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1)  TOMORROW at 3:30PM: Maloney to Present Service Medals to Korean War Veteran

2) [PRESS RELEASE] Murphy sponsors railroad law requiring joint inspection of traffic signals

3) [PRESS RELEASE] Murphy bill creating funding stream for Vets' homes passes

4) Inside Designer Timothy Brown's Sleek Manhattan Aerie, Tour a Shoreline Estate in Old Greenwich, and More!

5) [PRESS RELEASE] Murphy grills de Blasio on why he can be trusted at hearing

6) Yorktown Town Board: Hearing on repeal of Affordable Housing Law 05/03/16


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May 7, 2016
CONTACT: Caitlin Girouard, (202) 225-5441

Maloney to Present Service Medals to Korean War Veteran
Newburgh, NY— After attending the Orange County Veterans Picnic, Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) will present four service medals to Corporal John Ciardullo for serving our country during the Korean War in the United States Army. Rep. Maloney will present the National Defense Service Medal, Korean Service Medal with Bronze Service Stars, Combat Infantry Badge and United Nations Service Medal to Corporal Ciardullo.
Participating in the ceremony will be: Master Sergeant MaryKay Messenger, Reverend Tom Jordan, Mayor Susan Rumbold, County Executive Steven Neuhaus, Senator Bill Larkin, Valley Central High School JROTC, and the West Point Band. 
Media are invited to attend. Please RSVP to Caitlin Girouard at 202-225-5441 or
Who:              Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney
Senator Bill Larkin
County Executive Steven Neuhaus
County Legislator Mike Anagnostakis
County Legislator James Kulisek
County Legislator Christopher Eachus 
Town Supervisor Michael Hayes
Mayor Susan Rumbold
What:            Medal Presentation Ceremony for Corporal John Ciardullo
When:            Saturday May 7th at 3:30 PM
Where:          Walden Village Hall
                        Bradley Assembly Room, Third Floor
                        1 Municipal Square
                        Walden, NY 12586
Biography of Corporal John Ciardullo
John Ciardullo was born in Brooklyn, NY. February 21, 1933, he is the second oldest of four brothers.
John became a soldier in the United States Army on July 8, 1952 and served his country in the Korean War until April 30, 1954. While serving in Korea as a Combat Infantryman, John fought in the Third Korean Winter and the Korea Summer 1953 Battles also known as Pork Chop Hill.
On May 4, 1957 he married Clare Farace, they just celebrated their 59th anniversary. They raised 5 children together, Michael, Catherine, Douglas, Richard and John Peter. They are the proud grandparents of 15 children and great grandparents of 6 children.
In his younger days, John enjoyed painting pictures, dancing, bowling and softball. John enjoyed being involved in youth programs and was always ready to volunteer his time. He served as President of the Walden Little League, Head of the Village of Walden Basketball Program, Director of the Knights of Columbus, President of the Walden Rotary and Umpire and Chief of the Walden Little League. One favorite, of his many highlights, was being invited to Williamsport PA, where he was the home plate umpire in the Little League World Series game in 1982, played between Canada and Taiwan - the first little league game televised by ESPN. John was honored with a plaque from the Board of Trustees of the Village of Walden for over 20 years of volunteer service to youth programs. John also served as a volunteer at Colonel Bradley Field batting cages, which are dedicated in his honor by the Walden Little League.

CONTACT: Michael Jefferson, 914-962-2624

Bills calls for MTA & DOT to regularly inspect grade crossing traffic signal systems

Albany, NY - In light of the near-disaster at the Green Street crossing in Bedford, and with the memory of the tragic 2015 Metro-North train accident in Valhalla still fresh in our memories, Senator Terrence Murphy is sponsoring a bill requiring the joint inspection of traffic signals at interconnected grade crossings.
"We put our trust in Metro-North and the Department of Transportation on a daily basis to protect commuters and drivers crossing the railways," said Senator Murphy. "Currently, Metro-North and the DOT are working independently to try and keep our railroad grade crossings safe, but one hand does not know what the other hand is doing. A coordinated program of inspections will significantly improve safety at our railway crossings."
Even before the Metro-North commuter train crash in Valhalla that claimed the lives of six people, Senator Murphy was a proponent for increased railway safety. Following the accident, Senator Murphy lead a coalition calling for expedited grade crossing assessments and co-authored, S5238, a bill calling for the installation of cameras at railway crossings that would monitor crossing violations.
The new legislation adds a new section to the railroad law which would establish a required joint inspection by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) every two years.
"We need to get this bill passed as quickly as possible in order to avoid future incidents that put passengers and drivers in danger," said County Legislator Francis Corcoran. "Having the MTA and DOT work together is a logical and efficient way to ensure inspections are conducted regularly. The passage of Senator Murphy's bill will ultimately save lives."
"I support Senator Murphy's efforts in coordinating the inspections of grade crossings with the MTA and the DOT," said Mt. Pleasant Town Supervisor Carl Fulgenzi. "It makes total sense that the two entities directly effecting traffic flow at these intersections be on the same page .Any action that would ensure the safe passage of vehicles through railway crossings would be very much appreciated by the Town of Mount Pleasant."

