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Bazzo Says: So, What Have We Learned?

Bazzo Says:


Here are a few thoughts on the New York primaries, which Hillary and Donald won in dominating fashion.

• I was right: New York Democrats do not put honesty high on their list of qualifications for presidential candidates.

Also like Zephyr Teachout in her primary against Andrew Cuomo last year, Bernie Sanders took most of the counties outside of New York County and its surrounding suburbs. However, since most of the voting population lives in New York County and its suburbs, Clinton won. So I should qualify my remarks by saying New York County and its surrounding suburb voters do not put honesty high on their list of qualifications. You could also add hypocrisy as another thing Hillary voters must overlook when they vote for her.

• In spite of the fact that Hillary garnered more votes in her victory over Sanders than all the votes combined on the Republican side, New York is still in play for Donald Trump should he become the nominee (despite the fact that there are more registered Democrats than Republicans by a margin of almost 6 to 1). This does not mean Trump can win New York, but to keep New York, Democrats will have to spend monies they have not needed to in the last 25 years. This would be money they would normally spend on states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and Pennsylvania, to name a few. Hillary will most likely win New York, but at the cost of what other “purple” states? Make no mistake, New York is in play.

• There is talk that the Treasury Department is going to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with Harriet Tubman. Yes, Hamilton is safe and you can probably thank the hit play “Hamilton” for that. Do not be surprised if Tubman is not the final selection when the treasury finds out she was a Republican and—horror of horrors—also carried a gun.

Even though I view this as a strictly politically correct move on the part of the administration, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Since Jackson’s picture was put on the $20 bill, it was steeped in controversy. There are just too many of his actions, some very well-known (the Trail of Tears, where 10,000 Indians died after being forced from their homeland and marched to the west) and some not so known, that cannot be justified even by the norms of those days. For it was Jackson who appointed Attorney General Roger Taney to the chief justice of the Supreme Court, and it was Taney who made slavery legal in the Constitution, with the infamous Dred Scott decision. By the way, it was Jackson who co-founded the modern Democrat Party.

• Here is how the establishment and the media are trying to write the narrative and explain who people are voting for this political season. It is this belief in their narrative that has led them to believe the voters are wrong and they must rig the system to save them from themselves.

Members of the establishment in both conservative and liberal enclaves believe that Trump, Cruz and Sanders (you could also add Carson) supporters are totally ticked off with the fact that they keep losing, and they think it’s because the government is picking winners. So, they’re mad and they are going to take it out on somebody, and they’re going vote for either Trump, Cruz or Sanders because they think that’s the best way to show how mad they are. Up to this point, I have to agree with this narrative.

Here is where I break from this narrative (this is also where the Sanders supporters are different then Trump or Cruz supporters): It totally excludes the fact that there are a whole lot of Trump and Cruz voters who are not angry in that way. They don’t blame anybody. In fact, many of the Trump and Cruz supporters are pretty successful. They’re not running around bent out of shape.

So here comes the narrative that necessitates the establishment save the voters from themselves. The conventional wisdom out there is that the Trump and Cruz voter is an idiot, white, middle class, lower middle class, almost in poverty, fed up, has made rotten life choices and wants to blame everybody else and is running around enraged, filled with rage, and just wants people to know how mad they are.

What they do not want you to know (it is called projection) that this also describes your average Democrat voter. It is somebody filled with rage, somebody that wants to get even with somebody (read: the rich). They’re fed up with their lives having no meaning, not mattering. They believe the Democrat Party will punish those people by raising their taxes. They are happy by other people suffering.

Don’t believe me? Just go to YouTube and hear the speeches both Hillary and Sanders made during this recent New York Primary. Go back to FOX, CNN and MSNBC and replay those town hall meetings and see what a typical Democrat voter really is and just listen to both Hillary and Sanders validate their envy with their panders in agreement. It is quite simple: Trump and Cruz tell you there is hope and a better future. Hillary and Sanders tell you life sucks rocks and, though we will not change that, we will make it suck rocks for everyone else, too. Except us, of course.

This is what I say. What say you?
Guest: Political Commentators Darren Rigger & Bryan Fumagalli discuss the Presidential Race After The New York Primary

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