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Bazzo Says: Dogs, Used Cars And Politics

Bazzo Says:


Last week’s issue of Yorktown News contained three letters that I cannot help but opine upon. The first dealt with the town banning dogs from Jack DeVito Veterans Memorial Field. The second had to do with the new owners of the gas station at East Main Street and Strawberry Road in Shrub Oak. The third was written by a group of clergy uniting together for peace and friendship.

First, walking dogs. It is enough that dog owners have become the new entitled class that, at town taxpayer expense (which includes me who owns no dogs but is owned by cats), had a dog park built so they can take Fido out and socialize with fellow dog owners. This is a case of someone making their problem someone else’s. You want a dog? Fine with me. You own a house where there are no sidewalks—why is that my problem? I did not tell you to buy a dog, but I have to pay to build you a dog park!

So you have your park. Great. But nooooooo! You want to walk your dog where children play. You say it is alright because you pick up after your dog. Yet, I have yet to see any dog walker wipe up Fido’s pee. It is enough that people have to watch their step as to avoid goose doo-doo. I have no sympathy, after all you won’t let us kill them and eat them. If God did not want us to eat them he would not have made them out of meat. There is nothing wrong with hunting for food. People, enjoying a public park should not have to worry about stepping in Fido’s doo-doo. Either walk and pick up after you dog on the street where you live or at the park the town’s people generously provided for you. Just keep them out of parks where people, young and old enjoy. I do not see why there was a discussion let alone a law. It is just common sense and courtesy. Better yet, get a cat, which does not need to be let out of the house.

Second, the gas station. I happen to think the new owners did a great job cleaning up the area. I thought the old fence was unsightly. So what if they want to sell used cars? Yes, I know there is an ordinance prohibiting it. However, if one can sell used cars on one end of East Main Street and no one cares how that looks, then one should be able to sell used cars at the other end of East Main Street. Remember, Yorktown gets a piece of the sales tax that comes from every car sold.

As for this ordinance. I hate the idea that the town and its people have the right to tell this person what they may or may not sell as long as it is compliance with the anchor business. It has become common practice that gas stations can sell not only gas and repairs, but newspapers, coffee, odds and ends and used cars. Again, look at the other end of East Main Street. Also, there is nothing wrong with how this property now looks. It looks a lot better than when the previous owners had it. You want to know what looks bad? It is a business owner that was fined for price gouging after Hurricane Sandy. Until proven otherwise, this new owner should be welcomed and patronized as a good neighbor.

Finally, clergy butting in without regard for the truth to make a political point. First, let me point out that those words at the base of the Statue of Liberty were welcoming people coming here legally wanting to become Americans. To assimilate. There is a difference. If this were truly a country of racists and bigots, why would they leave their own country to come here?

Second, according to the latest figures provided by the Federal Justice Department, a full 60 percent of all hate crimes committed in the last two years across this country have been against those of the Jewish faith. Just 13 percent—167 acts of criminal bias to be exact—have been against those of the Muslim faith. Where is their anger against this anti-Semitism that seem more prevalent?

Finally, it is their assertion that a certain political candidate (read either Trump or Cruz, but I suspect they meant Trump) has advocated for American Muslims be forced to carry identification cards. This is as false and phony as Hillary’s assertion that ISIS is using videos of Trump for recruitment. As I wrote previously, I watched that speech as it was replayed in its entirety on MSNBC and Trump said no such thing. Nor did he call for American Muslims to be deported. All, and I mean all, that he proposed was that there be a temporary ban on those non-citizens not here from being allowed here, until we are are able to know exactly who they are.

Also, as I wrote previously, the Supreme Court has ruled time and time again, that non-citizens residing in another country but wanting to come here are not covered by the guarantees of our constitution. Whatever your religious precepts are, there is no right to immigrate here. One is not devoid of human decency or community good if one chooses not to be suicidal. By the way, you should know that on Wednesday last week, the federal government announced that they are going to round up and deport entire families that are deemed to be here illegally. I guess Obama and his Justice Department are now devoid of human decency and kindness. Or is it only Republican candidates who at this time have no power?

No matter their religious precepts, I would believe there is an admonition against baring false witness. No matter how they feel about a political candidate (read that as either Trump or Cruz), they should be ashamed of themselves for not adhering to the most important of precepts: Thou shalt not lie!

This is what I say. What say you? 

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