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Bazzo Says: Who Is Really The Nasty One?

Bazzo Says:


First, I have a correction from a recent column. In it I wrote that in New York, registered Democrats outnumber Republicans 6-to-1. I was wrong. The correct discrepancy in New York is 6-to-3 (5,792,497 Democrats to 2,731,688 Republicans). Sorry for the senior moment.
I have received permission to repeat the following Facebook quote from its author:
“I never thought I would say this in a million years. My vote is up for grabs. Whoever is least insane, Trump or Clinton, gets my vote. Right now, I am leaning towards Clinton because Trump has proven to be a nasty human being. His latest comment that Cruz’s dad is responsible for JFK’S assassination proves that he will say anything to get elected. Clinton might be the more conservative candidate.”
I use this because it best sums up the feeling of Cruz supporters after he dropped out of the presidential race last Tuesday. First and foremost, anyone who considers themselves either a Republican or a conservative cannot, in clear conscience vote for Hillary Clinton!
Should they do, they were really never, either.
Also, Trump never said that. In the interview, he only pointed out that the National Enquirer printed a picture that purports to be Ted Cruz’s dad passing out literature with Lee Harvey Oswald. Then he says he does not understand why no one is talking about it. As with most, if not all, media coverage of Trump and/or Cruz, what is reported they said is not actually what they said.
Fact is that yes, the publisher of the Enquirer is a friend of Trump and has endorsed him. It is also a fact they printed the picture. It is also a fact that it was the Enquirer that unearthed former South Carolina Sen. John Edwards’ affair and the Monica Lewinsky scandal that rocked the Clinton Administration.
Final fact is that this had nothing to do with Cruz’s defeat. Indiana was an early voting state. Polls showed late breaking voters went for Cruz. So the die was cast before the quote. Also, Cruz and the decision to drop out was made beforehand, when he got the internal polling he paid for that showed him getting his clocked clean.
Let us get to nasty. When did it change that when we were kids, our parents would admonish us with the adage “actions speak louder than words?” Trump has lived and flourished in the media capital of the world. Yet, there has never, never been a story of how awful Trump has treated women.
n who worked for him. Even his ex-wives have not said a bad word about him. In both cases, since he announced his candidacy, the media has spent untold amount of money and time in negative research looking for this. There is no there, there.
What is there are two videos (not widely reported, of course): One of an employee (an African-American women) and a former employee (a Latino woman) praising him as a boss. Actions! When did it happen that to speak ill of a particular woman becomes an assault on all women? Answer: When the story and template is being written by Democrats in the media (I repeat myself).
Don’t believe me? At the recent White House Correspondence Dinner, of the 72 White House press pool reporters in attendance, including those from “conservative” networks, none are registered Republicans—25 percent are Democrats, 13 percent are not affiliated with either party and 60 percent are not registered to vote. Tell me that does not make a difference.
You want nasty? Try this: Obama in 2008 at a San Francisco editorial board meeting pledged to bankrupt the coal industry. In the last seven years, four leading coal companies have filed for Chapter 11. The last one two weeks ago. He has succeeded. Hillary in Ohio told a bunch of “greenies” she was going to make a lot of coal miners unemployed. When confronted last week in West Virginia by some unemployed coal miners about this, she said with a straight face that she did not say that, yet there is a video of her saying exactly that! So who are you going to believe: Her or your own lying eyes and ears? That is nasty. Actions!
You want nasty? Nine Democrat attorneys general have subpoenaed ExxonMobil for all its correspondence with research centers and conservative (only) think tanks and law firms relating to any discussions concerning opposition to climate change. They wish by power of law to silence any speech against their agenda to deal with climate change. This is the definition of “soft tyranny.” This is nasty! This is a complete assault on the First Amendment. Voting for Hillary would continue this soft tyranny. 

You want nasty? The federal bureaucracy in the form of HUD and the Justice Department is reaching down to state, county and town levels to dictate zoning codes, police departments and now, as of last week, who can and cannot use bathrooms. Another definition of soft tyranny.
These are actions! They do speak louder than words! Trump may not be a movement conservative, but he is not a tyrant in waiting. Hillary is. Trump may at times say nasty things; Hillary has done and has promised to do nasty things. Fact is, Hillary will continue to erode our liberties. Trump will not. It is as simple as that. It is as nasty as that!
This is what I say. What say you?
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