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Bazzo Says: What Kind Of Country Do You Want?

Bazzo Says:


What kind of country we want may not be on the ballot this year, but make no mistake, it is the leading choice we face.
You have one party with its leading candidates who believe in a one-world order; that they should get to rule, not govern.

 They believe that we should supplicate our system of justice to a world court and that if one believes we are a country that should have defined borders, language, and a culture derived from people coming here to assimilate and become Americans, you are considered a racist.

That our way of life is illegitimate for a number of reasons, but mainly because we were founded by white racists. Our own Constitution, for reasons of setting congressional representation, counted black people as only three-fifths of a human being. Women and people who did not own property were not allowed to vote.

You have one party that talks like this is still the norm. That we did not shed our own blood and almost rip ourselves apart to rid ourselves of the original sin of slavery. It refuses to recognize that at our founding, we needed the agreement of all 13 colonies, each with their own interests at stake to come to an agreement and unite as one to break of the shackles of England. So, compromises had to be made and certain issues had to be put on the back burner to be settled another day. 

That day of reckoning did arrive and we lost 500,000 Americans and a president who was a Republican, a party founded on the belief that slavery was morally repugnant and must end, to settle that question. Yet here we are, with the leading Democrat candidate for president, Hillary Clinton, going on bended knee to Al Sharpton’s Political Action Network last week talking about how racist Donald Trump is because he did not disavow an endorsement from David Duke forcefully and often enough to satisfy her (an endorsement he did not seek, by the way), all the while seeking the endorsement of America’s leading race-baiter.

She goes on to rewrite history by stating that racism is systemic in the Republican party, even though actual history shows that there would be no civil rights legislation were it not for the Republican Party doing the heavy lifting to get that legislation passed. In fact, it was a Republican president that got the first civil rights legislation passed through Congress and that was President Eisenhower.

It was through the amendment process laid out in our, according to the Democrats, illegitimate Constitution, that women and minorities were given their right to vote and own property. It was the Supreme Court that gave the right to vote to everyone, whether they owned property or not. Yet, when you hear Hillary or Sanders speak, Jim Crow is alive and well and women are still treated as second-class citizens. The only party guilty of these transgressions is the Democrat Party by its marginalizing of people by groups and continually making them feel they are victims as they talk down and lie to them.

Think about this: If a person doesn’t like guns, one party says do not buy one, while another party says that all guns should be outlawed. If a person is a vegetarian, one party says fine, do not eat meat, while another party says all meat products should be banned for everyone. Not only are going to start with schools, but because they take federal monies, we are going to dictate what kind of food they will serve. So what that the kids dump most of that crap in the garbage, we know what’s best. If a person doesn’t like a talk-show host or columnist, one party says switch channels or don’t read them. Another party demands that those they don’t like be shut down, and now be criminally prosecuted!

As I said, make no mistake, what kind of country we are is on the ballot, and it will be you who decides what kind of country we are.

This is what I say. What say you?

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