As a result of Senator Murphy's efforts, and with a recommendation from the National Transportation Board (NTSB), a statewide effort was launched to improve the coordinated operation of traffic and railroad signal systems that are in close proximity to where vehicles line up to cross the tracks.
Under the current system the railroads independently inspect their portion of the interconnected system and the Department of Transportation does the same for signals on the state system. However, the majority of these signals are located on the local system, and it is not known how often these interconnected signals are being inspected.

"Anything we can do to increase railroad safety crossing is a very good thing," said New Castle Town Supervisor Robert Greenstein. "The cooperation with the Federal Government is also very encouraging.  That cooperation will certainly be needed as we work to eliminate on-grade railroad crossings." 

Richard Williams Sr., Patterson Town Supervisor, added, "I applaud Senator Murphy for looking to improve the safety of our rail crossings, consolidate services wherever it is possible, and working hard to save New Yorker's tax dollars by reducing the duplication of services."                                       

Senator Terrence Murphy, 691 E Main St, Shrub Oak, NY 10588
CONTACT: Michael Jefferson, 914-962-2624

ALBANY, NY - Senator Terrence Murphy is building on the promise he made to veterans to make their welfare one of his top priorities. A bill passed by the Senate yesterday, Senate Bill S6577, was sponsored by Murphy and allows tax payers to elect to make a contribution to the state's veterans' homes through their personal tax returns. 

"Our country has been privileged to have the most courageous men and women in the world serve in our armed forces," Senator Murphy said. "They risked their lives to protect our freedom. These dedicated veterans deserve the utmost care, which many receive through the statewide veterans' home system. However, with health care costs on the rise, something more needed to be done. Establishing an additional funding mechanism for state run veterans' homes is the least we can do for those brave men and women that put their lives on the line."
According to the National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics, there are 892,221 veterans in New York State. More than half - 456,591 - are sixty-five years old or older.  The new legislation provides a tax line to assist the state run veterans' homes in their efforts to provide veterans with appropriate healthcare and housing in their aging years.

"As a veteran who has the utmost respect for those who have served our country, and as a Sheriff who knows well how vulnerable our elderly and disabled can be, I appreciate very much Senator Murphy's sponsorship of the new legislation and his fellow legislators' support of it," Putnam County Sheriff Donald Smith, a retired Army Brigadier General, said.  "This legislative initiative will enhance the quality of care for our oldest and neediest veterans. Moreover, I think that giving folks an easy way to donate to the state-operated Veterans Homes-by just checking off a box on their tax returns-is a terrific idea." 
The Commissioner of Taxation and Finance will include space on personal income tax return forms to allow taxpayers to make a contribution to veterans' homes. In addition, a new section of the state finance law calls for the creation of the Veterans' Home Assistance Fund, which will be funded by tax donations earmarked specifically for the support of five veterans homes in the state. The five homes are located in New York City, Oxford, Batavia, Montrose and at Stony Brook University.
"I am pleased that this bill will be moving forward, which will bring further imperative relief to the veterans' home system," Dutchess County Legislator and combat veteran Marc Coviello said. "It is always extremely important that we create new and innovative ways for our communities to come together, both local businesses and private citizens, to continue to support the men and women who have served this country so honorably. Veterans deserve elected officials that consistently advocate for them and I am very proud to say that Senator Murphy is one of the strongest advocates for our veterans in the New York State Senate. "
Former Assemblyman Robert Castelli, a former ranking member on the Assembly Veterans Affairs' Committee, and Vietnam War combat veteran said, "I strongly support the passage of S6577 and acknowledge that it is critical that we as citizens support our older veterans as they enter their twilight years.  They have served us courageously and it is up to us to thank them and serve them."
The bill was sent to the Assembly where it is sponsored by Assemblyman Michael Miller of Queens.

Senator Terrence Murphy, 691 E Main St, Shrub Oak, NY 10588


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At a hearing on mayoral control of New York City schools on May 4th in Albany, State Senator Terrence Murphy got Mayor Bill de Blasio to go on the record, although the Mayor did not answer Murphy's question about why the Mayor should be trusted in light of the ongoing investigations into his fundraising.

