican majority state senators Phil Boyle (SD-4), George Amedore (SD-46), Richard Funke (SD-55), Kathleen Marchione (SD-43, Terrence Murphy (SD-40), Thomas O’Mara (SD-58), and Sue Serino (SD-41). In addition, four Republican state senate candidates have pledged to demand a term limit floor vote if elected: Chris Jacobs (SD-60), Julie Killian (SD-37), Chris Davis (SD-44), and Chris McGrath (SD-9).

The Reform Party was created by supporters of Republican Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino in his race for governor in 2014. Its two principal positions are replacing Common Core with a better educational curriculum devised at the local level and term limits for state office holders. Mr. Astorino term limited himself as county executive in 2010. The Reform Party also supports eliminating pensions for elected leaders who are convicted of crimes involving the misuse of their public offices.



Trouble viewing this email? Read it online

I'm Supporting Andrew Heaney in the Republican Primary for NY's 19th Congressional District on on June 28th (Polls Open from 12pm-9pm).

Dear Fellow Patriot,

I am proud to have perhaps the most conservative and most independent voting record in the state legislature. Because the party bosses and special interests didn't make me, they can't break me. Likewise, Andrew Heaney has taken on the broken political establishment in New York so we can count on him to do the same in Washington.  Read below the top six reasons I am supporting Andrew Heaney for Congress in the Republican Primary on June 28th.

Semper Fidelis,

NYS Assemblyman
Kieran Michael Lalor
I am supporting and actively campaigning for Andrew Heaney because:
1. Andrew Heaney Already Told the Party Bosses to Stick It!
There are no doubt many good, hard-working and dedicated GOP committee people, town chairs and county chairs. But the system they work in is deeply flawed because some party bosses manipulate the system with proxy voting, weighted votes and horse trading to marshal the votes of often hand-picked committeeman to achieve the desired result without most registered Republicans even knowing this process exists.
Rather than jump through the hoops of a rigged nominating convention, Andrew Heaney took a bold stand against the party bosses, refused to participate in the kangaroo court they call a nominating convention and has been taking his conservative outsider message directly to Republican voters at their front doors.

2. Andrew Heaney is the Only Outsider in the Race
Andrew is not a product of the New York political machine. He doesn't owe three decades worth of favors to Party Bosses and entrenched special interests. He is his own man. We need independent leaders with guts like Andrew Heaney to represent us in Washington.

3. We need Business Leaders Like Andrew Heaney, Not Career Politician Lobbyists to Fix Bloated Government
It sickens me when I see Andrew Heaney's opponents using Andrew's success in business as some kind of attack line against him. Attacking success is a tactic of the Left and only a desperate Republican would stoop to that. Career politicians and lobbyists got our country into this mess. Successful entrepreneurs like Andrew Heaney are needed to fix it

4. I'm Not Fooled by the Distraction of Past Contributions, You Shouldn't Be Either
I'll put my conservative Republican credentials up against anyone! The past contributions of a candidate don't matter to me. I choose a candidate based on character, experience and the issues. I am supporting Andrew Heaney because he is a rock-solid Republican who will defend the Second Amendment and represent our values in Washington.

5. War Veterans Like Me Need Andrew Heaney In Washington
Andrew Heaney's groundbreaking plan to fix the VA could only come from an outsider with a business background. Andrew Heaney would require members of Congress to get their health care from the VA, require the VA to be open on weekends and allow vets the option of using local doctors if they choose to, among other innovative reforms.

6. Andrew Heaney Is The Only Candidate In The Race Who Can Win In November
On June 28th we need to choose a Republican who can win in November. Donald Trump has shown that this is the Year of the Outsider Business Leader. Andrew Heaney is exactly that. His opponent is exactly the opposite. Democrat leaders are salivating over the opportunity to run against a Republican lobbyist who has been in government since I was in grade school and who lost his last two elections. Democrats don't want to face Andrew Heaney an outsider with a successful business record.

