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1) NEWS ALERT: Cortlandt Democrats to Host Law Day Forum on May 1

2) LDM Opening a Success! Enjoy a Few Photos of the Event.

3) Letter To The Editor: Yorktown's Virtual Employer

4) NEWS: Maloney Urges Hudson Valley to “Ban the Box”

5) Killian Receives GOP Nomination in Bid for 37th State Senate District

6) PRESS RELEASE] Penalty may rise for de Blaz as vendors were campaign, lobbyist, IE, non-profit

7) [MEDIA ADVISORY] *Today, 7:00pm* Sen. Murphy kicks off re-election

8) 12 Grapes: 65 Musicians walk into a bar..
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For immediate reply:
On Monday, April 25, 2016 3:12 PM, Brian Pugh wrote:
WHEN: Sunday, May 1, 1-3PM
WHERE: The Field Library, 4 Nelson Ave, Peekskill, New York 10566

On May 1 the United States officially recognizes Law Day. It is meant to reflect on the role of law in the foundation of the country and to recognize its importance for society.

In 2016, the nation marks the 50th anniversary of perhaps the nation’s best-known U.S. Supreme Court case, Miranda v. Arizona. This will be the theme of this year's Law Day.


1. Understanding the Miranda Warning — Myth vs. Reality: An introduction to Miranda rights for nonlawyers.
2. Access to Legal Representation: Including in criminal and civil cases.
3. Where do we go from here?
4. Questions from the audience:


Anthony Giordano, ESQ (Cortlandt), Councilman Jared Rice (New Rochelle) and Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer (Yonkers)

Opening Weekend A Big Success!

Our Opening Weekend was a great success with standing room only crowds each day. Brian Caplan and Juanita Leisch’s presentations were outstanding and were enjoyed immensely by those in attendance.

Of particular interest was the more than 60 new artifacts on exhibit as well as the vintage Civil War Era dresses on loan from The Eastchester Historical Society. Presenter Juanita Leisch also contributed original children’s outfits and a rare servant’s dress. The items on loan will continue to be on display until the end of Mother’s Day weekend, May 8th. If you were unable to attend this past weekend there is still time to see the items.

Thank you to our presenters and all who attended to make the kick-off of our new season a huge success! Please visit the museum often and stay tuned for many future events throughout the season.

We are now open to the public every Saturday and Sunday from 1-4 PM. There is also the opportunity to schedule private group tours on weekdays. Share Tweet Forward +1 Share

Support the museum by signing up for AmazonSmile
Become A Friend of the Museum Today!

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April 26, 2016

CONTACT: Caitlin Girouard, 202-225-5441


Maloney Urges Hudson Valley to “Ban the Box”


More than 70 Million Americans Have Records that Make it Hard to Apply for Jobs


Newburgh, NY – During National Reentry Week and as part of his comprehensive criminal justice reform agenda, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) announced he is urging companies and communities in the Hudson Valley to join the “Ban the Box” initiative. This initiative aims to provide increased job opportunities for qualified job applicants whose preliminary applications may be overlooked because they were required to check a box indicating a criminal record. This past week, Rep. Maloney sent letters to dozens of employers and local officials asking them to join thousands of companies nationwide in helping to eliminate the unnecessary barriers to employment for individuals with a criminal record.


“Our criminal justice system is broken from start to finish. We say we want folks who serve their time to get a job when they leave the system, but all too often the job applications they fill out make it impossible for them to get a fair shot. Companies and communities across New York have joined together to ban the box and ensure that job applications no longer prevent millions of qualified Americans from being considered for jobs – working together we should break down the barriers for those struggling to put their lives back together,” said Rep. Maloney.


Rep. Maloney is a co-sponsor of the Fair Chance Act, which would “ban the box” on applications for employment with federal agencies and federal contractors. In addition, Rep. Maloney recently joined his colleagues in calling on President Obama to take executive action to “ban the box” on federal job applications, including federal contractors.


