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1) Frequently Asked Questions about the Revaluation-- New Documents Posted

2) TONIGHT: Eagle Scout Fundraiser in Carmel

3) This is Important! Sean Patrick Maloney Fights for Tax-Delinquent IRS Employees

4) [PRESS RELEASE] NYC pay to play scandal returns to where it began

5) [PRESS RELEASE] Yorktown GOP gives nod for DA, Assembly, Senate

6) Tour a Modern Marin Home, A Brief History of Bunny Williams's Brilliant Career, and More!
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For immediate reply:
On Thursday, April 21, 2016 11:46 AM, Town Supervisor Dana Levenberg wrote:


    The Volunteer-Spirited Town



At our Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, April 19th, we provided a handout listing some Frequently Asked Questions about the Town-wide revaulation, along with answers to those questions from our Town Assessor, Tyler Technologies, Michael Haberman Associates, and the New York State Office of Real Property Tax Services. That document can be found here.
Additionally, on the "Publications" tab under Assessor, you can find more readings, Powerpoints and handouts that we have posted throughout this process. You can also find them by clicking here. Our Receiver of Taxes, Gloria Fried, has produced a Consolidated Rate Sheet to help you better predict your tax impact: you can find that here, or on the "Publications" tab under Tax Receiver.
If you were't able to join us on Tuesday evening, the video of the meeting is available to view on our Youtube page. Please take a look. Still have questions? Check out the Consortium website at

Please feel free to forward this e-mail to any of your family, friends, acquaintances, or business associates who may have an interest in these, as well as other Town subjects.
As always, please feel very free to contact me with any questions.
Subscribe to our email blast list and receive Town news and updates.
Dana Levenberg, Town Supervisor
16 Croton Ave, Ossining NY 10562

Hi everyone!

Tonight, from 5-8pm at the Carmel VFW, Sean Terwilliger is hosting a fundraiser for his Eagle Scout Project supporting Camp Herrlich
Sean is a member of Carmel Troop 14. I am proud to say I was in the same troop as his brother (Carmel Troop 1) when I was a young scout. Both he and his father were a huge help in my Eagle Project that extended a brick walkway and refurbished a dilapidated stone wall surrounding the First Reformed Church of Fishkill (a historical landmark) in Fishkill, NY. 
If you are around, please stop by and support Sean and Camp Herrlich.
Thank you!
Kevin M. Byrne
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For Immediate Release:
April 20, 2016
Contact: Press Office
Sean Patrick Maloney Fights for Tax-Delinquent IRS Employees
WASHINGTON – Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney voted against a bill today that would prohibit the IRS from hiring new employees until the agency sends a written notice confirming it does not currently employ any individual with a seriously delinquent tax debt. Maloney's vote just goes to show he would rather support tax-dodging government bureaucrats than fight against it.
The “No Hires for the Delinquent IRS Act” would prohibit any federal employee from extending an offer of employment in the IRS to any individual until the IRS presents a written confirmation that it does not employ any individual who has a seriously delinquent tax debt.
“The idea that IRS employees, the people charged with ensuring that our tax laws are being followed, can themselves have a delinquent tax debt without consequence is ridiculous,” said NRCC Communications Director Katie Martin. “It’s even crazier Maloney would vote against holding the IRS and its employees accountable. With this vote, Sean Patrick Maloney is making clear that he thinks Washington bureaucrats don’t need to pay their taxes while New York families foot the bill.”
NRCC320 First Street SE
Washington, DC 20003
(202) 479-7000

CONTACT: Matt Slater, 914-582-2361
In 2014, CBS2's Marcia Kramer asked, "Is this pay-to-play?" Two years later, federal investigators are asking the same question, while the state board of elections is yet to act.

NEW YORK, NY - The New York Times printed a blockbuster article yesterday that confirms federal prosecutors are investigating a situation Senator Terrence Murphy first uncovered in 2014. Today Murphy continued his call for ethics and campaign finance reform, encouraged by news of United States Attorney Preet Bharara launching the criminal investigation into the unsolicited campaign donations to the Putnam County Democratic Committee orchestrated by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

"We called this two years ago, and said to follow the money down the Saw Mill Parkway right to Gracie Mansion," Senator Murphy said. "We knew this was a problem. To the U.S. Attorney, we appreciate all your efforts, we were the target of this and it was disgusting what happened."