 If you want more information about why independent conservative Republicans like me are supporting Andrew Heaney, call my cell phone at 845.616.3509, day or night or email my personal email at I'd be happy to speak with you about why I'm not only supporting Andrew Heaney but actively campaigning with him.
Let's take our country back from the career politicians, lobbyists, party bosses and special interests!


CONTACT: Michael Jefferson, 914-962-2624

ALBANY, NY - Yorktown could once again have an Industrial Development Agency under legislation sponsored by Senator Terrence Murphy that passed in the New York State Senate today. Industrial development agencies are created to promote the economic welfare and prosperity of the inhabitants of a municipality.

"The Yorktown IDA was once effective and can be again," Senator Murphy said. "Yorktown needs ability to actively attract and encourage development that produces local jobs. Businesses with IDA assistance are eligible for a range of tax benefits and financing that are applied against new capital investments and the State Assembly should be voting on this local home rule matter before we adjourn for the year."
The Yorktown Industrial Development Agency, or YIDA, was created in 1980 by a state law sponsored by then Senator Mary Goodhue. After financing myriad economic development projects in the town, it was dissolved by the Town Board in 1999 during the height of New York State's Empire Zone Program.
After ten years of inactivity, its existence officially lapsed pursuant to state law in 2009. At the time, Senator Murphy, then a private citizen, recommended to the town board that the YIDA be re-authorized. His comments were included in the supplemental environmental impact statement for the town of Yorktown Comprehensive Plan, which called for its reauthorization as a means to increase Town resources in support of economic development objectives.
The Town Board took no further action at the time, but earlier this year, the new pro-business majority on the Yorktown Town Board passed a home rule request requesting the legislative delegation reestablish the IDA. The legislation, Senate Bill S7255 / Assembly Bill A10005, passed the State Senate today and is now awaiting a vote in the Assembly.
Yorktown Supervisor Michael Grace said, "The reestablishment of the Yorktown IDA will provide our town with the needed ability to attract potential economic development projects that will create good paying jobs right here in our town.  I applaud Senator Murphy for advancing this important initiative that we introduced to the residents last year and urge the Assembly to offer its approval before the legislative session comes to a close."

Yorktown Councilman Greg Bernard said, "We are moving Yorktown forward.  If we are serious about attracting innovative projects to our town we need the tools and incentives to do so.  The Yorktown IDA will give our town access to important financial programs that will advance our vision."

Yorktown Councilman Tom Diana said, "The best social program is a strong jobs program.  We need to expose every possible opportunity to improve our local economy and create good paying local jobs.  I believe the reestablishment of the Yorktown IDA will act as a catalyst to achieve these goals and sends a strong message to businesses near and far that we are indeed open for business.  I thank Senator Murphy for his ongoing leadership and commitment to our community and only hope we witness the full passage of this legislation this year."

Yorktown Councilman Ed Lachterman said, "Offering the necessary incentives to attract businesses to our town is crucial for our continued growth.  Building a strong commercial and industrial tax base will mean more local jobs and less of a burden on taxpayers.  This is great news for all Yorktown residents and we should applaud Senator Murphy for his continued commitment to his hometown."
Over the years, the YIDA financed millions of projects including the $5.5 million Coats & Clark Inc. building, now the Yorktown Industrial Park in Yorktown Heights; a specialty plastics manufacturer on Lexington Avenue in Mohegan Lake; the old Best Plumbing Center ("Route 202 Associates") in Crompond, as well as some of the first cellular telephone towers in northern Westchester.

The YIDAs' statutory authority was repealed in 2013 along with a host of other defunct public authorities. This new legislation will allow the town to recreate the agency.

CONTACT: Michael Jefferson, 914-962-2624

ALBANY, NY - Non-contractual advisers to politicians will be subject to Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests thanks to ethics reform legislation sponsored by Senator Terrence Murphy which passed the Senate today. The legislation would close the exemption used by Mayor Bill de Blasio to deem five such individuals "agents of the city" who are shielded from disclosure and limit potential conflicts of interest.