The full text of the letter is below:


Dear XX:


I write to encourage your involvement in the “Ban the Box” initiative, which aims to provide increased job opportunities for qualified applicants who may have previously been arrested or convicted of a crime.


As you may be aware, nearly one in three adults in the United States have questionable information related to previous actions that would show up on a routine criminal background check.  Additionally, more than 70 million Americans have a criminal record that makes it increasingly more difficult to secure long term employment.  In response to these issues, which affect both prospective employees and potential employers, elected officials from across the political spectrum have embraced “fair chance” hiring reforms.


It is my intention to restore hope and opportunity to qualified job-seekers that may otherwise not be able to pursue employment opportunities due to a preliminary background check. Should you wish to join me and dozens of major companies including PepsiCo, Koch Industries, Starbucks and Google in banning the box indicating a criminal record on preliminary employment applications, you would join thousands of public and private sector employers in delaying the criminal history check until further along in the employment application process.  Please know your actions in this regard will not prevent you from being made aware of the criminal history of prospective employees. Embracing this initiative will allow candidates the opportunity to prove their qualifications instead of being immediately rejected without consideration due to their past.  In doing so, we can work together to eliminate unnecessary barriers to employment for individuals with a criminal record.


Therefore, I ask that you consider adopting these hiring practices which would increase job opportunities for many more hardworking New Yorkers. Should you wish to join me in this initiative, or if you have any questions or concerns related to this topic, please do not hesitate to contact my Newburgh District Office at (845) 561-1259. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration of this request.

Sean Patrick Maloney
Member of Congress                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Jessica Proud,

Receives GOP Nomination in Bid for 37th State Senate District

'Ol' Boy's Network' and Albany's Culture of

NY -- April 26, 2016

... Julie Killian, a mother of five children, a longtime community volunteer,
advocate against teenage drug abuse, respected two-term Rye City Councilwoman
and current Deputy Mayor, was nominated by the Westchester County Republican
Committee in her run for New York's 37th State Senate District, her campaign
today announced.

After unanimously receiving the backing of the GOP during its meeting last night at Westchester Manor in Hastings-on-Hudson, Killian railed against Albany's culture of corruption, its lack of leadership and called for term limits and stripping
convicted politician of their pensions. She was nominated by Westchester County
Board of Legislators Vice Chairman James Maisano of New Rochelle, which was
seconded by Mark Dellicolli of Rye.

"I am running for State Senate because I am tired of the corruption, special
interests and ol' boys network in Albany and I am tired of politicians who make
a lot of promises with no results," Killian said of her reasons for running. "I
have always been frustrated by the three men in the room culture that dominates
Albany.  When I woke up on January 22 of last year and read that Shelly Silver
was arrested, I decided that it was time for me to step up."

a Republican, is running on a reform platform that includes enacting term
limits, providing tax and mandate relief, improving public schools, promoting
substance abuse prevention and helping small businesses.

In supporting Killian, both Maisano and Dellicolli said she is the right candidate
to take on special interests and change the status quo in

"If I was looking for the perfect candidate to be my next State Senator, Julie
Killian would be that person," Maisano said. "She's smart, passionate on issues
like fiscal responsibility, a mom who understands the issues facing families,
and is brave and independent and will fight the special interests in Albany. I'm
looking forward to voting for Julie in November."

"In regards to public policy and good governance, Julie is the most dedicated and
passionate person I know - she has gotten involved in local politics for the all
the right reasons," Dellicolli said. "She has always impressed me with her
eagerness to research and understand all sides of a public issue and I trust her
to make the right decisions for us in Albany."
Killian has been active in her community for years. In 2012, she joined the Rye City Council after being appointed to fill a vacancy. She was reelected in 2013,
garnering the most votes of all council candidates. Killian also served on the
Westchester County Charter Revision Commission from 2011-2014, on the Rye Town Park Commission and co-founded RyeACT (Rye Action for Children and Teens), which is a coalition that brings our community together to educate and empower local teenagers to stay off drugs. RyeACT is one of only 20 communities in America to receive a federal mentor grant from the Drug Free Communities Program.

