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Bazzo Says: N. Y. Character vs. N.Y. Values

Bazzo Says:


Trump made a boo-boo. In responding to Senator Cruz in last week’s Republican debate, he compared apples to oranges. In brief, trying to win the Iowa caucuses, Senator Cruz tried to paint Trump as the quintessential New Yorker. He said, and rightly so (Trump admitted as much on “Meet the Press” when it was hosted by the late Tim Russert) that Trump has New York City values. Now, in fairness to Trump, he has said he has evolved on some of those issues. Trump, during the debate brought up the valor of the first responders and how for a while the city came together after the 9/11 attacks.

Here is the problem: Cruz was talking values; Trump was talking character. There is a difference.  See, Trump’s problem is that he encompasses both. The “in your face, knock me down and I will get right back up better than ever” is pure New York and, as we have seen, is pure Trump. The media attacks he has endured since his announcement would have taken down anyone else; just look at the huge drop in Dr. Carson’s poll numbers. Trump doubles down and his poll numbers soar. That’s character.

Cruz, however, was talking values. Liberal values. Very liberal values. He was talking New York City values; not New York State values. Just look at the map of the last gubernatorial election. Astorino won 95 percent of the state, and lost. Cuomo won by winning New York County and the surrounding area, which is populated with many former New York City residents. New York City values are not New York State values. Cuomo encompasses city values; Trump, if he is to be believed, now encompasses state values.

The values Cruz was talking about could be seen in a Cuomo interview last year, which I wrote about, where he said that if one does not believe in the same things he believes in, you are not welcome in his New York. His freedom of speech is divine right; yours, should you disagree, is not only non-existent, but not welcome. You can see this played out on our college campuses.  Student’s demanding “safe-spaces,” where they do not have to hear a discouraging word. Also the sky is not cloudy all day.

The values Cruz was talking about is the belief that Cuomo, the city mayor and council believe you are too stupid to live without their guidance and fiats. If we mandate calorie counts you will not buy that product. If we outlaw junk food, you will eat what’s good for you. If we do not provide food for your child morning, noon and night, you will not feed them.

The values Cruz was talking about was that people either start or invest in businesses solely to provide $15 an hour minimum wage, medical benefits and now 12 week paid leave. The idea that those who start or invest in business might actually do so to make money for themselves and their families is positively criminal and the height of cold heartedness.

The values Cruz was talking about is funding terrorism by outlawing the ability to get our own natural recourses and instead shipping our money to those trying to kill us for those resources. This out of the belief that by denying us, we will single-handedly save the planet.

The reason why the almighty and powerful in New York, the liberal press and the RINO congressmen all swallowed hard and praised Trump, who they hate just less than they do Cruz, is because Cruz jeopardizes those values. Yet the joke is probably on them. You see, I believe Trump has evolved. I believe Trump also jeopardizes those values.

The reality is the president has little control over these value issues, other than our quest of energy independence. Right now, people are looking at the character of the candidates. Look at the polling—candidates perceived as being real are polling great. Those perceived as phonies are not. This includes both parties. More than ever before: character matters. Trump has character—New York character.

This is what I say. What say you? 
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