"I have said it before, I don't trust Mayor Bill de Blasio and his tricks to hide critical information through this loophole from the public," Senator Murphy said. "The public has a right to know who is influencing decisions and if they have any conflicts that would simultaneously violate the public's trust. Its high time we regain the public's trust by putting it above self-interest or personal interests."

Some feel that the first part of law may not even be necessary. Robert Freeman, the executive director of the New York State Committee on Open Government, told the New York Law Journal he'd never heard of the "agent of the city" exemption prior to this month and that the Mayor's claim was inconsistent with judicial decisions.

"I think it's ridiculous," Freeman said. "In my opinion, 'agents of the city' goes far beyond the intent of FOIL, the language of the law and common sense."

The legislation, Senate Bill S8014, would specifically state who is subject to the inter and intra agency exception provided by FOIL. Agents of the city, who have no contract with state and municipal entities, would not be exempt.

Several of Mayor de Blasio's "advisers" are also lobbyists and political consultants who represent clients with pending business before City Hall and are major donors to the Mayor's campaign and non-profits, which are currently the subject of six separate criminal probes. The second part of the bill would outlaw such practices and curtail the ability of private contractors with state and local agencies from being authorized to appear before those same agencies on behalf of a private client.

The bill passed unanimously. It will head to the State Assembly where it could be passed as part of an agreement on ethics reform.
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Goldman Sachs' hooker headache...

De Blasio signs bill making is easier to pee and drink in the street...
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ALBANY, NY - Senator Terrence Murphy struck another blow at Common Core today when it was announced the Board of Regents would adopt regulations requiring superintendents to make a local determination as to academic proficiency for students with disabilities. Those students who struggle with the state-mandated tests could still be allowed to graduate with a local diploma under the new regulations.
"Our kids are more than a test score," Senator Murphy said. "State assessments, even for with testing accommodations, should not be the sole determining factor if whether someone can graduate, especially kids with learning disabilities. Today's ruling will put local educators back in charge of these decisions."
Earlier this year, the Board of Regents succumbed to pressure by education reform advocates and Senator Murphy to roll back the controversial Common Core standards. Legislation passed by Murphy led to the implementation of a flexible timeline to create a new, locally-driven curriculum to replace the failed Common Standards by 2019.

Mary Fox-Alter, Superintendent, Pleasantville Union Free School District said,  "It's been something we've been advocating for. It's important to have local control. It increases the possibilities for kids with disabilities to get a diploma. We think this is taking special education in the right direction."
Lakeland School District Superintendent George Stone said, "Utilizing the expertise of our staff, we work hard to help our students meet their academic requirements.  We genuinely appreciate the need for a safety net for some of our special education students.  The new policy will certainly help the students we have identified in the district that need the support."

Dr. Dennis W. Creedon, Mahopac Central School District said, "I think it's a wise decision. The problem with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is that the individual would have a diploma that is no good outside of the state of New York. An autistic child might be a good carpenter but without a high school diploma he might not get a job. A diploma is still the gateway to better employment."
Under today's decision, beginning with students with disabilities who are otherwise eligible to graduate in June 2016 and thereafter, a school superintendent or nonpublic school principal will have the responsibility to determine if a student with a disability has otherwise met the standards for graduation with a local diploma when such student has not been successful, because of his/her disability, at demonstrating his/her proficiency on the Regents exams required for graduation.
The superintendent must ensure that every student with a disability who does not meet the graduation standards through the existing appeal and safety net options is considered for the superintendent determination. This option does not need to be formally requested by the student or parent.
CONTACT: Michael Jefferson, 914-962-2624

2016 Women of Distinction
Senator Terrence Murphy pays tribute to the 2016 Women of Distinction

MT. KISCO, NY - At a ceremony held at Mt. Kisco Elementary School, fifteen women from communities throughout the Hudson Valley were honored by Senator Terrence Murphy as the 2016 recipients of the 40th Senate District's Women of Distinction Award.  

