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Bazzo Says: More Democrat Over Reach

Bazzo Says:


.....You may have read that New York City is now going to force stores to charge customers 5 cents a bag to carry out their purchases.  They can not make it a tax for that would require action by the state legislature, which as this is an election year, is in no mood to enact a new tax. So this is called a surcharge and the stores keep the nickel.  The object is to force customers to use re-usable bags.  Knowing the state of things regarding politics in New York, I wonder how much re-usable bag makers have contributed to members of the city council?  All things considered, not an unfair question.

1) For a party that purports to care for the low income, who in hell do you think this hurts the most?  I know, there are exceptions for those on state assistance.  However what about the low income earners not on the public teet? 

2) This started out like most bad ideas that pick the pockets of wage earners, on the west coast.  What has not been commonly reported is the cases of food born illness has increased due to the necessity of having to constantly wash out the reusable bags and people do not.  Apparently this cure for some imaginary problem is worse than the problem itself. 

3) Like the nickel deposit on bottles, you watch.  With in a year, probably after this years election, you will have lawmakers in both the city and state, and I' ld bet real money Democrats all, will be saying it is unfair that theses greedy stores get to keep the nickel and you will see a call to change this to a tax so the state and city can, like the nickel deposits on bottles, will get the money in the name of the environment.

4) So, you may wonder why I bring this up?  Well you would not believe how many people have asked me my opinion on this. Also, like all bad ideas, you will have members of the county legislature demand that the county enact the same thing, then put pressure on the state legislature to make it a tax so they too can grab the money.

5) I also suspect that because New York makes it so expensive to hire people, you have a vast underground economy, (people off the books) who not only pay no taxes, but also as they show no income are on the public teet.  This is another way of getting that money back.

.....In another example of government over reach, the Food And Drug Administration has now classified e-cigarettes as a tobacco product even though there is no tobacco in it.  They are trying, like this administration has done to the coal industry, to make it so expensive to produce that the makers will go out of business.  It will now cost one million dollars per type of e-cigarette (regular, flavored etc.) and 700 hundred man hours to get a licence to sell.  All because it does not look good.  There has been no proven health hazard.
.....Attorney Genera Loretta Lynch has now decided that allowing people to use bathrooms and locker rooms (the last part hardly ever mentions in this discussion) no matter what you genitals are, but what you think they should be, is now a civil right and covered under the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  It is not!  This is another example of this Administration writing law not enforcing law.  It is another example of a do nothing congress not standing up to this Presidents abuse of the separation of powers.    Remember it was Senator Schumer that insisted she be voted to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General.

As we go into November, it is important to keep these action in mind and stop worrying about words.  Hillary Clinton, Senator Schumer, and Democrats down the line will continue to support these actions.  Donald Trump will not it is that simple.  This is what I say.  What say you?
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