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1) Lalor: Cuomo Promised Veterans He Would Include Veterans Equality Act in the Budget, He Needs To Do It

2) Statement Regarding Update on Indian Point groundwater Leak Investigation

3) UPDATED: Buffalo Company: ESD Claims Baseless, Absurd

4) TOMORROW: Maloney to Tour Local Company that Makes Academy Award Oscar Statuettes

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Statement Regarding Update on Indian Point Groundwater Leak Investigation


Peekskill, February 16, 2016
Today Entergy hosted an informative governmental stakeholder safety update regarding the groundwater investigation at Indian Point. The update was conducted by the expert team of Entergy officials reporting on the investigation being conducted by engineers, scientists, safety experts and NRC representatives who are working on site.
The update was very detailed and made clear there is no threat to the health and safety of the public. There is also no threat or danger to the Hudson River, which borders the plant. Plant personnel stated that they believe that the source of the leak is being isolated. They also confirmed that remediation and prevention measures will be put in place. Safety is always the top priority of all involved and Entergy has been forthcoming and comprehensive in their discussions with those of us who represent the surrounding region.
Entergy first reported the findings of their groundwater tests to stakeholders on February 5th after they discovered elevated levels of tritium in 3 of the 40 monitoring wells on the Indian Point site. Although the levels were one-tenth of one percent of federal reporting guidelines, Entergy notified the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, numerous state agencies and identified stakeholders. As a key governmental stakeholder I was kept in complete and constant awareness of the situation and progress of the investigation. Entergy deploys a comprehensive notification system for any and all situations that may arise at the plant.
The information provided at today’s briefing outlined in detail the progress of the investigation. Entergy officials are confident they have identified the probable source of the leak and isolated the area of the plant where the leak originated. The extensive and structured investigation continues with focus on specifically identifying the leak, fixing the issues associated with it and preventing any future incidences. The investigation so far has also seemed to validate that the leak has stopped and tritium levels are stabilized and trending downward.
As Westchester County Legislator and area resident I will continue to keep close communication with those involved with the investigation at Indian Point and responsible for the monitoring of the safety measures in place. The energy produced at Indian Point provides 25 percent of the essential electricity for our area and New York City. The energy is critical to our region but it must be delivered in a safe way. I will continue to keep in close and constant contact with Entergy officials to be sure public safety is protected. In the meantime, members of the public can contact Entergy directly via their hotline: 800-472-6372.
John G. Testa
Westchester County Legislator


DiPizio Construction & Dreamco Development


Jerry McKinstry, 917-282-6185

Company: ESD Claims Baseless, Absurd

Has Completed $400 Million in Complicated Public Works Projects, Including
Airport and Major Roadways

16, 2016
The Buffalo construction company that was awarded the $20 million Canalside Skating rink
contract -- before being controversially replaced by a rival firm that donated
lavishly to the campaigns of Governor Andrew Cuomo and Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul
-- today ripped the state agencies for their baseless and absurd claims about
the company.

A day after calling on U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara to probe the circumstances of
their case, Dreamco Development Corporation and DiPizio Construction is
defending itself against ludicrous and outrageous public statements made by
officials at Empire State Development who claim the company was in over its head
on an ice rink.

"You have to wonder how low these Cuomo surrogates will stoop to cover up their own
incompetence," said Jerry McKinstry, a spokesman for Dreamco Development
Corporation and DiPizio Construction. "They are clearly trying to throw a family
business with an impeccable reputation under the bus -- and that is just

The DiPizios have built complex publicly financed projects across the Western New
York region, totaling $400 million
Those projects include much larger and more complex jobs than an ice rink,
notably at Buffalo Niagara International Airport and major roadways in Western
New York. Specifically, they include:

  • Buffalo
    Niagara International Airport:

     From 2001-2006, over $ 45 million including two phases of $22 million
    construction of parking facilities, which includes a concrete tunnel, revenue
    control equipment, communications, specialty landscaping and overhead signage.
     Also part of the projects were a remote fuel facility, including 7,000 feet of
    Jet A fuel lines, safety and fire
    systems to provide fuel for the airlines as well as a runway extension that
    included 500,000 gallon underground storm drainage retention system, and 250,000
    gallon underground glycol retainage system.
  • Extension
    of main runway at Buffalo Niagara International Airport:

    In 2006, this $30 million project included technical landing equipment,
    in-pavement lighting and placement of 600,000 cubic yards of fill
  • Reconstruction
    of Harlem Road:

    In 2006, this $22 million project included three new roundabouts, granite paver
    installation, decorative concrete retaining walls, signage, and street
  • Reconstruction
    of Transit Road:

    In 2010, this $30 million project included new waterline, sanitary sewer and new roundabouts. It also included blasting and removal of 26,000 cubic meters of limestone rock and installation of 72" concrete piping below ground, all while maintaining five lanes of traffic for roughly 30,000 cars per day.

"One look at any of these projects and it's clear DiPizio Construction was not over its head with an ice rink," McKinstry added. "But I suspect that was the case for the state officials charged with overseeing Canalside."

Rosanne DiPizio,  CEO with Dreamco Development Corporation and acting CFO and project manager with DiPizio Construction, has been an outspoken critic of Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation Board President Thomas Dee and Empire State Development Regional Chairman Sam Hoyt, appointees of Gov. Cuomo, for unfairly andunilaterally terminating her family's construction company-- in business for 37 years with an impeccable reputation and record of results. 

DiPizio and her family owned business won the contract to build the Canalside rink in 2012 by being the lowest responsible bidder. After being wrongly blamed for delays, the contract was given to Pike Construction after DiPizio completed 50 percent of the job. DiPizio is currently suing the ESD, ECHDC and its leaders for blaming her for the project's delays and tarnishing her company's reputation. Rosanne DiPizio was the project manager on all the jobs mentioned above and Bernie DiPizio was the superintendent on all of them. These are the same two people that the State officials say "were in over their heads." Really?

In an in-depth piece published by The Buffalo News this past week, Norman J. Noon, president and business manager for Local 17 of the International Union of Operating Engineers who worked with the company on runways and the fueling facility at the airport, told the newspaper that DiPizio Construction and its leader, Bernard DiPizio, did excellent work.

"I've known him for 10 years and by reputation for 40 years. He has a sterling reputation among local construction people," Noon told the newspaper. "I think what happened to him on this project is a travesty. They submitted the low bid for the project at Canalside. Some rules of the job were changed midstream and they got blamed for it."

Subcontractor George R. Schlemmer, chief executive officer of Buffalo-based Industrial Power & Lighting Co., in both court testimony and an interview with The Buffalo News said it was the state's consultants and engineers who were to blame for design changes and delays.

"These approvals, a process that should have taken a month, or no more than two months, took the better part of a year," Schlemmer told The Buffalo News. "Bernie DiPizio is salt of the earth, a very honest man. I don't know if his company will survive this, but I would work with him again."
Read the full Buffalo News story here.


February 17, 2016
CONTACT: Caitlin Girouard, 202-225-5441




Maloney to Tour Local Company that Makes Academy Award Oscar Statuettes


Polich Tallix to Create Oscars for 88th Academy Awards on Feb 28th


Newburgh, N.Y. –  Before the 88th Academy Awards are held on February 28th, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney will tour the Polich Tallix Fine Art Foundry in Rock Tavern, where the iconic Oscar statuettes are exclusively created. Rep. Maloney will also watch a “pour”, where the liquid bronze is used to create the Oscar statuette.


This year, the Academy chose Polich Tallix to recreate the original cast bronze Oscar from 1929 in order to honor the Oscar’s long tradition. Using 3D-printing and digital scans of the original 1929 Oscar statuettes, Polich Tallix has restored subtle features of the original sculpture. After the mold is created, each of the 50 statuettes will be cast in liquid bronze before being sanded to a polish finish.


Media are invited to attend. Please RSVP to Caitlin Girouard at 202-225-5441 or


WHAT:           Rep. Maloney to tour Polich Tallix Fine Art Foundry

WHO:             Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney and Dick Polich, Polich Tallix Founder and CEO

WHEN:           Thursday, February 18th at 3:00 PM

WHERE:         Polich Tallix Fine Art Foundry at 453 State Route 17K, Rock Tavern, NY 12575


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