A capacity crowd heard powerful personal stories about women who have turned their dreams into successful business ventures, volunteered to give back to their communities, or taken a leadership role in keeping drugs from infesting our youth.

"Our honorees are women who set high standards for themselves, then went out and accomplished what was seemingly impossible," said Senator Murphy. "They selflessly serve their communities as volunteers, asking nothing in return. Their reward is helping to make the Hudson Valley a better place to live. They are role models for the next generation of young women and have been instrumental in helping their communities grow and prosper."

The 2016 Women of Distinction Award recipients are:
Regina Aurisicchio (Carmel). The owner of Florrie Kaye's Tea Room, Regina is a cancer survivor, having fought and overcome both breast and colon cancer. Regina volunteers with St. James the Apostle Church, the Mahopac School District, Kennedy Catholic, Mahopac Sports Association and her Rosary Group. She is also a Community Cares Board Member, and a member of the Putnam County Women's Alliance, Mahopac Carmel Chamber of Commerce and Hamlet of Carmel Civic Association.
Carol Christiansen (Somers). In June 2012, Carol and her husband Lou lost their son to heroin addiction. In light of their tragedy, they co-founded Drug Crisis in Our Backyard, a community- based non-profit offering education and treatment for families and individuals struggling with addiction. Carol has been recognized for her efforts by the Putnam County Sheriff's Honor Corps, a Congressional Proclamation, the Sid Gibson Image Award and a Certificate of Recognition from Mental Health Services of Putnam County. In addition, Carol is a real estate broker and owner of Café Realty and has received numerous awards of excellence.
Laurie Dean (Croton-on-Hudson). Laurie is the Coordinator for the Croton Community Coalition, working proactively to keep teens drug-free. She was recognized with a national award from the Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America for developing a program designed to teach parents about marijuana. Prior to joining the Coalition, Laurie worked in corporate human resources for 25 years. A two-time PTSA President for Croton Harmon High School, Laurie also volunteered delivering meals for the Croton Caring Committee and served on the Circe School Board of Directors.
Joan Donohue (Mount Kisco)After retiring as Staff Coordinator for the Sarah Neuman Nursing Home, Joan began her illustrious volunteer career as a member of the Mt. Kisco Elementary School PTA, eventually becoming co-President. She is Chairperson of the Leonard Park Committee, and a member of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians and St. Francis of Assisi Church. She has also served two terms as a village trustee and has served as Chairperson of the Mt. Kisco Democratic Committee. 
Jane K. Dove (Lewisboro). A forty-year resident of South Salem, Jane is an independent journalist and publicist who learned her craft as Associate Director or Public Affairs for New York Medical College in Valhalla. She is currently a lead reporter for the Lewisboro Ledger and a contributor to WAG Magazine. She has worked with numerous non-profit organizations including The County Children's Center, New Jersey Cystic Fibrosis, the Bridge Fund of New York and Westchester and the Visiting Nurse Association of the Hudson Valley.  
Josephine Galgano (Sleepy Hollow). Josephine has resided in Sleepy Hollow for all of her 79 years and has been a strong voice for seniors. She serves on the Police Advisory Committee, is a member of the Red Hatters and has been President of the Sleepy Hollow Seniors. As President, she held countless luncheons honoring community events. In 2014, Josephine was selected as an aide for the Sleepy Hollow St. Patrick's Day Parade. She is also an active volunteer with local elections and is an active parishioner at Immaculate Conception Church.
Frances Gibbs (Peekskill). Fran was the first female Mayor of Peekskill, serving three terms. She served as a Councilwoman for eight years and later as Deputy Mayor. She worked as a teacher, and operated Camp Mill Run, a day camp in Shrub Oak. Fran was instrumental in building up Peekskill's Artist District, and as a longtime member of the Paramount Center for the Arts, raised over 1 million in funds for the organization.
Ann Godesky (Town of Pawling). A retired teacher and advocate for youth, Ann has been  a consultant for the U.S. Department of Education Northeast Regional Center for Drug Free Schools and Communities and Athletic Director for Pawling High School. Ann has volunteered for the Dutchess County Youth Board, Dutchess County Children's Services Council. Task Force of Drugs and Alcohol, Lakeside & Holiday Hills Transition Advisory Board, Pawling Task Force, Pawling Rotary Club and Pawling Resource Center.
