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Bazzomanifesto Update 01/29/16: 11 Topics In Today's blog


1)  Check Out

2) Check Out Yorktown News:
New Bazzo Says Column: Some Thoughts Before Iowa

4) MEDIA ADVISORY: Elected Officials to Welcome AFC Urgent Care to Yorktown

5) Our Sponsors So Far

6) : St. Christopher’s Church in Buchanan Finds Benefit of County Solar Initiative

7) Your Vote Before Iowa: Who's Your Favorite GOP Candidate?

8) Statement on Today's Joint Cuomo/Biden Appearance



11) Yorktown Town Board to increase water rates 01/26/16

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"Nobody here is suggesting that a garden-variety telephone conversation between a reporter or editorial board and a consultant is necessarily considered to be lobbying." -- JCOPE Chairman Daniel Horwitz

New York--Jan 28...New York political and corporate communications firm The November Team today announced a special contest open to all New Yorkers in an attempt to better understand a statement made this week by Daniel J. Horwitz, Chairman of the controversial New York State Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE).

Horwitz, who was appointed to his position by Governor Andrew Cuomo, led a controversial JCOPE ruling this week that requires New York public relations firms that discuss matters of public affair with reporters editorial board members to register as lobbyists, putting them under JCOPE's jurisdiction and requiring them to file bi-monthly reports outlining their interactions with the press.

Following that controversial ruling, Chairman Horwitz was quoted in a Gannett publication saying, "Nobody here is suggesting that a garden-variety telephone conversation between a reporter or editorial board and a consultant is necessarily considered to be lobbying."

The November Team is offering a free round trip Megabus ride to Philadelphia, two free tickets to view the First Amendment at the National Constitution Center Hall, and lunch for two at nearby Chickie's and Pete's, voted the Best Sports Bar in America, to anyone who can most ably define "a garden variety conversation" between public relations executives and editorial writers.

"I know what a garden variety tomato is," said November Team partner Bill O'Reilly, "but I can't for the life of me tell you what a garden variety conversation is between an editorial board and a source. We debated and debated this internally, and finally decided we were just going to have to throw the question out to the public for help."

"This is actually a great relief to me, because as I understand it, I have only had garden variety conversations with ed board members," said November Team partner Jessica Proud. "I can't remember the last time I dialed up The Times ed board just to say 'hello.' But maybe someone can better explain what JCOPE is trying to say."  

"I really wanted to win that Philadelphia trip, but this garden variety question is a tough one," said November Team managing director Jerry McKinstry, a former journalist and editorial board member. "When I was on an ed board, I thought garden variety calls were an attempt to influence me. But with this JCOPE definition, I'm now totally confused -- and I've taught graduate-level journalism."

Submissions can be sumbitted by visting and pressing the "Contact" button or by Twitter, @NovemberTeam.

The November Team issued a formal letter to JCOPE this morning announcing its refusal to comply with this new and, it argues, unconstitutional regulation.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 28th, 2016
CONTACT: Kellie Slater, 845-234-5736
Thursday, February 4th, 2:30PM
Elected Officials to Welcome                                    AFC Urgent Care to Yorktown                                     New health care solution promises quality, convenient care

Yorktown Heights, NY (January 28, 2016) - AFC Urgent Care, the second largest privately owned operator of urgent care and accessible primary care facilities in the country, will be expanding its signature brand of quality health care with a new state of the art center in Yorktown Heights, opening Thursday February 4th, with a VIP Ribbon Cutting from 2-3pm.
Dr. Rajesh Gupta, an Emergency Room doctor will lead the AFC Yorktown team as its Medical Director.  He is optimistic about his new career as a business owner which started last year when he bought an AFC Urgent Care franchise.  Since the purchase, Dr. Gupta has been actively preparing for its grand opening at 3379 Crompond Rd. 
“I am looking forward to being more involved with my patients and having continuity of care, which is very different than being in an emergency room setting,” said Gupta who has 28 years of experience in emergency medicine.  “Developing relationships, building stronger ties with the community and serving a town where urgent care is not as accessible are the main reasons I am doing this.”
The urgent care center will have its own on-site lab and digital X-ray equipment, enabling doctors to diagnose and treat illnesses and set broken bones, all under one roof.  Additional services will include all typical urgent care services, plus pre-employment exams, drug testing, breathe alcohol tests, sports and school physicals, DOT physicals, pre-surgical physicals and vaccinations, including travel vaccinations. Dr. Gupta is also very passionate about serving those who have served our country and in doing so is making it his priority to see that all veterans have the best healthcare available. AFC Urgent Care Yorktown will be accepting Tricare, the veterans’ health insurance plan and is looking forward to working with local veterans’ organizations and facilities to bring health awareness, care and education to all the veterans in the area.
Dr. Gupta is a 14 year resident of Yorktown with his wife Seema.  They have raised their two sons and have been active members of the community.
AFC Urgent Care Yorktown will accept most insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare, as well as affordable cash and credit card rates for self-pay patients
Open 7 days a week at 3379 Crompond Road (in the shopping center near BJs), AFC Urgent Care Yorktown will offer convenient, state-of-the-art treatment.
Hours of operation: M-F 8am-8pm, S-S 8am-5pm
The details for THURSDAY’S  event are as follows:
WHO: Senator Terrence P. Murphy
George Oros, Chief of Staff to Westchester County Executive Robert P. Astorino
Yorktown Supervisor Michael Grace
Yorktown Chamber President Eric DiBartolo
Gateway Chamber President Deb Milone
Dr. Rajesh Gupta, Medical Director, AFC Urgent Care Yorktown

