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Bazzo Says: Some Thoughts Before Iowa

Bazzo Says:


Sen. Cruz says New York City has liberal values. He accuses Trump of having the same values. Leaders on both sides of the aisle and the New York media has conniption fits.   Gov. Cuomo in his State of the State address says New York is the progressive capital of the world and the chamber applauded. Progressive is another word for liberal, so this should be a red flag. Liberals will not admit who they are, so they change their identity.  One would think that if you are so sure you are right, then you would be proud to point this out. I guess it comes down to who is saying it. Cruz says it and it is a damnable lie.  Cuomo says it and it’s: “Right on. You go, baby.”

• Trump in Oklahoma last week says he is leading a new movement up from the bowels of the Republican Party. Would this be considered a bowel movement? Sorry, I could not help myself.

• Have you ever seen a primary campaign where the two top front-runners in a party are both trying to be destroyed by that party? Closest in my memory was 1976 and 1980, when the Republican establishment tried to take down Ronald Reagan. They succeeded in ‘76; failed in ‘80. 

You need a score card to figure this out.  You have establishment figures who hate Cruz more than Trump now saying we can do business with Trump. They know if it’s Cruz, their gravy train is over. They think with Trump, they can make a deal and keep some of that gravy train rolling. You have Trump, playing them like a Stradivarius saying being a little establishment is alright. How else can you make a deal? Cruz says, looking at how Republicans make deals, do we really need another Republican deal maker?

At the same time, National Review comes out with a special edition with leading conservative talking heads penning different columns saying: “Anyone but Trump.” His sin? He is not a conservative. Point one: Trump never said he was a conservative. Point two: In 2012, National Review did the same thing after Newt Gingrich won an upset in the South Carolina primary. They wrote that Mitt Romney, the man who created Romney Care in Massachusetts, was the real conservative and the only one who can beat Obama. You see how well that worked out.

• Here is what is really going on. I write this as an explanation; not an endorsement. Trump has turned the world of presidential politics on its head. Political professionals still cannot believe that Trump survived his opening comments about Mexicans when he announced his candidacy. They said he was done even before he started. They cannot believe he survived what he said about Megyn Kelly, Carly Fiorina and Rosie O’Donnell. Professionals said you cannot point out the obvious. Trump said, “Wanna bet?”

So, you have to understand it is not, at this point, about Trump. He happens to be the vessel. Right now, these supporters are not interested in destroying Trump because they do not want to destroy what Trump represents. Things aren’t working. Something needs to change, and it’s not. We the voters twice in off-year elections voted overwhelmingly for things to change; to stop what is happening. Not only did that not happen, the elected officials who promised to enact that change lied to us. So not only did not give us that change, they gave Obama everything he wanted and more.

Because of this, the voters look at Trump and see he is the person we need to effect change. We need to see results. Trump is a results oriented guy. So the fact that he is not perfect, well you know, neither are we. We know he will say some stupid stuff, but he is going to get us to those results.

I have come to the conclusion that this is the motivating force behind people supporting Trump and Cruz. It’s not about being loyal to an ideology. It’s not even about being loyal to a party.  Being loyal to a party hasn’t worked. Being loyal to the Republican Party with votes, hasn’t done anything.

• People from all parties are gravitating to the anti-establishment. The media wants you to think it is only the Republicans that are at war with itself. On the Democrat side, however, there is upheaval. Bernie Sanders is literally mopping the floor in New Hampshire with Hillary Clinton.  The Democrat base is tired of having Hillary Clinton hoisted upon them. They did not want her on ‘08 and they do not want her now.

You have a whole generation of voters coming of age who do not know of Hillary’s past. They are just leaning about it now. She was an enabler of her husband’s philandering. Everything she touched turns to crap. She has no core beliefs. She is not real; Sanders is. 

Sanders has a 20-point lead in New Hampshire. Of course he is from neighboring Vermont, so conventional wisdom is that is expected. Yet, Bernie Sanders has 51-percent support in Iowa and Hillary Clinton has 43—that’s an eight-point lead for Bernie Sanders. However, and this is where it gets interesting, Clinton had an 18-point lead in December. Now she’s down to an eight-point deficit.

• The two party establishment system is being turned upside down and inside out. They do not know what to do. If the anti-establishment candidates win decisively in Iowa and New Hampshire, watch the establishment get unhinged and desperate in South Carolina. If they cannot put up a firewall there, then it is “Katy, bar the door.”

This is what I say, what say you?
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