Ginger Gross (Southeast). Ginger worked for the Brewster School District as a librarian for 15 years, was a 16-year member of the Brewster Education Foundation. She currently serves as President of Putnam County Retired Teachers Union, volunteers with Ann's Place, a support group for cancer patients and the Lake Library Association in Franklin, New Hampshire.
Melissa Kamin (Brewster). Melissa is the founding Director of Community Relations and the Corporate Compliance Officer for the Hudson Valley Cerebral Palsy Association. She is also a founding member of the development team at the Association, providing job opportunities and training environments for individuals with disabilities. Melissa is a founding member of the Board of Directors of the Opportunity League, which provides recreation and sports programs to individuals of all ages and abilities.
Aimee Nichols (Mt. Pleasant). At just 35-years of age, Aimee owns Berger Hardware, is head of the Thornwood Chamber of Commerce and volunteers for numerous organizations. She is a volunteer EMT and serves on the Board of Directors for the Valhalla Ambulance Corps, is a soccer coach for the Mt. Pleasant AYSO, and is a volunteer firefighter for the White Plains Fire Department. She has received numerous business and community awards including the 2016 North American Retail Hardware Association Young Retailer of the Year, the 2007 Henry Gerke Firefighter of the Year Award and the 2012 True Value Best Hardware Store in Town Award.
Mary Ann O'Connor (Patterson). After retiring from teaching at the St. Patrick's School in 2000, Mary jumped into volunteering at the Patterson Library. She serves as Treasurer for the Putnam Lake Seniors, is a member of the Putnam Lake Fire Department Women's auxiliary, trains altar servers for the Sacred Heart Church, chauffeurs seniors to medical appointments and dresses up as Mrs. Claus during the Christmas season for many organizations. 
Dorothea LaScala (Yorktown). Affectionately known as "Dottie," Dorothea owned LaScala's Bridal Shop for 25 years. She served as a Girl Scout Leader, taught C.C.D. at St. Patrick's Church in Yorktown and was a District Leader for the Yorktown Republican Party. Dottie is also a current Board Member of the Circolo Da Vinci of Yorktown. Dottie's many past awards include the 1984 Westchester County Executive Certificate of Appreciation, 1985 Westchester County Executive Certificate of Merit, 2012 Westchester County Executive Certificate of Distinguished Service and the 2012 Certificate of Special Recognition for District Leader of the Year.
Commander Rosemarie Lord (Beekman). A retired Navy Commander and Registered Nurse, Rosemarie served in Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan. Rosemarie has volunteered with U.S. Naval Academy, interviewing and advising eligible candidates. She has also been a religious education teacher, Brownie and Girl Scout Cookie Mother and Treasurer and Officer of the Kevin Barry Irish Club. She has been recognized for her outstanding service with the Navy Achievement Medal, Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation, National Defense Services Medal - two stars (Vietnam, Persian Gulf and Iraq Wars), Global War on Terror Services Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal and the Naval Militia Medal.
Patricia Singer (Town of Cortlandt). Patricia joined the Cortlandt Community Volunteer Ambulance Corp in 1997, serving as Recording Secretary since 1998. She has been an Emergency Medical Technician since 1999, responding to over 2,046 calls. She serves as a Youth Corps Advisor, and is one the equipment and membership committees. She is also an American Heart Association CPR Instructor. During the day she is a Special Education Teacher's Aide at Hendrick Hudson High School and is also the Director of the Putnam Valley Day Camp.
Janet Wells (New Castle). After 10 years on the Town Board, Janet served as New Castle Town Supervisor for two terms. She served on the Chappaqua Board of Education for 12 years, where she was Vice President and then President for an unprecedented four terms. Following her work with the Chappaqua Board, Janet served a five-year term with the Northern Westchester/Putnam Board of Cooperative Services (BOCES), serving two terms as President. In 1993, Janet co-founded the Chappaqua School Foundation (CSF), a not-for-profit dedicated to raising funds for the Chappaqua School District. CSF has donated over $3.5 million and funded 275 grants.