Murphy is the state senator who first drew attention to the matter of the straw donors, some of whom were seeking government contracts, who funneled money to his campaign opponent far in excess of legal contribution limits through the use of a ghost committee.
While the local Journal News ignored the story at the time and has yet to report it, in October 2014, in a series of front page articles, the Daily News revealed that Mayor de Blasio had pressured his own campaign contributors, several of whom had contracts pending before the city, to make donations to upstate Democratic State Senate candidates.[1][2][3] 

The articles revealed how the contributions were funneled through political parties in order to evade campaign contribution limits and made at least one donor feel  "uncomfortable."[4]
One donor "was not known to contribute to New York political campaigns, but shortly after his school-bus company's workers got a chunk of $42 million from the de Blasio administration, he sent $100,000 to aid one of the mayor's pet causes: state Senate Democrats," wrote Crain's New York Business.[5] A New York Times expose from March 2016 further uncovered that the bus company later received public funds to raise its workers' wages from a grant program created by de Blasio.[6]

The follow-up in the Times reveals the federal corruption investigation has now expanded to include the 2014 Senate campaigns.[7] The recipients of the cash as well as the intermediaries who facilitated the structuring of the cash have been subpoenaed, according to accounts published today.

After having raised less than $10,000 in ten years, in one instance, the Putnam County Democratic Committee, took in over $671,000 in donations in October 2014, including $100,000 from the bus contractor, and contributions of $10,000 to $100,000 from groups that received millions in city contracts and also gave to the de Blasio campaign's charities that are currently under federal investigation. 

That same month, Jonathan Viguers, an aide from the Mayor's Office of Community Affairs, took a leave of absence from the de Blasio Administration to run the campaign of Murphy's opponent, according to the New York Observer.[8] Viguers was later employed in efforts to recruit endorsers for one of the three nonprofits now at the center of the scandal, according to emails obtained by the New York Times.[9]

Another Daily News article in 2014 highlighted local officials' calls for an investigation into the matter, but the State Board of Elections and its enforcement counsel are still yet to take action or even respond to the complaint.[10]
Meanwhile, the same State Board has been deadlocked on unilaterally closing the so-called LLC loophole, even as it has failed to investigate the original complaints about de Blasio's fundraising, which could have been seen as red flags in light of the current federal investigation. The massive straw donor contributions arranged by de Blasio would not be affected by closing the loophole, either.

"The LLC loophole is a straw man argument for straw donors, the real problem is that the self-dealing has to end," Senator Murphy said. "No one should be misusing their office for personal gain. We have an obligation to do the right thing and as a member of the ethics committee, this isn't about political posturing, it is about improving behavior to put the public interest ahead of self-interest, which is where it should be."

[3] Ken Lovett. "County Democratic committees use even more NYC money to help fund unsuccessful upstate Senate Dem races." New York Daily News. December 1, 2014.
[4] Ken Lovett. "Bill de Blasio fund-raiser asking for $50G to help Democrats capture state Senate made developer feel 'uncomfortable'." New York Daily News. October 30, 2014.
[5] Chris Bragg. "Donor to mayor's cause benefited from de Blasio bill." Crains' New York Business. October 31, 2014. 
[6] William K. Rashbaum. "Inquiry of Mayor de Blasio Fund-Raising Extends to '14 State Senate Races." New York Times April 20, 2016.
[7] Michael Grynbaum. "Harold Ickes, Mentor to Mayor Bill de Blasio, Builds Lobbying Victories." New York Times. March 19, 2016.
[8] Ross Barkan. "Top Bill de Blasio Staffers Take Leave for the Campaign Trail." New York Observer. October 23, 2014.
[9] Alexander Burns and Michael M. Grynbaumnov. "De Blasio’s Advocacy Group Pursues Ambitious Agenda Despite Setbacks." New York Times.November 12, 2015.
[10] Ken Lovett. "Putnam County Republican chairman files formal complaint over Democratic donation." New York Daily News. October 30, 2014. 