She is on the Board of the Kroc Institute for Peace at the University of Notre Dame; is an active former Board member of School of the Holy Child and Part of the Solution (POTS), a soup kitchen and social services agency in the Bronx.  She is a long-time volunteer for local library, arts, historical, and school

Killian, one of six children herself, has a BS in Chemical Engineering from the
University of Notre Dame and had a 13-year career in finance at Merrill Lynch
and Citibank while attaining an MBA in Finance from the New York University
Stern School of Business.  She well understands where New York errs in spending
and borrowing.

She and her husband, Gary, have five children.

The 37th State Senate District encompasses Armonk, Bedford, Bronxville, Crestwood, Eastchester, Harrison, Katonah, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, North Castle, New Rochelle, Port Chester, Rye Brook, Rye City, White Plains and

For more information about Killian, visit


The November Team, PO Box 99, South Salem, NY 10590


CONTACT: Matt Slater, 914-582-2361

On April 26th at the Westchester Board of Elections in White Plains, Senator Terrence Murphy called for increased penalties for unlawful contributions to county committees and revealed how such contributions had been used to hire vendors who also worked on the political campaigns and non-profit campaigns. The donations were funneled to, on independent expenditure groups funded by the same contributors, and as lobbyists for the clients making the donations that were structured as transfers to evade individual contribution limits, according State Board of Elections investigators.

WHITE PLAINS, NY - Senator Terrence Murphy was joined by colleagues today to call for heightened penalties to combat the donation funneling used in block-bluster New York City pay-to-play allegations he first exposed back in 2014. Transfers by party committees to candidates are common place in New York State, however, using the committees as straw (fake) donors to disguise a single contribution, which is what is alleged to have occurred in 2014, is a first in the history of New York election law.
"This situation was not a series of contributions that were then transferred to a campaign in the normal way, instead these unlawful contributions structured to evade donation limits," Senator Murphy said. "This is clearly a statewide corruption scandal engineered by the Mayor of New York City.  The cash shaken down from individuals seeking City favors, washed and funneled through local party committees, in order to disguise single contributions as transfers.  Unlawfully steering campaign donations is a felony. The Hudson Valley is not for sale."
At a press conference today, Murphy unveiled legislation, Senate Bill S7381, that would raise the penalty for what was perpetrated in the 2014 Senate races from a Class E felony to a Class D felony.[1] State investigators called the scheme, which involves New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, his campaign finance team, local party committees and several political consultants, a "willful and flagrant" violation and referred it for "criminal prosecution."[2]
Outside the Westchester County Board of Elections, Murphy provided further details on the scheme to illegally redistribute contributions from donors with business before the City to 2014 Senate candidates to hire so-called "preferred vendors," who were also retained by de Blasio's non-profits that are now embroiled in a separate, larger investigation by the U.S. Attorney. Five of them were subpoenaed in the current investigation.[3]
He raised questions about how the candidates were required by Team de Blasio to hire these consultants, some of whom are now working on 2016 Senate campaigns. These same consultants worked on independent expenditure efforts for some of the donors in question, who were prohibited from giving more than $400 to the Mayor directly.[4]  Complicating things further, several of the de Blasio preferred vendors are also registered as lobbyists for these donors and lobby for them at City Hall.[5]
"We need to do everything we can to deter this corrupt behavior," Senator Bill Larkin said.  "The people need to have faith restored in their elected officials and that starts with how candidates conduct themselves on the campaign trail.  Mr. de Blasio should admit his wrongdoing.  The families of the Hudson Valley and all those affected by this corrupt behavior should go into the voting booth next election knowing who is representing their interests and who is representing the interests of power hungry New York City politicians and bureaucrats.
"At a time when we're working tirelessly to restore the public's trust in our government, people need to understand how serious these charges are," Senator Sue Serino said. "If the allegations prove true and individuals knowingly circumvented the system that's in place to keep campaigns open and honest, it demonstrates a total disregard for the law, a complete lack of ethical character and goes to show that there's no limit to how low some would stoop to sell out our communities to Mayor de Blasio. Senator Murphy and I called attention to this issue in 2014 and today, by introducing this legislation and increasing the penalty for these kinds of actions, we are working to deter these flagrant violations and ensure that the penalty matches the seriousness of the crime."
"Restoring the public's trust in their government needs to be a top priority," Senator George Amedore said. "We called attention to these flagrant attempts to skirt campaign finance laws by Mayor de Blasio and his allies in the Senate Democratic conference during the last elections. This legislation is a good step to ensure that anyone who uses these dirty tactics will be held fully accountable."
A Class E felony is punishable by up to a year in prison. A Class D is punishable by up to seven years in prison, per violation. Reports haves surfaced of the same corrupt practices being used by Team de Blasio in Buffalo, Rochester, and in Putnam, Suffolk, and Ulster counties. In the last 48 hours, press accounts have also alleged that these same tactics were used to buy the recent Senate special election in Nassau County.[6]

