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Bazzo Says: Never Letting a Crisis Go to Waste

Bazzo Says:


Rahm Emanuel, former White House chief of staff and now mayor of Chicago, once said “never let a crisis go to waste.” He said this as the Obama White House was pushing Stimulus 1 down our throats, saying we need almost a trillion dollars stimulus of federal tax dollars to jump start our economy with “shovel ready infrastructure” projects.

Of course, we now know only $90 billion went toward infrastructure, the rest went to states (Democrat controlled) in the form of grants that were then used to shore up public sector union pension funds. It was done right here in New York under then Gov. Patterson. Then these public sector unions diverted a percentage of these monies to their candidates’ re-election committees. In the private sector, this would be called money laundering.

Since then, Obama on down has called for new taxes and increased older taxes (like gas) to be dedicated toward infrastructure. Totally counting on you not to ask “what happened to Stimulus 1?” Never let a crisis go to waste.

You are seeing it again now after last week’s Orlando tragedy. Like all such tragedies in the past few years, Democrats all over are trying to use it to disarm us. You see, according to the Democrats—Obama, Clinton, Schumer, Cuomo, Maloney and Lowey—these things that happened are our fault because we will not give up our freedoms and let the government protect us. It is the fault of, in no particular order, Trump, Republicans, Conservatives, the NRA and, of course, talk radio.

The Democrats believe that by disarming innocent citizens, it will prevent bad people from killing us. You see, if we gut the Second Amendment, bad people will now obey these laws and not get firearms. They really do believe this.

Nothing, even now after the Orlando tragedy, that Obama, Cuomo and other assorted Democrats are proposing would have stopped the last tragedy. The killer was not on any watch list. He did not use a repeating rifle. He passed all background checks. However, not letting a crisis go to waste, the Democrats are using this as an opportunity to again neuter the Second Amendment. Right after the Orlando tragedy, The New York Times in an editorial called for a secret court to deny American citizens their applications for guns. A SECRET COURT! And they call Trump a Fascist.

The Daily News headline read “Thanks, NRA.” It was their fault. Hillary says the answer is to get Muslims to trust us. Obama is using the Democrat playbook, which says that if you say “radical Islamist terrorist,” you are calling all Muslims terrorists.  It is like when calling Rosie O’Donnell fat, you are calling all women fat. It is like saying that rapists are coming across our southern border, you are calling all Mexicans rapists.
Or better yet, when you call for a ban of Muslims from countries that sponsor terrorists, you are calling for a ban of all Muslims. Basically what the Democrat answer is “did you hug a Muslim today?”

We are told that the shooter was a self-hating gay, and as a Muslim, that is why he did what he did. It was not in the name of supporting ISIS, even though he did this in a phone call as he was killing people. I have known many self-hating gays over the years. I met them while working in night clubs in the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s. Their way of coping was not to shoot up the bars and patrons. No, this was an act of terror against innocent people by an avowed terrorist.

We now know that the Democrats (namely Hillary) will not protect us, for she thinks what happened is our fault. Her answer is for us to shut up and disarm. We have too much freedom. Not letting a crisis go to waste, she wants us to give up our liberties and trust that she, who has taken between $15 and $25 million (given to the Clinton Foundation) from countries that follow Sharia Law, where the killing of gays in humiliating ways is sanctioned, will protect us. Bah humbug!

This is what I say. What say you?


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