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1) Yorktown Town Board creates business tax incentive advisory board 04/05/16

2) Yorktown Planning Board: Steakhouse coming to Yorktown 04/11/16

3) A Message from the Peekskill Democratic City Committee:
    You are invited SATURDAY May 14th & updated "mail to" info

4) News from Senator Murphy: April 9, 2016

5) NEWS: On Equal Pay Day, Maloney Pushes Agenda to Expand Economic Opportunities for Women

6) Inside a Stylish Healdsburg Getaway, Tour a Field House Tricked Out for Family Fun, and More!
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Citizens for an Informed Yorktown

Town Board
April 5, 2016

Meeting highlights. For more details about these and other agenda items, visit

April 16 is the Battle of Yorktown. Volunteers interested in helping pick up litter should contact the Refuse and Recycling Department.

May 3 Town Board meeting, originally scheduled for the John C. Hart Library, will be held at Town Hall.

1. Traffic issues
Police Chief Dan McMahon introduced Police Officer Justin Foley who will be the department’s new traffic safety officer. Residents wishing to contact him about traffic issues can email him at Also  discussed was the work of the Traffic Safety Committee and efforts to address the speeding problem.

2. Staff resignation
The board accepted the resignation of Brian Gray as Superintendent of Parks & Recreation.

3. Creation of an Industrial and Commercial Incentive Board/public hearing
The board voted to create the Incentive Board tasked with developing a plan for granting tax abatement to commercial properties.

4. Water Meters/public hearing
The board adopted the local law requiring new meters and/or remote readers to be installed when a house is sold.

5. Land donation
The board accepted a donation of 15 acres off Underhill Avenue. The parcels abut Turkey Mountain.

6. PBA contract
The board approved a three year contract, through December 31, 2017.

7. Miscellaneous resolutions
Authorized the purchase of four new police cars for approximately $101,000.
Awarded a towing bid for $95,000 to Yorktown Auto Body.

8. Courtesy of the Floor
Septic tanks: Homeowners on septic systems were reminded that according to a 2011 law, tanks had to be cleaned out at least once every five years.

Code enforcement: Two residents discussed the lack of code enforcement, especially related to littering.

Fluoride: The delay in installing fluoridation equipment at the Catskill water facility was discussed.

Unpaid taxes. A resident raised the issue of some elected officials being delinquent in paying their taxes.

Affordable housing: Supervisor Grace defended his plan to repeal the town’s Affordable Housing Law after a May 3 public hearing.

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Our mailing address is:
Citizens for an Informed Yorktown
PO Box 193
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
Citizens for an Informed Yorktown

Planning Board
April 11, 2016

Meeting highlights. For a summary of all agenda items, visit

1. Chase Bank, Commerce Street/Public Informational Hearing
The applicant’s development team showed revised plans that incorporated comments from ABACA.

2. Kelderhouse-Dornach, Turus Lane
Mr. Fon advised the applicant that the board did not have sufficient information to continue processing the application. The board will conduct a site visit, along with other appropriate town staff.

3. Triglia-Rezi, Christine Road
The board continues to grapple with the extent of needed drainage and/or road improvements.The board plans a second site visit.

4. Spark Steakhouse, Old Crompond Road
A steakhouse has leased the partially constructed building adjacent to Best Plumbing. Some modifications in the original site plan are needed to accommodate the new tenant’s plans.


Copyright © 2016 Citizens for an Informed Yorktown, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you opted to receive these meeting summaries.
Our mailing address is:
Citizens for an Informed Yorktown
PO Box 193
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
    A Message from the Peekskill Democratic City Committee
The Peekskill Democratic City Committee 
Don Bennett, Drew Claxton, Mary Foster, Marybeth McGowan, Vivian McKenzie, Andre Rainey, Patricia Riley, Joe Schuder, Kathie Talbot & Andrew Torres

        Past Committee Chairs
       Michael Kane, Michael Morey & Marina Ciotti
Invite you to a
Spring Fling!
Honorary Chair Congresswoman Nita M. Lowey
NYS Assembly Member Sandy Galef
County Legislator Catherine Borgia
Darren J. Rigger
New York State Democratic Committeeman 
Former Peekskill City Council Member
Former Democratic Committee Chair
Saturday, May 14, 2016 
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm 
Taormina Restaurant 
59 Hudson Avenue, Peekskill

Guest $100, Supporter $250, Host $500, Chair $1000

Food, Fun, Friendship

or make checks payable to:
PDCC, PO Box 686, Peekskill, NY 10566

RSVP: Ruth Wells 917-370-9087   Email:

The PDCC may accept both personal and corporate contributions.  Political contributions
are not tax deductible.  The Peekskill Democratic City Committee must report contributions over $ 99.00.


