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Bazzo Says: The Party Of Pro-Death

Bazzo Says:


There it was. The headline on Wednesday’s Daily News: “The Party of Pro-Death,” complete with pictures. Seeing just the headline, one would not be wrong in assuming that they were talking about leading Democrats and their stance on abortion on-demand with no restrictions.

You would look for the lead picture to be that of our dear President Obama. After all, he did as an Illinois state senator vote twice to allow a doctor to kill a baby that survived an abortion. Even in that bluest of blue states, saner heads prevailed and that proposal did not pass, but not for lack of trying on the part of that state’s Democrat Party.

You might even look for pictures of our own Gov. Coumo, senators Schumer and Gillibrand, representatives Lowey and Maloney, and the leading Democrats of the Senate and Assembly for championing a woman’s right to an abortion up to and including the ninth month. 

You might look for pictures of Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Lowey. Maloney, Schumer and Gillibrand who fought for and won the provision in the latest budget our president signed that continues to fund Planned Parenthood. It was included in the budget even though it is not a government program, because the president vowed to veto this bill if it was not included. Seventy percent of Planned Parenthood’s funding goes toward promoting abortions and most of these clinics in New York are located in minority communities. We were told by these leading Democrats and their lackeys in the media that not funding this would endanger women’s health.  This, even though there are too many other programs too count at both the federal and state level that provide access to women’s health and do not fund abortions.

However, according to the Daily News, this is not the party of pro-death. Nooooo. Not a party that has no problem with infanticide or the selling of human body parts of aborted babies. Do not let the spinmeisters fool you. Planned Parenthood did sell baby body parts and it was caught on tape. You can find the full and un-edited tapes on line and on the congressional record. According to the Daily News, this is not the party of pro-death.

By the way, I left out the blue state of Oregon that passed a law to allow euthanasia. Let us also not forget the Affordable Care Act that passed without one Republican vote that took $700 million out of Medicare and gave it to Medicaid, thereby allowing the government to decide if a senior’s remaining lifespan warrants certain treatments. The funding for the panel that decides this can be found in the first stimulus bill. Again, do not let the spimeisters fool you. Do you remember, during the run-up to the passage of the Affordable Care Act that Obama, during a Q&A in San Francisco, when a woman asked if her grandmother’s desire for life would be part of the equation? The president’s answer was no; she would probably be given a pill if her expected lifespan did not warrant the treatment she would want. Yet, according to the Daily News, this is not the party of pro-death. Is it any wonder why this paper is going bankrupt?

So who, according to the Daily News is the party of pro-death? It is the Republican Party and its desire to stand up for the Second Amendment. Even though this presidential overreach is acknowledged to not do a damn thing to prevent the gun violence we are told is epidemic.  

During a town hall meeting on CNN last week, he admitted it solves no problems, and he agreed and admitted with everybody who pointed out that every executive action he’s talking about implementing would not have stopped any of these recent attacks. He admits that his executive actions on guns would not stop terrorism, that they wouldn’t stop the shootings in Chicago, that they wouldn’t deal with what’s going on in gun-free zones.

So how does he get away with this? He gets away by tugging at your emotions. This is to show that he cares. As I have told you repeatedly, liberals are to be judged on intent, not consequences. Laws, constitution, separation of powers be damned. Doesn’t this look nice?  Doesn’t it make you feel good? Just because Congress will not act on this president’s every wet dream, he does not have the authority to act by fiat.

So, according to the Daily News, a party that will not act on meaningless legislation and opposes the same meaningless legislation is the party of pro-death. Yet the party that advocates and enacts laws that cause the death of innocents is not. Who cares? Hillary is a woman. Hillary is a Democrat. She supports these pro-death measures. Who cares? Somebody does. You can see it in the polls that show the outsiders with a combined popularity greater that everyone else combined. They know who the real party of pro-death is.

This is what I say.  What say you?

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