ALBANY, NY - State Senator Terrence Murphy and Mayor Bill de Blasio met face to face for the first time today. Senator Murphy questioned the New York City Mayor during a hearing of the Senate Education Committee on an extension of Mayoral Control for New York City. The system was implemented by the state legislature in 2002 following years of corruption investigations involving pay-to-play, self-dealing, rewarding politically connected contractors at the New York City Board of Education and School Construction Authority.
"The result of all this corruption was that it was our children who suffered" Murphy said, "I asked the Mayor convince me why I should vote to extend the trust of Mayoral control in his administration. There's one thing that the Mayor forgot to say and that's the trust factor. You have to have the trust of the people."
An ongoing criminal inquiry by the United States Attorney for the Southern District is examining the Mayor's fundraising apparatus, including several non-profits he set up to advocate for causes including Universal pre-kindergarten. These charities accepted six figure contributions from unions and businesses who were otherwise prohibited from giving more than $400 to the Mayor directly.
Although NY1 revealed the City's conflict of interest board sent the Mayor a letter warning him against soliciting donations from entities that have matters "pending or about to be pending" before the City, Politico New York reported that over 62% of the contributions to these charities came from entities seeking favors.
Murphy indicated that these matters create the appearance of a conflict of interest. "Why I should vote for mayoral control with all the allegations that are going on in your office?" he asked during the hearing.
The Mayor did not answer the question as to why he could be trusted directly. Some of these same individuals and group that were solicited are implicated in a separate investigation that was referred to the Manhattan District Attorney for criminal prosecution by the independent enforcement counsel at the State Board of Elections for circumventing lawful contribution limits by transferring contributions far in excess of the legal limit through straw donor committees.
Jennifer Rodgers, former assistant U.S. Attorney and current executive director of the Center For The Advancement of Public Integrity at Columbia University, told the Gotham Gazette that after reviewing the state statutes and the State Board of Elections' report, she thinks "there is good reason to believe the law was violated by the Mayor and his associates."
"The Mayor is essentially asking us for an extension of a system that was put into place to end to the self-dealing and corruption from the days of organizations like the school construction authority whose three trustees are now appointed by the Mayor himself," Murphy said. "Yet we learn more everyday about how the very practices Mayoral Control sought to end seem to be returning. I would just like to say that what we have heard here today does not diminish either the merits or the critiques of mayoral control. Every school district is different and you will never hear me advocating for a one-size-fits-all approach to our kids. Our kids are more than just a test score."

He continued, "No matter what level of government we must all do the right thing in order to regain the trust of the public.  I will always consider, when appropriate, mayoral control for those districts throughout the state which have requested it in a manner that is appropriate.  Ultimately, we must do everything we can to give every child the opportunity to succeed and that begins with a quality education."


Senator Terrence Murphy, 691 E Main St, Shrub Oak, NY 10588
Citizens for an Informed Yorktown

Town Board
May 3, 2016
Meeting highlights. For more details and a summary of other agenda items, visit

1. Public hearing: Repeal of the Affordable Housing Law (Chapter 102 of Town Code)
Before a standing room crowd, the hearing lasted for three hours.  Of the 21 speakers, 18 opposed to the repeal, two supported the repeal and one person was undecided.   The hearing was adjourned with Supervisor Grace saying he continued to believe that the law was illegal but that he was willing to discuss modifications in the law.

A video of the hearing is available at .

2. Public hearing on bond authorization for Consolidated Water District
Yorktown’s share of the cost of the new storage tank at the Joint Water Works will be $1.1 million. Supervisor reluctantly agreed to modify a proposed bond resolution initially authorizing borrowing of “up to a maximum of $3 million” to read only $1.1 million.

3. Appointments
Todd Orlowski was appointed Superintendent of Parks and Recreation at an annual salary of $95,000.
Conservation Board: Robert Puff
Ethics Board: Michael Reda
Planning Board: Richard Fon was re-appointed for another three year term and Anthony Tripodi was appointed as a new member.

4. Miscellaneous resolutions
Spectra pipeline: the board approved a resolution holding the town harmless relating to a blasting permit issued to Spectra.

YCCC: Waived most of the rent fee for the Enrichment Center.

5. Courtesy of the Floor
Survey on use of Spectra $1.5 million: The board was given a copy of the survey highlights. 69% of the respondents said the money should be spent on infrastructure improvements.

Unpaid taxes: Ed Ciffone asked what the town was doing to collect $4.3 million in unpaid taxes.

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