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Bazzomanifesto Update 11/04/15: 9 Topics In Today's blog


1)  Check Out For election results

2) Check Out Yorktown News: for election results
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3) [PRESS RELEASE] Hundreds of Vets Chow Down in Putnam

4) An Art-Filled Park Avenue Duplex Designed by Eric Cohler & Tony Klein, Architecture Firm Workshop/apd Creates a Treehouse-Inspired Getaway, and More!

5) With 200,000 New Yorkers Losing Health Insurance a Month Sooner Than Expected, Maloney Calls for Extension for Customers and Investigation into Health Republic

6) [MEDIA ADVISORY] *Thursday 11/05/15*, 10:30AM* NYS Vietnam Veterans Equality Act signed into law

7) Statement from Chairman Cox on Camp Liberty Attack

8) Veterans Thanksgiving Dinner Volunteer Meeting

9) Statement from Chairman Cox on the 2015 Election Results

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 2nd, 2015
CONTACT: 914-962-2624
MAHOPAC, NY - Several hundred local veterans and their families enjoyed the first annual Chow Down hosted by State Senators Terrence Murphy and Sue Serino and Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell at the Putnam County Golf Course.  The event, which featured cream chip beef and live entertainment from the USO, paid tribute to the veterans of the Hudson Valley. 

"The goal of today's event was to offer a small token of appreciation to the brave men and women who defended our freedoms," Senator Murphy said.  "We are the land of the free because of the brave and there is no task too small when it comes to caring for our veterans."

"The sacrifices that our veterans - and their families - make on our behalf are innumerable and we need to take every opportunity that we can to remind them that they have an incredibly grateful community behind them," Senator Serino said.  "The Chow Down is our way of bringing out vets together, showing our appreciation and recognizing them for all that they do in our community.  Thank you to everyone who helped to make it a tremendous success."

"It is our honor today to serve our veterans, who served our country and protected our freedoms," Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell said.  "I also want to thank all of the volunteers - the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, high school and middle school students as well as adults, who worked alongside us to make today possible.  On behalf of Senator Murphy and Senator Serino and the PFC Joseph Dwyer Vet2Vet Program and thanking all of our Veterans and their families a happy and safe holiday season."

The cornerstone portion of the event was built around Putnam County's vet to vet program. 

Reports continue to show service members returning from active duty are at an increased risk of PTSD. Statistics from the Federal Government indicate nearly 20% of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans suffer from PTSD, which is double the rate from Operation Desert Storm. In addition, there is an ongoing effort to reduce the suicide rate of veterans, which currently stands at a staggering rate of 22 everyday.

"Today was a homerun," said Karl Rhode, Director of Putnam County Veterans Service Agency.  "There were smiles on everyone's face.  The veterans were proud to be here and proud to be veterans.  They loved the food and the entertainment from the USO.  Thank you to County Executive Odell, Senators Murphy and Serino for always supporting the veterans and with the PFC Joseph Dwyer Vet2Vet Program to make this event possible."

Veteran Earl Gunderson of Phillipstown said, "It was an incredible event.  The food was delicious and it was great to sit at the table and some some old stories."

Veteran Nick Mucciarone of Mahopac said, "Today was wonderful, it could not have been better.  It was a beautiful affair and we really appreciate it."
When is a prewar Park Avenue duplex not a prewar Park Avenue duplex? When designer Eric Cohler makes it into something entirely unexpected. In this case, the result is not only more modern, but it looks like the original prewar digs have simply been treated to a light refresh by an art-loving modernist.
There’s no question about the standout features of the lakefront property owned by veteran beauty editor and author Andrea Pomerantz in Westchester County. The inviting waters and ancient trees lining the shore are postcard perfect.
The quintessential New York apartment: To many people, it’s a smart, sophisticated abode, neatly tucked inside a handsome building on a picturesque uptown block. But when Chris Franklin went searching for his version, what he found didn’t quite match the vision—at first.
Copyright 2015 Dulce Domum, LLC. All rights reserved.

