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1) : The Town of Ossining is Seeking a Seasonal Laborer!

2) Police jobs still unfilled as Westchester parks season starts

3) The Board of Legislators Celebrates Jewish History & Heritage Month - Monday, May 16

4) PRESS RELEASE] Candidates caught in De Blasio Debacle

5) NEWS: Maloney, Denham Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Aid Disabled Veterans

6) Yorktown Town Board reviews new tree law and anti littering efforts  04/26/16

7) Yorktown Planning Board: Missing information delays approvals 04/25/16

8) Tour the Branford Gardens of Architect Frederick Bland, 14 Design Finds Inspired by a Palette of Greens, and More!
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For immediate reply:
On Wednesday, April 27, 2016 3:05 PM, Budget Officer Maddi Zachacz wrote:


    The Volunteer-Spirited Town


The Town of Ossining is seeking a Seasonal Laborer to work at Dale Cemetery. The successful applicant will work under the direction of the Cemetery Superintendent for a period not to exceed 4 months, and may perform tasks including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Performing routine cleaning, maintenance and repair assignments
  • Loading/ unloading materials and equipment from trucks
  • Cleaning and operating equipment, supplies, and instruments in accordance with defined procedures
  • Digging and refilling trenches
  • Raking leaves and hauling away rubbish
  • Painting
  • Cutting grass by hand or with tractor driven mowing machines and cutting up felled trees
The successful applicant also must be able to follow oral instructions, get along well with others, understand and communicate in English sufficiently to perform the essential duties of the position, and be physically capable of performing the above.
The Town of Ossining Employment Application is available pdf here (124 KB) , or at 16 Croton Avenue in the Office of the Town Clerk or in the Supervisor's Office. Please return completed applications to Maddi Zachacz in the Supervisor's Office at 16 Croton Avenue before Friday, May 6th at 4PM.
Town Board 
Dana A. Levenberg
Karen M. D'Attore
Council Member 
Elizabeth R. Feldman
Council Member 
Kim Jeffrey
Council Member 
Northern Wilcher, Jr.
Council Member 

Town Links
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On Friday, April 29, 2016 10:32 AM, Catherine Borgia wrote:

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CARMEL, NY - Columnist Phil Reisman called New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio a "bogeyman" in 2014 New York State Senate races, and now the specter of de Blasio is once again haunting candidacies of local Democrats in the 2016 campaign season thanks to the looming campaign finance scandal centered in Putnam County. The ongoing criminal inquiry by the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District, the Manhattan DA and others, was the result of complaints initially raised by State Senator Terrence Murphy.
Putnam County Republican Committee Chairman Anthony Scannapieco Jr., who filed the original complaint, said, "As questions continue to mount in this growing scandal, it has become clear that all of the Democratic candidates in the 40th Senate District are in some way tainted by it. It remains to be seen if any of them will be able to remain in the race now that their affiliation and participation with Team de Blasio's ongoing efforts is out in the open."
Earlier this week, Mayor de Blasio's campaign attorney issued a statement which called the investigation politically motivated, although it did not deny the allegations levied by the independent enforcement counsel at the state board of elections which called the violations "willful and flagrant" and referred them for "criminal prosecution." On Wednesday, a memo from 2014 was leaked which showed that same attorney had helped plan the original scheme to run an end around the lawful contribution limits and "detailed how the coordinated campaign would be structured and run," according to Politico.[1]
In order to evade the lawful contribution limit and disguise the true name of the contributor, state investigators allege that "Team de Blasio" had donors contribute to sleepy county committees, which then transferred the money to candidates in excess of the lawful limit, in effect acting as straw donors, which is a felony under New York State Election Law. The donors themselves were individuals seeking to do business in New York City, and this "pay-to-play" style shakedown made one feel "uncomfortable," according to the Daily News.[2]
The Putnam County Democratic Committee (PCDC), at the forefront of the scandal, has also lawyered up, retaining white collar criminal defense firm Sher Tremonte LLP, who issued a statement claiming that "there was no intent to evade individual campaign finance limits," while not denying that the limits were in fact evaded.[3]

Notably, the PCDC's statement claims the expenditures the Committee made were lawful. However, according to its own filing, the PCDC made no expenditures. It simply transferred the money to the candidates, and thus their statement strain credulity, Scannapieco pointed out. 

