Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Bazzo Says: For Republicans, Vote Trump On The 19th

Bazzo Says:


For the first time in a long time, the New York Republican and Democrat presidential primaries mean something. So, it is important for you to know a couple of things.
First and foremost, there is a conservative movement. It is alive and well, and it is playing out before your very eyes in the candidacy of Ted Cruz. Let’s be clear: I am not an official member of it; I’m just telling you about it. There are a whole host of reasons I’m not a part of the club. I’m sure some of you thought I would be. Yes, I write from a conservative point-of-view, however, like everything else, I do not drink the whole orthodoxy.
To understand one of the reasons I am not a member of the club, you have to go back to the latter part of last year; back when Trump fever was reaching all-time highs. There was panic in the conservative movement. Trump was defying the odds. Where any other candidate would have been blown out of the water over the perceived gaffes he made, his numbers continued to go up. I never panicked. I tried to explain to you what was going on. Who and what this “Trump movement” was and to take it seriously.
You have to understand that the conservative club is its own type of establishment. Since William F. Buckley died, there have been many people trying to become the next Buckley—the voice of the conservative movement. There are conservative think tanks. There are conservative institutions. There are conservative media outlets. There are any number of different kinds of conservative organizations. So, there are people in the conservative movement, like the establishment I told you about recently, whose identity, existence, perks and power, including TV time, depend on conservatism being thought of in a certain way.
With Trump’s movement continuing to climb, their world was threatened, because Trump isn’t a card carrying conservative. Cruz is. So what you had were conservative club members trying to convince you back when Trump entered the race that he was a conservative just so now, when the field has narrowed, they can tell you he is not. Trouble is, Trump has never said he was a movement conservative. What he is, and what his supporters always knew, was that he is an unapologetic American capitalist.
So, here we are. At the end of last year and the beginning of this year, Trump was running away with everything. In these columns, I sought to explain why. I have tried to point out he is standing for more things that conservatives identify with than not. His immigration position is strictly conservative. His view on terrorism is strictly conservative. His supporters believe that Trump agrees with them that the Democrat Party and liberalism must lose. At the end of the day, that is where most conservative thinkers, such as myself, agree.
So, how best to reach that objective? First is to understand what people are looking for. People are afraid. Their security, their economy, their families’ future—all these are under attack. We are seeing a government more worried about the civil rights of law breakers then law abiders. There are violent protests and cities are being burned. Colleges are being overrun by wing-nuts looking for safe space. We have seen this before.
Think 1968. Think Nixon, another who at the time was thought of as: “Stick a fork in him; he is done.” This is why I pay no attention to likability polls. There is no way you can convince me Nixon would have polled better than his Democrat counterparts if that kind of poll were they taken then. What people want, now and then, is someone to make it stop. They want an S.O.B.
For as good as Cruz is, he is too good. He is not an S.O.B. He will not be able to withstand the onslaught by the Democrat Party and its media stenographers. He will play by the rules. Trump will not. He rewrites them as he goes along. He is what the times call for. That is why on April 19, Republican voters must choose Trump. In spite of what you read or hear, and remember the media wants a Democrat in the White House, Trump is the one who will clean their clocks. He is not perfect, but he is good enough to give as well as he gets. Like 1968, this will get nasty. We need someone who can get nasty, also.
This is what I say. What say you?

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