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Bazzo Says: Political Correctness Runs Amok Part 2

Bazzo Says:


I woke up last Monday to find out that Donald Trump is finally through. He really did it this time. He’s gone over the line.

I just had to know what it was he said. After all, he is a private citizen with no power to enact law. So it only had to be something he said. What he said, and I saw it when MSNBC replayed the entire South Carolina speech, was that as president, he would ban all Muslims from coming into this country until our officials figured out who was actually coming in here. 

We had found out that the San Bernadino shooters were not on a no-fly list. In spite of all their online communications, they were not red-flagged by the NSA data mining. They had their neighbor buy their guns, legally. No one reported anything suspicious because they did not want to be seen as profiling. In other words, no government agency responsible connected the dots because there were no dots to connect. 

There could have been, however. In the name of political correctness, which I covered last week, the State Department and Homeland Security Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties closed down an investigation into a group named Tablighi Jamaat. The investigation was shut down because the government, according to former customs and border agent, Philip Haney, who was one of the investigators: “Did not want to profile Islamic groups.” 

According to a story in the Daily Caller based on an interview with FOX News host Megyn Kelly: “Philip Haney claims that if his investigation had been allowed to continue, Syed Farook may have ended up on the no-fly list” because of his connection with Tablighi Jamaat. So, if he had ended up on the no-fly list, he would not have been able to meet and connected with Tashfeen Malik and they would never have gotten married. He was ordered to shut up, stand down and destroy his files. So, this shooter was already on someone’s radar because of a group he was associated with, but in the name of political correctness, the feds deleted his files.

So here comes Trump with the knowledge that this administration is not capable nor willing of doing what is necessary to protect us, saying let’s call a timeout until we are capable and willing to do what is necessary. The entire world of politics except Sen. Cruz became unhinged. We are told this is unconstitutional by the very administration that has on occasion after occasion treated the Constitution like toilet paper. The media stenographers echoed the same thing even as they sat silent every time this administration tramples over the Constitution. You had Republican leadership saying this is not who we are as a country.

First, as history does not start when you wake up in the morning, this is exactly who were are as country at war. As a country, we are not suicidal. We are at war! Someone IS trying to kill us! Just because this administration and Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton will not admit it, does not mean we are not.

This is the disconnect I have been telling you about. People know it. People believe it. Trump says it.  Proposes things based on it. Nasty things happen during wars: Lincoln suspended habeas corpus, FDR interred American citizens and Jimmy Carter banned Iranians from coming here and deported 15,000 that were here. These were terrible things, and in the late ‘80s we made a national act of contrition regarding those internments and made some reparations to atone for this. Trump is proposing none of these except not allowing non-citizens from coming here temporarily.

What you are not being told is that the United States of America shut down the immigration of everybody from 1924 to 1965. So there is precedent. You want to know why? There had been so much immigration prior, we needed to assimilate all those immigrants so they would become Americans. This is not what is happening now.

In 1952, a Democrat Congress passed and a Democrat president signed into law the exact permission to allow a president to do what Trump is proposing. This law gives the president the power to suspend the admission of “any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States.” The ONLY religious test prohibited by the Constitution is in regard to those running for elected office.

According to a story in by Jan C. Ting: “Despite vigorous assertions by talking heads that suspending the admission of Muslim immigrants would be unconstitutional, prior Supreme Court opinions clearly suggest that courts would reject constitutional challenges to any president’s proposed suspension of Muslim admission into the United States in accordance with U.S. law.” 

She goes on to cite court precedents to back this up. We can do it. We have done it. The Supreme Court has always upheld the president’s power to do it. Basically what the courts have upheld is the premise that no one has the right to immigrate here and if you are not a citizen you are not afforded the same Constitutional protection that citizens are. What this administration, the establishment and media is trying to tell us is if you believe that, you are a bigot, racist—you name it. You are not!

So what you have seen is why The Donald continues to increase his lead in the polls. What you saw was everyone trying to tell us Trump and his supporters are the enemy. You had Trump saying the enemy is radical Islamic terrorists. The entire political establishment except for Ted Cruz wants to protect us from Trump and his supporters. Trump wants to protect us from those actually trying to kill us. This is your disconnect in real time.

This is what I say. What say you?


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