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Bazzo Says: What Iowa Voters Really Said

Bazzo Says:


The prevailing mantra on the Republican side of anybody not named Trump or Cruz is that Trump or Cruz cannot win, so vote for me. My only problem is if they can’t beat Trump or Cruz, how can the beat Hillary?

Only in the world of politics could the candidate that comes in third be declared the winner. A few things are happening that I warned you about:

First: The media wants to dictate the Republican winner. After all, we all know how invested the media is in seeing a Republican be president. So they broadcast all these polls leading up to the caucuses and it turns out they were wrong.

However, they really were not because Rubio, by doing better than the polling showed was actually the winner even though he came in third. Remember, from the beginning I told you that the media will not print anything positive about Trump, Cruz or Carson. If you see anything remotely pro-Trump or pro-Carson, it is only because it would make Cruz look awful because of the three, they hate—and that is the correct word—Cruz more.

As Rubio is less noxious to the media and the establishment, he will get all the good press coming out of Iowa, while Cruz and Trump, who exceeded expectations (do not forget, the Trump was not expected to even make it out of the summer, let alone all the way to Iowa), will not get any credit for their achievements.

Second: As I told you, the only one who could take out Trump is Trump. By using the same tactics and arguments against his rivals that a liberal would, he is giving his supporters cause for concern. It is he and he alone that has gone off message. This is the same tactic that cost Romney the general election. The Republican base wants their candidate to go after Democrats, not Republicans in general and Conservatives in particular. What Trump should do is what Reagan did after he lost Iowa in 1980. He fired those that gave him that gave him that bum advice.
Third: Only in the world of politics could a candidate who wins by decimal points, not percentage points, be considered to have romped into victory. However, as this is the world of politics the real winner in Iowa on the Democrat side was Sanders. He started as barely a blip on the radar; it was Hillary’s coronation. It was finally her turn. Sanders was there to make people think that she had an adversary. No one took this old man seriously. In the end, they both get the same amount of delegates.  He won because for all intents and purposes he tied her. No one saw that coming a month ago.

Fourth: When one looks at who got all the delegates on the Republican side, it was all those perceived as outsiders. Oh, I know the media wants you to believe Rubio is considered an insider, part of the establishment—that is a media creation to save face and make them seem like they still call the shots. In reality the Average Joe does not see him that way and that’s who votes. In reality, not one insider got into double digits percentage wise. The outsiders cleaned their clocks. They got 60 percent of the vote (and 50 percent on the Democratic side). You will see the desperation of the establishment not in New Hampshire, though there will be some, but in South Carolina. As I told you, that is where the establishment on both sides have drawn their line in the sand.

Fifth: It is interesting that the Republican voters, who Democrats and the media try sooooo hard to make you believe are racists and all sorts of other horrible things, gave the majority of their votes to two Hispanics, one African-American and one Caucasian. Recent polling shows that Latino Republicans favor Trump by 38 percent, Cruz 15 percent and Rubio 8 percent.

Yet the party of the big tent, the Democrats, 100 percent of their votes went to old white people. In fact, if you watched the coverage of the Democrat caucuses, their advertisers were Fixodent, Poligrip, Preparation-H, depends and funeral homes. I submit, by actual votes the real party of the big tent is the Republican Party.

This is what I say. What say you?

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