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1) The Peekskill Democratic City Committee: Spring Fling! 05/14/16

2) Town Of Ossining: Planning Board Meeting- Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 at the Community Center

3) New announcement] CampaignTech East speakers announced

4) AFC and the Town of Yorktown Announce  1st Annual Community Blood Drive 05/06/16

5) PRESS RELEASE] Murphy Calls for Suspension of Abusive Pet Store Owner's License

6) Yorktown Town Board considers 2 rezoning requests 04/11/16

7) NEWS: Maloney Introduces Bill to Monitor Iran’s Nuclear Activities & Ensure Compliance with the JCPOA

8) NEWS: After Major Federal Push, Gillibrand and Maloney Announce FCC Grants Waiver to Middletown to Trace “Swatting” Perpetrators

9) 12 Grapes: We reached a major milestone!
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The Peekskill Democratic City Committee
Don Bennett, Drew Claxton, Mary Foster, Mary Beth McGowan, Vivian McKenzie, Andre Rainey, Patricia Riley, Joe Schuder, Kathie Talbot & Andrew Torres
Past Committee Chairs
Marina Ciotti, Michael Kane, Michael Morey & Bill Ryan
Invite you to a
Spring Fling!
Honorary Chair Congresswoman Nita M. Lowey
NYS Assembly Member Sandy Galef, County Legislator Catherine Borgia
Master of Ceremonies – Radio Personality
Derek Hartley
Darren J. Rigger
New York State Democratic Committeeman 
Former Peekskill City Council Member | Former Democratic Committee Chair
Saturday, May 14, 2016 
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm 
Taormina II Restaurant 
59 Hudson Avenue, Peekskill
Chair $1000     Host $500     Supporter $250     Guest $100
Food, Fun, Friendship
or make checks payable to:
PDCC, PO Box 686, Peekskill, NY 10566
RSVP: Ruth Wells, 917-370-9087
The PDCC may accept both personal and corporate contributions. Political Contributions are not tax deductible.  The Peekskill Democratic City Committee must report contributions over $ 99.00.

Darren Rigger
Dynamic Strategic Resource Group
193 Lenox Avenue, Suite 1
New York, NY  10026
Phone: (212) 862-4990
Fax: (212) 862-4845

Planning Board Chair Ingrid Richards The Volunteer-Spirited Town The next meeting of the Planning Board of the Town of Ossining, will be held on: Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 7:30PM *Please Note The Alternate Location* Ossining Community
On Thursday, April 14, 2016 3:31 PM, Campaigns & Elections wrote:

The first wave of more than 30 CampaignTech East speakers has just been released. Check them out here:

All told, more than 60 speakers will take the stage, spread across 25 distinct sessions and keynotes at CampaignTech East on May 2-3 in Washington, DC.

It's who's who list of digital campaign disrupters, innovators and pioneers.

Join your the biggest names in the industry at the agenda-setting political campaign technology conference:

Campaigns & Elections
Announcement in Campaigns & Elections
CampaignTech East speakers announced
Shane Greer
Co-owner of Campaigns & Elections. Starter, builder, fixer of all things niche media.
The first wave of more than 30 CampaignTech East speakers has just been released. Check them out here:

All told, more than 60 speakers will take the stage, spread across 25 distinct sessions and keynotes at CampaignTech East on May 2-3 in Washington, DC.

It's who's who list of digital campaign disrupters, innovators and pioneers.

Join your the biggest names in the industry at the agenda-setting political campaign technology conference:
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CONTACT: Kellie Slater, 914-930-5311
Community Blood Drive:
AFC Urgent Care and the Town of Yorktown Announce      their 1st Annual Community Blood Drive

Yorktown Heights, NY (April 15, 2016) – AFC Urgent Care Yorktown will be hosting a community blood drive in partnership with the Town of Yorktown  on Friday May 6th from 11am-2pm at the new AFC Urgent Care site at 3379 Crompond Rd, Yorktown (in the BJ’s shopping plaza).  All donors will receive a light lunch and free giveaways.
The need for blood locally remains constant, and donations are needed to offset summer blood shortages. People can donate a pint of blood every 56 days. Donors are encouraged to eat prior to giving blood and drink plenty of water. Photo ID is required at donation time.
Blood donation requirements include a minimum weight of 110 pounds and minimum age of 17.  A 16-year old may donate blood with written parental consent. Many health conditions and medications do NOT prevent someone from donating blood. People taking insulin, blood pressure, thyroid, and cholesterol medications, aspirin, antidepressants, and hormone replacement can give blood. Tattoos are also okay as long as they are healed and over a year old.
Please feel free to call 914-930-5531 with any questions.

