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Bazzomanifesto Update 01/18/16: 6 Topics In Today's blog


1)  Check Out

2) Check Out Yorktown News:
3) Astorino Reports $1 Million on Hand

4) [PRESS RELEASE] Heroin Task Force wants NARCAN registry

5) ICYMI: Some NY Politicians Are Not Truthful to the Working Class

6) Town Of Ossining: Town Board Work Session and Special Meeting- January 19th, 2016

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Reports $1 Million on Hand

$600,000 in Filing Period

New York -- January 15, 2016
Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino has over $1 million cash-on-hand, his campaign today announced.

Friends of Rob Astorino raised $596,140 during the last 6 month fundraising period. The records will be filed today as part of its semi-annual report with the state Board of Elections.

"I'm incredibly gratified to have the support of so many New Yorkers who share my vision of protecting our middle class, small businesses and revitalizing our
economy," Astorino said.

In all, the campaign received over 727 donations from 624 donors with more than 200 donations totaling $100 or less. The average contribution was $355. With the
added donations, Astorino now has $1,002,559 cash on hand.

Astorino, the 2014 Republican nominee for governor, has twice won races for Westchester County Executive in a county where Democrats have a 2-to-1 registration advantage. He is regarded as a disciplined fiscal reformer who keeps a close eye on government spending while ensuring that essential services are delivered to those most in need. In his first year in office, he lowered the county tax levy and has not raised it since taking office in 2010.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 15th, 2016
CONTACT: Matt Slater, 914-962-2624
ALBANY, NY - Following the announcement by the New York State Department of Health that naloxone will be available over-the-counter at CVS pharmacies throughout New York State, co-chairs of the Senate's Task Force on Heroin and Opioid Addiction, Senators George Amedore, Terrence Murphy, and Robert Ortt are calling on Governor Cuomo to create a statewide registry of naloxone distribution, as well as usage and overdose reversals.

The increased use and availability of naloxone has decreased the number of deaths from heroin and opioid overdose, but the epidemic still remains a big problem for so many communities throughout the State. A statewide database would ensure that accurate numbers on overdoses continue be reported.

"We must take every step necessary to eradicate New York of the heroin epidemic. By collecting more accurate data through our proposed Narcan registry we can help ensure the needed resources are being sent to those communities facing the greatest scourge. This will help make enforcement more efficient and ultimately save lives. It is this type of outside the box thinking that is needed for our continued effort to win the war on addiction," Senator Terrence Murphy said.

"Narcan has proven to be a valuable tool by averting overdoses. Increasing Narcan's availability is a positive step that will save lives, but we must accompany this with other critical measures. One area that I believe we must prioritize is tracking Narcan use so that we can get users the help they need. As co-chairs of the heroin task force, we recognize that our approach to tackling the heroin and opioid epidemic must be as comprehensive as the epidemic itself. Measures to increase prevention, treatment, and recovery - coupled with strict prosecution of those bringing these drugs into our communities - will bring our families and communities the relief they need," Senator Ortt said.

"There is no doubt that narcan is saving lives in communities all across New York State. It's important that it be readily available for those who need it, but we need to recognize that it is a band-aid and not a true fix for the epidemic that is facing our communities," said Senator Amedore, Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse. "It's important to understand that while the statistics may show overdose deaths on the decline with this new policy, we need to have accurate information on how many overdose deaths have been prevented through the use of naloxone so we can get people the treatment they need, or direct resources into the communities that need it most. A statewide registry that includes the number of reversals and where they occurred will continue to provide us with important information as we continue our efforts help those who are struggling with addiction."

Under the proposal, the number of narcan kits sold over-the-counter, distributed through non-profits, or provided to emergency responders would be inventoried upon dispersal. When a kit is used, EMT's, law enforcement officials, and medical personnel would be required to report it.

The purpose of the registry would strictly be for data collection purposes to keep track of the number of kits dispersed, and the number of kits used. Patients' identities would not be reported.
Senator Terrence Murphy, LOB 817, Albany, NY 12247
January 15, 2016

In Case You Missed it: Below is an Op-Ed published on Huffington Post by former NYC Comptroller candidate and strategic advisor to the NYGOP John Burnett on the impact a $15 minimum wage would have on urban communities.

Please take a moment to read:

Some New York Politicians Are Not Truthful to the Working Class
By John Burnett

It's not easy to explain viable alternatives to sharply raising the minimum wage. Anything to the contrary makes a person sound like a scrooge. Who doesn't want to see people earn a higher wage, right?

But what if you knew, with absolute certainty that a minimum wage increase from the New York state minimum of $8.75 (prior to December 31, 2015) to the new $15 per hour wage -- which represents a 71.5 per cent jump -- would hurt the working class because small business owners and large companies would create fewer opportunities than they do now? 

And, who has the most to benefit?

Some politicians are big winners because they acquiesce to big labor in exchange for votes and financial support for campaign bids for re-election or higher seats. This undermines public service because it only benefits certain people, while others are left outside in the cold.

The politicians that support the increase know that by unilaterally raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour for New York fast food workers, four things will happen:

1. The price of food at those restaurants will go up;
2. Hours will be cut, with fewer employees on each shift;
3. Job automation will rapidly accelerate above the norm because it will be more cost effective to invest in machines than people at the substantially higher wage level for low-skilled workers without any expectation of increased productivity; and
4. Politicians will proclaim they care about the working poor.

Elected officials also know that skilled workers soon will begin competing with entry level restaurant employees -- including teenage kids looking for their first jobs -- because those positions will be more financially attractive. And other businesses on tight margins will have to cut back, too, as they are forced to compete for workers with higher wages.

An earned income tax credit combined with a modest minimum wage increase to $10 would be a better compromise that market conditions can bear (e.g., non-profit organizations and small businesses) without severely impacting jobs or spurring an inflationary market prompted by a huge wage hike. In tandem with this alternative increase, transform the educational system to equip students and adults with real life skills, so that they can aspire to be something greater than a cashier or burger flipper at fast food restaurants.

Hardworking people in the urban community and rural areas of our society are the precious stones and building blocks of our economy and yearn for better opportunities in life, as their skills are honed. The sharp rise in the minimum wage may increase salaries for a few but steeply decrease opportunities for many others.

While employees that are not in a labor union and taxpayers suffer the brunt of the financial burden when fewer jobs are available, New Yorkers that are out of work will become more dependent on politicians that repeatedly do not deliver material and sustainable results. All of which, will disproportionately impact the urban community, negatively.

We are dangerously flirting with market dynamics. How? The Federal Reserve is in a financial quagmire as it contemplates when and how frequently it should raise interest rates to keep a balanced economy coupled with a 2% inflation target. However, a 71.5% wage hike in New York and other similarly situated cities will enter a wage-price spiral that will drive inflation sharply higher, leaving the unskilled laborer with very little net benefit.

One stark reality is that there are no quick fixes to the complexity of interconnected socio-economic issues that have evolved over time and its affects are compounded by inadequate policies prescribed as an urban panacea.

Whether you are fresh out of college seeking a job in your field, an upwardly mobile hipster poised for a bigger break or a seasoned worker raising a family, we all need a vibrant job market that provides opportunities ranging from apprentice to expert level to employ skilled blue and white collar workers seeking gainful employment.
Read on Huffington Post here
Town Supervisor Dana Levenberg The Volunteer-Spirited Town Town Board Work Session January 19th, 2016- 7:30PM Municipal Building 16 Croton Avenue, Ossining NY 10562 Work Session: 7:30PM 1. Local Law #3 of 2016- "Changes to Town SEQ  
Bazzo 01/18/16

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