 WHAT: Ribbon Cutting for AFC Urgent Care Yorktown

 WHERE: AFC Urgent Care, 3379 Crompond  Rd, Yorktown Heights (in the BJs Plaza)
 WHEN: *THURSDAY*, Feb 4th, 2:30PM.

Kellie Slater
Marketing/Community Outreach Director
3379 Crompond Rd                                               
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598                                                
Tel: 914.930.5550                      
Lalor for Assembly Trouble viewing this email? Read it online Our Sponsors So Far Please Join Us for Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor’s 40th Birthday Bash Friday January 29th - 7pm-9pm The Blue Fountain Restaurant - 8
On Thursday, January 28, 2016 10:58 AM, Catherine Borgia wrote:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

On Monday, the Westchester County Board of Legislators unanimously approved funding in the amount $103,507 to finance the installation of three roof mounted solar arrays and for improvements to the underlying roof structure at St. Christopher’s Church in Buchanan. 

The funds are reserved for the financing, acquisition, construction and installation of renewable energy systems and energy efficiency improvements that will yield significant cost savings over time.  The church was eligible for the bond because it is a non-profit entity and Buchanan is a participant in the Energy Improvement Corporation, a consortium of municipalities that is dedicated to facilitating the financing of renewable energy projects.

St. Christopher’s Church will repay the bond with average annual energy savings expected to be $14,582.  After the debt service on the bonds this will yield an annual savings of $3,525 per year.
I’m glad to see a prominent member of our community take advantage of a program like this.  This success can serve as an example of the savings our government could find if we invest in these same technologies ourselves. 
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CONTACT: Jessica Proud (914) 438-5325

Statement from Chairman Cox on 
Today's Joint Cuomo/Biden Appearance

January 29, 2016

"Vice President Biden and Governor Cuomo joining today to discuss the economy should send shivers down the backs of every job creator. The U.S. once again hobbled through the 4th Quarter with a paltry 0.7% growth, while New York continues to have the worst economic outlook in the nation and will only get worse if the Governor's highest in the world $15 minimum wage proposal is adopted, killing hundreds of thousands of New York jobs. As Cuomo seeks to escape to the national stage, why is he appearing in grand fanfare with the man waiting in the wings should Hillary Clinton be indicted--an outcome that a former Attorney General of the United States says is clearly warranted, absent political interference."  


Please see the below WSJ Op-Ed from former U.S. Judge and U.S. Attorney Michael Mukasey on the potential for criminal charges against Clinton:

Clinton's Emails: A Criminal Charge Is Justified

Hillary's explanations look increasingly contrived as evidence of malfeasance mounts day by day.

Jan. 21, 2016 6:32 p.m. ET

While the State Department and intelligence agencies finish picking through messages recovered from the private email server Hillary Clinton used to conduct public business as secretary of state, the contents of the periodic document dumps have become increasingly sensitive. State has been referring any email that appears to contain sensitive information for further consideration by the agency with jurisdiction over the relevant data. Thus the most problematic emails are dribbling out last.
As the number of disclosed classified messages from Mrs. Clinton's server has climbed above 1,300, her explanations have come to look increasingly improvisational and contrived. Recall that last summer-even after abandoning the claim that she maintained a private email account for convenience and because she was too busy solving the world's problems to navigate the intricacies of a government account-she insisted that, "I did not send classified information and I did not receive any material that was marked or designated classified, which is the way you know that something is."

