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Bazzomanifesto Update 01/20/16: 8 Topics In Today's blog


1)  Check Out

2) Check Out Yorktown News:
 New Bazzo Says Column: New York Character vs. New York Values

3) Volpe/Bazzo Report on YouTube: January Show: Guests:Co-Host  Co-host Domenic Volpe, Political Commentators Bryan Fumagall and Darren Rigger

4) Yorktown Courtesy of Floor remarks

5) 12 Grapes: Please take a moment to help!
6) Suzi McDonough   : My Official Announcement

7) Town Of Ossining: Supervisor’s Update- January 19th, 2016

8) Hope to see you on Feb 4th for our Grand Opening Celebration

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For immediate reply:
Yorktown Courtesy of Floor remarks
Dear members:
Please read this letter about courtesy of the floor. I requesting that ever member of the UTY be at the next town board meeting tomorrow Tuesday night at 7:30 PM. I want both courtesy of the floors, once in the beginning and another at the end of the meeting like I use t be. If you can't make the meeting call in at 7:30 PM 962-5722 ext. 216 and tell who ever answers the phone that you want both courtesies of the floor restored. I will be there a s soon as I get off from work. Remember our government works for us, we need the right to speak on important issues to us (the public).
I would like to welcome two new members Anne Fallon and Nick Toumanios to the UTY.
Our next meting is on Wednesday Jan. 27th at 7:30Pm at the Yorktown town hall. The supervisor is looking to shut down our meetings in town hall.
Not Courtesy, But Necessity
Dear Supervisor Grace and Members of Town Board:
The termination of the early session of “courtesy of the floor” may seem a small thing,
but it isn't. Tone, perception and symbols matter as much as substance. Sometimes they
matter more.
Even if the Board's intent is efficiency and time-saving the combination of the measure
and the stated reason therefor (to not inconvenience expensive pro-developer paid lobbyists)
screams loudly of careless dis-regard for the voice of the public, all in the service of monied and
powerful interests who more often than not are not even from Yorktown.
Waiting to the 10 or 11 pm end of a Town Board meeting to be heard is not a
meaningful option for many a local citizen. They have work the next day and 6 am comes early.
And holding public comment until after issues have already been decided is not merely illadvised.
It's callous.
Democracy is not tidy. It's messy, time-consuming and not always convenient. But
having the patience to listen to the public voice is not merely part of the mandate of any elected
official. It's the core of it.
The version I like best of Churchill's famous quote goes like this:
“Democracy is a very bad form of government, excepting of course for all the
others, which are so much worse.”
The Yorktown Board needs to take the time to let democracy work.
Elliot Krowe & Ron Stokes
Yorktown Democratic Committee
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Drew Bordeaux

Class Action
On Tuesday, January 19, 2016 8:59 AM, Suzi McDonough wrote:

My Official Announcement
Join me as I officially announce my campagin for the 94th New York State Assembly District on Thursday, January 28, 2016 from 6PM – 8PM at Putnam County Golf Course: 187 Hill St, Mahopac, NY 10541.
For more information or to RSVP please contact: or (914) 403-8463. Click here to donate online! 
Town Supervisor Dana Levenberg The Volunteer-Spirited Town Supervisor's Update- January 19th, 2016 Thank you to the Ossining community for such a warm welcome into my new role as Town Supervisor. It has been a busy two weeks since
On Tuesday, January 19, 2016 3:47 PM, "Slater, Kellie" wrote:

We are excited to announce our Grand Opening Celebration!
Hope you are able to attend.
Kellie Slater
Marketing/Community Outreach Director
3379 Crompond Rd                                               
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598                                                
Tel: 914.930.5550                      
Bazzo 01/20/16

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