[1] "Senate Bill S7381." New York State Senate. April 22, 2016.
[4] Chris Bragg. "Firm toes fine line." Crain's New York Business. November 11, 2014.
[5] Seth Barron. "De Blasio on Defense." City Journal. April 25, 2016.
[6] Joe Tacopino. "De Blasio tied to 'untraceable' $50k for Kaminsky campaign." New York Post. April 26, 2016.


Committee to Elect Terrence Murphy, 3030 Chen Ct, Yorktown HTs, NY 10598


For Immediate Release: April 27, 2016
Contact: Matt Slater, 914-582-2361
APRIL 27th, 7:00 P.M.
Terrence Murphy to
Republican Nomination
2016 Election
VALLEY, NY - It was just two years ago that State Senator Terrence Murphy, then
a Yorktown Town Council member, was nominated as the Republican candidate in the
40th Senate District. Tonight, the Westchester Republican County Committee,
Putnam County Republican Committee and the Dutchess Republican County Committee
will nominate Murphy for a second term at 7:00 p.m. during the Republican
Convention at Sinapi's Ceola Manor.

the 2014 race was hotly contested, Murphy defeated his opponent by twelve points
on election day. Since then, Murphy has become one of the most effective
lawmakers in Albany, particularly for a freshman, passing a statewide bill to
grant parity for Vietnam veterans, achieving his goal to end Common Core,
restore the Gap Elimination Adjustment and delivering a record amount of school
funding for our local schools, roads and infrastructure. 

Murphy also helped create the best paid family leave program in the country,
passed the Women's Equality Act and his Westchester Clean Water Act to keep
inland waterways clean, along with funding the largest conservation project in
Westchester to clean up and restore the Croton landfill meadow. 

"We passed term limits
for leadership in the Senate, cut income taxes by twenty-percent and passed
business tax cuts in two straight on time budgets that stay within a
self-imposed spending cap," Murphy said. "We introduced legislation to monitor
the influx of Syrian Refugees and stood up against the radical and insane over
reach to grant teaching and medical licenses to illegal immigrants while the
service men and women of our Armed Forces and their spouses are told their
training is no good."
continued, "But there is so much more that needs to be done! From cleaning up
our government and finally putting the public interest ahead of self-interest,
to fixing the unfair school funding formula that penalizes Westchester schools
and taxpayers, to reigning in out-of-control Albany rule makers who stifle
business growth with over-regulation, and shifting toward a system where we
provide real property tax relief instead of just addressing property tax growth,
I will need your support."