CONTACT: Michael Jefferson, 914-962-2624
Renews Call for Stiffer Penalties for Animal Abusers

MOHEGAN LAKE, NY - A pet store owner in Mohegan Lake has been arrested following a new series of violations stemming from his former Danbury pet store.  As reported by the Danbury News Times, Mr. Richard Doyle, 56 of Mahopac, "maliciously caused wounds" to a St. Bernard puppy according to an arrest warrant and has been charged with animal cruelty and practicing veterinarian medicine without a license.  This is Doyle's third arrest since July of last year.

In a letter to the New York State Commissioner of Agriculture and Markets, New York State Senator Terrence Murphy has formally requested Doyle's license as a pet store owner in New York State be suspended until the legal process concludes any wrong doing.

"Three strikes and your out," Murphy said.  "Animal cruelty in of itself is despicable but to be charged on three separate occasions it is time for New York State to step in and do the right thing.  Mr. Doyle's license should be suspended until the courts rule on all of the charges he is facing, and if found guilty, his license needs to be permanently revoked."

In a letter dated January 14th, Murphy requested for immediate and "regularly scheduled inspections" of Doyle's Westchester store.  Since first being charged last year, Doyle has sold two of his three pet stores, including establishments in Danbury and Wappingers Falls.

"New York State needs a zero tolerance policy when it comes to animal abuse," Murphy continued.  "I have introduced and supported a number of measures to strengthen our laws and protect our animals that are unable to protect themselves.  These recent revelations should be a wake up call for the legislature to act and act now."

Yorktown Councilman Tom Diana said, "I have raised guide dogs, participated in puppy socialization and was a K9 trainer during my years as a local police officer.  If the courts determine that Mr. Doyle has abused the animals in his care then he must answer for it.  I join Senator Murphy's call to put the proper protections in place to ensure the health and well being of the animals in his care."

As a result of the second arrest brought against Doyle, Senator Murphy started a Protect Our Pets Petition which gathered more than 500 signatures.  In addition, the freshman Senator introduced S.6634 which would provide more frequent inspections of pet dealers who have been charged with violations.  The bill is expected to be approved by the Agriculture Committee at their next meeting in May.

Shannon Laukhuf, Executive Director of the Westchester SPCA said, "If Mr. Doyle is proven to be responsible for multiple acts of animal cruelty then he should be out of business.  Pet stores can be difficult places for animals.  The recent law passed in Mamaroneck that bans the sale of commerically-bred dogs and cats will go a long way in preenting the abuse of animals.  We applaud Senator Murphy's efforts, and would gladly work with him in getting legislation passed that could benefit the safety of pets and animals."

Westchester County Legislator John Testa, who represents Mohegan Lake said, "Cruelty to animals cannot be tolerated in any form in our society, especially from someone who has portrayed himself as an upstanding businessman.  I join Senator Murphy's call to have his license suspended until the courts determine his guilt or innocence."

Westchester County Legislator, Margaret Cunzio said, "This is a situation that has been going on for a very long time.  This is the third time Mr. Doyle has been arrested on charges relating to his care of animals and that is unconscionable.  After a third incident of alleged abuse a pet shop owner should have his license suspended if not revoked.  As a pet owner I am appalled.  The laws need to be stricter but more importantly they need to be enforced.  We have to have tougher legislation to protect our animals because they cannot speak for themselves." 

Yorktown Councilman Ed Lachterman said, "Like Senator Murphy, I have been in the forefront of bringing people who abuse animals to justice.  I echo the Senator's call for Mr. Doyle's license to be suspended until the legal system determines if these allegations are true.  In my household, our pets are part of our family.  All animals should be treated with the love and respect they deserve."

Citizens for an Informed Yorktown

Town Board Work Session
April 11, 2016

1. Front Street rezoning
The board will entertain an application to combine and rezone four small parcels as a transitional zone to allow a mixed use office building with apartments on the second floor.

2. RPG Properties, Lexington Avenue
The applicant submitted a revised plan for 10 units but in response to neighborhood opposition, the board asked the developer to return with a plan for only 8 units.

3. Bernstein House, Old Yorktown Road
Mark Franzoso advised the board that his original plan to renovate and restore the house is no longer practical. He now plans to demolish the existing structure and build a completely new duplicate house.

4. Illington Road parkland alienation
The board is supportive of the plan of the adjoining property owner to purchase the town owned parkland/cemetery that the owner has been maintaining for several years.

4. Street lights/Commerce Street
Four missing street lights will be replaced, plus up to three new lights will be installed in the vicinity of the basketball court.

5. Industrial Development Agency
The board requested state legislation permitting the town to create an Industrial Development Agency. The supervisor implied investor interest in a $10 million project.