Peekskill Democratic City Committee, PO Box 686, Peekskill, NY 10566


April 9
No. 42

WELCOME HOME AND MISSION ACCOMPLISHED's a humbling experience to have been able to host the first annual Vietnam Veterans' Recognition Day luncheon in Albany.

More than two dozen Vietnam Veterans from the 40th Senate District were on hand as we celebrated the official recognition of the Vietnam Veterans of America New York Chapter.

I am honored to have carried this important legislation which was fifty years over due, and every part of it earned.  Thank you for your service, mission accomplished, and welcome home.


I am thrilled to announce that I was able to secure $500,000 for a critical meadow project at Croton Point Park.  The funding will be used for grasslands design and management specifications on the constructed meadow cap of the old Croton landfill.

Funding this project is key to the ecological health of the capped Croton landfill for both the park itself and its year-round habitat for our Hudson River bald eagles.  I worked hard to get this into the budget so we can keep Croton Point Park beautiful for future generations, expand recreation opportunities, support key economic drivers like Eagle Fest and protect our Hudson River Estuary from invasive species with this money.

I'm proud to partner and fund one of the largest conservation projects in the history of Westchester County.


It is no secret that New York residents, especially in the Hudson Valley, continue to battle incredibly strong headwinds to be able to afford to live here.  This comprehensive package will be directly felt in the pockets of middle class taxpayers and actually provide real relief.

Highlights of this year's budget includes a 20% income tax cut rate affecting an estimated four million middle class families across New York.  The Gap Elimination Adjustment, as I promised our local schools, was fully eliminated.  New Yorkers will now receive a fair living wage that will be implemented in a responsible manner and we created the most comprehensive family leave program in the nation.  Finally, I am also proud of the $166 million that New York is dedicating to combat addiction.


The facts regarding distracted driving are startling.  Every year thousands of Americans are involved in an automobile accident as a result of distractions behind the wheel.  I am to partner with Assemblyman Felix Ortiz and the Lieberman family to bring more awareness to this issue and support Evan's Law that will help our law enforcement more effectively enforce the rules of the road.

New Castle resident Ben Lieberman founded DORCs, Distracted Operators Risk Casualties, after his 19 year old son Evan was killed in a collision in 2011 caused by a distracted driver. 

Evan's Law is a proactive measure which will help law enforcement officials utilize new technology at the scene of an automobile accident to determine if a device was being used at the time of the crash.


For the third year in a row my wife and I opted our children out of this year's state mandated exams that are based on the abandoned Common Core curriculum.  I am proud that the legislature and the State Education Department have recognized the misdirection of the Common Core curriculum and are moving New York's education standards forward.

I am proud to have sponsored the Parental Refusal Act, S.4161A, to give every parent the proper ability to protect their children from the stress associated with these tests.  I urge the Board of Regents and SED to accelerate the necessary measures to implement appropriate standards to ensure our children receive the best education and are prepared to succeed in life.



On Tuesday, April 19th, I will be hosting a resource fair to help individuals and families struggling with addiction.  From treatment options to learning of the signs and symptoms of addiction, this will be a great evening focused on help, hope, compassion and recovery.

Click here to read about my work with Pace University students in the Dyson College of Arts & Sciences Environmental Policy Clinic.  We're working together to protect elephants from abusive entertainment industry practices.

