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Bazzomanifesto Update 11/27/15: 8 Topics In Today's blog


1)  Check Out

2) Check Out Yorktown News:

New Bazzo Says: Another Trumped Up Charge:

3) Check Out: The True Story of Thanksgiving: 
4) Notification: Holiday Connections - Thanksgiving Celebration @ Thu Nov 26 6pm - Fri Nov 27, 2015 2am

5)  Yorktown Town Board discusses ethics, dogs and code violations  11/24/15

6) Town Of Ossining: Supervisor’s Update- November 25th, 2015

7) : MEDIA ALERT: PHOTO/VIDEO OPPORTUNITY: Assemblywoman Galef and Senator Carlucci Host Press Conference MONDAY 11/30/15 at 12:30 pm

8) Town Of Ossining: Town Board Work Session- December 1st, 2015

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Holiday Connections - Thanksgiving Celebration

is an open invitation to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender &
Questioning Community, 18 years of age and older to come celebrate the holidays
with community through the LPSS "Holiday Connections" Program.
The HOLIDAY CONNECTIONS program is an outgrowth of the "Coping with the
Holidays" workshop that LPSS conducted in November 2003. Although the program
wasn't always called "Holiday Connections," its purpose has remained the same:
to focus on the creation of an all-inclusive LGBTQ extended family. What we may
have known as "Traditional Family Events" has given us the opportunity to create
"LGBTQ Family Events."
HOLIDAY CONNECTIONS events are usually pot-luck get-togethers, hosted at the
home of a member of the community. A contributing dish and $5.00 donation are
requested (although donations in greater amounts are always welcomed!).
All events are open to everyone in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender
& Questioning Community, 18 years of age and older.
Whether you come for the day or just for dessert, you are welcomed to join in
the fun that the LGBTQ community can offer during what are traditionally
holidays spent with family. So come join your LGBTQ family and celebrate these
All HOLIDAY CONNECTIONS events are multi-denominational.
A dish (for the pot-luck feast) and $5 donation (more if you can) is
Call LPSS @ 914-514-3220 for more information and to reserve your seat at the
table. Volunteers are more than welcomed and most appreciated!
Please note that times have yet to be determined and this event will be
updated once they are finalized.
Future LPSS Holiday Connections events for 2009:
--Christmas, Hanukkah
& Kwanzaa - Friday, December 25, 2009
--New Years Day - Friday, January
1, 2010
Thu Nov 26 6pm – Fri Nov 27, 2015 2am GMT (no daylight saving)
Please call 914-514-3220 for time, details & to reserve a space (map)
(Guest list has been hidden at organizer's request)
Going?   Yes - Maybe - No    
Citizens for an Informed Yorktown
Note: As of December 2, 2014, CIY summaries of Town Board meetings are being written by Susan Siegel in her capacity as a councilwoman.

Town Board Work Session
November 24, 2015

Meeting highlights. For a summary of other agenda items, visit

1. Ethics Code
Steven Leventhal, the attorney hired by the board to review the current Ethics Code, led a discussion about potential changes to the current Code.

2. Marathon Development (322 Kear Street)
The Town Board will send a letter of support for the proposed mixed use development that will include 12 affordable rental units.

3. Code Review
The board postponed making a decision on whether to hire former town planner Ray Arnold to review and update the town’s codes.

4. Dogs at Jack DeVito Veterans Memorial Field
The town will post signs at the field indicting a $250 fine for owners of dogs who defecate or urinate at the field.

5. Hilltop Service Station
The board gave the station owner more time to come up with a plan that addresses the unauthorized changes he made at the site, including cutting down trees and eliminating shrubs and fences that were part of the original site plan. The board will also have to address whether the new owner will be allowed to continue selling used cars on the site, something that the current zoning prohibits.
Copyright © 2015 Citizens for an Informed Yorktown, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you opted to receive these meeting summaries.
Our mailing address is:
Citizens for an Informed Yorktown
PO Box 193
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
On Wednesday, November 25, 2015 1:19 PM, Town Supervisor Susanne Donnelly wrote:


    The Volunteer-Spirited Town

Supervisor's Update - November 25th, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving
to you and your family
from all of us here in the
Town of Ossining
Comments on the 2016  Budget:
As we move towards the end of 2015, we have several items still on our agenda to accomplish, the first being to set the 2016 budget, on which we had the public hearing last night at the Town Board meeting.  While everyone is entitled to their opinion, it is essential to understand that over the past four years, this Administration and Board (as well as the previous Board with Councilman Peter Tripodi) have worked endlessly for the taxpayers of the Unincorporated Area and throughout Ossining.  We have taken on many projects and opportunities to improve the lives of our constituents, while always watching the bottom line.
Another change we have made in the Unincorporated Area is the way we do alarm billing and enforcement, putting them in one office so that the registration fees and the fines add revenue to the Unincorporated Fund.  We changed the way false alarms are enforced, and compliance has improved greatly.
The administration always plays an important role in working with developers, homeowners, and commercial property owners when they come in to suggest different projects and opportunities in the Unincorporated Area.  Our new laws, which affect only those in the Unincorporated Area, have taken a tremendous amount of time, between attending evening meetings and working with our planning consultants, not to mention the time spent by  the Planning and Zoning Boards and many other volunteers in the community.  These environmental laws will send more people to the Building Department and Planning Board, so that everyone understands, and can comply with, the new laws.
Another example is negotiating the sale of the former police station, 507 North State Road, at a fair price after the appraisal came back. With a very limited PILOT, we have managed to bring the property back on the tax rolls while also bringing employees of the business to the community, where they eat, shop, and pay sales tax to our local businesses. The schools were involved from the beginning, and part of the PILOT negotiations involved the provision of technical support and intern programs to the District.
We work closely with all departments, including those under the Unincorporated Fund umbrella and those in Town General, to accomplish the infrastructure goals of the Unincorporated Area (like stopping the flooding on North State Road and on Cedar Lane, and paving 6 roads in 2015), with cost effective projects that are well planned, and completed at a fraction of the anticipated cost. This is often an uphill battle- we work with FEMA and NY State to make sure we get as much funding as possible after storms like Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy. These are not just conversations, but considerable exchanges that often require the sharing of extensive records and data that take our staff time to prepare.
Staying on top of FEMA and NYS when it comes to getting our fair share of funds is, and will continue to be, an essential part of this administration.  Working with our fabulous Finance team, we are constantly reviewing our outstanding projects, often visiting sites and completing an unimaginable amount of paperwork.
We also work with the Finance Office on accounts payable and receivable, payroll and other related functions to ensure that the Town is run like a business- paying its bills on time, being reimbursed and paid for what is due, and to make sure all accounting practices are followed- not just for the auditors, but because it is what is best for the community. 
Grant funding is an important part of the administration, as we are constantly looking for ways to get projects done while staying under the tax cap. Our infrastructure is tired, and fixing it is expensive but very necessary. Our credit rating has improved over the last four years due to a lot of hard work and hard choices, allowing for lower interest rates when we DO have to borrow for these projects. However, “inexpensive” doesn’t mean “free”, and we are continuously on the lookout for new sources of funding from foundations, as well as our state and federal government.
Another top priority is that all of our departments are staffed appropriately, and well equipped to perform the services our taxpayers need. All we ask is that everyone does their job to the best of their ability and works hard, without leaning on personal agendas or searching for ways to do less.
The vast majority of our employees are in a Union, and so negotiating labor contracts that are fair to our taxpayers while being fair to our hard working employees is something else we take very seriously. Those agreements are carefully thought out by people on both sides of the table to ensure a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, and all parties need to live up to their end of the bargain.
Along with managing a workforce comes the occasional snag- the Administration spends time mediating disagreements among employees, management staff, and departments. We need to make sure all compliments, comments and complaints are listened to, acted on, and resolved in the best interest of the many, not for a particular person or group.
Our attorneys spend a great deal of time working on issues for the Unincorporated Area, such as prosecuting Town Building cases, supporting the Planning and Zoning Boards as they move projects through the system, and serving as general counsel for the Administration. 
These are just a few examples of the responsibilities in the Town Administration. When we look to charge a fraction of the cost back to the Unincorporated Budget, it is certainly fair and equable.  We do not see any reason to hire someone to take care of the Unincorporated Area in these areas, so as an alternative, we have opted to move a very fair percentage of those administrative salaries where we believe they belong, which results in a savings not only on salaries, but also on the high cost of fringe benefits.
This is done in every budget in every community, but even if it weren’t, the allocation of salaries is not something we take lightly. In other municipalities, it simply happens without being brought to the attention of the taxpayers, but our goal is, and always has been, transparency.
Misconceptions about Mortgage Recording Tax Distribution
At the last Town Hall Meeting on November 17, 2015there was a discussion related to the Mortgage Recording Tax Distribution and how it is put into the Town of Ossining General Fund, as required by New York State Law.   There were insinuations made that many communities have asked the State of New York to redistribute the Mortgage Recording Tax Distribution.  That is not true.  No community has put the request in to the State.