Republican Party is expected to deliver just that at its nominating convention,
which will serve as the kick-off for Murphy's 2016 campaign. The details for
Today's event
are as follows:

Senator Terrence Murphy

Republican nominating convention for the 40th Senate District

Sinapi's Ceola Manor
E Main St, Jefferson Valley, NY 10535

*TONIGHT*, Wednesday, April 27, 7 P.M
open at 6:30 for press setup

Matt Slater, 914-582-2361



Terrence Murphy, 3030 Chen Court, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598


 Event Calendar                    News/Reviews               914-737-6624

Funky R&B
Lil' Larry Jr. has been playing and singing Funky Rhythm and Blues for over 35 years. Now lead guitarist, his lively percussive and rhythmic riffs sculpted by years of drumming makes for unique sound that gets an audience jumpin'! The band includes Angie Santiago on harmony & lead vocals. Pat "Squale" DiMarco on harp and keys, Walin' Huw Phillips on the organ, and Andy Rice
(Hey Baby) on bass rocking the place!

$5 COVER includes 1 free beer 
$10 COVER incl. 1 glass of wine or cocktail

A blockbuster of a band! Starring JP Patrick on lead vocals, Blues harp & alto sax, 
Johnny Feds AND "Tasty" Mike Murphy
on guitar, Paul Undersinger on drums, Paul Bisbano on bass, Dave McDowell on sax and Chris Burke on keys. 
Sure to be one Magnificent night! 

$10 Cover OR $5 with Dinner.

The Geoff Hartwell Band
Special guest, 5-time Grammy Winner
Cindy Cashdollar

Geoff Hartwell is one of the area's top Rock guitarists, and performs classic and Southern Rock covers as well as originals. Tonight, Geoff welcomes a very special guest and 5-time Grammy winning steel guitarist Cindy Cashdollar! Cindy was inducted into the Texas Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame in 2011 (the first female to be inducted), and The Texas Music Hall Of Fame in 2012. This is going to be a night full of talent!

$10 Cover or $5 with dinner.

SUNDAY MAY 1, 4:30 til who-knows-when!

Master of Ceremonies: JP Patrick. 
Musicians performing (not in order of appearance): Johnny Feds, Petey Hop, Marc Von Em, KJ Denhert, Duchess Di, Dave Fields, Mishti, Geoff Hartwell, Rob Wallis, Rich Kelly, Harry Rios, Jess Erick,"Elmo" Lawson, Julie Corbalis, Rene Carlson... 
BANDS include: The Jon Bates Band, STAX of Soul, Class Action, The Norris Brothers, The Blues Dogs AND MORE!

RESERVATIONS: Tables are reserved for diners only, in 2-hour time slots, to give others an opportunity to sit a bit. Dinner reservations highly recommended: 914-737-6624
$30 for Buffet Dinner & Music. $15 for Music only. 

w/ Jess Erick
Drew Bordeaux

Kristina Koller Trio
see below for details:


$32 for Adults
Includes one Mimosa, Prosecco 
or Bloody Mary
$18 for Children 12 & under

Hot & Cold Buffet includes Eggs Florentine, Scrambled Eggs, Brioche French Toast, Roasted Red Potatoes, Hickory-Smoked Bacon and Sausage. We'll also have Lemon Chicken, Spring Pasta, Caesar Salad and more... plus a Cold Buffet with fruit, freshly baked muffins, bagels, lox and cream cheese. 
MUSIC: 5:00 - 7:00

A Tribute to Jazz Singer 
Sarah Vaughan 
Kristina Koller will perform songs from "Miss Sassy", 1940's Jazz singer and Grammy winner Sarah Vaughan. Her timeless classics include "Summertime", "Misty", "Fly Me to the Moon", "The Shadow of Your Smile" and so many more. You're gonna love it, 
"Come Rain or Come Shine"!

RESERVATIONS: 914-737-6624

12 Grapes Music & Wine Bar, 12 N. Division St., Peekskill, NY 10566

Bazzo 04/27/16

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