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Citizens for an Informed Yorktown

Planning Board
June 13, 2016
Meeting highlights. For a summary of all agenda items, visit

1.  Spark Steakhouse, Old Crompond Road, Public Informational Hearing
The board opened and closed the hearing. No new information was provided.

2. 3787 Crompond Road, Public Information Hearing on proposed restaurant
The board opened and closed the hearing. Key site plan issues remain to be discussed.

3. Kia Dealership, Route 202
The applicant is seeking a special use permit for a new car dealership.  The parcel is across from the New City Diner at Route 202 and Garden Lane.

4. Pervisi parcel, 3666 Old Yorktown Road
The site is located at the northern end of Route 132 that was previously home to geese.  The applicant wants permission to operate a farm and construct a farm stand.

5. Littering Law
Mr. Tripodi felt the law, while well intentioned, needed to be reworked.

6. Tree Ordinance
The Board reviewed the draft of a completing new Tree Law. Supervisor Grace participated in the discussion explaining why a new law was needed.

7.  Yorktown Highway Garage, Greenwood Street & Front Street Property
Formal site plan applications were submitted for both projects. Supervisor Grace explained that in order for the town to have a chance to get grants for the projects, the town needed to have permits for both projects in place and both projects shovel ready.

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Citizens for an Informed Yorktown

Town Board Work Session
June 14, 2016
SPECIAL NOTE:  In a change of plans, the Town Board will hold a regular meeting June 21 and a work session June 28.

Meeting highlights. For a summary of all agenda items, visit

1. Affordable Housing Ordinance
The board met with two representatives of HUD and two members of the Community Housing Board to discuss the proposed repeal of the current ordinance.  The discussion, which was a follow up to a two hour meeting the representatives had with Supervisor Grace about 2-3 weeks ago in his office, lasted over an hour and touched on many different aspects of the law and affordable housing in general.

2.  Yorktown Stage
Saying that he “needed help,” Barry Liebman, owner of the Yorktown Stage, requested town funds to offset the $130,000 he said he had to borrow to pay to replace the theater’s sound and lighting system in April

3. Puppy Hill Legislation
Town Attorney McDermott and Supervisor Grace said that more work needed to be done on the proposed law.

4. Rezoning 3561 and 3563 Ellis Street
There was a brief discussion of the request of two homeowners to rezone their property for multi family housing after the abutting property on Lexington Avenue was rezoned for multi family housing.

5. Mohegan Avenue Retaining Wall & Old Crompond Road Bridge Culvert
Town Engineer Quinn and Highway Superintendent Paganelli gave the board a status report on the need to proceed with two infrastructure projects: Replacement of the Mohegan Avenue retaining wall, located on the lake side, in the vicinity of Sagamore, and the bridge culvert on Old Crompond Road behind McDonalds. Together the two projects cost could approximately $1 million.

6. Commercial and Industrial Incentive Board
Supervisor Grace asked each board member to submit three names for potential members of the new board.