REMINDER:  There will be no board meeting on Tuesday, April 19th, because the board meeting room will be used for the primary election.
 commercial properties.


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Citizens for an Informed Yorktown
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April 14, 2016
CONTACT: Caitlin Girouard, 202-225-5441
Maloney Introduces Bill to Monitor Iran’s Nuclear Activities & Ensure Compliance with the JCPOA
Washington — Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY-18) introduced legislation to monitor Iran’s nuclear activities and ensure Iran is in complete compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Rep. Maloney’s JCPOA Intelligence Enforcement Act would ensure that U.S. intelligence agencies coordinate their efforts to monitor Iran’s nuclear activities and ensure that they are in full compliance of the agreement, and encourages the Director of National Intelligence to partner with our allies in the Middle East to specifically combat Iran’s destabilizing activities in the region.
“Whether you supported the JCPOA or not we can all agree that we need to watch Iran and the implementation of the deal like a hawk. In particular we need to ensure our intelligence agencies have all the resources they need to keep Iran in check and to partner with our allies to combat any potential funding of terrorism. This legislation will coordinate our efforts at the intelligence level to ensure we have across the board integration on implementation, early warning systems to keep track of potential violations, and identify intelligence gaps that need be filled – not only demanding Iran’s compliance with the deal, but holding them accountable for any and all violations,” said Rep. Maloney.
“Congressman Maloney’s bill is an excellent idea, and the strong language reiterates the U.S. position on the implementation of the JCPOA and Iranian compliance in order to impede Iran from acquiring nuclear missiles. This bill would be an important move forwards towards the goal of bipartisan support to curb Iran’s breach of the UN resolution that confirmed the nuclear agreement and restricts Iran from launching missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead,” said Leslie Green, President of Jewish Federation of Greater Orange County, N.Y. and AIPAC activist.
Specifically, this legislation would require the Director of National Intelligence to establish an intelligence integration cell among relevant intelligence agencies in order to integrate intelligence related to monitoring and enforcement of the JCPOA by: coordinating and synchronizing all collection related to implementation of the JCPOA; integrating early warning systems of intelligence agencies for potential violations of the JCPOA; and identifying intelligence gaps related to JCPOA monitoring. In addition it would encourage U.S. intelligence agencies to establish a joint fusion cell with our Middle Eastern allies which would: combat Iran’s disruptive regional activities including their support for terrorist proxy entities such as Hezbollah; find and disrupt illegal transfers of weapons and materials by Iran and its proxies; and protect the territory of key U.S. regional allies. Lastly, the JCPOA Intelligence Enforcement Act would encourage the Director of National Intelligence to establish U.S.-Israeli intelligence working group focused on enhancing intelligence sharing on: Iranian support for Hezbollah; Iranian weapons smuggling programs; Iran’s ballistic missile and space program; and Iran’s nuclear activities.

