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Bazzo Says: The Real Economic Danger

Bazzo Says:


Before we get into the main topic of this week’s column, I present to you: “Idiots Among Us.” Because my day job is driving a taxi cab, most of these idiots I mention below are (somehow) licensed drivers. Here are just a few I cross paths with on a daily basis:
• Drivers who know there is not enough room to make it to the other side of the light; however, they do not want to get caught at the red light, so they block the intersection hoping against hope that the car in front will move. You see this every day at the intersection of Route 6 and Mohegan Avenue.
• People who double park on the street and run into the store for “only a minute,” even though they are on a two lane road with no shoulder.
• People who use “handicapped” spaces without the sticker.
• Drivers who stop in the middle of the road to have a conversation with a pedestrian walking.
• Drivers who want to make a turn at an intersection while you are going straight and cut you off even though you have the right of way, then give you the finger.
• People who do to public restrooms what they would never do to their bathroom, one would hope.
• Cyclists who pass on the right even though the driver in front has their right blinker on.
• People who walk on the street at night in dark clothing, even if there are sidewalks. 
These people are allowed to re-produce and vote. Scary.
From the Labor Department this month
• Median household income: $57,342 in 2000, $57,263 in 2016
• There are now 144,592 million jobs. That is 5.9 million more jobs than 2008 (Bush 43’s last year). However, it also means we have produced less than one million jobs per year over the last eight years. We need, according to the Labor Department, 1.8 million jobs a year to employ all those people who enter the work force for the first time.
• Labor force participation rate: 65.7 percent in 2009, 62.6 percent in 2016. This means there are 14,179,000 more people not in the work force now than when Obama’s economic policies were enacted with an all Democrat Congress and Senate. This equals a 15 percent increase.
• Student loan debt has grown 70 percent to $1.2 trillion since Obama and his Democrat Congress took nationalized student loans.

• Gross Domestic Product: -2.8 percent in 2009, 2.5 percent in 2010, 1.6 percent in 2011, 2.2 percent in 2012, 1.5 percent in 2013, 2.4 percent in 2014 and 2.4 percent in 2015. Fact: President Obama is the first President EVER not to preside over an annual GDP of 3 percent or better. The first!
• Real unemployment, the U6 number, which includes the underemployed and people who have stopped looking for work after 6 months: 20 percent in 2009, 23 percent in 2016 (See: Labor work force participation).
• Also, food stamps, because we are importing low-skilled workers at an alarming rate, has doubled to 51 million people since 2009. Health care costs have quadrupled since Obamacare was enacted. The federal deficit stands at $19 trillion. It was $9 trillion when Obama was elected and he said when running that this was a crime.
Hillary, Schumer, Lowey and Maloney have either voted for the policies that have caused this or are fully supporting of those policies. In fact, Hillary is promising to double down on them. She says Obama has not gone far enough.
You can see for yourself, with the government’s own figures, a Democrat-controlled bureaucracy, that the national Democrat party has done more damage to our country than they tell you voting for Trump would. This is why they want you to focus on the Second Amendment (gun control), the First Amendment (Citizens United), climate change and making disagreement a criminal offense, and bathrooms and locker rooms as the “new” civil right. They are the real proven danger, not Donald Trump.
This is what I say. What say you?
Guest: Political Commentators Darren Rigger and Bryan Fumagalli & Co-Host Domenic Volpe
Wednesday 9:30 p.m.
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