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Bazzo Says Column: Acceptable Consequences

Bazzo Says:


I have repeatedly told you liberals/Democrats wish to be judged on intent; not results or consequences. You see this with the open borders crowd. When someone here illegally commits a heinous act, something that would not have happened had this country actually enforced our border laws, it is overlooked as acceptable by the open borders crowd because their intent was compassion for the impoverished. Remember, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. Except we are not talking eggs here, but real human suffering. Preventable suffering!

• Have you noticed that liberals/Democrats hate bullying except when they do it? Take this hoopla over North Carolina’s new law that states people can only use the restroom that matches their genitals, not what they wished their genitals were.

First, transgenders make up less then 1 percent of the population. I know, if you go to NYC, it seems like more, but country-wide it is less then 1 percent. So what sense does it make to overturn common decency to accommodate this group of the newly aggrieved?
Second, if you are a parent, are you really that much of a liberal that you would want someone with opposing genitals using the same locker rooms or bathrooms as your young child? Yes, this law includes locker rooms. Are you really a bigot if you are not comfortable with this new accommodation?

Third, our governor and some others have now banned unessential state-sponsored travel to North Carolina. Why in God’s good name are we paying for any kind of unessential travel to begin with?

Finally, our governor who is having such a hissy fit over this new law, has no problems with traveling to Cuba and courting the Castros. You should know that Cuba once imprisoned homosexuals, so they really have no need to address this question of bathroom use. North Carolina bad; Cuba good. You figure that out.

So, should some child be molested, it will be an acceptable consequence because our intent was pure. Isn’t it hard enough to prevent pedophilia without making it easier for perverts to gain access to children under the protection of law? I am not saying transgenders are perverts, though my detractors will try to intimate that I did, but there will be actual pedophiles that will utilize this law to gain access to children.

• I have told you money always finds a way; that if you mandate overpaying for labor, businesses will not just sit there and eat it. New York has now, by law, mandated a $15 an hour minimum wage and paid family leave. We are told this is the compassionate thing to do. Because New York, as a sanctuary state, has imported millions in unskilled labor, they are using minimum wage laws saying you must be able to feed a family of four on wages paid for entry-level jobs. This is what they wished to be judged on.

However, the consequences of this law are acceptable. One consequence is the loss of between 200,000 to 600,000 jobs. The politicians don’t mind, though, because those fired will continue to vote for those politicians who promise them more free money. In the world of politicians, this is called job security.

Don’t believe me? Lets look at the fast food industry, meaning McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, etc. The average franchise makes about $2.6 million in annual revenue, which, after operating costs and all franchise fees are deducted, leaves them with about $156,000 in profit. In the real world, by paying workers $15 an hour will erase at least three-quarters of that profitability, and leave only one viable option to franchisees who wish, horror of horrors, to make a profit on their investment, which is to cut labor costs by firing workers.

Yeah Andy, so how will they get their product to the customer if you fire the workers? Good question. Well, they will go to automation, which under normal circumstances would be expensive, will now be a more viable option. You see: In the real world, customers are notoriously sensitive to price increases. So that is to be avoided, if possible. 

So a franchisee looks for a way they can absorb the cost with a change that customers don’t mind. As these businesses saw this coming and started planning for this, their substitution consists of a self-service computer kiosk to replace a full-service employee
They’ve been tested successfully in a number of markets in the United States and now are on their way to New York. So now in the name of compassion, look for the firing of thousands of entry-level opportunities for people without many other options. But do not worry, there is always the public teet, and you get to pay for it; pay for it in higher costs—prices will rise nominally at your local Dunkin Donuts, for instance—and in higher taxes, to keep that teet funded.
This is why you cannot vote for Democrats. It is time to judge results; not intent.
 Welcome to the real world.

This is what I say. What Say you?

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