This is how the Westchester County Department of Finance dictates that we calculate the distribution of Mortgage Tax revenue:
We take the entire Assessment value for the Town and determine how much of it belongs to each Village. The entire Town assessment is then doubled, which effectively halves the amount each Village comprises of the new whole. The remaining percentage goes to the Town General Fund. Let me walk you through it using very basic numbers first, just to illustrate the point.
Let’s say that the entire assessed value of the Town is $100,000.
$40,000of that Assessed Value is in the Village of Ossining (40% of the $100,000), and $40,000 of that Assessed Value is in the Village of Briarcliff Manor (40% of the $100,000). The remaining $20,000 of Assessed Value (20% of the $100,000) is in the Unincorporated Area.
Now double the pot.  $100,000 x 2= $200,000. Doubling the pot effectively cuts in half the percentage that each municipality represents of the whole. Now, 20% is the Village of Ossining, 20% is the Village of Briarcliff Manor, and the remaining 60% goes to the Town General Fund.
Even if the TOS got the percentage of assessment they make up, it would be roughly 10% of the “new” pot, or $20,000 (half of 20%) and the remaining 50%, or $100,000, would still go to Town General.
So, now let’s use the real numbers. The whole assessed value for the Town is roughly $259,000,000. $111,000,000 (43%) is the assessed value for the Village of Ossining, $97,000,000 (38%) is the assessed value for the Village of Briarcliff, and the Unincorporated Area represents roughly $50,000,000 (19%).
Doubling the pot gives us a total of $518,000,000 worth of assessment. Now, 43% for the Village of Ossining becomes 21%, and 38% for the Village of Briarcliff Manor becomes 19%. The remainder of the pot (60%) goes to the Town General Fund. As for the Unincorporated Area, their percentage of the pot would come down to roughly 10%, if they were to get any share at all, which they currently do not.
Over the past several years, the Town of Ossining General Fund has budgeted $485,000 for Mortgage Recording Tax revenue. If the Unincorporated Area got the above percentage, it would be roughly $80,833 per year. Keep in mind, this $80,833 will be coming out of Town General revenues, which will also have an impact on the Town General fund and its departments. If the next Board wishes to pursue this path, we want to make sure everyone knows just how much money would really be moving, and that it would not be the $485,000, but rather a small percentage of that figure.
A reminder- this distribution is based on the percentage of assessed value that each community contributes to the whole assessment of Ossining. This has nothing to do with where the property was sold- even if all of the property sales in one year were in the Village of Briarcliff Manor, they would still only get a portion based on the assessment ratio.
Cable Franchise Fees
Another note on the Cable Franchise discussion- after having been asked in 2012 by Councilman Tripodi to review the revenues stemming from the Town’s Cable Franchise agreement, we consulted our Finance team and our auditors, who told us we could reallocate this money, so long as the language in our agreement reflected that new distribution. We had been in the midst of a long negotiation on this agreement, and were able to make the change that allowed the credit of revenues into the Unincorporated budget going forward. While this left us with a hole in General Fund revenue for the year, we were able to minimize the impact on our taxpayers by closely watching our spending for the General Fund, and services were not affected.
This is just one example of how this Board has committed to working towards a budget where everyone gets their fair share of revenues, while paying their fair share of expenses. You cannot have one without the other.
Other Updates:
Accessory Apartment Law Changes
At this week’s Town Board meeting, we also held the public hearing on the changes to our Accessory Apartment Law to allow for tighter controls through inspection, with the ability to revoke the privilege of having an accessory apartment if it is warranted. There is currently no mechanism in the law to revoke a permit.
Comprehensive Plan Vision Portion Amendments and the Supporting Laws
Also at the Town Board meeting on November 24th, we voted to table the Comprehensive Plan Vision Portion amendments and the supporting laws, #5 through #10 .  We have not rushed this process- it has been very thoughtful from the beginning and, because our Planner needed additional time for personal reasons, we will wait two more weeks to accomplish the goal of moving this community forward environmentally. We are also eager to empower our Planning Board to put on a new hat and work with developers on the facades of their buildings when we adopt Local Law #10 to create the Architectural Review Board.
Some exciting things going on right in our community:
The Ossining Police Department will be participating in Operation Safeguard over the holiday weekend.  This is a county-wide law enforcement program.  During this time, residents can expect increased police presence around religious facilities and critical infrastructure.
Next week, the Recreation Winter Brochure will be out with some new and exciting programs, as well as old favorites, so keep an eye out for the email.
On Friday, December 4th, we will be at Market Square singing holiday carols at 5:30 PM, with the tree lighting and Santa’s visit at 6:15 PM.
Breakfast with Santa will be on December 12th, and there will be two seatings. Call the Joseph G Caputo Community Center at 941-3189 or stop by the front desk at the Recreation Center to make sure your reservation is in.
On December 16th, there will be a blood drive at the Police/Court Facility on Spring Street.  All blood donated stays local, with the folks from Phelps running the drive.  What a great gift for the community. Later that night, we hope you will be joining us at the ALL Ossining Party from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM at the Briarcliff Manor.  Admission is $60.00 per person with a choice of entrée, lots of music and dancing.  If you’ve never joined us before, it’s a great time- for more information, please feel free to call us at the office at 762-6001.
Toys for Tots is up and running in some of the businesses around town and will be in full swing next week.  The Police Dept has their box up already, so if you are around this weekend and want to donate, please drop it off there. Also remember, you can always drop off your unused prescriptions so they are not around the house during the holiday season.