It was great to welcome New Castle Councilman Adam Brodsky to Albany this week.  Adam continues to do a great job advocating for the needs of this community!
April 12, 2016
CONTACT: Caitlin Girouard, 202-225-5441
On Equal Pay Day, Maloney Pushes Agenda to Expand Economic Opportunities for Women
Washington – With women still earning less than men nationally, Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) announced an agenda to “Expand Economic Opportunities for Women.” Equal Pay Day is the symbolic day when, more than three months into the year, women's earnings catch up to men's earnings from the previous year. According to the most recent statistics, women in the Hudson Valley earn on average nearly $12,000 less per year than men, or they earn approximately 80% compared to their male counterpart.  
“Women in the Hudson Valley are more likely to be the breadwinners, caretakers, innovators, and leaders at home, at work, and in our communities,” said Rep. Maloney. “We all benefit when women and girls are treated equally – it makes our families, community and economy stronger, and as the father of two young girls I want to ensure they grow up in a country where they have economic security and equal opportunity. It’s time for Congress to follow New York’s lead and invest in an agenda that tears down barriers and expands women’s economic opportunities.”
According to a report from the United States Joint Economic Committee, the Hudson Valley was ranked 17th out of New York’s 27 Congressional Districts for gender pay equity. This year’s report marked an improvement over the previous two years reported, both of which listed the 18th district as the least equitable district in New York for gender pay equity. Earlier this month, New York State passed a budget that would implement the most comprehensive paid family medical leave program in the country, and would incrementally raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.
Rep. Maloney’s Plan to “Expand Economic Opportunities for Women”:
Strengthen Equal Pay Act
More than fifty years after President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act, Hudson Valley women working full time earn 80.8% of men’s median earnings. This amounts to a yearly gap of $11,732. Nationally, women make on average 79 cents for every dollar earned by men, which amount to a yearly gap of $10,800. The Paycheck Fairness Act strengthens and closes loopholes in the Equal Pay Act by providing effective remedies to women who are not being paid equal wages for doing equal work and protecting employees from retaliation for sharing salary information with their co-workers.
Increase the Federal Minimum Wage to $15.00
More than 6 in 10 minimum wage workers in New York are women, and someone working full time, year round at minimum wage today earns just $18,000. New York State just passed a minimum wage increase, but the federal minimum wage would ensure women nationwide would earn a living wage. In addition to supporting the minimum wage increase recently passed in New York, Representative Maloney is supporting the Pay Workers a Living Wage Act, which would raise the federal minimum wage to $15.00 over the next four years – giving millions of Americans a pay increase, including women.  
Establish National Paid Family and Medical Leave
Current Family and Medical Leave law provides unpaid, job-protected leave for serious health related events for only about half of the workforce.  The other half don’t qualify for this unpaid leave, and many more simply cannot afford to take it because it is unpaid. The Family and Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) Act would establish a national paid family and medical leave insurance program, ensuring that American workers would no longer have to choose between a paycheck and caring for themselves or a family member.
Expanding the Child Care Tax Credit
Over 90 percent of families use some kind of child care. Our tax code must catch up to working parents with young children. Current law limits benefits to families with incomes greater than $43,000 to a 20 percent credit instead of the full 35 percent credit. Middle-class families should be able to claim the full tax credit for their child care expenses.
Increase Quality and Affordable Early Childhood Education
Investing in early education programs like Head Start is one of the single most important things we can do to open up opportunities for kids and set our children up for a lifetime of success. The Strong Start for America's Children Act is an innovative federal-state partnership to expand and improve early learning opportunities for children across the birth to kindergarten.  The Early Childhood Nutrition Improvement Act would help child care centers, Head Start programs, and afterschool programs provide nutritious meals and snacks to children.
Making College More Affordable
Women are 21 percent more likely to be college graduates and 48 percent more likely to have completed graduate school. Yet increasingly college graduates are saddled with unmanageable and crushing student loan debt payments preventing them from buying a home or starting their own business. The Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act would allow borrowers with high interest rates on their outstanding student loans to refinance at much lower levels.
Protect a Woman’s Freedom of Choice
A woman’s right to choose is a decision best made by a woman, her doctor and her family – not Washington politicians. Instead of defunding Planned Parenthood, we should ensure woman have access to affordable preventive healthcare services including breast and cervical cancer screenings.
Support Women Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses
Women entrepreneurs account for just $1 out of every $23 in small business lending, despite representing approximately 30 percent of all small companies. They are also more likely to be turned down for loans or face less favorable terms than men. The Women’s Small Business Ownership Act would improve access to lending and increase business counseling and training services for women entrepreneurs, and give women-owned businesses more access to federal contracts.
Rep. Maloney first released his plan to “Expand Economic Opportunities for Women” in 2014, which Politico called “one of the most extensive efforts” to highlight economic challenges facing women. 


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