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Bazzo Says: Beware The Establishment

Bazzo Says:


I am beginning to scare myself. It was just a couple of weeks ago I wrote that when it comes to fuel prices, if it’s good for the consumer, it is bad for the establishment and Wall Street. Well, Wall Street is at it again, and now the administration is helping them along.
I think you noticed gas prices are rising again. You might think it is because the warm winter is causing the driving season to start early. You would be wrong. Here are some facts: Fuel consumption, which peaked in 2007 at 9.3 million barrels a day, was down to 9.1 million barrels in 2015, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). Thanks to “fracking,” crude production was up to 9.43 million barrels from 5 million in 2008. We have, as of now, 255 million barrels of refined gas stockpiled; a year ago it was 240 million barrels. Our crude inventories are now 518 million barrels compared to 444.4 million barrels a year ago, according to the EIA. If you need any more proof that we are in a recession, in spite of what you are hearing from the talking heads, this is it. People are driving less because they have less money to spend.
Yet, you ask, why are prices going up? Answer: the Wall Street speculators are artificially driving up the price. They are trying to control prices like they did in ‘08, when they pushed the cost of a barrel to $136. Right now, they have pushed it up from $28 a barrel to almost $40 a barrel. In the past, they blamed increases on whenever a sheik farted, but they can’t do that now because we have been able to get to our own resources and others in the western hemisphere. We do not have to rely on those countries that take our money to fund terrorists. They now say it is because some producer or another is going bankrupt and cutting back on production. Most of these are unfounded rumors. Yet, they are enough to screw the consumer.
Now the administration is helping drive up the price by reversing themselves and banning drilling offshore in the Atlantic. By limiting future supplies, they hope to drive up the cost. Just recently in a debate, Hillary Clinton said she was going to drive coal and fossil fuel out of business. You know the jobs that are going to be lost? Private sector union jobs! Yet, the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) is going all in for Hillary. This is another example of the establishment out of touch with the average American. Hillary wants to cost their members jobs, yet they are all in for her. I predict this puts Pennsylvania in play for a candidate such as Trump, who provides private sector union jobs. I predict this keeps Ohio Republicans for Trump.
Remember, it is our governor who wishes to destroy private sector union jobs with the help of elected Democrats in the Assembly and Senate by banning “fracking,” trying to stop the Spectra pipeline and trying to close Indian Point. I say this: One cannot be pro-private sector union and be pro-Democrat. It is Democrats that are job killers. It is another reason to defeat Democrats. Remember, those that wish to kill your jobs have one, many on the tax payers’ dime
After last Tuesday, the establishment is now in full-blown out of their mind mode. Here is what Trump’s victory means. Here, as far as the establishment is concerned, is the real Trump threat:
The K Street lobbyists and the Republican consultants are 0-for 21. Every one of their candidates have been soundly defeated. You can’t count Kasich because he won his own home state, where he has an 80 percent favorable rating and 100,000 Democrats crossed party lines to vote for him. Here is what is actually happening that puts these people in a panic: Trump is a political neophyte with no staff, no professionals and is running rings around these career professionals in a business that, as a rule, doesn’t let outsiders in. They don’t let outsiders in nor wish them to succeed. Trump, he doesn’t have a campaign consultant, nor a bunch of data analytics people. He does have a spokesman.
The Republican establishment consists of every campaign consultant that you see on any network from the Republican Party. They are not just going to sit by and lose all they have created over decades: The myth that they are indispensable when it comes to winning campaigns. They, in their world, come first. They come before the party, saving themselves, protecting themselves, guaranteeing their futures—all of that comes first.
Their positions in the establishment, their rankings, everything that defines them, everything that provides for them their self-worth derives and descends from this. Let us not forget the perks.  All those accouterments, the power and the money, the income, the influence—all of that only happens if there is a party that they run, whether the party wins or loses. By winning without all of these people, Trump threatens all and by all means, even if they have to steal the nomination from him at the convention (which is why Kasich stays in).
These members of the establishment, they don’t want any part of Trump winning this thing. Nor, for that matter, do they want any part of Ted Cruz winning this thing. I have told you they hated Cruz more than Trump. If you need any more proof, Cruz has beaten Trump nine times, including territories. Yet Kasich has won only his state, and they are trying to coalesce around him, not Cruz.
If either Cruz or Trump ends up being the nominee, I predict that there will be some kind of an alliance between those two at some point. It is the establishment facing the prospect of losing it all, their reputations, their influence. The political world, as they have tried to narrate it, will come to an end.
This is what I say. What Say you?
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