When asked whether she had her server "wiped," she assumed an air of grandmotherly befuddlement: "What, like with a cloth or something?" she said. "I don't know how it works digitally at all."

The current news, reported in the Journal and elsewhere, is that her server contained information at the highest level of classification, known as SAP, or Special Access Program. This is a level so high that even the inspector general for the intelligence community who reported the discovery did not initially have clearance to examine it.

The server also contained messages showing her contempt for classification procedures. This was bred at least in part by obvious familiarity with exactly "how it works"-such as when, an email shows, she directed a staff member simply to erase the heading on a classified document, converting it into "unpaper," and send it on a "nonsecure" device.
Information disclosed by the State Department also reflects that in August 2011, when the State Department's executive secretary suggested that he could provide Mrs. Clinton with a BlackBerry that would keep her identity secret but might generate communications that would be discoverable under the Freedom of Information Act, Huma Abedin, Mrs. Clinton's closest aide, intervened and said the idea "doesn't make a whole lot of sense."

Further, Mrs. Clinton's own memoir, "Hard Choices" (2014), apparently written at a time when she wished to stress how delicate were the secrets she knew, and how carefully she handled them, reports that she "often received warnings from Department security officials to leave our [BlackBerrys], laptops-anything that communicated with the outside world-on the plane with their batteries removed to prevent foreign intelligence services from compromising them.

"Even in friendly settings we conducted business under strict security precautions, taking care where and how we read secret material and used our technology," Mrs. Clinton tells readers. She even read classified material "inside an opaque tent in a hotel room. In less well-equipped settings, we were told to improvise by reading sensitive material with a blanket over our head."

The FBI's criminal investigation of messages on the server initially related solely to Mrs. Clinton's possibly unlawful mishandling of classified information. The investigation has now metastasized to include "the possible intersection of Clinton Foundation donations, the dispensation of State Department contracts and whether regular processes were followed" as Fox News's Catherine Herridge reported Jan. 19, quoting an intelligence source.

Which is to say, the FBI wants to know whether those messages, combined with other evidence, show that donors to the Clinton Foundation received special consideration in their dealings with the agency Mrs. Clinton headed.

Whatever the findings from that part of the probe, intelligence-community investigators believe it is nearly certain that Mrs. Clinton's server was hacked, possibly by the Chinese or the Russians. This raises the distinct possibility that she would be subject to blackmail in connection with those transactions and whatever else was on that server by people with hostile intent against this country.

No criminality can be charged against Mrs. Clinton in connection with any of this absent proof that she had what the law regards as a guilty state of mind-a standard that may differ from one statute to another, depending on what criminal act is charged.
Yet-from her direction that classification rules be disregarded, to the presence on her personal email server of information at the highest level of classification, to her repeated falsehoods of a sort that juries are told every day may be treated as evidence of guilty knowledge-it is nearly impossible to draw any conclusion other than that she knew enough to support a conviction at the least for mishandling classified information.

This is the same charge brought against Gen. David Petraeus for disclosing classified information in his personal notebooks to his biographer and mistress, who was herself an Army Reserve military intelligence officer cleared to see top secret information.

The simple proposition that everyone is equal before the law suggests that Mrs. Clinton's state of mind-whether mere knowledge of what she was doing as to mishandling classified information; or gross negligence in the case of the mishandling of information relating to national defense; or bad intent as to actual or attempted destruction of email messages; or corrupt intent as to State Department business-justifies a criminal charge of one sort or another.

But will it be brought? That depends in part on the recommendation of FBI Director James Comey, a man described by President Obama, at the time the president appointed him, as "fiercely independent." If no recommendation to charge is forthcoming, or if such a recommendation is made but not followed by the attorney general, what happens then?

Would the public stand for it? My guess is not. However, my guess is also that we won't be put to that test because our public officials will do their duty.

Mr. Mukasey served as a U.S. district judge (1988-2006) and as U.S. attorney general (2007-09). He is an adviser to Jeb Bush on matters of national security.