April 14, 2016
Marc Brumer, 202-224-3873 (Gillibrand)
Caitlin Girouard, 202-225-5441 (Maloney)
After Major Federal Push, Gillibrand and Maloney Announce FCC Grants Waiver to Middletown to Trace “Swatting” Perpetrators  
Gillibrand and Maloney Helped to Secure Expedited Process for FCC Waiver
Middletown, NY – Following a major push by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a waiver to the Middletown Enlarged City School District allowing identification of the phone numbers used for “swatting.”  In March, following reports of more than 13 swatting incidents at the Middletown Enlarged City School District, Gillibrand and Maloney Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) called on the FCC to immediately grant Middletown’s waiver request. In many instances the perpetrators use services designed to mask their phone number, making it difficult to identify the culprit. This waiver will immediately permit telecommunications carriers to transmit restricted calling party numbers of anyone calling the Middletown School District in order to trace and bring to justice the perpetrators.
“Our children and their families should not be subjected to these pranks and false emergencies,” said Senator Gillibrand. “Swatting perpetrators put public safety at risk. The waiver approved by the FCC serves as a deterrent in the Middletown School District by making phone numbers used in swatting crimes identifiable – no longer can these criminals hide behind blocked numbers to get away with this serious crime. This waiver makes perpetrators in the school district more culpable for their actions and gives law enforcement the ability to bring them to justice.”
“Students, parents and families in Middletown have been terrorized for months by swatters targeting our kids, and this waiver will give police the tools they need to stop them in their tracks,” said Rep. Maloney. “But we should also call these criminals what they are – domestic terrorists. Working together with Senator Gillibrand and local officials I am proud we were able to secure this waiver and I am confident that we are one step closer to stopping these domestic terrorists and bringing them to justice.”
“I applaud Congressman Maloney and Senator Gillibrand for their efforts in helping the Middletown school district acquire a waiver from the FCC to trace the phone numbers of the people committing these serious swatting crimes. Granting Middletown this waiver will help authorities track and arrest the perpetrators of these serious calls, which have caused undue stress and concern to the Middletown community. I'm confident that this waiver from the FCC will help bring these criminals to justice,” said Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus.
“I want to thank Congressman Maloney and Senator Gillibrand for pressing this issue with the FCC. It will make a huge difference in our kids’ lives and give a sense of comfort and safety to Middletown School District children and their parents,” said City of Middletown Mayor Joe DeStefano.
“I want to thank Congressman Maloney for standing up with our community to fight this action of domestic terrorism that has been plaguing our local school district,” said Town of Wallkill Supervisor Dan Depew.
“The Middletown City School District is greatly appreciative of the efforts that our Federal Representatives, including Congressman Maloney and Senator Gillibrand, provided to obtain such a stunningly quick review and approval of our waiver request to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This waiver will provide the school district with the ability to better identify those individuals making threatening calls into our schools and to then have law enforcement take appropriate criminal action against those perpetrators,” said Superintendent Dr. Ken Eastwood, Enlarged City School District of Middletown.
In March, Rep. Maloney joined Senators Schumer and Gillibrand in urging the FCC to issue a waiver to the Middletown Enlarged City School District to identify the calling party number used for “swatting”. That same week, the FCC announced they were expediting the process and seeking a public comment period for the petition for the waiver.  
Earlier this year, Rep. Maloney announced federal steps to combat “swatting” in schools. Rep. Maloney’s Stop Swatting in Our Schools (SSOS) Act would designate “swatting” as a form of domestic terrorism and create an FBI task force to combat swatting that would coordinate directly with Joint Terrorism Task Forces. Instances of “swatting” have become more widespread over the past several years with the FBI estimating approximately 400 such attacks occurring every year in the U.S. While the FBI has been able to provide technical assistance to local law enforcement agencies that are currently under siege from swatting attacks, the creation of a task force focused specifically on investigating and prosecuting individuals engaged in this dangerous activity will help communities who are currently being terrorized by perpetrators.  
You can read a full copy of the FCC decision here


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 Event Calendar                    News/Reviews               914-737-6624

KJ Denhert is a multi-award-winning songwriter. KJ's special blend of "Urban Folk & Jazz" has won her 2 Independent Music Awards and 4 IMA nominations. KJ's song was a finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and she was named one of's top female vocalists. To say her songs are moving, impressive and simply impeccable is an understatement. KJ is here the 2nd Thursday of every month, and each performance is as unique as she is. Tonight, KJ is joined by Mamadu Ba on bass. NO COVER.

This horn-driven, funkadelic band features the charming and talented JP PATRICK on vocals, sax and Blues harp, "Tasty" MIKE MURPHY  on guitar and vocals, DAVE McDOWELL on flute and tenor/soprano sax, LINDA GEIGER on drums, PAUL BISBANO on bass and MIKE VENTIMIGLIA on keys. The band performs Blues / Rock and a few of JP's originals. This talented group always puts on a high-energy performance. Expect to dance, dance, dance!

$5 Cover for all including diners.

SLAM ALLEN has been nominated for a 2016 Blues Music Award for the "Best New Artist Album" for "Feel These Blues". Slam headlined last year at the Peekskill Jazz & Blues Festival, and performs at top venues and festivals both nationally and internationally. 
12 Grapes is honored to present this up-close-and personal concert. A NY Blues Hall of Fame Master Musician, Slam's endearing personality will have you grooving to the music, and loving every minute of it.

$12 Cover or $6 with dinner.
Sun April 17, 6:00 - 8:00

The longest running Open Mics for young people in Westchester! 12 Grapes Kids Open Mic is a showcase for talented singers and musicians age 6 - 17. Sing solo or with a band. Bring your guitar, bass, sax, flute or whatever instrument you play. We provide a drum kit, keyboard, amps and microphones. iPod backing music accommodated. (Internet connection not available, so have your song pre-set.) SIGN UP BEGINS AT 5:30.


Master of Ceremonies: JP Patrick. 
Musicians performing (not in order of appearance): Johnny Feds, Petey Hop, 
Marc Von Em, Duchess Di, Dave Fields, 
Geoff Hartwell, Rob Wallis, Rich Kelly, "Elmo" Lawson, Harry Rios. 
BANDS include: The Jon Bates Band, STAX of Soul, Class Action, The Norris Brothers. More acts added each week.

RESERVATIONS: Tables are reserved for diners only, in 2-hour time slots, to give others an opportunity to sit a bit. Dinner reservations highly recommended: 914-737-6624
$30 for Buffet Dinner & Music. $20 for Music only.
Bazzo 04/15/16

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