Please feel free to forward this e-mail to any of your family, friends, acquaintances, or business associates who may have an interest in these, as well as other Town subjects.
As always, please feel very free to contact me with any questions.
Susanne Donnelly, Town Supervisor
16 Croton Ave, Ossining NY 10562

On Wednesday, November 25, 2015 3:30 PM, Sandy Galef wrote:
Senator David Carlucci

38th Senate District

815 Legislative Office Building

Albany, New York  12247

(518) 426-6737

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef

95th Assembly District

641 Legislative Office Building

Albany, New York  12248

(518) 455-5348




Assemblywoman Sandy Galef (914) 941-1111

Justin Devendorf for Senator Carlucci (914) 941-2041


MONDAY, November 30th @ 12:30 pm

Assemblywoman Galef and Senator Carlucci Host Press Conference Applauding
Signage of Their Bill

WHAT: Assemblywoman Sandy Galef, NYS Senator David Carlucci will hold a
press conference on Monday, November 30, 2015 at 12:30 p.m. to announce that
their bill A7318-A/ S4896A, to disband the inactive Ossining Urban Renewal
Agency- now chapter 488 of the laws of New York State, was signed on
November 20th by Governor Cuomo.  Village of Ossining Mayor Victoria Gearity
will also attend. 


Assemblywoman Sandy Galef

Senator David Carlucci

Village of Ossining Mayor Victoria Gearity

WHEN: MONDAY, November 30, 2015 at 12:30 p.m.

WHERE: The intersection of Main and Church Streets

For more information on day of event please contact Jennifer Tawil at (914)
941-1111 or Justin Devendorf at (914) 941-2041.

On Wednesday, November 25, 2015 4:23 PM, Town Supervisor Susanne Donnelly wrote:


    The Volunteer-Spirited Town

December 1st, 2015- 7:30PM

Municipal Building

16 Croton Avenue, Ossining, NY 10562



Work Session:

  1. Clerk's Department Presentation
  2. Presentation on Sunshine Hospital Expansion Plan
  3. 2016 Budget Discussion

Work Sessions are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. in Ossining Town Municipal Offices, 16 Croton Avenue, Ossining, NY 10562.
All meetings are open to the public; public comments are welcome at the legislative board meetings.
All Board Meetings are televised LIVE on GO-TV, on Channel 78. Taped shows are repeated every Thursday at 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. on Channel 78 and 18.
Watch the live webcast of Ossining Government Access Cablevision channel 78 and verizon channel 43, including Town and Village Board Meetings.

    Line Item, Highlights, Facts & Figures
CGR Project Website - Evaluation of Potential Government Structures
Residents can also contact the Town Board by phone at 762-6001.
Susanne Donnelly:
Eric P. Blaha:
Geoffrey Harter:
Kim Jeffrey:
Northern Wilcher:
Work Sessions are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. in Ossining Municipal Building, 16 Croton Avenue, Ossining NY 10562.
You can view past Town Board Work Sessions from our online video archive.
Town Board 
Susanne Donnelly
Eric P. Blaha
Council Member 
Geoffrey J. Harter
Council Member 
Kim Jeffrey
Council Member 
Northern Wilcher
Council Member 

Town Links


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