Read on the WSJ site here
WHO:              Phil Oliva, Republican candidate for the 18th congressional district
                        Rob Astorino, Westchester County Executive
                        MaryEllen Odell, Putnam County Executive
                        More than 100 supporters, including other local officials
WHAT:            Phil Oliva officially launches his campaign for the 18th congressional district in front of more than 100 supporters at a late morning rally.
WHERE:          Four Brothers Restaurant
                        654 U.S. 6
                        Mahopac, NY 10541
WHEN:            Saturday, January 30
                        11:30 a.m.
For more information:
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 27th, 2016
CONTACT: Michael Jefferson, 914-962-2624

$8,000 State Grant Secured by Sen. Murphy Brings Boxes to Every Municipality in Westchester County
L-R: North Salem Supervisor Warren Lucas, Westchester Couny Legislator Francis Corcoran, Westchester County Detective John Hodges, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, State Senator Terrence Murphy, Westchester County Commissioner of Health Dr. Sherlita Amler

North Salem, NY - The abuse of prescription drugs continues to be a major public health concern in New York State. Thanks to an $8,000 grant secured by Senator Terrence P. Murphy, twelve new medication drop boxes for the disposal of unused drugs have now been installed in every municipality in Westchester County.
Senator Murphy and County Executive Robert P. Astorino unveiled a new drop box on Wednesday, January 27 at the North Salem Police Department. Murphy and Astorino were joined at the press conference by legislator Francis Corcoran and North Salem Supervisor Warren Lucas.
"I am proud to partner with County Executive Rob Astorino and to be able to deliver the needed grant money to make this project a reality," said Senator Murphy."Having hosted a number of medication take back programs, at which we averaged nearly two hundred pounds of discarded medications, it became clear more disposal options were needed for our residents."
"Prescription medication can be a life saver when properly used, but when not properly disposed of they can be a real health and safety issue," said Astorino.  "Thanks to Senator Murphy's efforts, we are able to install the final 12 drop boxes in the county, where residents can take their unused medications for proper disposal.  Don't throw them in the trash, don't flush them down the toilet and don't just leave them lying around the house.  Go to your nearest drop box and dispose of them properly."

The boxes give households a safe option to dispose of expired, discontinued or unwanted medications in a manner that takes into account public health, as well as the environment. A major concern is that drugs left in the home can end up in the wrong hands - stolen for sale, or worse, ingested by unsuspecting children.
The locations of the drop boxes are as follows:
  • Bronxville Police Department, 200 Pondfield Road, Bronxville
  • Dobbs Ferry Police Department, 112 Main Street, Dobbs Ferry
  • Elmsford Police Department, 15 South Stone Avenue, Elmsford
  • Hastings Police Department, 7 Maple Avenue, Hastings-on-Hudson
  • Larchmont Village Hall Lobby, 120 Larchmont Avenue, Larchmont
  • Mamaroneck Town Hall, 740 West Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck
  • North Salem Police Department, 274 Titicus Road, North Salem
  • Pelham Manor Police Department, 4 Penfield Place, Pelham Manor
  • Pelham Police Department, 34 Fifth Avenue, Pelham
  • Tuckahoe Police Department, 65 Main Street, Tuckahoe
  • Westchester Country Government, 148 Martine Avenue, White Plains
Westchester County is a pioneer in the Med Return effort, having started the practice back in 2008.  By 2013, County Executive Astorino had dramatically increased the number of Westchester police departments equipped with them and after today's announcement the total number of drop boxes stands at 39.

Senator Murphy and County Executive Astorino continue to advocate for drug reforms. At the press conference both officials spoke of the local heroin epidemic, which for many can be traced to prescription drug abuse.

Senator Terrence Murphy, LOB 817, Albany, NY 12247
Citizens for an Informed Yorktown
Note: Beginning January, 2016, the CIY Town Board meeting summaries will continue to be written by Susan Siegel in her capacity as an observer.

Town Board Work Session
January 26, 2016

Meeting highlights. For a discussion of all agenda items visit

1. Water Rates
The town will be raising water rates by $1.25 to $6.25/1,000 gallons.  A public hearing will be held.

2. Parks & Recreation Department
The department wants permission to continue the use of organic pesticides and herbicides on town properties.

3. Police Generator
The board okayed the purchase of a new emergency generator.

4. Senior Nutrition Center
The town will enter into a contract to obtain produce and staples from the Food Bank of Westchester at no cost.

5.  Hilltop Service Station   
The applicant sought the board’s feedback on plans for a canopy over the pumps and the continued ability to sell used cars from the site.

6. Lake Osceola Beach
The applicant presented a new concept for the site that included 24-32 rental apartments on one side of the parcel and a restaurant on the other side.

7. EZ Pass
The Town Clerk’s office will sell EZ Passes.
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