The contact persons listed on the PCDC's statement from Sher Tremonte are white collar criminal defense attorneys. The Mahopac News reported that PCDC Vice-Chairman Louis Epstein "seemed to confirm the illegality of the donations. 'We were told, before we got it, how it was going to be used,' he said."[4]

Not all county committees agreed to be part of this plot. Suffolk Democratic County Committee Chairman Richard Schaffer told Newsday that the legislative director for NYSUT called him around the end September of 2014 and said the union wanted to send $100,000 earmarked for transfer to a senate campaign in Suffolk County. "I explained to him you can't make a contribution and then designate how it's spent on a specific candidate, and told him I wouldn't accept it," Schaffer said. "We believed it was illegal."[5]

The Suffolk committee went so far as to return the check. The state Democratic party also distanced itself from the mess, issuing a statement that it "neither participated in or approved the use of Putnam and Ulster County Committees in this endeavor."[6]
Reporter Bryan Fumagalli of the Peekskill Post was the first to report on the story in 2014, winning an award from the New York Press Association. Fumagalli uncovered that all three of the Democratic candidates in the 40th senate district in the 2016 campaign season are tied to the scandal as well in a report this week.[7]
Democrat Andrew Falk, during his two failed state assembly bids, paid over $400,000 to Mark Guma communications, one of five political consulting firms which investigators allege Team de Blasio required candidates to hire in exchange for the straw donations. The firm has been subpoenaed as part of the investigation.
Falk has also received seven donations from CWA District One PAC, one of the mega-donors on the list of entities doing business with New York City that Team de Blasio solicited to make the unlawful contributions to the county committees. Falk was running in Putnam County at the time of the original complaint in 2014 and said "he understood why the money was allocated to the Senate races" and called for no investigation at the time.[8]
Also tainted by the scandal is Democrat Alison Boak, a former one-term Councilperson from Pound Ridge who ran unopposed in 2011 and lost her race for Town Supervisor in 2013 and her bid for re-election in 2015. Boak has retained the services of Red Horse LLC for her 2016 campaign, another so-called "preferred vendor" for Team de Blasio which has been subpoenaed by investigators. She apparently had no comment when asked if she planned to continue using the firm in light of the recent revelations.
Finally, it was also reported that Democrat Debra Carter-Costello had hired Millennial Strategies, the firm which "reaped tens of thousands of dollars from the campaign of Democratic state Senate candidate Justin Wagner" in 2014, according to Crain's New York Business, the campaign which investigators said was at the center of planning the Team de Blasio scheme.[9] Contributions far in excess of what would otherwise have been allowed made payable to the PCDC, some mailed to de Blasio's office, were immediately transferred to the Wagner campaign, which then spent identical amounts on the preferred vendors central to the investigation.[10]
These same vendors are also used by de Blasio's charities, who the original donors were also apparently asked to contribute to, according to reports. Several of the preferred vendors are also registered as lobbyists, and represent these donor-clients in front of City Hall. At the same time, Millennial was running independent expenditure groups, or Super PACs, on behalf of some of the donors, even though they were not legally permitted to coordinate with the Wagner campaign, according to the Crains' New York Business report.[11]
Reporters continue to try to seek answers from Team de Blasio, the PCDC, Falk, Boak and Carter Costello even as federal prosecutors continue to issue subpoenas to top legislative and campaign staff for Mayor de Blasio and rumors swirl about which of the local democratic candidates will be forced to exit the race.

[1] Laura Nahmias. "Cuomo aide was aware of investigated Senate fundraising arrangement." Politico New York. April 26, 2016.
[3] Jon Campbell. "De Blasio probe highlights NY loopholes." Gannett Albany. April 28, 2016.
[4] Bob Dumas. "NY Times Article Casts Shadow on County Dems' Campaign Funding." Mahopac News. April 28, 2016. 
[5] David M. Schwartz. "Suffolk Democrats say they returned big union checks in 2014." Newsday. April 28, 2016.
[6] David Andreatta. "Something fishy in Monroe Democrats' coffers." Democrat & Chronicle. April 25, 2016.
[7] Bryan Fumagalli. "Tentacles of de Blasio mess reach local Democrats." Peekskill Post. April 28, 2016.
[8] Bryan Fumagalli. "Major windfall has supporters, opponents raising eyebrows." Mahopac News. October 23, 2014.
[9] Chris Bragg. "Firm toes fine line." Crain's New York Business. November 11, 2014.
[10] Chris Bragg. "Mayor's money circles back." Crain's New York Business. November 9, 2014.
[11] See supra at 9