Cottages & Gardens Publications · 40 Richards Avenue, 4th Floor · Norwalk, CT 06854 · USA
For Immediate Release                                                                               CONTACT:
November 3, 2015                                                                           Alex Miller,
With 200,000 New Yorkers Losing Health Insurance a Month Sooner Than Expected, Maloney Calls for Extension for Customers and Investigation into Health Republic
Washington, DC — With 200,000 New Yorkers set to lose their health insurance for the month of December, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18), today called for authorities to immediately act to protect the people losing their insurance and conduct an investigation into Health Republic Insurance of New York. On Friday, regulators announced that Health Republic Insurance of New York will be shutting down on November 30, which is a month sooner than previously scheduled. Customers have until just November 15th to acquire new health insurance to prevent a potentially catastrophic lapse in coverage. Rep. Maloney represents 20,000 folks in the Hudson Valley who will lose their coverage. Health Republic Insurance of New York is the second-largest provider on the exchange in New York.
“The bottom line is that families and hard-working folks who play by the rules and pay their premiums should not be left without health insurance because someone else messed up,” said Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney. “It’s just unacceptable that come December, thousands of my neighbors in the Hudson Valley will be without health insurance through no fault of their own. The state and federal government need to do whatever they can to look after these folks, including extended enrollment, helping to cover costs, waiving any penalties, and taking a hard look at what is going on at Health Republic.”
The text of Rep. Maloney’s letter is below:
Dear Secretary Burwell & Commissioner Zucker:
I am writing to urge your immediate attention and action on an important issue facing nearly 20,000 of my neighbors in the Hudson Valley. As you know, Health Republic Insurance of New York will no longer be able to provide health insurance in New York State through December 31, 2015.  Coverage will now only be offered through November 30, causing more than 200,000 New Yorkers covered by Health Republic to lose their coverage at the end of the month.  In order to avoid any lapse in coverage, Health Republic customers must enroll in a new plan by November 15. This woefully inadequate two week window is unacceptable because changing insurance in such a short amount of time is a major life disruption.
            While I appreciate the effort assisting Health Republic enrollees in finding a new plan, I’m concerned that a substantial number of enrollees will not be able to secure a plan by the November 15 deadline. As a result, there is a significant risk that a large number of New Yorkers, through no fault of their own, will see their health insurance coverage lapse in December. I urge you to do everything you can to facilitate the transition by working with people who find that their coverage has lapsed to minimize their costs and the disruption this has caused in their lives. In addition, under no circumstances should these individuals and small businesses be held responsible for Affordable Care Act mandate penalties or unexpected costs associated with an insurance coverage lapse.
I ask that you continue to exercise all available discretion to ensure that these New Yorkers are not adversely impacted by Health Republic’s sudden closure. Specifically, I ask that you grant Health Republic customers an extended special enrollment period that takes into account their unique needs and utilize all available State and Federal resources to help cover the costs of the enrollees who incur large out-of-pocket medical expenses in the month of December. I also ask that you recognize the real challenge posed by a two week alert period for securing a new health insurance plan, and use all available discretion and authority to give impacted beneficiaries flexibility for finding a plan even after the November 15 deadline. It is also important to recognize the burden providing one-month, stop-gap coverage will place on existing health insurers in the market attempting to reconcile customers’ Health Republic coverage with their own. I ask that you consider all available administrative levers to ensure those insurers, and their customers, enrolling a high proportion of Health Republic customers are not adversely impacted. Lastly, I ask that you use your authority to grant individuals and employers exemptions from any mandate penalties owing to a lack of coverage for the month of December 2015 should they show a good-faith effort to comply with Affordable Care Act coverage requirements. I recognize and appreciate the significant effort your offices are making in assisting impacted New Yorkers during this difficult transition period. If there is any way my office can be of assistance during that process, please let me know.
Alex MillerCommunications Director
Office of U.S. Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18)
1529 LHOB | WASHINGTON, D.C. 20515 | p: 202.225.5441 | F: 202.225.3289 | C: 202.768.6817
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 4th, 2015
CONTACT: Matt Slater, 914-962-2624
Vietnam Veterans Equality Act bill signing announced
by Senate and Assembly delegations
NY - A piece of legislation that gives parity to the Vietnam Veterans of America
with other veterans organizations is being signed into law by the Governor.
New York State Senator Terrence Murphy, who authored the law in the Senate, will
be joined by Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky, the Assembly sponsor of the bill, to
announce Governor Cuomo's signing of this milestone piece of legislation for New
York's Vietnam veterans.  

Until last
week, the Vietnam Veterans of America was not recognized by New York State as an
official benevolent order. With the passing, and signing, of Senator Murphy's
legislation, the VVA will now have the status and resources to better serve New
York's Vietnam Veterans, along with the other rights and
privileges conferred to
other traditional veterans service organizations.
details for TOMORROW'S event are as follows:
WHO: Senator
Terrence P. Murphy
Sue Serino
Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky
Assemblyman Steve Katz
Veterans of America

WHAT: Major
bill signing announcement for New York's Vietnam Veterans.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Trail of Honor at Lasdon
Route 35, Katonah, NY 10536

Thursday, November 5th, 10:30am.

CONTACT: Jessica Proud (914) 438-5325

Statement from Chairman Cox on the Iraq Camp Liberty Attack

November 2, 2015

"The cowardly rocket attack on Camp Liberty that killed 23 people and injured dozens more is deeply disturbing. Those targeted and killed were American-allied members of the Iranian dissident group MEK whose intelligence has helped the United States learn about Iran's nuclear program. This heinous and unprovoked terror attack committed by Iran is a sober reminder of their true intentions and why President Obama's disastrous deal is doomed to fail." 
On Tuesday, November 3, 2015 12:11 PM, Greg Ball wrote:
Veterans Thanksgiving Dinner Volunteer Meeting
This Thursday, November 5th from 6:15pm-7:15pm we will be hosting a volunteer planning meeting for the 5th Annual Veterans Thanksgiving Dinner. The planning meeting will be hosted at Putnam County Golf Club: 187 Hill St, Mahopac, NY 10541.

The Lou Cardillo Home Selling Team is teaming up with the New York Downstate Chapter of the Purple Heart Homes, Carmel Town Councilwoman Suzi McDonough and Black Stone to continue the 5th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner, originally started by Senator Greg Ball. The dinner will be hosted on November 21st at Putnam County Golf Club.

This important volunteer meeting will allow us organize all the wonderful volunteers and help us continue our donation drive to make sure this event is another great success for the 5th year in a row!  We are still seeking donations of turkeys (must be over 20 lbs) or supermarket gift cards for the event.

If you have any questions about the Thanksgiving Dinner, please contact Suzi McDonough at or (914) 403-8463.
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Contact: Jessica Proud
Statement from New York Republican Chairman Ed Cox on the 2015 Election Results

November 4, 2015

"Congratulations to all our newly elected and re-elected candidates on their hard-fought victories across New York State. This was a great year for the New York GOP. We picked up seats in some traditionally Democratic strongholds and we had huge wins in the 52nd Senate District and in Binghamton, Elmira, Amsterdam, Oswego, Rome, Clarkstown, Dutchess and Monroe Counties, and more.

"Voters in all corners of the state responded to the quality of our candidates and their messages of cutting taxes, better government and economic growth, which produces good-paying jobs. But our work does not stop; today we are hitting the ground running to continue building on our successes heading into the important 2016 contests and look forward to watching our Party's stars continue to rise."

Bazzo 11/04/15

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