Committee to Elect Terrence Murphy, 3030 Chen Ct, Yorktown HTs, NY 10598


CONTACT: Matt Slater, 914-488-4467 

YORKTOWN, NY - The Yorktown Republican Town Committee sought to continue its dominance in local politics this week by announcing its candidate endorsements for the 2016 elections. Unlike in years past, when multiple candidates had vied for a slot and ended splitting the committee vote by various degrees, this year, the committee cast unanimous votes on its first ballot for Senator Terrence Murphy, a Yorktown resident, Kevin Byrne, candidate for State Assembly and Bruce Bendish, candidate for Westchester County District Attorney.
Yorktown GOP Chairman Matt Slater said, "The Yorktown GOP has always had an independent streak when it comes to our endorsements but that is why our candidates end up being successful at the ballot box. In an unprecedented unanimous vote, we endorsed Kevin Byrne for State Assembly, Bruce Bendish for Westchester County District Attorney and our own Senator Terrence Murphy. I think we all felt these candidates were so good, there is simply no need to compete with them."
Byrne, of Mahopac, is seeking to replace outgoing Assemblyman Steve Katz, who is a Yorktown resident and was the first person from Yorktown to serve in the state legislature. Although in the last ten years, political outsiders have managed to win this Assembly seat, each has done so with the backing of the Yorktown Republican Party and no candidate has won the 94th Assembly District Seat without the endorsement of the Yorktown GOP since 2006.
"I am so incredibly humbled and honored to receive such an overwhelming endorsement from the Yorktown Republican Town Committee," Byrne said. "I look forward to taking a brief leave of absence from the private sector to serve the people of northern Westchester and Putnam Counties in Albany with the same commitment to limited government, fiscal restraint, defending the second amendment and providing the bar none constituent service the people of this district have come to expect from their representatives, all of whom made it thanks to the backing of the Yorktown GOP."
Byrne received endorsements from Yorktown Supervisor Michael Grace and Council members Greg Bernard, Tom Diana and Ed Lachterman, each of whom serve as district leaders on the Yorktown Republican Town Committee. During its meeting on Thursday night at Murphy's in Yorktown Heights, the Committee also unanimously endorsed Bruce Bendish of White Plains on its first ballot. Bendish is a former prosecutor and noted criminal defense attorney.
"Bruce Bendish has the right temperament and experience to serve as DA," Slater said. "We can trust him to be tough on crime and keep our streets safe while also being mindful of the growing heroin crisis that is plaguing northern Westchester and beyond. At the end of the day the Yorktown Republican Party is pleased to endorse such a qualified candidate, but there is no Republican or Democratic way to uphold the law and we can be sure that Bruce will uphold those ideals with a commitment to fairness and justice for all."
Two other candidates had stepped forward for State Assembly as well as another for District Attorney and Slater thanked them for coming before the Committee to interview in February and March. The fifty plus district leaders in attendance voted for Byrne and Bendish unanimously on the first ballot. Senator Murphy, the first Yorktowner to serve in the State Senate, was also unanimously endorsed. He faced no opposition.
Yorktown is no stranger to local Republican primaries, a circumstance political observers feel contributes to the party's strength locally. From 2005 until 2009, there were nine straight Republican primaries, Supervisor in 2005, Assembly in 2006, Town Justice in 2007, Assembly in 2008, Highway Superintendent in 2009, Assembly and Senate in 2010, Town Supervisor in 2011, Assembly in 2012, Highway Superintendent in 2013 and Senate in 2014.
Since 2008, the Yorktown GOP turned a 0-5 deficit on the town board into a 4-1 majority, captured the highway superintendent's office and both town justice seats, delivered Yorktown for John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012, scored a 63% victory for County Executive Rob Astorino in his opponent's hometown 2009 and 70% 2013, and elected the first ever Yorktown residents to the state legislature in both the Assembly and Senate, Republicans Dr. Steve Katz and Dr. Terrence Murphy.
Yorktown Republican Town Committee, PO 252, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598


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