April 29, 2016
CONTACT: Caitlin Girouard, 202-225-5441
Maloney, Denham Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Aid Disabled Veterans
Milestone: Maloney Returns $3 Million to Over 800 Hudson Valley Veterans
Washington — Representatives Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) and Jeff Denham (CA-10) introduced a bill to ensure that the Veterans Administration (VA) is taking the best possible care of disabled veterans. The Appropriate Care for Disabled Veterans Act extends a mandate, previously signed into law, that the VA report to Congress its capacity for the specialized treatment and rehabilitative needs of disabled veterans.
“As the son of a Navy veteran who was injured while serving our country, I know how critical it can be for our veterans to receive the best possible care when they come home,” said Rep. Maloney. “This commonsense bill will ensure we hold the VA accountable for doing their job and delivering on their promise – providing top-notch comprehensive and specialized care for our veterans who have sacrificed so much in defense of our freedoms.”
“The number of disabled veterans nationwide has been increasing at an alarming rate,” said Rep. Denham. “This common-sense bill requires the VA to provide the comprehensive care they so clearly deserve.”
"VA is currently not required to tell Congress how or if it has adequate capacity to provide care for catastrophically disabled veterans,” said Carl Blake, Associate Executive Director of Government Relations at Paralyzed Veterans of America. “In the eight years since the report’s expiration bed closures, staff shortages, and denied access to care have been continuously reported. Reinstating this report will provide Congress with the information necessary to conduct thorough oversight of VA specialized services. This is a high priority for PVA and we applaud Reps. Denham and Maloney for taking up such a critical issue." 
Severely disabled veterans suffer from a range of issues – spinal cord injury/dysfunction (SCI/D); blindness; traumatic brain injury (TBI); or mental health disorders. They require specialized care, including prosthetic, orthotic and sensory aids.  To ensure their needs were met, in 1996 Congress mandated that the VA maintain its capacity for the specialized treatment and rehabilitative needs of disabled veterans based on a number of specific measurements. For spinal cord injuries in particular, this capacity was to be measured by the number of staffed beds and the number of full-time employee equivalents available to provide care. The VA was also required to report this information to Congress after it was reviewed by the VA’s Office of the Inspector General. This reporting requirement has since lapsed. This bill reinstates the requirement and encourages the VA to fulfill President Lincoln's promise “To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan' by serving and honoring the men and women who are America's Veterans.”
Rep. Maloney has a track record of getting things done for Hudson Valley veterans despite Washington gridlock. In 2013, Rep. Maloney’s Disabled Veterans Red Tape Reduction Act was signed into law, which helped to address the Veterans Administration (VA)’s backlog of disability claims. In December 2015, Rep. Maloney’s Wounded Warrior Employment Improvement Act was signed into law to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) program, the key employment program to help assist, train and find jobs for veterans who have compensable service-connected disabilities. Last month, Rep. Maloney introduced bipartisan legislation to cut through red tape and automatically forgive students loans for eligible disabled veterans. The bipartisan Disabled Veterans Student Loan Protection Act would increase interagency communication and cooperation in order to reduce the burden placed on our veterans to ensure their federal student loans are discharged, a benefit already entitled to veterans with a total and permanent disability (TPD) or a 100 percent service-connected disability.
Since joining Congress, Rep. Maloney has secured over $3 million in guaranteed benefits for more than 800 Hudson Valley veterans and their family members who were owed education, disability, retirement, medical, burial, spousal and dependents’ compensation. Rep. Maloney has also hosted four veterans resources and jobs fairs with dozens of local veterans organizations, and has secured over 129 service medals, including 3 Bronze Star Medals and 3 Purple Hearts.

Citizens for an Informed Yorktown

Town Board Work Session
April 26, 2016
Meeting highlights. For a summary of other agenda items, visit

1. BOCES water usage
The town is asking BOCES to pay a $25,947 water bill to cover unmetered water usage dating back to the 1980s through 2012 when the missing meters were installed.

2. Littering
Town Attorney Michael McDermott suggested that the town adopt a “red light camera” law that would involve installing surveillance cameras at littering hot spots that would take pictures of cars that illegally dumped.

Refuse and Recycling Coordinator Kim Angliss Gage asked the board to consider okaying the purchase of 40 “anti littering” signs.

3. Dumpster Enclosure Local Law
A public hearing will be held June 7 on a law regulating dumpsters and compactors for commercial and multi family properties.

4. Tree Ordinance
Town Attorney McDermott presented a proposed new Tree Law that would replace the law enacted in 2010. The new law would eliminate the need for homeowners to get permits before cutting down a certain number of trees. The law would also lessen certain requirements for new developments.

5. Escrow Law Requirements
The board postponed a discussion to eliminate all escrow fee requirements related to the processing of development applications and replace the fee with flat fees for specific services.

6. Animal cruelty
The town attorney was asked to research the feasibility of adopting a local  law regulating the sale of cats and dogs.

7. Planning Board approval process/working with developers
The board discussed whether current Planning Board procedures are holding back and delaying the approval of development applications.


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Citizens for an Informed Yorktown

Planning Board
April 25, 2016

Meeting highlights. For a summary of all agenda items, visit

1. Little Sorrentos, Route 202
The applicant wants to convert an existing landscaped island between the building and the parking area into a patio that will accommodate 5 tables.

2. Chase Bank, Commerce Street 
Issues were raised about the impact of traffic on Commerce Street and whether left turns out of the site should be restricted.

3. JCPC Holdings, Front Street
The board cannot approve the plan until the applicant provides more information.

4. Marathon Development, Kear Street
The board cannot approve the plan until the applicant provides more information.

5. Triglia subdivision, Baker Highway
The board wants the entire length of Baker Highway paved.

6. Spark Steakhouse, Old Crompond Road
The board cannot approve the site plan amendments until the applicant provides more information.

Copyright © 2016 Citizens for an Informed Yorktown, All rights reserved.
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Citizens for an Informed Yorktown
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The New York Botanical Garden Celebrates its 125th Anniversary

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