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Citizens for an Informed Yorktown
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CONTACT: Michael Jefferson, 914-962-2624

ALBANY, NY - Legislation to allow redevelopment of the Charles Point Marina in Peekskill passed the State Senate today, which will lead to the expansion of Captain Lawrence Brewery into northern Westchester. The measure, sponsored by Senator Terrence Murphy, adds certain parcels of land in Peekskill to the state's list of premises which are exempt a law which restricts alcohol manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers from sharing an interest in a liquor license.
"Peekskill is already undergoing a renaissance thanks to sound leadership by people like Mayor Frank Catalina and Legislator John Testa," Senator Murphy said. "This bill will lead to the redevelopment of this moribund site. The foolish prohibition-era law which restricted this project has been set aside and allowed common sense to prevail, and we will now see the revitalization of this beautiful waterfront property."
The project, spearheaded by Senator Murphy, Diamond Properties co-owner William Diamond, Peekskill and New York City restaurateur Louis Lanza, Captain Lawrence Brewery founder Scott Vaccaro and Peekskill restaurant owner John Sharp, would create a $6.5 million center that would include a seafood restaurant, a Captain Lawrence satellite brewery and an entertainment complex at the Site.
Diamond Properties, which operates bowling alleys and amusement centers throughout Westchester, purchased the marina in 2014. However, state liquor laws, known as "tied house" restrictions, prohibited them from operating a restaurant-brewery at another location. Senator Murphy's bill created the exemption needed for the project to move forward.  
Peekskill Mayor Frank Catalina said, "Senator Murphy has consistently responded to the call of Peekskill and his support on this important legislation is no exception.  When government works everyone wins, and the passage of this legislation by the legislature will ensure the continued revitalization of our incredible waterfront."
Because Captain Lawrence is headquarted in Elmsford, Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, who represents Greenburgh, was permitted to carry the legislation in the Senate. As co-author, it could not have passed the Senate without Senator Murphy's intervention and support.


Senator Terrence Murphy, 691 E Main St, Shrub Oak, NY 10588

For Immediate Release: June 15, 2016
Contact:  Matt Richter, BOL Communications Director
Republican Leaders Stunned by Democrat’s Vote to Block Affordable Housing
On Monday Democrats on the Westchester County Board of legislators voted against funding for 10 units of affordable housing  in Mamaroneck.  The ten units represented a significant step toward reaching the 750 units which the county is required to build under the 2009 fair and affordable housing settlement.
Republican Legislators were dismayed and confused as to why their colleagues who claim to want affordable housing throughout Westchester would block this important project with just six months left for the county to get 750 units approved with financing in place.
During the meeting the Democrat legislator who represents Mamaroneck took the lead in offering a specious argument as to why she blocked the affordable housing in her district.  She claimed that it was a gamble to finance the units because the federal monitor in the settlement had not “pre-approved” them as counting toward the 750 unit requirement.  Republicans found this argument to lack credibility since none of the units that have been approved by the Board of Legislators has ever been “pre-approved” by the Monitor and yet the Democrats voted for them.  The Monitor has only challenged the permissibility of one affordable housing project that was approved by the BOL and that challenge was struck down by the judge overseeing the settlement.  In Committee meetings to review the proposed funding, representatives from the County Attorney’s Office stated that they were confident that the Mamaroneck units would count and were well-prepared to defend the project’s validity in court if necessary.  Further proving the insincerity of the Democrats claims, on the very next vote at the BOL meeting, just 2 minutes and 20 seconds after the five Democrats voted to block the affordable housing in Mamaroneck, they voted in favor of affordable housing in Pound Ridge, a project which also did not have a pre-approval from the Monitor.
During the meeting, Minority Leader, Legislator John Testa (R) Peekskill said, “If members have some ‘inside’ information why not share it with us now?  No one from HUD or the Monitor has publicly stated any doubts.  Besides, the only time the Monitor raised an objection that certain units should not be counted was with the Conifer project in New Castle, and in the end, the federal court overruled him and said they do count.”
Minority Whip, Legislator Gordon Burrows (R) Yonkers, said, “If on December 31st the County stands at 740 units, ten units short, and incurs the heavy fines, I will hold each of you that voted to defeat this measure responsible and let every taxpayer know who was responsible for putting the county in non-compliance.”



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